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					Adoption Checklist for social workers 2

                                                      MATCHING & PROPOSING A PLACEMENT
                                                                 (LAC process)

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   Many of the tasks below will be worked at the same time.
   All forms are available on the Children’s shared drive (‘Section 4 LAC’ – ‘Adoption’ – ‘Matching’) unless otherwise stated (i.e. ‘hard copy’).
   A copy of the Adoption Procedures is available on the Children’s Shared Drive. Workers should refer to “Family Finding Information Section”
   Actions highlighted in bold, can be completed by the authorised administrative officer
   If you have not attended the Adoption Panel before you can ask to observe a panel meeting beforehand (contact Central Adoption Services, Kroner

Action required to be undertaken                                   Timescale                                 Responsibility & format           Date of

1. Child’s Social Worker and Link Adoption SW meet at                 Workers may start to plan prior to    Child’s social worker. Matching
   earliest stage to plan family finding and clarify matching          Agency agreeing to placement of       Considerations
   considerations.                                                     child for adoption at Panel
                                                                    Advertising a child as available for
                                                                       adoption cannot take place until
                                                                       the Placement Order has been
                                                                       granted unless the authorisation of
                                                                       the court has been given
2. Family finding, if not already started, now begins. Initially   A match with suitable adopters to be      SOCIAL WORKER FOR ADOPTION
   in house unless there are specific cultural, disability,        recommended by panel within 6             RESOURCES (SWAR) - liaise with
   ethnicity, religious needs (or sibling group/older child) etc   months of the court’s final decision on   CSW/ADOPTION LINK WORKER
   that Kent may not have an appropriate match for.                the adoption care plan

3. Adoption & Special Guardianship Support Board will              Once minutes are agreed by the            CENTRAL PANEL TEAM
   have noted Panel minutes.                                       following relevant Panel meeting, will
 Only if child has high level of need e.g. disability, will       be sent to CSW for child’s file, and
   Board recommend to District Manager that family finding         copied to Board Administrator
   is carried out on basis of early discussion of payment of
   financial support (dependent on means test of applicants)
4. If not possible to match through Kent resources, then           20 working days after Agency              SOCIAL WORKER FOR ADOPTION

                                                                         September 2009
                                                                       Checklist 2 - Matching
   case is referred to Adoption South East Consortium         Decision                                       RESOURCES (SWAR)
5. If Social Worker for Adoption Resources confirms no        As soon as delay looks likely,                 CSW
   Kent or Consortium match likely then short report should   (particularly if sibling group, disability,
   be made to the Adoption & Special Guardianship Support older child, or specific cultural,
   Board setting out need for inter agency funding &          ethnicity, religious needs etc) but no
   publicity                                                  later than 3 months after Placement
 Adoption & SG Support Board will make recommendation Order made
   to District Manager, who takes decision on funding
6. CPR to National Adoption Register after 3 months if no     3 months after Placement Order                 SOCIAL WORKER FOR ADOPTION
   match in view                                              made                                           RESOURCES (SWAR)
7. A statutory review must be held within 3 months of the     Within 3 months of Placement Order             IRO/CSW
   Placement Order (or witnessed consent) if the child is not
   yet placed for adoption.
8. A further statutory review must be held within another 6   Within 9 months of the Placement               IRO/CSW
   months if the child is not yet placed. If the plan changes Order.
   then the case must be returned to the panel for the
   adoption plan to be withdrawn
9. Needs/Life Appreciation Meeting recommended if child       Prior to selection of prospective              Adoption Link Worker and Child's
   has had multiple placements                                adoptive family                                social worker - (current/past
                                                                                                             carers/professionals). C/Fams Admin
                                                                                                             to arrange
10. Profile and photo of child inserted in Family for Life book   Following Placement Order (consent of      CSW to write and send to Central
                                                                  parent, or budget holder essential)        Panel Team

                                                                                                             Child’s Social Worker
11. Life Story and preparation work with the child continues.     Prior to placement
12. Child’s social worker & Link Adoption Worker receive          When available                             Social Worker Adoption Resources
    Prospective Aopters Rports (PARs)                                                                        (SWAR)
13. Child’s social worker & Link Adoption Worker meet to          20 working days are given to consider      Child’s Social Worker arranges
    short list prospective adopters (see matching                 Form Fs                                    meeting
    considerations) n.b. a one to one meeting should take
14. For PARS that are not chosen, Link Adoption Worker            In meeting to consider Form Fs.            Authorised SSA returns to SWAR.
    and child's Social Worker complete 'Reasons for not
    selecting' Form and returns this to Social Worker for
    Adoption Resources
15. Any copies of non - selected PARs are shredded                Within a week of meeting                   Authorised SSA
16. If there is disagreement about the selection, both            Straight after meeting                     Practice Supervisors Adoption &
    workers should discuss with supervisors, who will liaise.                                                C/Fams
17. Ensure agreement has been obtained in principle to the        Preferably during the placement for        CSW
    likely financial and practical adoption support needs         adoption decision process (see
    before visiting short listed families                         previous checklist). If a Kent family,
                                                                  initial consideration of eligibility for

