VAC newsletter May2012 Final _2_ by ajizai


									          VAC Newsletter
          Volunteer Advisory Council
                                                                                                           May 2012

Meeting Attendance                                         Be In the Know…
                                                                   Living Allowance raises have been approved
EB O’Malley, CD
                                                                    by Washington and will take effect June 1.
Anne Silver, DMO
                                                                    Exact increase amounts will be sent by text.
Brian Connors, DPT
Joel Onditi, SSC                                                    The 50 anniversary kangas have been
Endesh Mollel, PTS Health                                           printed. Volunteers are encouraged to think of
Vickie Maeda, PTS Environment                                       ways to distribute them, particularly at HIV
Crispin Rugemalir, IT Specialist                                    events. Find an order form in the upcoming
Yovita Mrina, Grants Coordinator                                    WU
Eliguard Dawson, APCD Environment
James Sangoro, APCD Education                                      In the future, trainees will shadow their own
Hilda Mafwenga, APCD Education                                      sites. If they are replacing a volunteer, they will
Paul Mairi, PTS Education                                           spend a week with them. If the are going to a
Peter Jensen, Perma Guy                                             new site, they will spend half the week
Happy Kikwa, VSS                                                    shadowing a nearby volunteer and half the
John Bhutto, TM                                                     week at their own site.
                                                                   Education MSC will be August 17-31.
Volunteer Representatives
DODOMA/MOROGORO: Katie Preston 0686793423                          Education COS conference will be August 7-9.
IRINGA/MBEYA: Jessica Byassee 0789244273                            Arrival may be August 5 or 6 and will be
KILI/TANGA: Riah Werner 0788327927                                  confirmed later.
LINDI/MTWARA: Brie Rust 0788319305                                 Peter Jensen is moving to Ethiopia after 7
NJOMBE/RUVUMA: Marielle Disculpo                                    years here. He’ll continue his permagardening
SINGIDA/MANYARA/ARUSHA: Alli Jones 0788797608                       thing there with PC Ethiopia and other NGOs.
ZANZIBAR/PEMBA: Doug Ehlers 0773409407                              He leaves behind a garden at the PC office,
                                                                    with aloe vera, lemongrass and yams, and
                                                                    encourages you to take some to plant at your
                                                                    site. Respect the garden, don’t rip it up.
                                                                   Riah Werner has been elected VAC president.
                                                                   Brie Rust has been elected VAC secretary.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                                  Arusha/Singida/Manyara, Dodoma/Morogoro
                                                                    and Zanzibar/Pemba will all be electing new
2       VAC reorganization update
                                                                    VAC. Your current VAC rep will organize the
                                                                    election prior to the September meeting.
2       Country Director, Admin

3       Programming (Health, Environment, Education)

3       Safety/Security, Grants, Medical, Tech

4       Regional Updates

                                                 VAC Newsletter 1
          What’s up with VAC?
          The transition to super regional representatives has been successful. The new, smaller VAC
          meeting went smoothly and the VAC bylaws have been updated to reflect the change. We are
          looking into ways to sync up elections with super regional conferences, but will continue to hold
          elections via text message, to ensure everyone is able to participate. In addition, VAC would like
          to thank Alli Jones for her 5 meetings of service to VAC, as both president and secretary of VAC.
          Riah Werner will replace her as President, and Brie Rust will take over as secretary.

          Super region                    September 2012         January 2013          May 2013
          Arusha/Singida/Manyara          New Rep
          Dodoma/Morogoro                 New Rep
          Njombe/Songea                   Mar                    Mar                   New Rep
          Iringa/Mbeya                    Sarah                  New Rep
          Kili/Tanga/                     Riah (president)       Riah (president)      Riah (president)
          Mtwara/Lindi                    Brie (secretary)       Brie (secretary)      Brie (secretary)
          Zanzibar/Pemba                  New Rep

