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                           December 2006
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               2006 Board of Directors

Jeff Kinder                                                               916.765.2801
4320 Freemont’s Loop, Rescue, CA 95672                                                                                                   
                                                                                                     Volume 44, No. 7                                                                                             December 2006
Vice President
Andy Leight                                                               916.984.9624
106 Atfield Way, Folsom, CA 95630                                                                                                                   Upcoming Events                                                                                             3 Zone 7 awards banquet
Kevin Dougherty
P.O. Box 6006, Folsom, CA 95630
                                                                          916.983.7774                                                         Features and Reviews                                                                                               5       It was a WOW tour!!!
                                                                                                                    8       Share the Wealth
Treasurer                                                                                                           9       Oktoberfest in the Hills
Betty Silva                                                               707.864.0491
12 Oak Lane, Suisun Valley, CA 94534                                                                                9       Carrera de Sierra XXIX                                                                                              10       How to host a tour
Social Director
                                                                                                                   11       An SVR photo album
Julia Lynn                                   916.402.0443
2443 Fair Oaks Blvd #71, Sacramento, CA 95825
                                                                                                                                      Columns and Departments
                                                                                                          2       From the driver’s seat                                                     -                Jeff Kinder
Membership Director                                                                                       4       December social report                                                     -                Julia Lynn
Tom Sisson                                    209.296.5352
14537 Surrey Junction Ln, Sutter Creek, CA 95685                                                          7       Drifting back                                                              -                Larry Wilson
the drifter                                                                                              14       Replacing gauge faces                                                      -                Lisa Thomas                         1
Competition & Safety Director
                                                                                                         17       October 19 board meeting                                                   -                Ray Silva
Matt Deter                                                                916.630.8924                   18       Membership report                                                          -                Tom Sisson
5645 Harvest Road, Rocklin, CA 95765
                                                                                                         19       Goodie store                                                               -                Tom Sisson
                                                                                                         20       The last word                                                              -                Bud Behrens
John Murphy                                                               916.362.8276
3300 Cahill Ct., Sacramento, CA 95827                                                                                                     Information and Committee Directory
Past President                                                                                       Autocross Chair                                                           Rally Chair
Kim Nelson                                                                                           Matt Deter                  916.630.8924                                  Helen Ashuckian             916.481.2759
916.933.4282                                                                                         5645 Harvest Road, Rocklin, CA 95765                                      5440 Tree Side Dr., Carmichael, CA 95608
305 Glen Ridge Wy, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762                                                                                              
                                                                                                     Charity Chair                                                             Technical Chair
                                                                                                     Susan Fleming              916.985.4142                                   Lisa Thomas               530.878.9286
Editor (Temporary)                                                                                   107 Cobb Court, Folsom, CA 95630                                          645 Country Rd, Meadow Vista, CA 95722
Bud Behrens                                                               209.477.6496                                                
6424 Culpepper Place, Stockton, CA 95207                                                                                   Concours Chair                                                            G24 Chair
                                                                                                     Kent Brandon                916.663.1702                                  Buzz and Julia Lynn                            916.402.0443
Zone 7 Representative                                                                                3450 Hector Rd., Newcastle, CA 95658                                      2443 Fair Oaks Blvd. #71
Larry Sharp, Golden Gate Region                                           925.371.2258                                                          Sacramento, CA 95825
1119 Megan Road, Livermore, CA 94550                                                                                                                                                                                                                Goodie Store
                                                                                                     Tom Sisson                 209.296.5352                                   Advertising Manager
                                                                                                     14537 Surrey Junction Avenue                                              Dick MacFarlane           916.482.0652
                                                                                                     Sutter Creek, CA 95685                                                    5740 Windmill Wy #11, Carmichael 95608
Sacramento Valley Region, Porsche Club of America (SVR), pu b l i s h e s t h e Dr i f t e r m o n t h l y f o r i t s m e m b e r s . Wr i t t e n c o n t r i b u t i o n s a n d p h o t o s a re we l c o m e a n d s h o u l d b e e -
mailed to the edit or. The deadline for material is one month p r i o r t o t h e m o n t h o f p u b l i c a t i o n . S V R m e m b e r s s h o u l d n o t i f y t h e m e m b e r s h i p d i re c t o r p ro m p t l y o f a n a d d re s s
change to insure uninterr upted deliver y. All material in this ne w s l e t t e r i s p ro t e c t e d by c o p y r i g h t . Howe ve r, n e w s l e t t e r e d i t o r o f o t h e r s re g i o n s c h a r t e re d by t h e Po r s c h e C l u b
of America may reprint any ar ticle provided that credit is given t o t h e a u t h o r a n d Sa c r a m e n t o Va l l e y Re g i o n a n d t h a t T h e Dr i f t e r i s c i t e d a s t h e s o u rc e .

the drifter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       1
From the driver’s seat
by Jeff Kinder, President

         his is my last column as president      time to put on your thinking caps now.
         of SVR. Having served with the          You must know of places or restaurants
         board and chairs of SVR for the         you have gone to and thought would be
past two years has been an honor and a           perfect for a club activity or dinner. Bring
pleasure. Each member strove to make             all your ideas and let’s make 2007 the best
SVR a better club, and all succeeded.            year yet.
They were all so good at what they did
and worked so well together. I have learned      Zone Awards Banquet
something from each. Some will continue               News Flash! Set aside January 13,
on in their positions, looking after SVR         2007. Join us in celebration of SVR mem-
for you.                                         bers (and other region members, too) at
     Having been involved in more club           Zone 7 Awards Banquet. (Ed Note – see
activities than in the past, the last two        the ad on page 3.)
years have flown by. I have come to know
more members, new and old, than I would          Wintertime
have otherwise. It was a pleasure to see new           For those who enjoy driving their
members become more involved in club             Porsches in the winter, it is the time to
activities. Some have taken SVR board            be a little more aware of the condition
and chair positions, some have helped            of your car. Winter brings on periods of
with CRAB and tours, and some have been          reduced traction and visibility. If you park
trained to become concours judges. Rest as-      your Porsche in the garage for the winter,
sured that SVR is passing into good hands.       you need read no further. Tire pressures
Give the new board the same support you          are always important, but when there is the drifter
have shown me during my time as president.       rain on the road surface, our cars do not
The future for SVR is looking good.              stick as well as in summer. Please make               1
                                                 sure to check tire pressure at least once a
The Drifter                                      week. There is one other issue with winter
     I ask for your help in finding a new        driving: reduced visibility. We all know our
editor – someone to volunteer his or her         driving style and capability. Some of us may
time to put out The Drifter. Here’s your         tend to drive rather spirited on occasion.
opportunity to flex your creative muscles.       As visibility reduces with clouds, rain, and
As editor, you will be a board member and        shorter days we need to be more attentive
can help guide SVR. If you have questions        to our driving and that of those sharing the
and would like to speak with past editors,       road with us.
contact Elliott and Alice Hoffman, Dennis              Some drivers have distractions that
Stettner, or Bud. They will be glad to talk      take their attention away from what is go-
with you and answer your questions.              ing on around them. (Used to be, the kids
                                                 in the back seat was about it.) Today, driv-
Activity Notifications                           ers are talking on cell phones, fiddling with
     Julia Lynn, our social director, has        radios, typing messages on Blackberries,
been doing an excellent job of sending out       drinking mochas, etc. Multitasking may
e-mail blasts about our events and activities    be useful, but such drivers are not paying
of interest to SVR members. If you are not       attention to other drivers, including you.
receiving them, e-mail Julia at Social@svr.      Heck, they are not even paying attention to let her know you do not want to       to what they are doing, let alone you. My
be left out. At the next event you attend,       point is that we need not only be more
thank the people who have made the effort        aware of others, but we should drive more
to provide you a fun activity.                   cautiously, since they may not be aware of
                                                 us, even if they are watching.
Planning Party
     Our annual planning party will be           Drive safely and have fun!
held on January 11. This is where we get
together to plan activities for the year. It’s
the drifter                                                                                                2
                Series 2006                                    Zone 7 Awards Banquet
                                                                     Saturday, January 13, 2007
                                                                     Sheraton Pleasanton Hotel
                                                                     (Formerly Wyndham Garden Hotel)
                                                         5990 Stoneridge Mall Road, Pleasanton CA
                                                                      (925) 463-3330

