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					                                                            FALL 2006

                          SANTA ANA                         Credit:                25,231
                           COLLEGE                          Ethnicity:
                                                            American Indian:       1%
                                                            African American:      2%
                                                            Asian:                 12%
Location: 1530 W.17th Street
                                                            Caucasian:             29%
Santa Ana, California 92706-3398
                                                            Filipino                2%
                                                            Latino:                46%
Size: 65 acres                                              Pacific Islander        1%
                                                            Other:                 3%
Background: In 1915, Santa Ana Junior College
opened its doors to 26 students as a department of
Santa Ana High School. It was the second junior
                                                            Gender Distribution:
                                                            Male:        54%
college founded in Orange County, behind Fullerton
                                                            Female:      46%
College, and the fourth oldest in all of California.
Santa Ana College is known for its academic                 Educational Goals:
programs as well as top-ranked student services.            Vocational Certificate: 6%
Students can enroll for full semester, mini-semester        Employment:             24%
(GR8 Weeks), weekend and online classes. A wide             AA Degree:              32%
variety of courses are available in business, math          Transfer                 7%
and sciences, arts and humanities, and career and           Personal Development     8%
vocational education. SAC offers over 300 subjects          Teaching Career:         2%
leading to the associate degree in science or arts or       Undecided:              14%
vocational certificate of competency.                       Other:                   6%

                                                            Age of Students:
                                                            Under 18: 4%
                                                            18-21:    40%
                                                            22-29:    30%
                                                            30-39:    13%
                                                            40-49:     8%
                                                            Over 49:   6%

                                                            Full-time faculty:      245
                                                            Part-time faculty:      992
                                                            Administrative:          30
In November 2002, voters in the college district            Full-time Classified Employees: 233
approved the passage of college bond Measure E,             Part-time Classified Employees: 380
which provided $337 million for renovation and new
construction at both Santiago Canyon College and
Santa Ana College.

Senior Administrators:
Erlinda J. Martinez, President
John Grindel, Interim Vice President, Acad. Affairs
Sara Lundquist, Vice President, Student Services
Noemi Kanouse, VP, Administrative Services
Kathy Mennealy, VP, Continuing Education

Academic Achievement:                                        Marketplace Education Center: Located in the
Transfers to four-year colleges/universities: 1,502          heart of downtown Santa Ana, this center presents
Associate degrees and certificates: 1,837                    free non-credit courses to those seeking occupational
                                                             training, basic skills, English language development
Mascot: The Don                                              and related instruction for independent living.

Fees: $20 per unit for California residents                  Criminal Justice Training Facility: Located in
        (as of January 2007)                                 Garden Grove, this facility offers lectures, courses in
                                                             practical applications of criminal justice, and
Highlights:                                                  continuing education for law enforcement
       SAC ranks 5th among the top 100                      professionals.
        associate’s degree producers for Hispanic
        students in the nation, according to                 Regional Fire Training Center: This center is used
        Community College Week.                              for fire technology, prevention, lecture, and applied
                                                             practice courses and is located in the city of Santa
       SAC’s Distance Education Program now
                                                             Ana. It is used by students enrolled in the Fire
        offers students the opportunity to earn their
                                                             Academy program as well as fire professionals for
        associate’s degree entirely online.
                                                             continuing education purposes.
       The SAC Foundation awarded 550 student
        scholarships totaling $365,794 in 2005-06.
        An additional $60,000 was disbursed for
        book grants and loans, as well as $45,000
        for scholarships to athletes.
       Over 400 international students from more
        than 50 countries attended Santa Ana
        College through the International Student

                                                             Workforce Development and Career Center: As a
                                                             resource for continuing education, this center is
                                                             housed in the RSCCD operations center on
                                                             Broadway and Santa Clara and specializes in courses
                                                             tailored to the needs of business and industry. The
                                                             center is the access point for business owners as well
                                                             as individuals to gain educational advantages that
                                                             enhance workplace performance.

                                                             Santa Ana College is part of the Rancho Santiago
Programs and Services:
                                                             Community College District serving the following
While Santa Ana College offers over 200
concentrations, or majors, leading to the associate
                                                             Anaheim Hills, Garden Grove, Irvine, Orange,
degree in science or arts, it also offers programs off
                                                             Santa Ana, Tustin and Villa Park
site for students seeking basic skills and technology
proficiency so they can pursue other goals.
                                                             Contact information:
These off-campus sites include:                              Visit us online at
Centennial Education Center: CEC provides a full             The main college phone number is (714) 564-6000
spectrum of non-credit continuing education to
address the adult learner population. In addition to         Media/Public Relations Contact:
English-as-a-Second-Language courses, it offers              Ruth Cossio-Muniz
adult basic education, citizenship, high school              Communications Specialist
completion, parent education and vocational                  Phone: (714) 564-6475
training.                                                    Fax: (714) 835-5059

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