Words From Your…
   Country Director                                           Admin Staff
         For major safety and security issues, the                   The Weekly Update (the WU) will be sent
          duty officer will stay in touch with the                     out just once, with urgent corrections in a
          volunteer until another point of contact is                  separate email and the rest saved until
          established and the CD will be involved in                   the next week.
          communications with the PCV’s site.
                                                                      As per global PC policy, travel days don’t
         New volunteers will be strongly                              count as leave for international travel, but
          encouraged to bring computers to country.                    you must still send the full itinerary to
                                                                       Happy. For travel within TZ, all days
         Staff are working to be more accessible                      except holidays must be counted as
          when they are not in the office. Soon                        leave.
          APCDs and PCMOs will have blackberries.
          Staff will try to respond to time sensitive                 Specific breakdowns of reimbursements
          emails swiftly, but please also send a text                  will be added to the VICA reports, but if
          alerting them to the email.                                  you have questions feel free to ask
                                                                       Happy, she’s happy to answer.
         You are not permitted to sell the things you
          bought with your settling in allowance.                     Happy is talking to Airtel about the text
          They must be given away or left for the                      messaging problems.
          next volunteer. The settling in allowance
          will be a base amount of 325,000/= with                     The MTA already includes a 10% buffer
          supplements for buying a bed, table or                       to account for rising prices. Because
          chairs if necessary.                                         most travel is reimbursed, the only time it
                                                                       really makes a difference is at your COS
         If you have a new, never used bicycle                        conference. If you pay more for your COS
          helmet, you can bring it to the PC office to                 conference travel, you can bring in your
          be passed on to new volunteers                               receipts to be reimbursed for the
         Kangas will be distributed to volunteers
          during trainings. In addition, PCVs are                     Submit leave forms and questions to
          encouraged to request kangas for                             Happy, but remember approval comes
          distribution at HIV related events in their                  from your APCDs. Your VRF must be up
          communities. A request form will be                          to date to have leave approved.
          distributed in the Weekly Update.

                                                VAC Newsletter 2
                                                                                       ‘Words’ continued from page 2


      The VRF now includes Pepfar reporting. The next VRF will be due in September, and all sectors will
       submit VRFs twice a year. Once sent in, APCDs will provide feedback within a couple weeks.
      The super regional conference schedule has been changed to correspond with Malaria trainings. In
       the future, they will try to schedule super regionals in the same order each year.
      Community theatre training is July 1-9. All PCVs are encouraged to apply, but preference will be
       given to volunteers who have not been to another training, such as Zinduka.
      Dates of trainings and conferences will be put in the Weekly Update and on
      Staff were very pleased with the VSAs. They feel they were adequately discussed at IST, however it
       is a living document, and they will continue to provide feedback as things change.
      New trainees will shadow their own sites. The focus will be more firmly on work in the community
       and strategies for alone time at site. Staff are working to plan the logistics meticulously.
      Grammar books have been ordered, and extra copies purchased for current English teachers.
       Contact Paul to get a copy, which is available both in hard copy and on a CD.
      More sites being developed on Zanzibar, considering placing both male and female PCVs there.
      The health manual was finished, and if you want copies, talk to Nassoro.
      Education MSCs are always during school breaks, and PC has no control over the census.
      James is in charge of the World Wise Schools program if you have questions/issues.
      Extension concerns have been voiced to staff and will be addressed at COS conference next week.

