pril1 by ajizai


Listen to the words and repeat them
          after the speaker:
   Los Angeles      Hollywood and Highland
   Beverly Hills    Malibu
   Rodeo Drive     Mann’s Chinese Theater
   The Egyptian Theater
   Movie            the suburbs
   A celebrity     show business
   A film director a camera operator
   A musician      Academy Awards
   A film studio   to take place
   To suffer       to struggle
   To do something in vain
              Los Angeles
   It’s the second
    largest American
Beverly Hills and Malibu where most
        celebrities homes are
Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills where
    the expensive shops are
Hollywood Boulevard with its world-
      famous movie theaters
Mann’s Chinese Theater
    The 3,300-seat Kodak Theater
   It’s the place where
    the Oscars take
    place. Every
    February celebrities
    are sure to come for
    the most important
    event in show biz:
    Oscar Night.
The Walk of Fame, the most unusual
 monument to talent and success in
             the world
                       Celluloid Heroes
   Everybody’s a dreamer and everybody’s a star
   And everybody’s in movies, it doesn’t matter who you are
   There are stars in every city
   In every house and on every street
   And if you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
   Their names are written in concrete.

   Don’t step on Greta Garbo as you walk down the Boulevard
   She looks so weak and fragile that’s why she tried to be so hard
   But they turned her into a princess
   And they sat her on a throne
   But she turned her back on stardom
   Because she wanted to be alone.

   You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard
   Some that you recognize, some that you’ve hardly even heard of
   People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame
   Some who succeeded and some who suffered in vain.
The right answers to the Hollywood
 1. a)
 2. c)
 3. c)
 4. b)
 5. b)
 6. b)
 7. b)
 8. a) c)
     What do you know about LA?
   Los Angeles is one of the biggest cities in … It’s
    famous for …, … of the world’s movie production.
    A lot of … work and live near LA. They work for …
    MGM; Paramount and many others. They live in
    … or …, where they feel safe. You are likely to spot
    them at … where the most expensive shops in the
    world are situated. They also are sure to come to
    …, which takes place in … every year in February.
    If you walk down …, you’ll see a lot of stars in the
    … It is the world-famous … .
   Speak about any
    place in LA you
    would like to

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