PROMPT City of Orlando by liaoqinmei


									Construction Permit & Inspection Codes                             Helpful Hints
11 Building                        15 Swimming Pool
   100 Footer                        340 Pool Steel & Ground       When using “PROMPT”, press the pound (#) key when
   405 Slab                          100 Footer                    requested after some numerical entries and after recording a
   310 Vertical Cells/Columns        342 Pool Deck/Piping          message. If the pound key is not pressed when requested, the
   305 Lintel/Tie Beam                    Pressure Test            system will not continue, will eventually disconnect you, or not
   315 Masonry Wall                  600 Final                     save your message.
   120 Roof Decking                16 Demolition
                                                                   When using a cellular phone, be sure you have a clear
   127 Ext. Strapping/               600 Final
        -Wall Sheathing                                            connection to prevent interruptions while using “PROMPT”.
   130 Framing                     17 Moving                       If problems persist, try using a wired phone.
   140 Insulation                    070 Site
   132 Rated Wall                                                  When first using the system, it is important to listen to the entire
   135 Above Ceiling               18 Engineering                  message at each step. However, once you become familiar
   325 Lath/Stucco                   270 Address                   with system flow, you may move to the next step by pressing the
   150 Fire Final                    280 Driveway                  proper response at any time during the message.
   600 Final                         290 Sidewalk/Ramp/Curb
   170 Zoning Final                  262 Sub-base/Base
                                                                   If you realize you have entered the wrong information, such as
   345 Mobile Home Tie Down          265 Paving
   340 Pool Steel & Ground           277 Sanitary Sewer
                                                                   an incorrect number or date, you may press the pound (#) key
   342 Pool Deck/Piping Pressure     275 Storm Sewer               to return to the previous menu or star (*) key to repeat options.
                                     272 Lamping
12 Electrical                        600 Final                     Once the system has confirmed your request, you should note
  350 Temporary Service                                            the incident or confirmation number for your reference.
  355 Underground/Slab             19 Fire
  200 Rough-In                       450 Underground Main          If experiencing problems receiving multiple fax back reports, try
  135 Above Ceiling                        -Visual                 limiting your request to five reports per call.
  199 Pre-Power                      460 Underground Main
  600 Final                                -Flush
                                     470 Underground Main
                                                                   THANK YOU for using “PROMPT.” We hope this system makes
13 Mechanical                              -Hydro                  your permitting and code enforcement experiences faster and
  200 Rough-In                       440 Hydrant Flow Test         more convenient.
  202 Framing/Fire Damper            480 Aboveground Hydro
  135 Above Ceiling                         -Sprinkler
  370 Pipe Pressure Test             410 Operational Test
  375 Refrigeration                        -Fire Pump
  205 Kitchen Hood                   400 Operational Test                                                                                 Permitting and Code Enforcement
  377 Light Test                           -Sprinkler/Standpipe                                                                              services available by phone
  378 Performance Test/Balance       485 Sprinkler System
                                                                                Code Enforcement Division
  600 Final                                Alteration                           Permitting Services Division
                                     430 Operational Test-                                                                                           Staff Directory
14 Plumbing/Gas                            Chemical/Gaseous        City Hall                                                                    Construction Inspections
  380 Underground Rough-In                 Agent                   400 South Orange Avenue, First Floor                                        Case/Permit/License Status
  390 Sanitary                       490 Fuel Tank Installation    P.O. Box 4990                                                                     Fee Payments
  010 Tub Set/Shower Pan             420 Operational Test
                                                                   Orlando, FL 32802-4990                                                 Code Enforcement Complaints & Liens
  230 Water Pipe                           -Alarm System
                                                                   Permitting Customer Service FAX: 407.246.3420
  240 Sewer                                                                                                                                       General Information
  242 Interceptor                  20 Right-of-Way                 Code Enforcement/Dev. Review FAX: 407.246.2882
                                                                                                                                                     Forms by Fax
  200 Rough-Gas                      030 Open-Cut/Bore and         PROMPT: 407.246.4444
  250 Rain Leader
                                                                                                                                                Transfer to Departments
                                          Jack/Directional Drill
  199 Medical Gas                    040 Final           
  600 Final
                                                                   Office Hours 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Rev. 3/2005
“PROMPT”                                                             System Overview                                               Feature Detail
                                                                     To Access, Dial 407.246.4444
The City of Orlando Permitting                                                                                                     • (1) Transfer to a specific staff member
Services and Code Enforcement                                        Main Greeting, then                                                  - by 4 digit extension number
                                                                     Press (1) To continue in English                                     - by first name (staff directory)
Divisions are pleased to provide our
                                                                     Oprima (2) Para Español                                       •   (2) Request/Cancel Construction Inspections
enhanced Interactive Voice Response
                                                                     Hear important message, if any.                                      - need permit type, permit number and
System. This telephone system,                                                                                                              inspection code (refer to list on reverse)
linked with our permitting and code                                                                                                       - also need scheduled date to cancel/reschedule
                                                                     From the Main Menu:
enforcement databases, provides callers with nearly 24-hour          Press (1) To transfer to a specific staff member                     - request up to three working days in advance