                          Come celebrate Porsche Club of America Zone 7 2006 champions in
                                           Autocross, Rally, and Concours
                              Guest Speaker: Prescott Kelley, Incoming PCA President

                                     No host cocktails at 6:00 • Dinner at 7:00
                              Dinner choices include London Broil or Chicken Piccata
                                        $50.00 per person (Includes wine)
              Indicate your dinner choice on your check, made payable to “Larry Sharp – Zone 7 PCA,” and send to:
                      Larry and KC Sharp, 1119 Megan Road, Livermore Ca 94550, Telephone 925-371-2258
                                   The deadline for reservations is January 6, 2007.
                                          Rooms have been set aside at a special rate.
                                   Ask for the Porsche Club when making room reservations.
                    If you wish to spend the day in San Francisco, there is a shuttle to BART from the hotel.
                               For a day of shopping, Stoneridge Mall is within walking distance.

the drifter                                                                                                         3
December social report
by Julia Lynn

        nother year is coming to a close and my second term as social director is also nearing its end. I want to
        say that I have enjoyed serving in this position and hope your new director will enjoy it just as much
        as I have. And I will be there to support her if she needs it.
      The yearly planning meeting is just around the corner, so if you have thought about becoming more
involved in activities, this will be the time and place to put your ideas on the calendar. There is always help
to be had from more-seasoned members in hosting an event if you need it, so don’t be shy about asking for
assistance or advice. That also doesn’t mean you can’t add an event later on if something new comes to mind.
Just contact the vice president and he’ll get it on the calendar. Some of you might have read the article on
touring before, but it’s such a helpful one and always great to include in The Drifter just before the annual
planning meeting. The authors, Bill and Cathy Keegan, wrote it when they were the social directors. It will
give you some insight on how to host a tour. (Ed. Note – The article is on page 10.)

                                            Annual Planning Meeting
                                  Thursday, January 11 • 6:00 P.M.
              Round Table Pizza on Madison Avenue • Cost is $5.00 per person for pizza.
                                 Bring your ideas for events in 2007.

                       When you receive this issue, please either call John Murphy at
                        (916) 635-3117 or send an e-mail to
                           and provide your ZIP Code and Date Drifter Arrived

      You Have a Choice!                                                                                            Don Joe
                                                                                                    3532 La Grande Blvd.
      So why not make the right one when you need
                                                                                                   Sacramento, CA 95823
      auto body and paint work?
                                                                                                          (916) 391-4159
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      ✦	 Certified Glasurit Paint
         (Factory Original for Porsche, Mercedes, BMW)
      ✦	 Car-O-Liner Unibody Repair Equipment
      ✦	 Enclosed Climate-Controlled Spray Booth
      ✦	 Industry-Certified Technicians

the drifter                                                                                                                   4
It was a WOW tour!!!
by Kevin Dougherty
photos by Barbara McCrory

     t was a small, intimate group that toured to Southern Cali-
     fornia on Friday, the 13th of October, but what fun we had.
     The day started off with a glitch, which put us a bit behind,
but we made it down south on time. We had a little rain here
and there.
      The folks at the La Quinta Inn & Suites (our host hotel)
in Stevenson Ranch treated us like royalty and after a little wine
and cheese get-together, it was off to a wonderful dinner at the
Outback Steakhouse.
      The tour on Saturday morning was the hit of the trip. After        At one end was a dining room that is still used today for special
a short drive to the northern Los Angeles County city of Sylmar,         events at San Sylmar. Even the men’s rest room on this floor was
we arrived at The Nethercutt Collection just before 10:00 A.M.           something out of the 20s, with gold-plated fixtures and red satin
and were greeted by curator and archivist, Skip Marketti. J.B.           wallpaper.
Nethercutt was the co-founder of Merle Norman Cosmetics and                   When the music stopped for the last time it was a signal to
founder of The Nethercutt Collection & Museum. Both J.B.                 retreat to the ground floor and out the front door. Our small group
and his wife Dorothy had a lifelong passion for the wonderful            said good-bye to the rest of the tour and was greeted once again
automobiles of their youth, a passion that continues today in the        by Skip Marketti. The large doors closed and we were back in the
collection. To ensure the future of the collection and museum,           small area where the tour began. We walked through the display
J. B. established a perpetual endowment that will ensure that the        room to an unmarked door and then onto the restoration shop.
museum remains free to the public.                                            Again, WOW!!! There were several automobiles in various
      Our tour started in the San Sylmar Building with one of            stages of restoration. One that had come back from the Pebble
the regular guided tours. We met our guide in the lower gallery          Beach Concours needed some tweaking. Unfortunately, an old
and after going over a few of the rules and regulations (no flash        Maybach was locked in a truck ready for transportation to Las
photography, stay together, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!)                      Vegas the following weekend. Skip led us around the shop while
we took the stairs up one flight to the grand salon of fine antique      explaining the ins and outs of what the thirty or so craftsmen do
automobiles. WOW!!! Twenty to thirty concours-ready vehicles             during the various stages of a restoration, as well as describing
of years gone by, including a Duesenberg worth $5-$10 million            some of the tools they use. After getting our fill of all of that, it
(they would not reveal the true value). Rare and limited vehicles        was on to the paint area. Here there were two sealed paint booths
filled a room graced with large exotic pillars and crystal chandeliers   and lots of room for prep work. Moving on to yet another room,
hanging from the 20-foot ceiling and a black marble floor.               there was a car made almost entirely of wood, originally built
      On the top floor was a room filled with “music boxes” that         back in the 30s. It was almost stripped down to the bare bones
could only be described as WOW!!! There was a Wurlitzer Organ            for the second complete restoration of its long life. Skip went into
in the middle of the room that was 30% larger than the one at            the details of what was going to happen in this car during the
Carnegie Hall. One “music machine” played three violins at a time.       approximately 10,000 plus man-hours that were going into this
Many others filled the outer walls of the room. Most were hand           car! Again, all we could say was “WOW”!!!
made (many in Europe) back in the 1920s through the 1940s.                    We left this area and went outside for a wrap-up of our person-
                                                                                 alized tour. Skip lead us across the street to the Nethercutt
                                                                                 Museum, where there were about 100 or more cars, along
                                                                                 with a library, and a tour of a 1930s-era private train car.
                                                                                 After the guided tour of the train, we were on our own to

