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Aid Climbing, Alpinism, Fixed Anchors

Tapered pitons designed to fit extremely thin cracks of various depths. Two carabiner holes increase clipping options
and reduce weight.

Rock Hammer
Metal Shaft: - All-steel construction with rubber grip.

Ultra: All-steel construction with rubber grip.

• Climbing Chalk
• Mesh sack contains 2 oz of chalk
• Lasts longer than block or powdered chalk

Ideal for home or gym use, the mesh cover keeps dust to a minimum and our pure magnesium carbonate keeps grip
at its maximum. Not refillable.

CHALK Pow der
• Climbing Chalk
• Durable

200 gms of bone-dry, super-pure chalk sealed in a large zip lock bag.

Pure Grip
Beal Liquid Chalk.

On indoor walls the Pure Grip makes no dust and lasts twice as long. When bouldering, the grip obtained
with Pure Grip, compared to powder chalk, is exceptional. Does not pollute the rock Does not make dust
250 ml

Crash Mat

This two-part crash pad with double-layer design is manufactured to cushion falls in the most effective
way. Bouldering is pure climbing where undisturbed you can climb and enjoy the beauty of free
movement. Not only self-confidence will help here but also the Stage crash pad which adds to your
ease and provides safety when the route above the ground means a tricky move. The outer layer
made of PU is water and abrasion resistant.
    Lightweight belay/rappel gloves
    These lightweight belay/rappel gloves combine the durability of a work glove with the precise fit and dexterity of a fine driving

    glove. Double-layered leather protects the palm and other high-wear areas. The back is made of abrasion resistant,

    breathable stretch nylon, ensuring comfort and fit.The low profile neoprene cuff with Velcro closure features a reinforced

    carabiner hole for attaching the gloves to your harness.

   Ergonomic cut for high dexterity without being too tight

   Made of high quality goat skin for the perfect balance between durability and dexterity

   Durable double layer of leather at high wear areas (fingertips, palm, between thumb and index finger)

   Back made of breathable stretch nylon for excellent fit and ventilation

   Low profile neoprene cuffs with Velcro closure

   Carabiner hole to attach gloves to harness


              Materials: goat skin leather, stretch nylon

              Colors: black and tan

              Available in four black sizes:

              - S: K52 SN

              - M: K52 MN

              - L: K52 LN

              - XL: K52 XLN

              Available in five tan sizes:

              - XS: K52 XST

              - S: K52 ST

              - M: K52 MT

              - L: K52 LT

              - XL: K52 XTL

              CE EN 420, EN 388 (3133)

    Rappeling Mittens

    Durable and strong heavy duty canvas. Stitched leather on palm to reduce friction
Chock Set

Chock set is a must for crack climbing. 10 sizes and their fully functional shape make it an ideal choice
for protection in cracks. Granite excels in high strength and low weight.

Descending with Carabiner
Weight: 325 g. Strength: 25 Kn

Various types of top anchor with chain and carabiner for use in different areas (single stretch climbs, artificial climbing walls,
etc.). Its main feature is the new DRACO carabiner, manufactured with current needs in mind: oversized rope friction area,
completely secure, Stone lock to prevent any accidental snagging of the rope. Body manufactured in stainless steel and with
screw trigger. Top anchors fitted onto D10 mm and D12 mm plates or onto chemical anchors.

Maillon Rapide
Diameter: 10. Weight:48 g.

Working load: 500 Kg.

Breaking strenght. 2500 Kg.

Carry mat
Some kind of insulation is essential to prevent heat loss when sleeping on snow or cold ground. Our Rest
Pad is closed-cell rubber foam pad which is light weight, water-proof, inexpensive and comfortable and
very effective on snow or cold ground         .

ICE AXE ( Camp)
• General Mountaineering
• Forged chromoly steel pick and adze
• Curved adze for a comfortable hand grip and good chopping performance
• Carabiner holes at head and spike
• Symmetric steel spike plunges smoothly
• Equipped with sliding leash (1305)

A sleek and elegant mountaineering axe with a forged steel pick designed to deliver solid placements in hard snow
and provide quick and aggressive self arrests.

ID: 1427
Sizes: 50, 57, 65, 73, 80 cm
Shaft: B
Pick: B
Spike: Chromoly Steel
Leash: Yes
Weight: 425 g, 15 oz

With enough weight in the head to ensure good penetration. Aluminum shaft with non-slip
rubber grip, powder coated head.

Most suitable for use in very steep terrain.

Walking Poles

A very popular telescopic walking / hiking stick, distributes hiker's weight over greater area, reduces
stress and shock to legs and knees due to its anti-shock system. The 3-section (18/16/14mm) pole allow
quick adjustment ranging from 65 to 135cm, when folded it becomes a stick for growing kids. Made of
aluminum alloy with comfortable hand grip and carbide steel claw tip for extra durability.

5,10,20 LTR

Practical collapsible polyethylene tank water by 50% -75% over conventional fixed
something refreshing cans.
Canisters are available in three sizes:-
5 liter, 10 liters and 20 liters


PE 2 L water bladder for hydration H2O system. Includes one meter drinking house and soft
mouth piece.

    Product        Volume (l)

Water Bladder 2L       2

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