                                                                       September 2009
                                                                     Checklist 2 - Matching
                                                                  financial support will have taken place
                                                                  at approval stage*.

18. Visits to potential adopters (practice guidance)              Prior to matching meeting                 Child's Social Worker and supervisor
                                                                                                            (or Adoption Link Worker), and
                                                                                                            adopter’s social worker
19. If all agree there are reasons not to proceed with any        Prior to matching meeting                 Child’s Social worker, their supervisor
    prospective families following the visits, then their                                                   and the adoption link worker.
    worker, and the Social Worker for Adoption Resources
    should be advised of the reasons. Otherwise proceed to
    next stages with possibilities.
20. Current carer visits potential adopters with child’s social   Prior to matching meeting                 Child's Social Worker. Inform
    worker. Social worker for potential adopters in                                                         Fostering Social worker.
    attendance. (practice guidance)
21. Adoption Placement Meeting to consider matching takes         Prior to completing Adoption              Authorised SSA arranges
    place to consider potential families, chaired by Adoption     Placement Report
    Team leader/Practice Superviser Foster carers and
    prospective adopter's social workers attend.
22. The prospective adopters views about the placement,           Prior to completing Adoption              Child’s social worker and the adopter’s
    contact arrangements, including a pre-placement               Placement Report                          social worker.
    meeting with birth parents, and sharing of parental
    responsibility should be sought.
23. Adoption Placement Report and adoption support                Between matching meeting and              Child’s social worker. Adoption
    proposal prepared                                             adoption panel consideration of match.    Placement Report & Adoption Support

24. Adoption &.SG support team consulted about adoption           Consultation with Adoption Support        Child’s social worker and Adoption
    support proposals & KISKA about any contact                   team should take place as soon as         Link worker
    arrangements.                                                 match is being considered

25. If there is an assessed need for financial support early in   Between matching meeting and              Adoption Support Plan/Matching meeting
    the placement the Proposed Adoption Support Plan, the         adoption panel consideration of match.    minutes/Adoption Placement Report/AA2.
    Adoption Placement Report, the AA2 (signed by the
    District Manager) and the minutes of the matching
    meeting should be sent to the administrator of the
    Adoption & Special Guardianship Support Board
26. The District Manager notifies the Child’s social worker of                                              Child’s social worker/Adoption Social
    his/her decision regarding financial support, and the                                                   Worker
    Adoption social worker arranges for the Adopters to sign
    the proposed support plan
27. If there is no current assessed need for financial support                                              Child’s social worker
    the Adoption Support Plan is completed to reflect any

                                                                       September 2009
                                                                     Checklist 2 - Matching
    other support provision and submitted directly to the
    Central Adoption Panel team with the other papers (see
28. KISKA consulted if contact proposals other than              Between matching meeting and             Child’s Social Worker. Adoption
    straightforward letterbox.                                   adoption panel consideration of match.   Support Proposal.

29. All relevant written information about the child including   Prior to submitting papers to Panel      Child's Social Worker and Adoption
    the updated Child’s Permanence Report, medical               team. Adopters have a maximum of         Link Worker
    reports, educational information, and the Adoption           10 working days to comment on the
    Placement Report and Adoption Support Plan to be             APR.
    provided to prospective adopters
30. Adopters must sign Adoption Support Plan and                 Within 10 working days.                  Adoption Social Worker
    Placement Report if they agree with it, and have
    discussed the proposed sharing of parental responsibility
    on placement of the child

31. Papers submitted to Panel team for match to be heard at      All papers must be in by deadline for    Child's social worker.
    panel which recommended the adoption plan (NB                case to be heard. Child's medicals,
    exception if child is under 1 year, and placement would      and those of adopters should have
    be delayed if local panel not available)                     been completed within 6 months of the    Adoption social worker ensures Form
 Adoption Placement Report                                      panel date, or within 12 months if the   F and adopters medicals are updated.
 Parental Responsibility Checklist                              child is over 5
 Adoption Support Plan
 Updated CPR
 AA2
 Updated Annex to form C/D
 Current School report
 Medicals (up)dated for adopters
 IHA/RHA medical dated within 6 months of panel
 Updated Prospective Adopters Report (PAR)

32. Adoption Panel considers the match, and may advise on        Child should be matched within 6         Child’s social worker, and their
    contact proposals.                                           months of agency deciding child          supervisor where appropriate, plus
                                                                 should be placed.                        Adopter’s social worker attend panel
                                                                                                          with the prospective adopters.