                                                                                Above: Steve & Barbara McCrory, Ken Reynolds, Catherine
                                                                                Taylor, Kevin Dougherty, Jean & Raleigh Morrow and a 1931
                                                                                Bugatti Type 51 Coupe ($6,000 when new) at the entrance to
                                                                                the Nethercutt Collection in Sylmar. This was just one of the
                                                                                many stunning and beautifully-restored and award-winning
                                                                                autos of yesteryear on the DerPorscheNuts Slowryde Tour. Photo
                                                                                by Nethercutt Curator/Archivist Skip Marketti.

                                                                                Left: the Grand Salon in San Sylmar. The silver car on the left behind
                                                                                the pillar is the multi-million dollar Duesenberg. Note: there are no
                                                                                Porsches in the Nethercutt collection. We’ll have to work on that.
the drifter                                                                                                                                        5
                                                           once again look through a collection of very fine automobiles of years gone
                                                           by. More WOW!! The group took many photos. At the end of the day, we
                                                           said good-bye to Raleigh and Jean Morrow, who left us to get home in order
                                                           to greet their grandson who had just returned safely from Iraq.
                                                             After returning to our host hotel, a little rest, and dinner at El Torito, we
                                                           turned in for the night, only to wake up on Sunday to start on tour yet an-
                                                           other automobile museum, the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles.
                                                           It was a much different, but still very fascinating museum, where the five of
                                                           us strolled down memory lane, looking at the cars and history of times we
                                                           remember from personal experience. The Batmobile led the “car stars” which
                                                           were on display. Electric cars from yesterday and today are there. The “red car”
                                                           streetcar that graced the streets of Los Angeles years ago and a one-of-a kind
                                                           George Barris car were on display. And, yeah, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth’s original
                                                           Rat Fink was there! We went up the stairs to see more custom cars by Chip
                                                           Foose and a couple from Jay Leno’s collection. Up once more to the top floor,
                                                           where kids learn about the inner workings of cars and can sit on them and play
                                                           with things. This is definitely a fine way to spend a Sunday in Los Angeles.
After it was over, we split up; the McCrorys headed north toward home, Ken
Reynolds and Catherine Taylor took a short jaunt out to Palm Springs for a
couple of days of R & R, and I went to the City of Hope to see a dear friend
who is battling Leukemia.
     It was a wonderful trip. I’d have to say it was the tour of the year, and we
need to thank Ken Reynolds for all the legwork putting the tours together,
especially scoring the behind the scenes tour of the Nethercutt. Will we do it
again? You bet! Maybe not next year, but when we do, you need to be there!

Above: “Herbie” is just one of the numerous “star cars” at the Petersen.
Right: Tour leader Ken Reynolds gets the “Greg Peart” feeling on an old Kawasaki police
motorcycle in the “touch and feel” section of the Petersen.

the drifter                                                                                                                             6
November and December 2006
drifting back
by Larry Wilson

30 Years Ago (November 1976)
     The November 5 Pot Luck dinner meeting featured the
report from the nominations committee (chaired by Dan Boone
with Vicki Willis, Betty Fielding, Rich Farlinger and Arnold
O’Shields as members), with floor nominations opened for the       got lost (he failed the confidence trap) and disputed Clever’s claim
1977 SVR board of directors. SVR-members were urged to             of having written the “perfect” rally.
nominate their friends and loved ones. “Haven’t seen in ages”           The November 22nd Zone 7 annual awards banquet in
members attending included Dave and Delores Johnson and            Stockton was payday for many SVR autocrossers. On hand to
Mike and Mary Pashkevich. Everyone sang Happy Birth-               receive pictured wall plaques were Cindi Breaux (2nd Class 49),
day to Trish O’Shields. Gary Waldsmith presented a special         Kern Breaux (1st Class 23), Jack Murray (2nd Class 26), Steve
Dummkopf award, and with a landslide of applause it went           Nieslony (1st Class 1), Cyndee Nightingale (3rd Class 35),
to Fred Myeron who had the world’s largest oil leak with his       Greg Peart (3rd Class 9), Pat Wilson (1st Class 35), and Larry
Speedster during the Mendocino Tour (many following cars           Wilson (1st Class 9). Also winning a plaque, but not present,
were rust-proofed forever).                                        were Lee Coleman (3rd Class 8), Rich McGlumphy (1st Class
     The November 14 Low Bucks Autocross was cheap ($1.00          26), Sue McGlumphy (1st Class 38), Linda Mitchell (1st Class
per run), but all proceeds were donated to help make Thanksgiv-    44), Dwight Mitchell (1st Class 18), Bob Peake (2nd Class 9),
ing a little nicer for a needy family. Real turkeys were awarded   and Bruce Westrup (2nd Class 18).
to real class winners. Tech chair, Mike Willis, announced the
recent C.B. installation tech session, hosted by Bob Young at      10 Years Ago (November 1996)
Sportswagen Werke, was very successful. Everyone attending               Forty cars registered for the Mendocino Tour, November 1
went away better informed of alternative ways to install a C.B.    - 3, with Rik and Lettie Larson as chairs, and the Willis, Weddle,
radio in a Porsche.                                                and Catherwood couples served as co-chairs. All entrants thought
                                                                   this edition of the annual trek to the north coast was one of the
20 Years Ago (November 1986)                                       best, ever. Except, however, the kite-flying contest, scheduled to
     The November 1 Napa Valley Crushed Grape Tour by Bob          commence precisely at 3:00 PM, suffered a big problem. The
Peake promised to get all participants to Domaine Chandon by       wind died, totally, precisely at 2:59 PM and stayed dead. Kirk
10:00 AM for a private tour and tasting of Napa Valley Brute       Bradford won the newly-coined award for traveling the farthest
and some Panache. Then, it was off to the “Most Ostentatious”      without getting it up. Gary Thompson and Ray Clements sought
picnic contest followed by a tour of the hillside winery of Sch-   assistance from Gary’s pick-um-up truck and were promptly
ramsberg Vineyards. Was it over? Nope. Then the group went to      disqualified. Others with equally futile attempts, as documented
Vintage 1870 for more tasting and finally dinner in Napa before    by Tom and Tambra Kroetz photos in the DRIFTER, were Rik
returning via the twisty backloads past Lake Berryessa.            and Lettie Larson, Kim Kinder, Tom Kroetz, Maryann Blount,
     The November 9 Turkey’s Revenge rally, chaired by John        Ray and Sara Clements, and Tim Fleming.
Clever, was the last event in the 1986 SVR Rally Championship            The November 10 rally, Turkey Run, provided two separate
five-event series sponsored by SVR member Wyn Robertson and        rally courses, one for first timers and beginners with no traps,
his Continental Auto Service in North Sacramento. The event        the other with traps on the same route for novices and experts.
started in Sacramento and finished near Stockton. Kirk Bradford    It was a Zone 7 rally. The start was Davis, the finish in West

