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					Welcome to the Internship
 Program - Summer 2010
Presentation Schedule
  Date       Topic                      Presenters                     Call-in Number
                                                       Access Number

             Welcome and
  June 9                                Staff          722-305-657     914-339-0014

             Historical Overview of
  June 16    the American LGBT          Lynne Bowman   143-678-072     218-844-4920
  June 23    Developing Resources
                                        Lynne Bowman   769-941-240     916-233-3083
             for the Work

  June 30    Building Political Power   Kelly Lewis    689-079-744     215-383-1013

  July 7     No training this week
             Survive, Thrive, and
  July 14                               Lynne Bowman   657-834-593     217-287-4112
             Community Building
                                        Monica Meyer
  July 21    (Organizing and                           544-713-544     630-869-1017
             Coalition Work)

  July 29    Leadership Roundtable      Staff          371-268-632     916-233-3082

             Summer Meeting
  August 4

             I'm crazy, I’m random, I’m gay... I’m an activist, and
             I love being involved with politics. I work all the
             time... I play basketball, I love sports. I enjoy
             reading, and writing...I have tons of old journals. I
             think the color yellow is fantastic. I think the world
             needs more people like Martin Luther King Jr.,
             Mahatma Ghandi, Dorothea Dix and the many
             others who were humanitarians.

             Bayard Rustin is my hero

             I love the sound of music and how it can intensify
Aaron Camp   feelings and emotions
             I think keeping a positive attitude is the key to life!

             I dream of making a positive difference in the world

                Jamia Ferrell is a 24 year old recent college
                graduate. In May of 2009, she became the
                first openly transsexual woman ever to
                graduate from Morgan State University. While
                matriculating, she became a member of The
                National Council Of Negro Women and as
                well as an Executive Board member of
                Rainbow Soul (Morgan's Official Gay/Straight
                She strives to speak for those who have no
Jamia Ferrell   voice and pave a way where there is none.
                She is positive that this internship is the
                beginning of a positive and progressive
                career in the non-profit sector.

                   Raffi Freedman-Gurspan is a twenty-three year old college
                   graduate with a strong background in the field of human
                   rights and gender studies. She currently works for the City
                   of Somerville, Massachusetts as the municipality's LGBT
                   Liaison and also works part-time at the Women Studies
                   Program at Boston University as Course and Research
                   Assistant. In addition to these positions, she volunteers at
                   the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC)
                   focusing on legislative and policy matters. Adopted from
                   Central America and raised in the Greater Boston area,
                   Raffi has a strong multicultural background and has worked
Raffi Freedman –   continuously since high school for minority/multicultural
Gurspan            issues, including LGBT matters.

                   Raffi graduated from St. Olaf College Northfield, Minnesota
                   majoring in Political Science, and hopes to continue her
                   education in the field of Public Policy.

             Tony Hoang is a senior at the University of Southern
             California. He is pursuing a major in International
             Relations with a concentration in Latin American
             studies while minoring in Political Science and
             Biology. Tony is proud to be born and raised in
             Houston, Texas. His passions include cooking,
             sports, current events, scuba diving, surfing, and

             Tony is excited about his work with the Equality
Tony Hoang   California to advance the rights of the LGBT
             community. After graduation, he intends to apply to
             law school and eventually work to achieve
             progressive ideals

                  Alexis Mitchell is a rising junior at Yale University,
                  where she is involved with a number of social justice
                  groups and queer advocacy organizations. Her
                  attempts at becoming involved with LGBTQ support
                  in high school were aborted when her private
                  Christian high school would not permit the
                  establishment of a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA); she
                  now works with a Yale group that helps New Haven
                  high schools set up GSAs.
                  Because of her interest in the intersection of LGBTQ
Alexis Mitchell   communities and politics, she is pursuing a double
                  major in Political Science and Women’s, Gender, and
                  Sexuality Studies, concentrating on gender
                  performance/gender identity and the law. Born and
                  raised in Atlanta, she is very excited to work with an
                  organization that is bettering the lives of LGBTQ
                  families in Georgia.
              Sam Roecker is a recent graduate of Colorado Academy, a private
              high school in Denver, CO. Since the sixth grade, Sam has been a
              passionate advocate for diversity in independent schools and
              LGBTQ rights nationwide. During his high school career, Sam was
              elected president of the Gay-Straight Alliance, a club he helped
              transform from four to 25 members. Sam was also the club officer of
              Faces of Diversity, a school-wide club dedicated to promoting
              diversity and building an inclusive community. Sam attended four
              National Association of Independent Schools Student Diversity
              Leadership Conferences where he was a peer facilitator and leader
              of the Colorado regional meeting.
Sam Roecker   Sam’s community involvement includes working with the Denver
              PFLAG chapter to create the first youth-only support group for
              LGBTQ teens and diversity coalition work with HRC Denver. Last
              summer, Sam was intern with the Gill Action Fund, a c4 nonprofit
              dedicated to securing equal rights. In the fall of his senior year, Sam
              took a 10-day “Volunteer Vacation” with the Maine No on 1
              Campaign. Sam is the Denver recipient of the Princeton University
              Prize in Race Relations and a winner of the PFLAG National
              Scholarship. Sam is also an avid rower and the team captain for the
              boys’ varsity crew team with Mile High Rowing Club. He will be
              attending Tulane University in the fall with an intended major of
              political science.
               My name is Nikki Weisenburger. I will be a senior at the University
               of Minnesota Twin Cities in the fall. I grew up in a suburb of
               Minneapolis, so I’ve been a Minnesotan Golden Gopher since I was
               three years old. I am studying Women’s Culture and Health and
               hope to go into public health in the future. My passions are mental
               and sexual health and gender issues. My internship site is OutFront
               Minnesota, which is the largest GLBT advocacy group in the state.
               It’s an amazing organization with awesome people who I had the
               pleasure of working with this past semester. I’m an intern for the
               policy and organizing department so I spent a lot of time at the
               Capitol learning about policy issues that affect the GLBT community
               and even spoke at our Lobby Day rally.