33. Agency Decision Maker considers match                        Within 7 working days of the Panel       Agency Decision Maker and Panel
                                                                 Recommendation                           Adviser
34. Agency Decision maker’s decision and views should be         Within 7 working days of Agency          Adoption Panel and Resources Team
    recorded on the child’s and the prospective adopter’s        Decision.                                send to child and adopter’s social
    case records.                                                                                         workers.
                                                                      September 2009
                                                                    Checklist 2 - Matching
35. If the Decision Maker is minded not to agree with the           Within 7 working days of the Panel       Agency Decision Maker and Agency
    Panel recommendation s/he will discuss further.                 Recommendation                           Adviser to the Adoption Panels.
36. Life Story work and Preparation of child continues              Preparation for specific placement can   Child’s social worker
                                                                    commence as soon as decision maker
                                                                    has agreed match.
37. Parents with legal responsibility and child (if of sufficient   Within 24 hours of recommendation,       Child's social worker
    age/understanding) to be informed verbally within 24            and of Agency decision.
    hours of panel recommendation, and Agency decision
38. Parents with legal responsibility and child (if of sufficient   Within 5 working days of Agency          Adoption Panel and Resources Team
    age/understanding) to be notified in writing of Agency          Decision.
39. Where there is a Placement Order parents are not                Not necessary however social worker      Child’s social worker to notify Adoption
    notified if they have signed a declaration that they wish       should advise Panel team prior to        Panel and Resources Team.
    not to be informed                                              Panel.
40. Current foster carers told of Agency Decision verbally.         Within 24 hours of Panel                 Child's social worker
                                                                    Recommendation and Agency
41. If child fostered with prospective adoptive parents,            Within 5 working days of Agency          Child's social worker
    written notice of start of adoptive placement                   decision.

42. Notification to fostering payment section immediately to        Immediately after agency decision        Child’s Social Worker
    avoid overpayment if current carers are adopting.
43. Copy of Panel minute and Agency Decision maker                  Following the next meeting of the        Adoption Panel and Resources Team
    comments put on child's adoption record once ratified,          Panel                                    will send to
    Ensure selected adopter’s Form F is filed on child’s                                                     C/Fams Admin. Admin to check
    record.                                                                                                  filing is completed.
44. K.I.S.K.A & Adoption/SG Support Team notified of                See contact policy – any arrangements    Child's social worker
    agreed match, and the proposed contact arrangements             other than letterbox should be
    (Contact Policy).                                               discussed with KISKA in the planning

45. Inter-Agency meeting, if Consortium or other inter              Can follow Panel                         Adoption Team leader
    agency placement (H1/H2)

Please note this procedural table should be read alongside the Adoption procedures & flow charts, and the Contact Policy &
It is the second of 3. The pre panel process and placement process are printed as separate checklists. Practitioners may find the
Adoption & Children Act training workbook useful (see below)

Many timescales given are set by the statutory guidance which accompanies the Regulations. If there is good reason for the
timescale being exceeded this should be discussed in supervision and recorded.
                                                                         September 2009
                                                                       Checklist 2 - Matching
Contact Numbers:
Central Adoption Panel Team                       Tel: 01233 898619
                                                  E-mail: _CFE Adoption Panel

Social Worker for Adoption Resources              Tel: 01233 658616

Adoption & Special Guardianship Support Team                               Tel: 01795 566227

Kent Independent Support for Kinship & Adoption          Tel: 01622 693692
(NCH)                                             E-mail:

West Kent Adoption Team                           Tel: 01732 525320
                                                  E-mail: Adoption Duty West Kent – CFE

East/Mid Kent Adoption Team                       Tel: 01233 658633
                                                  E-mail: Adoption Duty East Kent - CFE

Policy & Performance Officer (LAC)
Adoption & Fostering                              01622 694696
Sessions House, Maidstone                         E-mail

                                                     September 2009
                                                   Checklist 2 - Matching

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