the drifter                                                                                                                         7
Sacramento, Phillip Marks the rallymaster. Fifteen rally cars        ning with the January 1987 issue, THE DRIFTER was created
registered at Mocha Joe’s and traversed six rally legs during the    by computer with desktop publishing tools and reproduced by
four-hour event. Bob and Marianne Garner (GGR) in Novice             offset press on slick, coated paper.
Class won the event with the lowest score of 403 points. The SVR
duo of J. Toney and Helen Ashuckian won the Expert Class but         10 Years Ago (December 1996)
finished second overall with a score of 571. Other SVR finishers          End of the year Zone 7 awards were presented at the Zone
were Berle and Carol Crisp, first in First Timer Class (900 pts.);   7 Awards Banquet in Pleasanton. A photo in the January 1997
Enzo Napoli and Gina Haynes, first in Beginner Class (827 pts.);     issue of THE DRIFTER revealed that some award winners from
Mike and Sue Ambrozewicz, second in Beginner Class (1,293            SVR were J. Toney and Helen Ashuckian, 1st place Rally series;
pts.); and Jim and Joyce Karver, fourth in Expert Unequipped         Bill Winkler, Zone 7 Rookie of the Year and 1st place, class K,
Class (1,199 pts.). Workers included Dave and Delores Johnson,       Autocross series; Phil Lawrence, 1st place Wash & Shine class,
Rik Larson, Pat and Larry Wilson, and Barbara Bybee.                 Concours series; and Masuo Robinson, 2nd place LI class, Auto-
                                                                     cross series and winner of the “Zone 7 Instructor Shoot-Out.”
30 Years Ago (December 1976)                                              The December 19 SVR Christmas Party was an open house
     Cocktails, dinner, music, dancing, decorate-the-tree contest,   from 7:00 to 10:00PM at the home of Damon Nightingale
and door prizes were on the evening schedule during the Decem-       chaired by Damon, Cyndee Peart, and Linda Mitchell. The event
ber 17 Christmas Party in the Terrace Room, Mansion Inn at 16th      featured delightful desert for all made by Marie Smith. Reserva-
and H Street. John and Candy Wong did a super job obtaining          tions were limited. No other coverage of this event.
door prizes and Kern Breaux obtained a great band. Many old               Herb Hoover presented another of his keen tech articles in
friends were there including the Ray and Frankie Engel, Lew and      the December DRIFTER entitled, “Frozen Wipers And RainX.”
Lorie Church, Dennis and Eva Kay, and Ben and Myra Myers.            The bottom line was that Herb doesn’t buy “colored water”
     In THE DRIFTER, tech chairman Mike Willis asked that            to keep his windshield washer fluid from freezing in the
all Porsche factory manuals be returned to him so he could add       snow country. Instead, he uses Dawn dish washing liquid,
supplements, if issued, and turn them over to the new 1977 tech      or whatever his wife, Jan, has under the sink (which lowers
chair, Larry Wilson. Mike also added that winter weather was         the freezing point of water to about 9 degrees Fahrenheit).
here and you should check your windshield washer reservoir for       Add alcohol for lower temperatures.
anti-freeze, otherwise it might freeze.
     Advertisers in the December DRIFTER, from front to back,
were Niello Porsche-Audi (two ads), Continental Auto Service,

Victory Auto, Strutz Jewelers, C & A (Battery) Distributors,
Walt Stickel Body & Frame Shop, Sportwagen Werke, Auto Air
& Radio, Frank’s Automotive, Dan Proctor Insurance, Kid-E-                               by Herb Hoover
Korral, and Wes Lasher Porsche.

20 Years Ago (December 1986)                                             We’ve had three Share-the-Wealths
     Don and Pam Harley chaired a magnificent annual SVR                 since the program was reinstated and
Christmas Party, December 20, at the Cal Expo Turf Club with             the response has been good. People en-
a schedule of cocktails, socializing, dinner, annual awards, and
dancing. The annual awards were the highlight of the evening.            thusiastically buy tickets at each dinner
Those who trophied in the Continental Auto Service Rally Series          meeting; however, the number of prizes
were: NOVICE CLASS - Allen and Dolores Weddle and Sharon                 has not been what it should be. So, please
Williamson (tied for first); BEGINNER CLASS - Ron and Marty              bring an inexpensive gift. Porsche-related
Beckemeyer (first), Kirk and Linda Bradford (second), and Don
Rasmusson (third). The 1986 SVR Rookies of the Year award                is best, but other car-related items are
went to Ken and Marcella Mitchell. The 1986 SVR Event of                 good, too. People also appreciate things
the Year went to the Historic Car Race Tour with Herb and Jan            that you have made, such as craft items.
Hoover and Bob and Beth Jacobson, Co-chairs. Then (drum roll),           And, of course, wine is always accept-
Kirk Bradford presented the BIG award, the President’s Trophy,
to Cindi Breaux for taking quick action to save the life of fellow       able. We won’t have Share-the-Wealth
SVR member, Bette Wiley, who lost consciousness during the               at the Christmas party or at the planning
charity auction showing no breathing nor pulse. Cindi, a trained         meeting in January; but it will be back in
nurse, quickly administered CPR and Betty resumed breathing.             February, so please bring something and
Cindi helped keep her stable until the ambulance arrived for a
trip to the hospital. Betty made a full recovery.                        help make this fun event flourish.
     End of an Era: The December 1986 issue was the last
DRIFTER produced with a typewriter and reproduced with a
copier on legal-sized, plain paper in landscape format. Begin-
the drifter                                                                                                                        8
Oktoberfest in the hills                                                    After our fill of appetizers, we hopped back in our shiny
                                                                       cars and followed Rich and Judy to their home for a BBQ. We
by Sally Boeck                                                         went along Highway 49 to the town of El Dorado, then on to
                                                                       Shingle Springs and Cameron Park.
I heard the waiting list was gargantuan and I was glad we had               The main course consisted of German sausages, sauerkraut,
gotten our reservation in early. These progressive events are a        potato salad, and beans. Judy even provided German pretzels.
lot of fun and very popular.                                           We dined on the big new deck, talked Porsche stuff, and had a
     Everyone checked in with Judy Hanna at the Starbucks in El        pleasant time.
Dorado Hills, paid up, and we were on our way just after 9:30.              But, no, we hadn’t had enough to eat. Stuffed to the gills,
Following Rich Swenson and Judy Hanna, we wound our way                we made our way through El Dorado Hills to Carol and Ira
through Ione to Jackson and our first stop, Water Street Antiques.     McKee’s. Here, we were welcomed at the front door (I’d never
The owner, Terry O’Neill, gave us a short presentation about his       been let in their front door before) with a big hug. The desserts
business, and then we walked through the buildings. Wow. I’d           were quite spectacular. With plenty of sweets and coffee, we
never seen so much old furniture in one place.                         relaxed on their front deck (also, never been on the front deck)
     Soon we were off and on our way to Tom Sisson’s house             and enjoyed the evening.
outside of Sutter Creek to enjoy all sorts of German appetizers.            Besides the great food, we were lucky to enjoy good weather,
Everything was very tasty and German steins filled with flowers        the beautiful California foothill fall scenery and color, good
decorated every table. The place looked great. Tom and Darlene         company, and a safe trip.
were good hosts.                                                            Many thanks to all who coordinated this event, including
                                                                       but probably not limited to, Judy Hanna and Rich Swenson,
                                                                       Tom Sisson and Darlene Byerly, and Carol and Ira McKee.

