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                 Review Of: Your Internet Cash Machine By Joe Vitali And Jillian C. Wheeler
                                                              By Robert Flowers

  Good How To books are always a must read. This particular book is highly recommended by Tim
Knox, author of the #1 best sellers; Everything I know about Business I Learned from My Mama. This
book focuses on avenues to market any internet business with limited funds.

 This book consists of three parts with thirteen chapters, about one hundred ten sub titles, and 222
pages. I thought this book was well needed for internet marketers of today. It also in tells a prodigious
amount of information on sites where you can utilize free advertising if one is working with a limited
budget. However, if internet marketers are trying to increase there traffic while at the same time create
value for clients, application is a must. The first chapter focuses on mindset and informing you about
the journey ahead. I personally thought this was good for the benefit of keeping confusion at a minimal
when it comes to researching marketing strategies and being consistent in applying your marketing
efforts. Here are a few key pointers from the first three chapters of the book.

Chapter One
It All Begins With You
Building the Foundation

 A new business does not grow in a vacuum. It grows in the content of your life. So before we get into
the nuts and bolts of the book, we would like to spend a few moments telling you about our philosophy
of business and life. First, we’re excited about the world of Internet business. We believe we are poised
a the very beginning of a new world economy.

Chapter Two
Select The Best Business Model For You
Bring Your Off-Line Business Online

 If you own a business with a physical storefront, an office where you meet clients or treat patients, or a
gallery where you hang paintings, you are doing business in the off-line world, In online-world jargon,
you have a bricks-and-mortar business. Do you also have an Internet presence? If not, it’s time you
move to the next level: bricks and clicks. There are compelling reasons to create an Internet presence
for your business, or more fully develop your existing site. The first, very basic reason is visibility.

The Silent Sales Machine Hiding On eBay
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Chapter Three
A Closer Look At Online Auctions
Getting Started On eBay

 The keys to having happy customers on eBay and getting excellent feedback are simple: accurate
descriptions, clear photographs, careful packaging, and prompt shipping. Setting up an account on
eBay is the first step in getting started.

 When one take on any internet marketing project, the right guidance is a must. This keeps cost to a
minimal percentage and creates leverage. Any internet business always need good planning and a
powerful marketing system to generate targeted leads to pay for future advertisement and other
expenses. I think this book focuses on these points while giving you resources at the same time. Your
Internet Cash Machine by Joe Vitale and Jillian Coleman Wheeler is available at all major book stores.

If creating highly targeted leads for your business have been a problem. Find out how this known
expert can show you how he built an organization within 1 yr of over 3300 without calling one lead!
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Internet Marketing Exposed!
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                   How to Attract Clients and Customers with Powerful Self Itnroductions
                                                             By Marisa D'Vari

How to Attract Clients and Customers with Powerful Self Itnroductions by Marisa D'Vari

Want more clients? Forget cold calling and expensive direct marketing pieces. The secret is mastering
the art of self introduction.

Of course, like everything else, there are tricks involved.

The first one requires that you consider yourself a "product" and introduce yourself with a catchy

At speaking engagements, San Francisco based Literary Agent Jillian Manus often mentions the
importance of slogans.

In one session, she told her audience that she longed to have a catchy slogan attached to her name,
but couldn't find anything to rhyme with "Manus."

Then one day she decided to use her first name, Jillian.
The result? "Make a million with Jillian."

Dan Poynter, a publishing consult, uses his own name to promote his newsletter, Publishing Poynters.

Think about what you can do to introduce yourself in Technicolor, instead of black and white.

Introduce yourself to your prospect like the fun, colorful trailer of a hot new movie.

Here are some ideas:

1. A rhyme with your first or last name. (e.g. "make a million with Jillian")

2. A moniker (a man writing a romance book might be the "red hot lover."

3. A funny take on what your company does
(e.g. "ghostbusters" for parapsychologists").

Good luck!

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