access to request/cancel construction inspections, check                       (staff directory)                                          - 5 a.m. same day request/cancel cutoff time
inspection results, check case/permit/license status, pay permit     Press (2) For construction inspections, permit or license            - option to leave contact phone number and
and license fees by credit card, file/check code enforcement                                                                                 message for inspector at request
                                                                               information or to pay fees
complaints, check code enforcement liens, hear general                                                                                    - receive confirmation number
                                                                     Press (3) For code enforcement complaint and lien
information, receive forms by fax, access the staff directory and                                                                  •   (2) Obtain Construction Inspection Results
                                                                                                                                          - hear results or receive status report by fax
connect to our departments.                                          Press (4) To hear general information or receive forms               - need permit type and permit number for fax
                                                                               by Fax                                                     - also need inspection code and date to hear results
“PROMPT” can be operated with a touch-tone telephone. For            Press (5) To transfer to one of our departments               •   (2) Obtain case/permit/license information
permit and license functions you will need the case/permit/          Press (0) For all other calls (transfer to a staff                   - hear plan review results or receive report by fax
license number, which is located in the upper right hand corner                representative)                                            - need case/permit/license number
of your plan receipt, permit or license document. For inspection     Press (*) To repeat these options                             •   (2) Pay permit and license fees
requests, permit and inspection codes may be found on the                                                                                 - hear balance due or receive report by fax
reverse side of this brochure. For code enforcement lien status                                                                           - pay by Visa, MasterCard or American Express
you will need the 15-digit parcel ID number, available from the      Major Changes                                                        - $10,000 limit on credit card payments
                                                                                                                                          - partial payments are not allowed
Orange County Property Appraiser’s web site:         • Menus have changed, please listen carefully.                       - case status must be valid for payment
Please note incident numbers or confirmation numbers when            • Construction inspection, results, permit and license               - need card number, expiration date and card billing
provided for your reference.                                             status options are now under main menu option 2.                    address Zip Code
                                                                     • Construction inspection options now use permit and                 - receive confirmation number
“PROMPT” will guide you through each step of the process. In             inspection codes rather than menu options. A list of      •   (3) File Code Enforcement violation complaint
addition, this brochure includes information that will help              these codes may be found on the reverse side of this             - automated complaint system
familiarize you with the system before you call. Once you                brochure. Also, system help provides a spoken list of            - will be asked to leave address or location,
become familiar with the system, it is not necessary to wait for         inspection codes when the star (*) key is pressed after             description of violation, optional call back
the entire message to be completed before entering a response.           being prompted to enter an inspection code.                          information
Occasionally prompts may change. If so, a special message will                                                                            - receive incident number
                                                                                                                                   •   (3) Check status of Code Enforcement incident
play prior to the main menu. This special message may also           New Features                                                         - hear status
provide holiday or other important information.                                                                                           - need incident number
                                                                     • Pay permit and license fees by credit card. Includes an
                                                                         option to pay fees now when requesting an inspection      •   (3) Obtain Code Enforcement lien information
During normal business hours, Monday through Friday,                                                                                      - hear total of liens or receive report by fax
                                                                         and encountering a fees due message. (Ex: reinspection
8 a.m. - 5 p.m., you may reach our staff for assistance with other       fees due) Immediate posting of payment allows request            - need parcel ID number
matters, but all construction inspection requests should be              of inspection to continue during the same call. When      •   (4) Hear general information & receive forms by fax
made using “PROMPT”.                                                                                                                      - hear office contact information
                                                                         paying for a permit and license by phone or on-line,
                                                                                                                                          - menu of popular business license, code enforce-
                                                                         permit or license documents will be mailed.
“PROMPT” may be unavailable for system backup between                                                                                        ment and construction permit forms by fax
                                                                     •   File a code enforcement violation complaint.
                                                                                                                                   •   (5) Transfer to one of our departments
9 p.m. and 11 p.m. weekdays.                                         •   Check status of an existing code enforcement incident.           - menu of helpful offices or departments
                                                                     •   Check status of code enforcement liens by parcel.             (0) Transfer to a staff representative
                                                                     •   Construction inspection, permit and license status, and          - press 0 from most menus
                                                                         fee payment options are also available on-line on our
                                                                         web site:                      (#) indicates main menu option

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