The 10 Features RIM Needs to Have on BlackBerry 10 (Part Two) by CrystalSanders6


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									   The 10 Features RIM Needs to Have
      on BlackBerry 10 (Part Two)
By Francis T.

Long before Apple and Android phones were released, Research In Motion (RIM) was
the firm that understood the way to appeal to enterprise users, discovered a strategy
to target consumers via their workplace, and substantially enhanced the way in
today’s smartphone use. With no RIM to look up to, it may have been really
challenging for Apple to have delivered the iPhone. Now that Apple has brought the
iPhone to the pedestal, RIM is left to hope that it can turn the tables with its upcoming
OS launch. RIM strongly said that BlackBerry 10 will carry the firm nicely in the years
to come.
But their sales definitely need help and the management is barely coping. Tech critics
and analysts believe that to keep up on the game, RIM must tweak their new OS and
upcoming smartphones before their users opt to sell BlackBerry online without buying a
new one.

6. A Familiar Experience and Ecosystem. There are two words that analysts think
   Apple and Android phones have that RIM must have too: Fresh and fun. Also, Apple
   and Android have almost the same user experience which makes it easier to
   understand. RIM’s operating technique, meanwhile, harkens back towards the old
   days and leaves a lot of customers befuddled when they first break it out of the box.
   Although some of the critics think they should copy or at least try to create a user
   experience that’s more fun and fresh, most BlackBerry users think they’d rather sell
   BlackBerry online than to see it morphing into an iPhone or an Android. At best, RIM
   should redefine their unique user experience, making it simpler yet maintaining its
   depth and style.

7. Sooner Event Timing. The thing about Apple that makes it gain more followers is
   its huge, intriguing events that have perfect timing. You’ll never know what Apple has
   in store for a certain event though their invites give you hindsight and they are never
   late for their product launches. There was some talk that BB10 would be launched
   later in 2011. But near the launching date the firm announced that it would come
   later this year. That is an issue. The longer RIM’s existing smartphones sit on store
   shelves, the more likely they’ll be gathering dust, so RIM better launch their
   smartphones soon.

8. Better PlayBook. Despite selling a reasonably modest number of units after its
   launch, analysts think that changes must still be made with the BB tablet. RIM says
   it’ll ultimately bring BlackBerry 10 to the tablet which by the way is an intelligent
   concept. RIM needs to supply exactly the same user experience as their phones. They
   also have to rethink the design and features of the PlayBook.

9. Tone Down the Pricing. One particular trait of the BlackBerry phone line is that it
   is somewhat expensive. When RIM launches BlackBerry 10, it must uncover a way to
   get carriers to reduce the price of its old smartphone devices and to price their new
   ones reasonably. It’s also a must for everyone else (buyers, critics and carriers alike)
   to understand that RIM can’t survive at the same price as the iPhones.

10. Fresh Perspectives. One of the most important changes that analysts think RIM
    should have is to make sure that its old ideas don’t seep through into BlackBerry 10.
    The launch of a new OS is said to be the beginning of a new RIM and people are
    definitely waiting to sell BlackBerry online to get their new offerings. But aside from
   the faith that people would still support them, RIM must push back their
   management issues and delve deeper into proper executions of good ideas and better
   marketing strategies. Focus and freshness is what we think RIM should put on top of
   the list.


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