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									                               ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN ENGINEERING

What is the Associate Degree in                                    Framework (AQF). AQF Level 6 Associate Degree graduates
Engineering?                                                       will have the broad knowledge and skills to undertake
                                                                   paraprofessional, highly skilled work and/or as a pathway to
The UWSCollege Associate Degree in Engineering offers
                                                                   further learning (
prospective students:
•	 upgraded knowledge and skills for career progression to         The UWS Associate Degrees, taught by UWSCollege are
   managerial roles                                                designed for people who have a high level of expertise and
•	 the Graduate Attributes of an Engineering Associate             technical skill in their profession and who seek a higher
   required by Engineers Australia, and                            education qualification to support their career development
                                                                   in a related higher-level role or as a pathway to a higher-level
•	 a clear pathway to the UWS Bachelor of Engineering
   degree with 1.5 years or more credit (depending on
   elective choices).
                                                                   What is an Engineering Associate?
The degree was developed with the University of Western
Sydney (UWS) School of Engineering and with advice from            The role of an Engineering Associate (also known as an
Engineers Australia.                                               Engineering Officer) covers a wide range of functions but
                                                                   is characterised as having a good general grounding in
In this introductory phase, the focus is on Construction,          engineering science and principles, the ability to lead and
Civil, and Environmental Engineering with an intention to          manage teams, and expertise in a comprehensive range
expand to other fields in the future. However, graduates           of business and project management skills. Titles for these
of the Associate Degree can enrol in any of the eight              paraprofessional positions in the workplace include Technical
key programs (specialisations) of the UWS bachelor                 Officer, Technical Manager, Plant Supervisor, Engineering
degree: Construction, Civil, Environmental, Mechanical,            Manager, Project Manager, and Resources Manager.
Computer, Electrical, Robotics and Mechatronics, and
Telecommunications.                                                For further information, visit the Engineers Australia website
What is an Associate Degree?
An Associate Degree is a recognised qualification of two
years duration. It is a Level 6 in the Australian Qualifications
Why UWSCollege?                                              Industry experience includes any work that you have
                                                             undertaken in industries related to engineering including
UWSCollege offers:
                                                             apprenticeship training, and extended work experience
•	 clear pathways to UWS bachelor degree programs            placements (more than a month) with an engineering
•	 small group instruction and flexible delivery options     industry company or organisation.