                                            Carrera de Sierra XXIX
                                                           By Rik Larson

        he twenty-ninth running of the two-day Carrera de Sierra time and distance rally in September had a small turnout but every-
        one had a great time. Rallymaster Richard Wetzel had some nice traps built into the course for both days of the competition.
        No one got lost and everyone made it to the finish on Saturday and Sunday.
     Saturday’s course began at the Niello Porsche facility in Rocklin (one of the event sponsors). Because of the small number of
cars that had pre-entered, it was decided that all of the expert cars would run in the expert unequipped class (i.e. no computers or
1/100ths-reading odometers). And the beginner and novices were combined into one class (one car did not even have a working
speedometer or odometer). The route headed east to US 50, cut across at Kyburz to the Mormon Emigrant Trail, then to highway
88, past Kirkwood and finishing in Minden, Nevada. There was the traditional food and drink along with stories about how entrants
had navigated the course. A special happening was that almost everyone (entrants and workers) got together for a big Basque dinner
at one of the great restaurants in the area.
     At 5:00 A.M. on Sunday morning, we were all awakened by the sound of several motorcycles starting their engines and revving
them up. We had seen several motorcyclists staying at the hotel. Seems that they were getting up early to head into Reno for the final
day of Street Vibrations. I had seen a lot of motorcyclists on Saturday while doing the sweep-of-the-course duties.
     After breakfast, entrants headed back down highway 88 (with visits to Pine Grove and Clinton) before finishing at the Italian
Society Park in Martell (just north of Jackson on highway 49). A great buffet was served for all. Everyone was headed home by 4:00
P.M. Thanks, Richard, for a great event.
     The thirtieth running of this event is already scheduled for next September. Come out and enjoy the great times. We expect to
have a tour-only group (similar to past events) where folks do not have to compete in the time and distance rally.
     We also thank Frank’s Automotive and Wells Fargo Bank (Richard Wetzel) for their support.

Novice Class                   Region           Points    Place        Expert Unequipped Class      Region             Points   Place
Marie and Travis Bushman       SCCA/SF          1192        1          Jessica and J. Toney         Sacramento          292       1
David and Carol Thistlewaite   TRC              1211        2          Hubert and Jenny Lee         Golden Gate         772       2
Jim and Roseanne Bondvich      Sacramento       1602        3          Jim and Joyce Karver         Sacramento          998       3
Eric Chevreil and Jerry Karr   MG               1799        4          Tim Errington/               San Diego          1113       4
                                                                       Donna Singmaster
                                                                       Al Armellini/Arline Carter   Diablo             1198       5

Workers: Richard Wetzel, Phillip Marks, Helen Ashuckian, Rik Larson, Barbara Bybee, Ron and Sally Boeck, Jo Hilling, Keith
McMahan, Trische Robertson, Steve Watt and Nancy Hanna (from The Rallye Club), George Morley, Delores McKinnon
the drifter                                                                                                                           9
How to host a tour                              Three or more months ahead
                                                     Select a route and begin to develop
                                                                                                     Recruit at least one photographer;
                                                                                                persuade someone on the tour to write and
by Cathy & Bill Keegan                          route instructions. Make notes of times         submit a review article for The Drifter.
2004 Social Directors                           and distances, and remember that a group             Consider dividing into more than
                                                travels slower than one or two vehicles.        one group if there are over 15 to 20 cars.

           o you have a favorite road or        Confirm arrangements for your start point       Recruit helpers to lead and follow any ad-
           special place you’d like to shore    and stops or points of interest along the       ditional groups.
           with your fellow Porschephiles?      way. Make sure there are rest stops along
Do you want to get involved in the club,        the route.                                      Tour day
but you’re not sure how? Hosting a tour              Make certain the vice president has             Collect the tour fee and have everyone
is easy, fun, and a great way to get more       ordered insurance coverage. If you have         sign the release form (including drivers,
out of PCA. If you don’t have an idea for       costs with providers, make certain you have     passengers, children – no exceptions).
a tour, or if you’re not sure you want to       written agreements.                             Distribute instructions, maps, etc. as par-
jump right in, consider getting your toes                                                       ticipants sign in.
wet by offering to help someone else with       Two months ahead                                     Conduct a drivers’ meeting. Discuss
their tour. Either way, the planning meet-           Continue to publicize the event. Make      the route. Designate a radio channel and
ing coming up is the perfect opportunity        announcements and/or had out flyers at          go over protocol and usage. Identify lead,
to do just that. To help you prepare, here’s    dinner meetings and other events. Have          middle, and “backdoor” vehicles. Go over
what’s involved in hosting a tour.              a sign-up sheet available for when people       touring rules, such as: headlights on when
                                                begin to make reservations.                     under way, use turn signals so others know
Four or more months ahead                            Arrange for another member to assist       where you are going, keep cars in front of
      Pick a destination and date, and          you. Schedule a day a week or two before        and behind you always in sight, and stay
sketch out a plan. Will it be a day trip or     the “proof ” the route with another car.        together. Safety is the prime consideration.
an overnighter? What is the minimum or                                                          Be courteous to those on the tour and those
maximum number of cars due to parking           One month ahead                                 you encounter along the way.
or other considerations? Confirm possible            Make arrangements with the social
stops along the route (lunch, destination,      director for an e-mail blast.                   After the tour
etc.) to include in an ad. Schedule the date         Obtain the insurance binder from                Make sure that a review article and
at the January planning meeting or with         the vice president and have liability release   photos are submitted to the Drifter editor
the social director. What costs (meals, ac-     forms (in color) available.                     by the first of the month. You may write
commodations, prizes, entry fees) will be                                                       the article yourself, but it’s better if one of
associated with the trip? Develop a budget      One to two weeks ahead                          the participants tells everyone what made
and be certain to include at least $2.00 per           “Proof ” the tour by running the         your tour fun and enjoyable. Be sure to
entrant for the club treasury. If advance       route with your helper. Be sure the route       identify the “people, places, and Porsches”
money is needed, or if the tour will incur      is still available and determine whether any    in the photos, include captions if you like.
over in $1,500 in cost liability due to         road construction will necessitate route        Credit the photographer(s) and don’t forget
guarantees, a budget must be submitted          changes.                                        to thank the helpers.
to the SVR board.                                      Finalize and print the written route
      When is the last date for reservations?   instructions, including distances, turn
Do you need to advise a restaurant or other     instructions, maps, etc. that you’ll need to
provider of the number of persons, meal         distribute on the day of the tour.
selections, etc.? Will you need to purchase
tickets, passes, etc. in advance?
      Develop and ad for The Drifter, our
web site, e-mail notification, and/or an
event flyer. Items for The Drifter are due
to the editor by the first of the month prior
to publication. For example, if the sign-up
deadline for your event is the first week of
April, you should submit at least a brief
teaser ad by January 1st for the February
Drifter. You’l need to send a detailed ad for
the March issue by February 1st. On March
1st you could submit a “last chance” ad in
the April issue, or decide to continue or
discontinue your March ad.