Safety/Security                                           Medical
      The new wardens have been selected and                    We will switch back to the roll-on bug
       notified. They will train at the end of June               repellant instead of the aerosol spray.
       and take over in July. Until then the old
       wardens are the wardens.                                  The PCMOs are considering the logistics
                                                                  of automatically distributing malaria meds
      PCVs are prohibited from traveling to PC                   at swearing-in and IST.
       travel banned countries, even in transit. If
       you have a trip scheduled to a country that               Meds will be mailed to PCVs on Pemba,
       becomes travel banned, you must contact                    and when someone is travelling there
       Joel to ask if it is safe for you to travel, and           they should check about carrying meds,
       if he says it is unsafe, your approval will be     Grants
       revoked. If you have already bought
       tickets, you can try to get your money back.              The size of girls’ and boys’ conferences
                                                                  will be limited to ensure a community has
      Staff has addressed the concerns about                     a sense of ownership and the project is
       handling of major safety and security                      sustainable. If more volunteers in a region
       issues, to ensure there is always a staff                  wish to be involved, they are encouraged
       member responsible for maintaining                         to plan a second conference.
       contact with the volunteer.
                                                                 Yovitha will email or call when grants are
      The piki policy is still being worked on with              officially closed, but you must makes sure
       Washington. Volunteers will be able to use                 you organize your receipts proper in
       pikis only in specific, limited circumstances,             chronological order when you submit.
       with passenger training and approval.
                                                                 If you do a VAST grant, you must check
Tech                                                              the HIV activities box on your VRF and
    is up and running. Dates                    including $ funded. Reporting is what
       will be posted to it, as well as documents,                determines the Pepfar funding available
       and volunteers are encouraged to use it.                   to us. Super important.
                                                                 When applying for Malaria or HIV/AIDs
                                                                  Day grants, please meet deadlines!

                                               VAC Newsletter 3
                                          regional updates
Dodoma/Morogoro Crew
The Mpwapwa Crew are excited to have new people in the region. Paul, Randi, and Katie are excited for COS and
what is after but at the same time sad and super busy finishing off projects. Paul now has new water tanks in the vill
which means he can shower. We are all really excited about this. Randi’s going crazy with the amount of peanuts she
has to farm and realizing tanzo life is really hard. Katie is finally over her chicken fiasco and is looking forward to life
without chickens. Athena’s become the talk of the town with her sewing skills. And Patrion and Cindy are learning the
ropes of Mpwapwa and thinking of ways to make their road better.
Kondoa Gang is mourning the loss of Nan and Terry and all their good food from little America. Eric is getting to know
the village by playing on the soccer team with the vijana while thinking how to get more water to the village. Rachel is
loving her new site and learning the inner working on the village. Kat is helping at the clinic and watching lots of babies
being born. Tanya is also excited to finish up and more excited to ride the plane home with Justin and Katie and of
course finishing up her projects. Maria is busy with clinic as well and keeping the conductors wrapped around her
finger. Dodoma Mjini is loving that parliament is in session meaning water and electricity for all while waiting for
Saturday to come so they can go to Roses. Ellen is super busy with work and loving all her visitors. Minh is getting
excited to COS and thinking what life will be like in America and loving his new computer. Nora is working on
Beehives and has bees on the mind while getting tons of lovely packages and letters making others feel a little less
loved. Yue’s loving the new Italian restaurant and spending way to much money but it’s worth it, Calzones and ice
cream. Dodoma’s finally getting the food it deserves. Morogoro Minions are celebrating the Kentucky Derby in style
mint juleps and crazy hats while talking a southern accent. (Jessica is really proud of this even though she couldn’t go)
And they are getting ready for the new recruits to come. Beth and George are teaching while Rachel’s working and
enjoy the perks of living in town. Daudi, well we’re not quite sure what he is doing.

