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					                                     St. John of the Cross Men’s Club
                                       Minutes for January 19, 2012

A regularly scheduled meeting of the St. John of the Cross Parish Men’s Club was held on January 19,
2012 at 7:30pm in the Parish Center. In attendance were Barrett Long, Randy Ferrari, Larry Ansilio,
Kevin Cooney, Fran Connelly and John Cisek. Regrets from Steve Ryan, Bill Bright, Tom Williams, and
Dick Halm.

The meeting opened with a prayer at 7:30pm.

Old Business
       Approved last meeting’s minutes
       No other old business

Committee Reports
President – nothing new to report

Finance – Larry circulated his Treasurer’s Report dated January 19, 2012. The Men’s Club has $686 in
cash and $961 in the Parish account for a total of $1647.

Membership – Randy circulated a list of members with 61 names that represent the men that paid this
year, most at the Bears game event in November. The Board discussed ways to increase membership:

       We agreed the membership ‘year’ should roughly coincide with the school year, starting in Sept
        ending in August with the cookout and bags tourney
       We will consider a ‘comprehensive’ mailing to all men heading into next year, possibly sending
        an ‘invoice’ with an expectation that all men should join/pay
       In the short term, we will send an email to former members and ask them to join/pay for the
        2011-2012 year
            o Randy will check files he got from Dan Madden and will check with Tom Williams to
                compile the list
            o John will draft an email message

Spiritual – Fran reported
       Thursday, 7 p.m., January 12 Fr. Kevin Feeney was cancelled due to the snow storm and has
        tentatively been rescheduled for Thursday Feb 22. Fr. Kevin gave our Men's Club Retreat in
        March of 2010. He is on the faculty of St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in Mundelein, IL and is a
        great retreat master and just all around good guy.
       Saturday 9 a.m. March 24 Fr. Carl Morello will speak probably on some type of Lenten theme. Fr.
        Carl is the long-time former pastor of St. Paul of the Cross in Park Ridge and was appointed
        pastor of St. Giles in Oak Park.
       The March 23-25 retreat was officially cancelled with the Retreat Center at St. Mary of the Lake in
        Mundelein. Since we didn't have a deposit outstanding with the Retreat Center, there was no cost
        to the Men’s Club
       As retreats are scheduled 6-12 months ahead of time, we need to consider and decide if we want
        to schedule and hold a retreat in the Lent 2013 timeframe
            o The goal is to breakeven on costs, so need approximately 20 attendees at a cost of about
            o In order to gauge interest, we will attempt to survey men of the parish – John to draft

Parish Liaison: Bill not present, no report
Events: Steve not present, no report

Trivia Night, Saturday January 28: Kevin led the discussion
      Barrett reported we have 13 tables to date, 9 have paid
      Kevin and team need to do a walkthrough at home and then on site in the SJC gym and need to
       get Frank D’s attention to help with the details of setting up in the gym
      Discussed need to get donations for prizes – everyone on the board should choose one local
       business and approach them about donating a prize (and/or buying a table)
           o Barrett – Q Restaurant
           o Steve – place where his wife works?
           o John – Hortons/ LaGrange theater
           o Kevin – Casey’s
           o Larry – HIllgrove Wine Cellars
           o Fran – Binny’s
           o Randy – another liquor store
           o Dick – choose a place

New business:
   Pancake Breakfast w/Boy Scout Troop 117 on February 12
         o Men’s Club is sponsoring
         o Chris Fox working with Jackie McDonald to coordinate and will be looking for volunteers
   The Chili Contest/Poker Night scheduled for Feb 17 will be rescheduled to a different date –
         o To not be on a Friday in Lent
         o Perhaps to coincide with round one of the NCAA basketball tourney event in March
         o Barrett to investigate and decide

Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 16.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned with a closing prayer at 9:00.

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