Apps to Shut Your Toddler’s Pie Hole by Candice07


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									Who knew that parenting could become more difficult as the years went by? The little
children are more restless, the bigger kids are techier than ever and the parents are
more protective. A recent study showed that about 75 percent of kids aged 12 to 17
own a mobile phone (when years ago you’d have to be a working adult to ever need
one). Because of the rise of consumer electronics geared towards the younger market,
some parents tend to be very protective of their children. A study done by Safely Family
Locator showed that the most protective parents in America live in Missouri and try to
locate members in the family about 7,500 times in one month!

Still, there are a lot of parents who try to use technology not to snoop around their kids
but to entertain them so they’ll leave them alone. Qualcomm recently reported that
according to their survey, parents who have tablets and smartphones usually give their
kids gadgets to calm their tantrums. About 53 percent of parents admitted to using
their mobile devices to appease their spoiled kids below 13 years of age while 74
percent of them said they even download apps for their kids! That’s a lot of numbers. If
you’re one of these parents who would rather sell iPhone to get a bigger or better
device to appease your kids, here are a few apps that you might want to try. These
apps are highly interactive and also educational so your kids would learn to behave well
when using your gadgets.

   1. Pocket Frogs – For your future biologist, Pocket Frogs is like a tiny aquarium
      where your kid can breed and grow his own baby tadpoles without you having to
      collect frogs from a swamp or to sell iPhone for cash to build your own swamp in
      the backyard. Aside from learning how frogs grow, he’ll also learn to be friendlier
      towards his classmates because he can play it with his friends!

   2. American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs – If your kid isn’t much of
      an amphibian geek but loves reptiles like lizards and crocodiles, you may want to
      introduce him to their big fathers. Sell used iPhone and get an iPad so you can
      show him hundreds of photos and kid-friendly information about the biggest
      lizards that ever roamed the earth!
   3. Penguin Whacker – From amphibians to lizards to birds! Penguin Whacker is
      more of an arcade game that would sure make your kid giggle and forget that
      big cotton candy he was crying about minutes ago. All you need to do is to teach
      him how to whack the penguins without your iPhone or you’re gonna have to
      find someone who’s willing to buy broken iPhones.

   4. Toddler Teasers – For kids below five the best app for them would have to be
      Toddler Teasers. The colorful interface would definitely make your kid smile and
      play. It also teaches your kid about colors and shapes through audio instructions!

   5. Wooo! Button – For the emergency wailing attacks your kid does, try Wooo! to
      make your kid start cracking up instantly! What does it do? Well, it makes your
      iPhone scream out “Wooo!” like a crazy hobo and your kid will start giggling like
      a ticklish caterpillar!


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