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					                       Organization Name

Flower Mound Youth Lacrosse Camp
Flower Mound Youth Lacrosse
Texas Academy Boys & Girls H.S Teams
Max Seibald and Nike Present the Maximum
North Texas Terror lacrosse team
Texas Academy Lacrosse
High School and Club Lacrosse Tournaments

Winter Indoor Lacrosse League
Westwood Tune Up (Play Day)
Maitland Jamboree

Central Texas Youth Lacrosse (CTYLA) Association
North Texas Lacrosse
Westlake Lacrosse Association
North Texas Youth Lacrosse Association
Lake Travis Youth Association (LTYA)
Cy-Fair Lacrosse Association
Southlake Carroll Lacrosse Club

Round Rock Youth Football Association
Plano Lacrosse Association (PLA)
Town & Country Optimist Club
Bayou City Lacrosse
The Houston Metropolitan Lacrosse Club
HYLax! Houston Youth Lacrosse
NW Houston Men's Laxrosse Club
Southlake Cobras Lacrosse
Texas High School Lacrosse League
Tony's Tavern Lacrosse Club
Westlake Boys Youth Lacrosse Association
West Austin Youth Association
Lady Eagles Youth lacrosse.
San Antonio Lacrosse Association
Texas Youth Lacrosse
Frisco Lacrosse Association
Kingwood Youth Lacrosse
Sport Supply Group, Inc (NASDAQ - RBI)
The Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association
Kingwood Women's Lacrosse Association
Woodlands Girls Lacrosse Club
Trinity Episcopal School
Cedar Park Lacrosse
North Texas Youth Lacrosse League
Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League

Trinity High School Lacrosse Team
Louisiana High School Lacrosse League
Anderson High School Trojan Lacrosse
Dallas Lacrosse
Kingwood Youth Lacrosse
North Texas United Soccer Club
Northwest Hockey Association (NHSHA)
Aztec Indoor Soccer
Horizon Indoor Soccer
Texas Aces Hockey Club
University of Dallas Women's Lacrosse
Town & country optimist club

Austin Lacrosse club
Colleyville Baseball
Katy Area Chamber of Commerce
City of Wylie

Team Connecticut Lax
All American indoor Sports
Aztec Indoor Soccer
Horizon Indoor Sports
Let's Play Sports, Inc

US Lacrosse
Danbury High School
Desoto Baseball Organization
The State journal register
BRIDGE Lacrosse Dallas
Indoor Action Sports

The Austin Chronicle
iD Tech Camps
Clayton Elementary School

Custom Athletic Uniforms
Myers Park High School
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Education Center
St. Edward's University
McKinney Ice Hockey Club
Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs
Academy International
ASG Events and Promotions, LLC
SoccerZone South Austin
Madison Youth Basketball Association
Cyberathlete Professional League

North American Hockey League

National Women's Basketball League

Health Quest Fitness For life
Madison area independent sports league
Madison area lacrosse association
Madison Little League
Madison Youth Basketball Association
Madison Youth Lacrosse
Mason Lacrosse Club
Mclean Youth Lacrosse
Minnetonka Lacrosse Association
Monroe Lacrosse
Mountain Lacrosse League
Greater Houston Lacrosse
Pro Ambitions Hockey, inc.
Camp Champions
GameBreaker Lacrosse Camps
Timberlane Youth Lacrosse
Treasure Valley Youth Lacrosse League
Trumbull Youth Lacrosse
Texas Youth Lacrosse Teams
North district texas high school lacrosse league
Central District Texas High School Lacrosse League
trinity trojan lacrosse
Capital Lacrosse
Allen Lacrosse
Lamar Lacrosse Team
Westwood Lacrosse Parents Club
High School Booster Club

Anderson High School Lacrosse Team
Round Rock Leader
The University of Texas Men's Lacrosse
Middle School Teams - Cedar Park Boys Lacrosse Club
Danbury Youth Lacrosse
Darien Soccer Association

Davis Lacrosse Association
Plano Wranglers Lacrosse
Dallas Deuces Lacrosse
allen Sports Association
The University of Oklahoma Men's Lacrosse
The Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association
Oregon Lacrosse
Wisconsin Youth Soccer
Atlanta Silverbacks Sports Center
The Active Network
Northborough-Southborough Youth Lacrosse
Norwalk Junior Lacrosse
Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse

Sudbury Youth Lacrosse
Canby Youth Lacrosse
Danvers Youth Lacrosse
North Dallas Men's Lacrosse Club
North Texas Chapter
North Texas
Rhino Lacrosse

Texas Women's Lacrosse League
Texas A&M Women's Lacrosse Club

Pleasanton Lacrosse Club
Austin High School Baseball
Acton Boxborough Youth Lacrosse
Amity Youth Lacrosse

Anne Arundel All Stars Team Smartlink

Ashland Youth Lacrosse

Ayon Grove Wildcats Lacrosse
Accelerate Lacrosse
Highland Park Boys Lacrosse
Seacoast Lacrosse
Adrenaline Lax

Wylie Lacrosse club board
Madison Area Lacrosse Association
Manassas Battlefield Youth Lacrosse
Massachuseffs Bay Youth Lacrosse League

Medfield youth lacrosse
Kingston Youth Sports Organiztion
McNeil Maverick Lacrosse
Youth lacrosse assoc

Dorchester Youth Lacrosse

Dover-Sherborn Girls Lacrosse

Baldwinsville Girls Lacrosse

Belmont Youth Lacrosse

Beltway Box Lacrosse League

Berkshire county lacrosse association

Bethel Youth Lacrosse

Bethesda Lacrosse

Bloomington Lacrosse

BlueSky Lacrosse Club

Boulder Valley Lacrosse
Bourne Lacrosse


Brookfield Lacrosse Club

Brookline Youth Lacrosse

Burlington Youth Lacrosse Association

Burlington Youth Lacrosse Association
Burnsville Lacrosse

Devils Lacrosse Club
North Texas Youth Lax - North Conference
Cedar Park H.S. Girls Lacrosse
Texas Military Institute lacrosse
Vipers Boys' Lacrosse
Westlake Youth Lacrosse

 Lacrosse Clubs in Katy Texas
Lake Travis Youth Association
Nashoba Girls Lacrosse

Abington Lacrosse Club
Alexandria Lacrosse Club
Weston lacrosse club, inc.
Weston Warrior Lacrosse
South Boston Youth Lacrosse
Skyline Lacrosse Club
lacrosse in alamo heights
Triple Threat Lax
Abington Girls Lacrosse Club
Cy-Fair Ironmen Lacrosse
Texas A&M Men's Lacrosse
Texas Tech Men's Lacrosse
The University of Oklahoma Men's Lacrosse
Thomas Worthington Boys Lacrosse
CyFair Iron Maidens
Flower Mound Youth Sports Association
Texas State Men's Lacrosse
Texas Lacrosse Lessons
Reagan Lacrosse
Doc Hall Foundation - Texas A&M Lacrosse Program
Tech Women's Lacrosse
Girls Lacrosse Club
James Bowie High School Women's Lacrosse, Austin, Texas
Wylie Lacrosse Club
UT RecSports - Youth Camps
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                   Stat Contact First
            City    e Name              Contact Last Name   Contact Title

                   TX   Bryce           Merrill
Flower Mound       TX

Southlake          TX
Dalas              TX   Roland

Frisco             TX   Heather         Morris              Soccer / Lacrosse
Westwood           TX
Maitland           TX

Austin             TX   Jason           Isaac
                   TX   Tom             Fitzsimmons         President
Austin             TX   Larry           White
Austin             TX   Russ            Riley
Austin             TX
Huston             TX    Richard        Mann                President
Southlake          TX   Julie           Hatcher

