Vocabulary Boxes How-To Guide by ajizai


									             Vocabulary Boxes How-To Guide

Vocabulary Term                  Visual Representation

                                 In this box you are to
The vocabulary word will be       Draw a picture the
displayed in this box. This is      represents the word
the word that you will be         A picture that will help you
working with.                       understand the meaning of
                                    the word and its meaning

Definition                       Personal Association OR

This is where you write the      How do you relate to this
definition of the vocabulary     word?
word from your…
 Textbook                       Use the word in a sentence
 Internet
 Dictionary                     Provide a list of
                                 characteristics that are part
You may have to read about       of the vocabulary word
the word/term in your book
to develop you own
               Vocabulary Box Example

Vocabulary Term              Visual Representation


Definition                   Personal Association OR

 Characterized by much      When I was younger I used
  sitting                    to lead a sedentary lifestyle
                             but now I am very active.

 Permanent home or living   Characteristics
  area                        Lazy
                              Permanent
                              Not Moving

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