the drifter                                                                                                                                10
                                           An SVR photo album

        Members enjoyed the tour of the Folsom Zoo. At left: Judy Stettner and Janet Kramer, at right: Karen McGlumphy, Kim
        Nelson, and Rachel Johnson. Photos by Jon Kramer.

        The Zone 7 concours at Silver Star Recycling had a good turnout. Event chairman Kent Brandon’s 928 had hood strut failure,
        so the engine judge improvised a novel support. The photo on the right shows what it’s like to be deluged by four concours
        judges. Photos by Mary Ann Behrens.

                                                                   SVR drivers made a good showing at the Zone 7 autocross in
                                                                   Stockton. Clockwise from lower left: Kerner Breaux shows how
                                                                   it’s done, Lee Deter on a hot lap, the timing crew keeps things
                                                                   running smoothly. Photos by Doug Klein.

the drifter                                                                                                                    11
the drifter   12
              drifter classified

              Offering PCA Club Member Pricing
                Performance and Appearance

                       Frozen Rotors
                      Crow Enterprises
                      CarGraphic USA

                    Call or Visit Our Website

                     Phone: (916) 989-0580


the drifter                                     13
Replacing gauge faces
by Lisa Thomas

          his month one would think my garage was full of Ferraris rather than
          Porsches. At one point only one in our five cars was drivable. The Turbo
          was in the shop for a new clutch, the Cayenne was in the shop for its
30k check-up, the Boxster was down due to a recurring expansion tank leak, and my C4 was on the lift without its suspension.
That left the SC, which sits in my carport completely stripped of its interior, waiting to become a racecar. None of that takes into
consideration all of the normal p-car projects I had going at the time. In one week, I added a catalytic bypass pipe, replaced the
gauge faces, and removed all four corners of the suspension in the C4. Needless to say, I have a lot of material for tech articles. So,
on a difficulty scale of one to ten, this is how I would rate those projects: 4 – removing entire suspension, 3 – adding a catalytic
bypass pipe, 11 – replacing the gauge faces. I’m not kidding!
      Most of the upgrades to your car are on the exterior, engine, or under the car, so when you’re driving, you don’t really get to
appreciate it as much as those who see it from the outside. Here is a project that you will be able to enjoy every time you get in
your car: changing the black gauge faces to white, yellow, red, or even carbon fiber. It’s a personal choice; some people feel this is
changing the originality of the car, but it is your car, so do what makes you feel good. In my case, the combination of the Linen
grey exterior and black interior was very nice, but it needed a little something extra to make a real contrast and bring the interior
to life. I changed my gauge faces from black to white. Here are the before and after pictures.

     There’s quite a dramatic improvement, no? Once the gauges are removed from they could be to sent out to have the faces put
in (after doing them myself, I would probably recommend that), but for the automotive DIY masochists out there, I will outline
the procedure. The tools needed include: 1) Flathead screwdriver, 2) Patience, 3) Plastic glue, 4) Tool that comes with the faces
for removing gauge needles, 5) Patience, 6) Flathead pliers, 7) Patience, 8) Needle-nose pliers
     First, use a flathead screwdriver, the tip covered with tape, to gently pry one side of the gas gauge, then the other, until its
far out enough to grasp and pull it from the dash. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Porsche had gone to 1-piece connectors
on the back of the gauges, rather than the mass of wires that were on the earlier cars, (If you have an early car, get your camera and
take close-up pictures of the backs of the gauges so each wire and it’s color can be clearly seen for reference when re-installing the
     Once you have the gas gauge out you should not have to use the screwdriver again. You can now just reach through the open
gauge hole and push the next gauge out with your fingers. The tachometer is a little more difficult to remove because of the steer-
ing wheel. You need to rotate it 180 degrees, slip it past the steering wheel column and then it will come right out.

the drifter                                                                                                                          14
    The clock has a trick to the connectors. The large connector will not come off until you disconnect the smaller black one.
The smaller one is the ground connector and the soldering is weak. (I broke the wire off the connector and had to re-solder it). If
you use needle-nose pliers to remove the metal part of the connector, you can get the plastic cover off easier.

      This is what your dashboard looks like when you’re done – YIKES ! All of the gauges are ready for disassembly.

      Next, take a large flathead screwdriver and pry off the metal ring that holds the glass to the front of the gauge. This seems
very destructive, but luckily I have new aluminum rings to cover the black ones when I’m done. Remove the glass once the ring is
free and clean both sides.
      Use the tool provided to remove the needles, be careful to note the position of the hands especially on the speedometer.
      Remove the two black screws from the face of the gauge and then the faceplate will come free. (Mine were glued and needed
a little coaxing). Place the new face and attach with the two small screws.(I scratched mine and had to touch them up with a
permanent marker).

the drifter                                                                                                                      15
    The new face had to be notched in order to fit correctly. The two little plastic pieces surrounding the counters have to be
glued to the new face on the speedometer.

     To reattach the metal ring, use flathead pliers to reshape
and crimp the metal ring back around the gauge.
     I used a bit of silicone afterwards to seal around the gauge
so moisture could not get in. The reassembly is very easy. I did
use a little trick to reinstall the gauges. I placed the rubber gas-
kets in the dash opening and then applied some soapy water
on the inside edge as well as on the outer case of the gauge.
The gauges slid right in without any problems and you get a
couple of minutes to adjust them before the soapy water dries
and the gauges are in tight.