                                              Kili/Tanga (with minor nonsense, see if you can spot it)
Autumn is working with a mazingira group, trying to get trees and seeds to plant. She’s also teaching English at the
primary school, and started a football team in her village.
Bill is doing agroforestry trainings all over Northern Tanzania. He’s getting ready to go to Uganda (but not traveling
through Kenya), and applying for post-Peace Corps jobs if he doesn’t turn into a fuzzy purple monster first.
Bola is teaching biology to forms 2, 3 and 4, and thinking about secondary projects he can do with his counterpart.
Brian went to Turkey and met up with his kids. It sounded absolutely incredible. They met a Yeti.
Brittany is teaching her village how to make peanut butter and writing a grant to remodel a community center.
Chelsea is teaching life skills to all 4 forms, presenting each week at the zahanati and helping with Fema and the
village health group. She’s excited to be started.
Cheryl is probably doing things. They are probably excellent things. Possibly involving unicorns.
Colin fully supports nonsense! He battles mythical creatures and sometimes wins. He has yet to defeat the giant but
totally dominated the leprechaun he dueled.
Eileen says everything is fine and issue-free. She hasn’t had any problems with goblins.
Ezra is teaching local teachers how to set up low resource labs and has an English club that is writing to America.
He’s also figuring out how to make lethal and poisonous chemicals in the lab.
Glenn is working with an environment group of primary students, doing permagarden outreach and amusing little kids.
Jeff is trying to raise butterflies to sell to the states. (This is an actual fact.) He’s also trying his hand at making bucket
wine and trying to eat only at neighbors’ houses so he doesn’t have to cook.
Josh, along with his co-conspirator Pinky, is trying to take over the world, as he does on a nightly basis. Also, he’s
totally a Hufflepuff.
Lisa hosted a Malaria Day event in Masera village.
Marshall is battling a dangerous sambusa addiction.
Tall Megan is teaching math and trying to teach computers for the third time.
Short Megan went to America and ate amazing amounts of hamburgers. Back in Tanzania, she’s teaching away and
frolicking with her flock of pixies in her spare time.
Michelle is in America, but she’ll be back soon.
Nicole is headed towards extending her service in Tanga. Wish her luck.
Riah is teaching English and Life Skills, and spreading silliness wherever she goes. She might be an imp.
Sarah is excited about her upcoming COS conference.
Shaheena is trying to find shortcuts to the lake on the other side of the mountain so she can more easily visit the
kraken. She also manufactures faulty pull-up bars. Her termite roommates recently moved out.
Yan-Xin is working like crazy. She makes excellent Chinese pancakes (mix water, flour, salt and onions and fry) which
she feeds to her baby dragon so he’ll grow up big and strong

                                                     VAC Newsletter 4
                                         Days of Our Mbeyaian Lives

Since we last visited with the PCVs of the Mbeya region, the lushly foliaged green lands are drying and becoming
COLD. The monarchial rulers are busy searching for their purpose in life and deciding their next step….who will stay in
TZ, who will go home? Only time will tell.

        Anna’s new school library will provide tons of new reading materials for those using the new choos. She’s also
        eating as much ugali as she can before moving from her vill….and seriously concerned about her 2 years of
        sun damage.
        Maren is busy assessing needs for the zone and region as well as improving the ITech school library. She
        continues to head up the inter-foreign league in mjini.
        Rebecca has finished finishing the building of a school and planning a festive festival to celebrate its grand-
        Jessica is finally building the mushroom banda. Nothing like a grant project going to the last minute! She had
        planned to sell her lion to TJ. But it was bought with US Government money….and therefore not allowed for

The other equally important Mbeya PCVs are busily vying to please the monarch:

        TJ has been amassing a formidable amount of lions and tigers and is
        currently preparing them for attack.
        Carly is creating new cat cookie recipes for TJ’s lions and tigers.
        Eric’s hair is growing and starting to curl again. He’s worried he’ll be mistaken as one of TJ’s lions.
        Kat is still playing with her neighbor-baby when not teaching.
        Hannah is currently plotting to steal TJ’s lions and tigers and run away with the Tanzanian circus. She is
        juggling her juggling act and keeping up with her school’s ever shifting teaching assignments.
        Becca is enjoying life as a new social butterfly.
        Fo’s malaria-education-through-the-arts event went so well she has been inspired to start a Glee Club. She’ll
        probably be found doing the Charleston when the Uhuru torch makes a stop at her school.
        Brandon’s entrepreneurial spirit is starting new opportunities for the coffee farmers in his vill. He can be seen
        from miles away running in his mean-green-running shoes.
        Andrew is starting to permagarden and teach life skills. Otherwise he’s protectively watching over his spork.

