UK by ajizai



        School system – In Picture 1 you can see the distribution of the school system; based on the age
         of the person on 1st September. Pupils start primary school when they are 5 years old, 11
         secondary school, 18 university.
       Picture 2: The chapel of King's College, Cambridge University.
         Subjects are approximately the same, 12 subjects are compulsory, only change here is the
         Science subject – this includes Chemistry and Physics. Secondary schools are something like
         gymnasiums, there are 4 types – super-selective, selective, comprehensive, modern, each has
         Super-selective: 90-100%
         Selective: 90-75%
         Comprehensive: 25-75%
         Modern: 0-25%
         (The per cents mean the pupil’s performance)
        Picture 3: Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls.

Holidays(Picture 4):
         Holidays in the UK fail. Except for the 1 week long autumn holiday, and the 2 weeks long easter,
all holidays are a lot shorter than here.
         The most popular sport in the UK is football, but other major sports are rugby, boxing,
badminton, cricket, tennis, golf.
      Picture 5: Wembley Stadium, most expensive stadium ever built.
         Well-developed road-air-rail-water networks.
      Picture 6: Heathrow Airport; the World’s busiest airport, pretty big as well.
      Picture 7: Terminal 5 interior; terminal 3’s color shifting lights at the enterance.
Rail network in GB is the oldest network in the world.
The UK is connected to Europe via the Channel Tunnel (Chunnel), 50.5km; carries hi-speed Eurostar
passenger trains(Picture 8), hop-on-hop-off car transporter trains, and freight trains.

I got some feedback from locals that trains are pretty expensive, air traffic is better, cheaper. Roads are
too busy, trains are unreliable and also busy. Bus traffic’s quality depends on the actual city, somewhere
it’s good, somewhere terrible. And on the roads are too many speed cameras, and many policeman
wasted on monitoring them.

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