Block In your Heart,Know which Is Best For Your Heart

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					                       STENTING VS CABG

Stenting is the introduction of an expandable metallic/plastic/PeG stent
into an artery the has been blocked in atherosclerosis commonly
producing Myocardial Infrarction as well as Angina,the ‘Heart Attack’
CABG is coronary artery Bypass Grafting in which an alternative
channel is provided for blood flow in case of a block in the coronary
artery .This uses a graft vessel commonly taken from the leg ,ie the
Saphenous vein.
Nowadays Stenting is gaining popularity as it can be introduced through
a small opening after the block has been removed. But since it’s a
foreign material regular medication’s for preventing clot formation has
to be taken. In other words if not for medications it can itself cause the
block. The medications can themselves lead to bleeding.
Still a Stent is preferred over CABG,Why?Bcoz CBAG requires an open
heart surgery which itself is a very invasive procedure, takes a long time
for recuperation, large amounts of medicine and pain is resulted.
So Next time someone you care about is with a coronary block,regard
the advantaged and disadvantages of the procedure.

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Description: Short Description About the Procedures That are suitable for you in case of a 'Heart attack',Angina