Pemba Update
Hi, how are ya?
So Pemba is nice. You know, you know, Pemba be laid back, we ain’t wack, we don’t slack, so we on track, big
daddy of the mac, we got birds who go quack, knick knack paddy whack, ummm, don’t do crack. Yea. We still doing
the straight edge thing over hee. Does anyone say straight edge anymore? With the x’s on the hands? That’s soo
old, but we’re doing it, over here in Pemba. Thank you Pemba for not having any alcohol, you da man! Karibu sana.
But, but we are having a wine and cheese day which we will eat and drink off my rich mahogany table, while reading
many leather bound books on June 22 . Sorry, I watched Anchorman the other day. There will be The Wine and
Cheese Day though on Pemba, with all locally fermented wine. And it will be Awwsome!!
As for me, I had a sweet Earth day this year. I want to give a shout out to Community Forests Pemba for donating 150
trees. My skuli planted them at our new school site. Woop Woop! I taught about the mighty and very dangerous
“Jongo”. But we’re not scared anymore and we got one and named him Mr. Miguu. Pretty pretty pretty pretty clever.
Then, me and my school got together with Mr. Justin Jokimi ak and his school and a handful of other schools on the
island and had a sweet day of meeting and greeting in English for our English Day.
Justin is also single and ready to mingle. He has an awwsome counterpart named Mbarouk. He’s truly an experience
to meet. Justin is inseparable from him and they have sleep over nights, every night.
Dave Sykora got a pretty sweet grant for a super printer for his school. It prints, copies, scans, makes cappuccino,
shines your shoes, pays compliments, and is able to superman a jembe. Take that Michael Yussuf Tritchler!! Did you
ever get one of those? Hehe. Dave has also started a new Necta club where people come, to pass nectas. We are
now taking bets on how many peeps will pass. I bet 10,ooo shillings that he will have a 100 percent pass rate. Who
wants in??
And…………………………………………………………… Davey Jones is now VSO.

Thank you, much love and peas. Asalam Aleikum

                                                   VAC Newsletter 5
Well hello there. How are you? Good. Well here in the nice and cold, yet cozy corner of Tanzania we are all doing
quite swell. Come follow me on a journey through the man-made forests of Njombe to the lush rolling hills of Songea.
But first a word from the old Njombe VAC rep:
          What up bitches, this is Trudy making a cameo as you will no longer have the pleasure of reading my updates
          for the Njombe Crew. Don’t miss me too much. Njombe Njam went off without a hitch and was better than any
          “fest” (cough, Songea, cough) I’ve ever been to! Amy’s butt clap was off the hook!
           The Health/Environment Class of 2012 (might I just say, the MOST awesome class) is on its way to COS
          Conference and here are some of the wonderful things we have been up to:
           Amy: one word – Water Tank – (I saw the “short” slideshow of the process; only 45 minutes); in her village
          way too much, dog is obese, and thinking of extending with the World Food Program or going to Grad School
          for community organizational development.
           Natalie: teaching at her school, still busy with SODIS, working on a solar grant to get electricity at her school,
          running, and cooking lots of potato soup; she’s discovered a love of cooking. Her counterpart has started
          complaining that Natalie corrects her Swahili – watch out Dapper Dan…
           Stephen: it is official and has been seen, the pizza oven does exist; maybe we will get to try it before we all
          leave. Also hear he’s trying to start a cupcake business, long distance catering to Mtwara is rumored to be
          free of charge. He’s also doing Zinduka and teaching at the primary school.
           Lola: awesome work with Zinduka; has backed off the taco making and started up with cake baking, one day
          for wakike and one day for wakiume eating cake and talking about SODIS, HIV/AIDS and proper condom use;
          school also doing SODIS which is exciting; planning on extending in Mbeya, Karibu.
           And last your prior VAC rep signing off on a high note, sans pen15; teaching life skills, still working with the
          same groups and hopefully the whole village might have electricity when I come back for a visit, mungu
          akipenda – thanks to the grant for the hydro power station. Mixed emotions about returning to a 40 hour a
          week job in America but looking forward to having some $$$.
Thanks, Trudy. You all will be missed. Can’t wait ruffle through that stow. Ummm…I mean, please don’t go. Well, let’s
endelea to a little about the rest of the Njombabes and Njoboners.
          Ron and Kate: busy bees these ones with meetings for planning and grants, zinduka trainings, various
          committees joined (HONGERA!) and girls clubs started in the village (soccer and chess).
          Patrice: is excited about the new living allowance and is hoping it will be a nice increase. Thanks to all who
          helped to make it happen. On a personal note, trying to figure out how to make a successful grant and in
          general livin’ it up in the vil.
          Cate: is back from livin’ la vida Egyptian—climbing pyramids, having a love connection with King Tut, and now
          has enough Egyptian boyfriends to make her Tanzanian boyfriends jealous. (Wowee!)
          Jordan and Tim: Jordan is happily climbing and scaling mountains, rocks, buildings, trees all with a smile on
          his face and wind in his hair; also teaching kids numbers. While Tim, also, is teaching kids their numbers and
          training to become a personal Asian chef. Both are excitedly preparing for the upcoming Boy’s Conference.
          Karri, Valencia, John Clay, Lianna, Beth: All are all endelea-ing vizuri.
          Jon and Sara: He’s “teaching” and she’s becoming the trick shot master in corn hole on her free time.
           As for me: well, I’m here with VAC now, thanks to all of you who liked my hair and I’m looking forward to
          starting a FEMA club at my school and hoping to expand my garden with the addition of strawberries and
Well there you have it for those of us in Njombe. Coming up next we have an episode from the Ruvuma regions take
on how they’re doing.
          Steve “Everything’s comin’ up Milhouse!” Bonomo
          Paul “What are big sister’s for” McLellan
          Veronica “You don’t win friends with salad” Jacome
          Lee “a mystery wrapped in a enigma, wrapped in a vest, wrapped in a flannel” White
          Jonathon “the cause of and solution to all life’s problems” Adams Moore
          Bill “save me Jebus” Shanahan
          Jerome “ joey jojo junior shabadoo” Gately
          Cindy “ no beer and no tv makes cindy something something…” Del Rosario
          Logan “ the bus that couldn’t slow down” Loya
          Marissa “how about an emu farm?” McElrone
                                                                                                    The Dirrrrrrty South
One class of Health and Environment volunteers is on the way out and finishing up projects while another class is
getting in and starting to get their hands dirty. All of the Ed volunteers are still teaching, some with COS in site and
others with new secondary projects on the horizon.

