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Rotterdam, March 31st, 2006

Dear friends,

Life is never dull when you are planting a church. At least, the last few months have been
anything but …. Here are some of the latest developments in Crossroads Rotterdam (XRR).
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In the last six months, Crossroads Rotterdam has doubled in size. When we moved to our new
building in November 2005 we were averaging around 70 people. Now we average around 150.

130 people attended our February 19 service. It was our highest attendance ever. The next
service, on March 5th, was attended by 192 people (including children). 1 It was absolute mayhem.
After the service a line of people waiting for coffee started in front of the stage, up one set of
stairs, up another flight of stairs, and into the coffee-lounge area. Crazy!
The people in Big Future (that’s the name of our children’s program) had a gazillion kids – totally
beyond their capacity. At one point each of the two adults in one group of children each had a
crying child on each arm, while trying to tell a Bible story. They came to me after the service:
“you could have told us!” they exclaimed. Yeah – like I knew that was going to happen . [link]

The growth we are experiencing consists of the following:
    One third is people who were previously unchurched. A number of people have started
       following Christ through the ministry of XRR in the last few months. Our last Alpha course
       was a huge success: it was a large group. I now lead a discipling group with these people.
    Two thirds of the new crowd is Christian, but with no meaningful church experience in
       the last two years. In Holland we are observing a trend that others are seeing elsewhere
       as well: there is a growing group of people who are unable to find a place in church. 2
       Thankfully, a growing group of these people is finding a place to land in XRR. (At this
       point I am only aware of two people who are joining us from other churches).

The quality of leadership the Management Team brings to Crossroads, has increased dramatically
in the last few months. All who serve on this team do so in their spare time, yet together they
form a dedicated team of very focused individuals. Each team member has a clear understanding
of the area he or she is responsible for, and each is pushing out the boundaries in that area. We
share a high level of energy and focus. The team culture is open and direct, gracious and fun-
loving. I love this team!

A recent seminar by Brian Newman on ‘spiritual authority’ was tremendously helpful. Brian
explained how leadership in the church is not quite the same as leadership in the business world.
The Management Team members, all of whom have leadership roles in their workplace as well,
have all since remarked how helpful it is to understand the difference. Already I can tell how
they are starting to lead differently: they are starting to lead from influence rather than from
power. [link]

XRR Academy is now in its second module. The first one was a smash-hit – judging by the
evaluation forms. 13 young leaders meet weekly for training, interaction, soul-searching, and
finding answers to life-defining questions. [link]

In May an estimated 250 volunteers will spread themselves out over the city of Rotterdam for our
SERVE THE CITY project! From May 24-28 we hope to reach out to all kinds of needs in this city

    All numbers include children. We count children, because (we figure) children count.
    See, for instance, A Churchless Faith by Alan Jamieson and Liquid Church, by Pete Ward.
with the love and humility of Jesus Christ. [link]
Preparations for this are well underway! You can be part of this if you want, either in prayer, by
participating, or financially. More information on (the PowerPoint
presentation is in English), or from us!

We are presently in conversation with two Dutch couples about the possibility of working with us
as part of Christian Associates in Rotterdam. The possibilities are very exciting, and we
(desperately) need help. Please pray for these developments; we need help!

“Never a dull moment” also goes for our family. Here are some things that have been happening.

Joshua completed his CITO tests (intelligence and learning tests kids do in Holland when they are
12). Together we have chosen a ‘Middelbare School’ (a High school) for him to go to next year. It
was a challenging process, but we all feel good about the school Joshua will go to next.

All three of the boys are now in basketball. Joshua’s team has not lost a game yet—and there is a
good chance they will become champions in their league. Joel’s team is also doing very well
[link]. Judah is just getting back into the game after having taken a six-month break. His team
played an amazing game last week, scoring 120 points!

Rogier and Sophie are learning how to manage their lives better. January and February were too
busy, but since then a number of adjustments have been made that create more margin, and
more effective use of time.

Thanks to some very sizable gifts from friends in the US, Rogier has been able to devote more
time to Crossroads, and is now in the process of putting his business to rest. He has not taken on
any new clients, and is finishing up existing responsibilities. We are grateful to all who support us
with love, friendship, prayer, occasional messages and of course financial help – who make it
possible for us to serve here.

Please pray for the following

       As we wrote above, we desperately need people to come help us full time. Crossroads is
        growing rapidly, and the leadership potential is huge—but we need people who can coach
        these emerging leaders.
       Sophie and I need to learn (and are learning) to manage ourselves better: busyness, time-
        off, health, emotions, spiritual vitality … please pray that we would find ways to handle
        our responsibilities better.
       Please pray that Serve The City will be a huge success. It is our belief that the church is
        not a waiting room for saints-waiting-to-go-to-heaven, but rather a mission to the world.
        Serve The City needs to be a dynamite experience for the participants, creating a hunger
        for more!

We appreciate your friendship, prayers and support! Thank you for being part of our lives. As
always pictures, stories, poems and (wild) thoughts can be found on our blog, You can also track developments of XRR on

Wishing you peace!

Rogier and Sophie

          Rogier and Sophie Bos • Alouette erf 25 • 2907 BA Capelle a/d IJssel • The Netherlands • +31 (0)10 2799365 •
                                                        Financial Support info:
                In the US: Christian Associates Int’l • 1534 N. Moorpark Rd. • Suite 356 • Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
                        In Holland: Christian Associates International • ABNAMRO • Den Haag
                                Please designate clearly: ‘Bos family’. Your gifts are tax-deductible.

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