Round Rock         TX   Mike            Selvera             President
Plano              TX   Nolan           Godfrey             Head Coach
Austin             TX   Russell         Hill                President
Houston            TX   Matt            Landa               President
Houston            TX   Steve           Mathiason           Commissioner
Houston            TX   John            Mason
Houston            TX   Jon             Reed                President
Southlake          TX   Cecil           Noble
Dallas             TX   Ray             Martin              Commissioner
Houston            TX   Bobby           Jee                 President
Central Texas      TX
Austin             TX   Louis           Bratton             President
                   TX   Chris           Smith               Director
Central Texas      TX
Austin             TX
North Texas        TX   Jason           Gildea
Kingwood           TX
Dallas             TX   Peggy           Rozelle
Plano              TX
Kingwood           TX
Woodlands          TX   Randall         Brim                President
Galveston          TX
Cedar Park         TX
North Texas        TX   Tiffany         Surran              President
                   TX   Derek           McClain
                                                            Assoc. President and
North Texas        TX   Ralph           Marino              Coach
Louisiana          TX   Mac             Bulloch             Comissioner
Central Texas      TX   Zach            Kurzweil            Head Coach
Carrollton         TX   Gary            DeSerrano           President
Kingwood           TX
Lewisville         TX   Laura           Pittman             Manager
Justin                TX    Brian      Flachsbart     President
San Antonio           TX   Gabrial     Munuz          Coach
League City           TX
Plano                 TX    Michael    Rosen
Dalas                 TX   Will        Oakley         Coach
Austin                TX   Dennis      Burton         Executive Director
                                                      Southswell Sports store
Austin                TX   Bryan       Henning        manager
Colleyville           TX   John        Buesing        President
Lacenterra            TX   Ann         Hodge          President/CEO
wylie                 TX   Mindy       Manson         City Manager
Portland              TX   Terry       Vance          President

Fairfield             TX   Jim         McAleave       Director
                      TX   Jason       Cummins        Senior League Manager
San Antonio           TX
League City           TX
Oklahoma City         TX
                                                      Managing Director of
Baltimore             TX   Sara        Noon           Membership
Danbury               TX
Desoto                TX
Colorado              TX   Mike        Kreppert       General Manager
Melissa Lane Dallas   TX   Edie        Lycke
Greenfield            TX   Jeff        Coulson        President

Austin                TX
Campbell              TX
Austin                TX

Baltimore             TX
Charlotte             TX   Angelica    Acosta         Teacher
Charlotte             TX   Dr. Peter   C. Gorman      Superintendent
Austin                TX   Kevin       O'Connor       Chairperson
McKinney              TX   Chris       Raimondi       Team Member
Syracuse              TX                              Adult Recreation Ext.
Arlington             TX
Baltimore             TX   Jonathan    Reid           Director of Operations
Austin                TX
Madison               TX    Mark       Evans          President
Dallas                TX

Frisco                TX

Houston               TX
Coppell               TX
                                                      Vice President/General
Houston               TX   Doug        Steinly        Manager
Madison               TX   Michael     Schultz        Chairperson
Madison               TX   Brad        Jackson        President
Madison               TX   Scott       Murphy         President
Madison               TX    Mark       Evans          President
Madison               TX   Hugh        O Toole        Program Director
Mason                 TX   Doug        Bruser         President
McLean                TX   David       Bucky Morris   Commissioner
Minnetonka            TX   Keith       Burkhardt      President
monroe                   TX   Joe         Garavente     Director
Evergreen                TX   Laurie      Walowitz      League Administrator
Houston                  TX   Stacie      McKay          President
Frisco                   TX
Marble Falls             TX
Fairfield                TX
Atkinson                 TX   Gary        Sherman       Director
Boise                    TX   Maggie      Williams      President
Trumbull                 TX   Peter       Tinnesz       President
Austin                   TX
North district           TX   Ray         Martin        Commissioner
Central District         TX   Nancy       Powers        THSLL Administrator
                         TX                             President and coach
Austin                   TX   Domenic     Alfieri
Coppell                  TX   Anne        Carrol        President
Allen                    TX   Wendell     Lee           Head Coach
Houston                  TX   Dave        Vollmer
Austin                   TX   Andi        Tasset        President

North Texas              TX   Chris       Doran         Club President
Central Texas            TX   Mark        Gagnon        President
Round Rock               TX
                         TX   Noah        Fink          Coach
                         TX   David       Emerick       President
Danbury                  TX   Mike        Gillotti      Commisioner
Darien                   TX   Doug        Rischmann     President

Davis                    TX   Donald      Aiello        Board Director/President
Plano                    TX
Dallas                   TX   Tiffany     Surran        President
Allen                    TX   Cindy       Halloran      Sports Specialist
                         TX   Moran       Matt          President
                         TX   Steve       Mathiason     Commissioner
Portland                 TX   Terry       Vance         President
                         TX   Peter       Mariahazy     President
Suwanee                  TX   Guido       Gonzales      Operations Manager
Pharr                    TX
                         TX   Robert      Flynn         President
Norwalk                  TX   Jack        Couch         President
pittsburg                TX   Mike        Concordia     President