      Here is the ccompleted project. The time for removal of
the gauges was about twenty minutes - and that was being
extra careful. It took about half that to put them back in and
fire up the car to ensure everything worked. It took three days
to put the new faces in! But it was very rewarding. The white
faces hide all of the warning lights when they are not illumi-
nated, but when they come on, they are very visible. The turn
signal arrows seem to be a lot brighter, too. The gauges are
very easy to read and all of the numbers and text are done very

lisa thomas

the drifter                                                                                                                       16
Wednesday October 19, 2006 board meeting
Call to Order: The was called to order at 6:25 P.M. Attending:         Board Member Reports:
Jeff Kinder, Kim Nelson, Julia Lynn, John Murphy, Rik Larson,                 Competition (Matt Deter): Good AX turnout, 27 cars, 8 runs
Helen Ashuckian, Ray Silva, Matt Deter and Cookie Anderson.            each, but lost money ($400.00-500.00). No incidents at DE event
Absent: Betty Silva, Kevin Dougherty, Dick MacFarlane, and Andy        and next AX is 10/29. Rob Sime and Ron Cain are still trying to
Leight. Minutes: The September minutes were reviewed and ac-           negotiate Mather Field for AX closer to the club and for CRAB
cepted, unofficially.                                                  33. Suggested comping dinner to Ron Cain for Christmas party.
                                                                       Financial Report (Betty Silva): Jeff gave the report from Betty
New Business:                                                          and all looks good! Goodie Store (Tom Sisson): See attachment.
     Jeff Kinder saw a plaque from the BMW club on the counter         Goodie Store made $ 352.50 at the New Member Tour. Webmaster
at IPB Autosport and suggested SVR obtain nice Lucite awards to        (John Murphy): Hits on web site last month include lookers from
present to all sponsors to show the club’s appreciation: about 15-     Perth, Amsterdam, Australia, and Montana. Drifter: Jeff brought
20 awards, spending about $300-$400. Kim suggested spending            SVR Computer to Matt for “sanitation.” He called Terry Grillo
a bit more to make them very nice, something to be proud of.           twice to get external drive and manual; still no response. Member-
     John and Jeff discussed having Dick MacFarlane send a             ship (Tom Sisson): See attachment. We have 654 members and
proposal of new advertising rates for 2007 at a 10% increase over      14 duals. Social (Julia Lynn): Introduced Cookie Anderson to the
last year. Try to send billing out to advertisers by November or       Board. Rally (Helen Ashuckian): Kids Rallye has about 5 people
December at the latest.                                                so far and she has lots of goodies for the kids. Past President (Kim
     Rik Larson was curious as to the outcome of German Autofest       Nelson): Kim reported that the Silver Star Concours went very
and Euro Sunday; no one had answers. He reported that the              well. They had 24 cars, so it was smaller but still good for the first
Mendocino Tour has 52 cars so far; some from Redwood Region            Zone concours there. Silver Star needs to grow the swap meet
are also meeting up in Mendocino.                                      to make it better, similar to PartsHeaven. Silver Star paid $300
                                                                       towards awards and it is suggested that they spend a bit more next
Old Business:                                                          year, perhaps $750. Silver Star was pleased with the event overall
     Drifter Update: John Murphy discussed printing options that       and will do it again next year on 10/14/07; Niello is booked for
he researched for the club. Printing Center USA seems to have          6/17/07 for their zone concours. We need to finalize Year End
the best price and interest in doing the newsletter. They will bar     Awards for the next meeting. If we need any sponsorship money
code and sort, and the USPS likes working with them. They are          from Niello, let Kim know. President (Jeff Kinder): Policy Statement
in Minnesota, and there is a 7-day delivery time. Rik wasn’t sure      meeting will be Oct. 28th from 11:00-2:00. He also talked about 908
about having an out-of-state printer and Kim suggested doing a         story in Panorama regarding the Presidents meeting asking all regions
“sample” mailing with something to see how long it takes to get        to adopt policy of not accepting anyone’s car/personal belongings for
to California. Rik Larson can do the blueline electronically. It was   club events (to drive) without written agreement or better yet, not at
decided to try the December issue of the Drifter for this printer.     all, to protect the club. It is suggested that it be in Policy Statement
John will find out what they need to get started on opening an         or even the By-Laws. Matt suggested having a floor level of “things”
account and get with Betty on that. Elections: Kim needs candidate     such as ice chest, BBQ’s, etc. of a $100.00 - $500.00 or so value. He
statements from Kevin and Betty and needs the ballot put on the        also suggested that the board approve an award for Barbara McCrory
web. CRAB 33: Julia presented the CRAB 33 Budget.                      for her work on our taxes and also to comp her two dinners to our
                                                                       Christmas Party. Everyone in attendance agreed.

                                                                       Meeting adjourned: 8:35 P.M. • Next Meeting: RPM, October
                                                                       18, 2006

the drifter                                                                                                                                17
Membership report                          Rick & Cathy Gerber
                                           Foresthill, CA 95631
                                                                                    Eric Edelmayer
by Tom Sisson,                                       916/971-1977
Membership Director                        408/921-6609              ’06 Cayman S
                                                                                    Tom & Christy Goldthwaite
Special Congratulations to Gary and Alma   Jay & Marie Hendrickson                  Granite Bay, CA 95746
Thompson with 21 years of membership       Folsom, CA 95630
                                                    Matt & Ann Hamel
New Members                                916/984-3899                   ’99 911   Sacramento, CA 95810
Benjamin Bustamante &                                                               916/736-0225
Steven Chastain                            Paul Klein
Sacramento, CA 95814                       Rocklin, CA 95765                        Brent & Sue Harrington               
916/419-7970            ’06 Cayman S       916/928-5166               ’03 Cayenne
                                                                                    Mark & Ursula Judish
Michael Catlin                             Michael & Pollyanna LeVangie   
Davis, CA 95617                            Elk Grove, CA 95758                         Dennis & Nancy Meyer
916/227-2570                    ’79 928    916/443-4849                  ’90 944    ’03 996, ’56 356, Cayenne

Branson Chafey                             Scot Smith & Merry Philips               Randy & Rita Munson
West Sacramento, CA 95691                  Rocklin, CA 95765                             
925/570-1853                    ’80 911    916/315-8456               ’98 Boxster   Tina & John Murphy
                                                                                    ’06 997 C4S
Nicole Chappell                            Terrence Soohoo
Roseville, CA 95661                        Carmichael, CA 95608                     Dave & Mary Parker                    
916/645-4809                   ’97 911     916/202-0005              ’06 Cayman
                                                                                    David & Becky Prince
Robert Dong                                Sharon & Bob Turner            
Fair Oaks, CA 95628                        Lincoln, CA 95648                                             Terry & Tracy Shows
916/446-8264                    ’05 997    916/408-7879                   ’99 911
                                                                                    ’06 997C4S, ’04 Cayenne
Jim Downs                                  David & Floribeth Wong
El Dorado Hills, CA 95762                  Elk Grove, CA 95759-0335                 Howard Souza                              
916/638-7476                    ’04 911    916/600-0451                   ’92 911   ’96 993

Kurt Dunn                                  Transfers In                             Bob & Nancy Thiessen
Sacramento, CA 95825                       Ada Charlene Poole                            ’86 911    Lincoln, CA 95648
                                           408/776-1559                   ’80 911   Warren & Joan Walker
Frank Fong                                 (from Monterey Bay)            
Sacramento, CA 95831                         Transfers Out                            Tom Ware
916/657-7117                    ’90 911    Fred Miramontes                
                                           (to Redwood)
Martin & James Fry                                                                  December Anniveersaries
Nevada City, CA 95959                      Luis Villarreal                          Brad & Judith Croul [5]                     (to Longhorn)                            Robert & Stacy Pye [5]
530/478-8525              ’06 Boxster S                                             Stuart Honse [5]
                                                                                    David & Kimberly De Young [5]
                                                                                    Berle & Carol Crisp [10]
                                                                                    Gary and Alma Thompson [21]

the drifter                                                                                                         18
Santa comes again . . . .

        ou need gifts, we need sales. Let’s get together! Some merchandise
        is limited due to prior sales, but I can always order what you want
        and you can give the recipient a note on what is coming!