                                                    VAC Newsletter 6
Kiki kills baby owls.
Alana trusts Alli more than the black girl down the street to cut her hair, which is hilarious and
also never happening.
Matt is still here…we think? Ask someone in Dodoma…
Viola has finally moved into her own house and is ecstatic not to have to attend mass 3 times a
day anymore.
Danielle is in wonderland with her boy toy from America hangin in the ville with her, he’s thinking
about becoming her house boy and moving in.
Lisa’s fundi is her new best friend and she’s started to kidogo settle in.
Tanique is walking around sin city giggling.
Alli is going to miss all of you but isn’t too heart broken about being done writing the regional
Justin Q is still the man. Bravo sir.
Mike loves Australian girls, even though they make him sleep in the other room.

Carolyn is kickin matakao and takin names in the classroom – her students got 2 in the region
on their NECTA biology exam! Paff is slowly becoming a member of the iraqw tribe and probably
teaching people sweet bow tricks to ward of hyenas. Danielle is happy as an elephant eating
wheat with the return of her milkman, and her milk frother for making the best chai maziwa ever!

Duncan- Duncan's trying to get a job close to his hottie with a body
Lauren Fink- Fink is debating what to do next with her life, pregnant women watch out!
Dana- Dana's off to Zanzi for some sun and rasta men
Amanda- Playing soccer even though shes using her back up glasses
Uma- Bakin' cakes and waitin' for summer vaca
Justin- Justin's peacing out to Merikani
Stephanie- Traveling to Turkey soon, even though its not close to Thanksgiving
Mel- Misses her island man
Mike- Trying to chase down some chickens for dinner
Mindy- Watching Mike chase down chickens for dinner, but found another man who can do it
Chuck- Bizzzzy makin videos with his shirt off

                                        VAC Newsletter 7

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