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					The Boy Scout
             Red epaulet

                           OC Council patch and
                              Troop Number

                   Arrow of Light

                              These are the things
World                        you will have on your
Crest                        uniform your first day
                                as a Boy Scout.
Your new troop will tell   You can use the official
you which hat and scarf      slide or a cool slide
        to buy.                   you made.
After you join your new troop,
you will find out which patrol
you are in.                      This shows your
                Right            leadership position
                Sleeve           - like patrol leader.

                                 You will earn your
                                 rank badge. You
                                 only wear your
                                 current rank.
The first rank you will earn is

 The fleur de lis is the
 symbol of Boy Scouts.
 The top point is like the N
 on the compass, and shows that
 a scout is able to point the right
 way in life.
 The top 3 points are like the 3
 fingers in the Scout sign, and stand for the three parts
  of the Scout law.
The next rank you will earn is

       The eagle with a shield is the
       national emblem of the USA. It
       stands for freedom and readiness to
       defend that freedom.
       The two stars symbolize Scouting’s
       ideals of truth and knowledge. Stars guide us by night
       and remind us of the Scout’s outdoor life.
The next rank you will earn is

  The scroll with the Scout motto is
  turned up at the ends to suggest a Scout’s smile
  as he does his duty.
  The knot attached to the bottom of the scroll
  reminds you to do a Good Turn for someone
  every day.
The next rank you will earn is

    When you earn the rank of
    First Class, you will wear
    a badge that combines all
    of these elements.

    Your goal will be to earn your First Class rank
    within one year of starting your new Boy Scout troop.

    For the arrow of light award you need to understand
    all the parts of the First Class Badge.
The next ranks you will earn are

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