               When I’m not in school or interning at OutFront, I volunteer at
Nikki          Planned Parenthood, hang out with friends and roommates, and
               work on learning Spanish. I’m super excited for this summer at
Weisenburger   OutFront because we’ll be focusing on the upcoming elections,
               working to ensure we kept a progressive majority in the state House
               and Senate and elect a progressive governor, which Minnesota
               needed yesterday! If we succeed then we have a good chance of
               passing marriage equality, safe schools, and comprehensive sex
               education, which would be a huge step forward for the safety and
               health of the GLBT community and the state.
                                    Legal Interns
                 I grew up in Santa Barbara, CA. I just completed my
                 2L year at UC Hastings College of the Law in San
                 Francisco. Before law school, I completed a BA in
                 Gender and Sexuality Studies at NYU. At Hastings, I
                 was on the board of OutLaw, the LGBTQ student
                 organization at Hastings and was also a member of
                 the Hastings Women’s Law Journal.

                 Last summer, I worked at an asylum and immigration
                 law organization in Berkeley. I am still trying to
                 decide what area of law I would like to pursue a
Rowena Collins
                 career in, but hope to do work around women’s and
                 LGBTQ rights in either an employment discrimination
                 law or international human rights law context.
                                   Legal Interns

             Jeff Riles is a second year law student from
             Oklahoma University College of Law. Jeff graduated
             from Oklahoma City University, where he was
             Student Body President and President of his
             fraternity, with a B.A. in Political Science and Justice

             At the law school he serves as SBA Vice President,
             Founder and Officer of United Students, and is just
             an all around awesome guy.
Jeff Riles
                Toni Broaddus is the first and current Executive
                Director of Equality Federation, a national network of
                over 60 state-based lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
                transgender advocacy organizations in 45 states.
                Broaddus is an experienced state activist, co-
                founding the Oklahoma Gay & Lesbian Political
                Caucus in 1987 and serving as Equality California’s
                Program Director in 2003-2004.
                She also served as deputy to the campaign manager
                for the campaign to defeat California’s anti-gay, anti-
Toni Broaddus   marriage ballot measure in 2000 and is a co-founder
                of the California Freedom to Marry Coalition. A
                graduate of Stanford Law School and the University
                of Massachusetts at Boston, Broaddus lives in San
                Francisco with her partner of fifteen years (now her
              Lynne Bowman serves as the Director of Programs and Services for
              Equality Federation, the national association of state-based
              organizations working for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and
              transgender people. In her role, she provides capacity building
              support for more than 55 organizations in 44 states. Prior to joining
              the Federation, Lynne was one of the founders of Equality Ohio and
              served as its executive director for nearly 5 years. Lynne has 20
              years of organizational leadership experience in the non-profit, for-
              profit and government sectors. She is a graduate of Otterbein
              College and received a Master of Arts in Administration from Central
              Michigan University in 2002.

              Lynne is a graduate of the Ohio County Boards Association
Lynn Bowman
              Superintendent Development Program class of 2003, part of the
              Leadership Columbus class of 2007, and a Fellow of the Rockwood
              Leadership program in 2007. She served as a member of the
              Advisory Board of The Women’s Book of Central Ohio and was a
              member of the Board of the Equality Federation from 2006 until
              2009, serving as Board Chair for two of those years. Lynne
              currently serves on the board of directors of the Columbus Gay
              Men’s Chorus, is a member of the United Way of Central Ohio’s
              Diversity & Inclusion Committee and was recently appointed to the
              Board of Trustees of Columbus State Community College.

              Hugh Graham joined Equality Federation in 2010 as
              its first Director of Finance and Administration. Hugh
              came to the Federation from the law firm of Adler &
              Colvin, where he worked with a wide range of
              progressive nonprofit clients on tax compliance and
              finance issues. Prior to that, Hugh spent 10 years
              working in international development and
              grantmaking organizations.

              Hugh holds a B.A. in Russian studies from Bowdoin
Hugh Graham   College and a Master of Nonprofit Administration
              degree from the University of San Francisco.
              Originally from West Texas, Hugh had called several
              places home, including Maine and Colorado, before
              settling in San Francisco.

              Renée Perry came to the Federation from an academic career. She
              brings the Project Specialist position problem-solving, writing, and
              design skills and a commitment to social justice. Responsible for the
              analysis, design, and execution of projects and programs for the
              Federation, Renée coordinates the annual Summer Meeting,
              designs Federation and Federation Institute publications such as the
              State of the States Report and The Equality Agenda, maintains and
              develops the Federation website, and coordinates the Equality
              Federation Institute Internship Program. She also drafts the monthly
              member newsletter, FedHead News.

              After years in collective and cooperative enterprises, she earned a
              B.S. in Biology from the University of Washington, Seattle and a
Renee Perry   Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Cornell University.
              She attended SPIN Academy 2009, an intensive communications
              workshop for non-profit organizations. She lives in the East Bay with
              her spouse and too many cats

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