•	 additional academic support where required
                                                             How will the degree be taught and who
•	 targeted industry-identified skills requirements with     will be teaching it?
   Industry consultation and participation
                                                             The Associate Degree in Engineering will be delivered
•	 industry-developed case studies                           through on-campus and off-site lectures and tutorials by
•	 30% of all courses delivered by industry specialists      staff from UWSCollege and the University, and relevant,
                                                             experienced staff from industry. We will offer the course
•	 industry-based projects where practicable
                                                             in an intensive mode – two units per teaching session of
•	 professional accreditation/recognition where              10 weeks to accommodate the student’s commitments
   appropriate                                               to full-time or part-time paid work.
•	 track record of successful Engineering graduates.
                                                             Will I still be able to work while studying
                                                             this degree?
For further information, visit the UWSCollege website at                                        The 16 units of study in the degree can be completed
                                                             in two years, ie equal to full-time but spread over four
What do I need to enter this degree –                        teaching sessions per year.
admission requirements?
                                                             The study timetable for each teaching session has been
Entry Requirement 1: Academic achievement
                                                             designed with the needs of working students in mind.
Academic qualifications should include a recognised
                                                             Contact hours on campus are approximately 8-10 per
Certificate III or Certificate IV (eg trade qualification)
                                                             week (two units of study). We are planning to deliver the
and/or you may have completed the NSW HSC and/or
                                                             course on one full week day, one evening and Saturday
other equivalent. This may include bridging/preparatory
                                                             mornings (as needed).
courses and paraprofessional and other post-secondary
                                                             Where will the degree be offered?
Entry Requirement 2: Industry experience                     The primary location for the delivery of the Associate
At least five years relevant industry experience.            Degree in Engineering is the UWS Nirimba campus at
                                                             Quakers Hill which is easily accessible by public transport
                                                             and the Westlink M7, and offers ample parking.
When does the degree commence?                               maximum fee is $263.00 per year for full-time students
                                                             which will be charged as $131.50 each half year. Lower
The first teaching session of the Associate Degree
                                                             fees will apply for students doing less than a full-
in Engineering commences on Monday 14 January
                                                             time load in the half year period. You can pay the fee
                                                             upfront or, if you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent
                                                             Humanitarian Visa holder, you can apply to defer the
How much will it cost to study the
                                                             fee via an SA-HELP loan similar to HECS-HELP. More
Associate Degree in Engineering?
                                                             information can be found at
Course Fees
HECS contribution - Like other university                    Is this degree open to international
undergraduate degrees (bachelor degrees) the                 students?
Associate Degree in Engineering is funded by the
                                                             The Associate Degree in Engineering is only available to
Commonwealth Government. You are required to
                                                             Australian Residents at this point in time.
pay a part of the fees which is called your student
contribution. The fees are set within the government
                                                             Do you offer financial assistance for this
contribution bands. You pay per unit of study (10
credit points per unit) and you will study 16 units in the
Associate Degree. The units in the Associate Degree in       Students enrolled in the Associate Degree in
Engineering are Band 2 units ($1006 in 2012).                Engineering may be eligible to receive AUSTUDY or
                                                             ABSTUDY while undertaking this degree.
You will be charged a fee per unit of study that you
can either pay upfront (and receive a 10% discount)          To determine your eligibility and for more information,
or you can defer payment and apply for a loan under          visit Centrelink at
the HECS-HELP scheme if you are eligible. The loan
repayments commence once you earn a taxable                  How do I apply for this degree?
income of $47,195 or more (this was the amount set
                                                             Applications for the Associate Degree in Engineering
for the 2011/2012 financial year). More information is
                                                             will be accepted from mid June through the UWS
available at and
                                                             Online Application System. The link to the application
                                                             will be on the website when applications open
                                                             ( If you register with us, we
Student Services and Amenities Fee
                                                             will email you when the applications open.
From 2012, universities have been able to charge a
Student Services and Amenities Fee. In 2012, the
What do I need to include in my application?                             5. You can also include a CV/resume with the application
                                                                            (maximum two pages).
1. You will need to list your qualifications and provide a
                                                                         All documentation submitted with your application must
   certified academic transcript of your qualifications from
                                                                         be correctly certified by following the certifying document
   TAFE or other education institution(s). Any studies at
                                                                         guidelines available at
   UWS or UWSCollege will be in our records so you do
   not need to include an academic transcript for these.
   You will also need to provide Proof of English Language
   proficiency if your studies were taken in a language other            When do applications close?
   than English.                                                         On-time applications close Friday 30 November 2012.
2. You will need to include your work history with a                     Late applications may be accepted after this date if places
   statement to verify this from your employer/s. The                    are still available.
   statement should be written on company letterhead and
   include the following:                                                What are the dates/sessions I will be
                                                                         enrolled in?
  •	 your full name
                                                                         The Associate Degree in Engineering is a two-year course,
  •	 your position title
                                                                         with four teaching sessions per year. There are 10 teaching
  •	 the period of employment in the position and whether                weeks per session plus session break and exams. The 2013
     you were employed on a full-time or part-time basis                 course will commence the first session in January 2013.
     (eg the hours you worked per week and how long you                  Successful students will graduate in December 2014.
     were in the job)

  •	 details of the duties of the position.                              How do I get more information about this
3. You will need to provide evidence of membership if you
   are a member of a professional association.                           More information is available on the UWSCollege website at
4. You will need to provide proof of change of name if your
   qualifications are in a name other than the name under
   which you are applying.

                                                    UWSCollege (CRICOS Code 02851G) is a wholly-owned entity of the University of Western Sydney (CRICOS Code 00917K)
                                                    Funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.
                                                    The information in this brochure is correct at the time of print. June 2012.                                  021.A.

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