Sudbury Corpus Christi   TX   Russ        Spencer       Program - Commissioner
Portland                 TX   Frank       Lambert       President
Danvers, Dr Amarillo     TX   Sheri       Trocchi       President
North Dallas             TX
North texas              TX   Tom         Fitzsimmons
                         TX   Tepperman   Etan
Portland                 TX

                         TX   Eric        Stein         TWLL league coordinator
                         TX   Rebecca     Zeske         President
                                                        Executive Board -
                         TX   Mark        Cranney       President
Austin                   TX   Steve       Baker         President
Acton                    TX   Sue          Cotter       President
Woodbridge, Houston      TX   Frank      Belbusti        Seniors - scheduler
Annapolis, Taylor Lake
Village                  TX

Ashland                  TX   Megan      McGoff          Director
Garden Grove Dr,
Arlington                TX   Bob        DiIonno         President
Minnesota, Houston       TX   Maria      Slusser         Coach
Dallas                   TX   Beth       Lee             Administrator
Portsmouth, El Paso      TX   Mike       MacDonald       President
San Diego                TX
Davie Lee Dr, Copperas
Cove                     TX   Peter      J. Dunne        President
wylie                    TX   Shannon    Madler          President
Madison                  TX   Brad       Jackson         President
Manassas Dr, Austin      TX
                         TX   Stu        Brown           President

Medfield Dr, Houston     TX   Mike       McQuillan       President
Kingston                 TX   Jack       Riordan         President
                         TX   Chris      O'Dell          President
Darien                   TX    Tom       Seiler          President
                                                         Director of Dorchester
Dorchester               TX   Mike       Devlin          Lacrosse

Dover, Levelland         TX   Dana       White           President

Phoenix                  TX   Doug        Rowe

Belmont                  TX   Benjamin   Bolte           President

Alexandria, Amarillo     TX   David      Phippen

228 Main St, Brownwood TX     Audrey     Davis           Director

Bethel                   TX   Debbie     Burke           President

                         TX   Henry      Stoever         President

Bloomington              TX   Cory       Hespenheide     President

Parker                   TX   Mele       Telitz          President/Administrator

Boulder, Kingsland       TX   Andrew     Davies          Executive Director
Boerne                   TX   Shelly     Shattuck        President

                         TX   Rusty      Miller          President

Brookfield, Texarkana    TX   Kevin      Madden          President

                         TX   Scott      Hillman         Co-director

Burlington               TX   Tad         Winterbottom

Burlington               TX   Tanya        Ikier         President
Burnsville                TX   Philip       Korges          Co-Commisioner

Flemington Ave, Houston   TX   Bill          Brandt
Allen                     TX   Robert       Farrior         Administrator
Cedar Park                TX
Central Texas             TX   Brian        Curran          Athletic Director
                          TX   John         Lichtenberger   President
Austin                    TX
605A Park Grove Ln.
Katy                      TX
Lakeway                   TX   Raine         Maggio         President
Stowe, Odessa             TX   Katie        DeFoe

Abington                  TX   Greg         Wilson
Alexandria, Amarillo      TX   Brian        Donegan         Commisioner
Weston                    TX   Karen        Mitchell        President
Weston                    TX   RICH BARBA   BARBA           President
Boston                    TX
Oakland                   TX
San Antonio               TX   David        W. Monnich
Pleasanton                TX   Noemi        Hites
Abington                  TX   Jill         Loughran
                          TX   Richard      Mann
                          TX   Austin       Wall            President
Plano                     TX   Matt         Davis           President
                          TX   Matt         Moran           President
                          TX   Sharick      Jim             President
Cypress                   TX
                          TX   Charlie      Carr            President
                          TX   Marques      Green           President
North Dallas              TX   Coach        Pico
                          TX   Joel         Daniels         President
Kingwood                  TX
                          TX   Sam          Goodell         President
                          TX   Mary         Dodd            President
Austin                    TX   Kim          Wittmeyer       President
wylie                     TX   Shannon      Madler          President
Austin                    TX
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