Examples are:
     Polo shirts with the SVR logo…$30
     T-Shirts with PORSCHE embroidered across the front… $18-20.
Possible colors:
     Navy with gold Porsche
     Red with gold Porsche
     Black with red Porsche
     Grey with red Porsche
     Microfiber Jackets ….$55
     Denim Shirts….$35 and up

See the different logos that can be ordered on the website.

With new shirts you will never have to pull a “Lady Godiva”. BTW,
Lady Godiva really did exist in 11th century England, but her name
was Godgifu. She was married to Leofric, the hard-nosed Coventry tax
collector , whose policies she deemed unduly harsh. But did she protest
them by a little streaking on horseback? No source from her time reports
that she did and surely someone would have noticed.

In fact the story was written 150 years later by a monk, who said that
Godiva’s husband offered to let up on the peasants if she sacrificed herself
on their behalf by riding nude through the streets, thus pinning a con-
venient moral on the tale. That’s all that is known about the lady who
gave new meaning to the phrase “bare back riding.”

Contact your friendly Goodie Store! See Tom Sisson at meetings and
events, or contact him at 14537 Surrey Junction Lane, Sutter Creek,
CA 95685, 209-296-5352 or e-mail Items can
be mailed for a small shipping/handling fee.

                                                   Index of Advertisers
                   A & S BMW                                  13        PartsHeaven               16
                   European Body Shop                          2        Performance Products      12
                   Fabrication Specialties                     4        The Racer’s Group         13
                   FDR Motorsports                            13        Reflections in Glass      17
                   Frank’s Automotive                       IBC         RPM Kart Racing            3
                   IPB – Autosport                           IFC        Silver Star Recycling     13
                   Karma Kreations                            12        Trackmasteers           IFC
                   Niello Porsche                          6, BC        Walt Stickel               7
                   OK Tire ‘n’ Wheel                         IBC        Weidman’s Wheels          19

the drifter                                                                                            19
The last word
by Bud Behrens

           uring 2006, seven editions of The Drifter were printed and mailed to the
           members of SVR and our sponsors: one each in January, February, and March,
           a combined issue that included the months of April, May and June, and one
each in the months of August, November, and December. In effect, there were five
months in which no Drifters were mailed to our members. This is not good service to
or members, nor does it meet the obligation to our advertisers. Hopefully 2007 will
see a better record.
      Don’t let anyone tell you that editing the newsletter of a region of this size is a breeze. It unquestionably requires more of one’s
time and effort than that of any board or committee position. (While I don’t keep track of how many hours in each month I devote
to The Drifter, I would estimate that it somewhere in the range of 20-25 hours per month.) Nevertheless, that is not an unbearable
burden. And the job gets easier as one’s experience accumulates.
      All of the above is not intended to “turn off ” anyone who is considering taking on the job of Drifter editor but to banish any
illusions about the job. (By the way, it is a job, not a position.)
      Perhaps the best way to work into the position of editor would be to volunteer to serve as co-editor and “learn the ropes.” If
you’d like to learn more such a job, call me any day between 7:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. or send an e-mail message.

                                                                                    Drifter Classifieds
Drifter Classifieds for Porsches and/or Porsche-related parts or accessories are available at no charge to PCA members (pictures with text are $15 each); non-members may submit ads, $20 each; pictures with text add
$15 each (member & non-member). Make check payable to PCA-SVR and send with ad to PCS-SVR, P.O. Box 254651, Sacramento, CA 95865-4651. Commercial ads are not accepted. Please contact our Advertising
Manager for commercial advertising information and rates. All ads must be submitted by e-mail to the Newsletter Editor and received by the editor by the 1st day of the month prior to publication. Ads may be shortened
to fit available space. Editor is not responsible for content and reserves the right to reject any ads submitted. Not responsible for any errors or omissions. As an additional benefit to our members, all ads are included in
the classified section of our web page. Ads are not verified for content. It is the buyer’s responsibility to verify the information in the ads. Ads run for two months unless cancelled.

                Porsches for Sale                                                          Porsches Wanted
2002/05 RUF 3600S: Incredibly rare and                                      993 TARGA: 1996-1998, clean, straight,                                      Tires & Wheels: 19-inch sport wheels
fun seal gray RUF Boxster converted to                                      low mileage, concours quality a plus; con-                                  and Michelin Pilot Sport Tires; excellent
the 3.6L X51 motor with RUF exhaust                                         dition more important than year. Prefer                                     condition, only 7000 miles. I upgraded
(headers, sports cat, mufflers), springs,                                   Arena Red or Blue Metallic with grey or                                     the tires and wheels on my 997S and
RUF aerokit, and more RUF stuff than                                        Cashmere interior. Contact Jim Hodos:                                       would like to sell the OEM. No track
I have space to list. With approximately                                    at (775) 885-1717 office, (775) 882-                                        time. Front: 235/35 ZR 19, Rear: 295/30
360hp, this car is everything the Boxster                                   5466 home, (480) 236-1578 cell, email                                       ZR 19. $2500. Contact Tom at (916)
should be. Easily outpace most 911s in                             (11/06)                                                      737-2372 or e-mail
this car, and enjoy the 2-seater, mid-engine                                                                                                            Sacramento location. (11/06)
polished handling that goes with it. Less
than 13k miles since conversion in early                                                  Parts/Accessories
summer of 2005. Asking $72,500 for what
I think is the best roadster on the planet.                                 Wheels, etc: Factory KPZ chrome wheels:
Contact Hill Bullock at 214 418-8329 or                                     three 41⁄2 x 15 (dates 11-65, 1-64, 6-64) (12/06)                                             one – 5 1⁄2 x15 (date 8-67); fair condition
                                                                            - $130.00 Four 356C or 912 hubcaps
1972 914-6: Recent restoration/conversion                                   with Porsche emblem - $100.00 Bilstein
by Motor Meister (2/06). 2.4L six and 915                                   jack, rubber part missing -$60.00. 356
trans (total re-builds), dual carbs, new brakes,                            ZF limited slip, bullets, remanufactured
suspension, wiring, interior (black), gauges,                               - $20.00 each. Telephone (530) 878-
paint (millennium yellow), tires, etc.; 2.0                                 1027 (Auburn area) or e-mail riedel@
wheels, fogs, CD, & luggage rack; 175+ HP      ,                   (12/06)
36K miles, warranty; ready to go. $25,000.
Contact Glenn Thiel at (530) 477-7251, e-
mail (11/06)
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