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Chapter 1A curriculum


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									  Utah Dual Immersion                                                                                                                        Spanish 3 Honors
  Secondary Curriculum                                                                                                        Chapter 1A: Los días inolvidables
 Objective          Assessment Evidence – Performance Task                                                                 3 Honors
                                                                                                                                  Sample Enabling Activity
                           1.1A Interact with a partner to discuss items you would need to bring on a camping trip and           Communicative Activity 1-1 p. 42 (1.1A)
Students will interact     explain why.                                                                                          Communicative Activity 1-2 pp. 43-44 (1.1A, 1.1B, 1.1E, 1.1F)
with a partner to              You are planning for a camping trip. Make a list of eight items you would need to take           Realidades para hispanohablantes p. 12 planning table. (1.1A, 1.1 E)
discuss an outdoor               camping and explain why. Upon arriving at the camp site you discover you have left              Work with a partner to complete an information gap activity about
excursion. This includes         some items home. Interact with a partner discussing what problems you now have by                preparing for an outing. Each partner has a list of items to bring.
discussing the                   forgetting certain items (such as how will your plans change, or how will it affect your         Discuss what each other has. (1.1B)
preparation, the actual          camping trip). Activity 6 p.26.                                                                 Design 3-5 questions to ask a partner about preparing for a trip.
event, and potential       1.1E Exchange information with a partner to discuss a memorable outdoor excursion.                     (Students may come up with ideas for packing, activities, checking
problems                       Interview a classmate about a memorable outdoor excursion. Find out where s/he went,              weather conditions, transportation, cost, time frame, etc.) (1.1B)
                                 with whom, what they saw and did.                                                               With a partner ask and answer each other’s questions about what
                               Situation Cards: Realidades Teacher Resource Book, p. 49. “Hablar de las vacaciones”.             you need to prepare for the trip. Repeat the process with another
                           1.1B Ask and answer questions about preparing for an outdoor excursion.                                classmate. (1.1B)
                               You and a partner are planning to travel together. Ask and answer questions about what           Using Google Earth locate your school. With a partner take turns
                                 you need to do to prepare for the trip.                                                          giving directions starting from the school to nearby sites. Ask and
                           1.1C Compare and express preferences about the itinerary of a trip.                                    answer clarifying questions as they arise. (1.1D)
                               You and a partner have determined when and where you will go on your trip. Share with            Informational gap activity: Using identical maps describe to your
                                 your partner what 5 activities you prefer to do on the trip. Listen to your partner’s 5          partner the route to the national park marked on your map. While
                                 preferences then come to consensus on 5 activities that you both agree to do on your             listening to you, your partner marks the route on his/her unmarked
                                 trip together.                                                                                   map, asking for clarification along the way. Switch roles using a
                           1.1D Give and follow directions to locate different areas in a national or regional park.              different set of maps. (1.1D)
                               You and a friend are geocaching in the Torres del Paine National Park. Your friend has           Fold a piece of paper to create two columns. With a partner in the
                                 already found three geocache sites and you have found three different sites. Using the           first column brainstorm a list of possible problems that may occur
                                 map of Torres del Paine National Park, locate and describe where your camp site is to            during a trip. (students’ answers may include rain/snow, wild animals,
                                 your partner. Then direct your partner from your camp site to each cache site and back           bug bites, sick sunburned, lost, injuries, run out of water, flashlight
                                 to camp responding to question as they arise. Then follow your partner’s directions to           breaks, etc.) In the second column discuss steps you can take when
                                 his/her cache sites asking clarifying questions along the way. Mark the sites on your            preparing for the trip to address these problems. Next, take turns
                                 map. (Students should use cardinal directions, map features, and simple commands.                with your partner using full sentences to describe a problem. Your
                                 Use the map found at http://www.torresdelpaine.com/ingles/secciones/02/a/popup/3.htm)            partner then presents a possible solution. Next use inner circle/outer
                                 (in lesson plan give fun suggestion like take a boat to cross, hike a glacier…)                  circle to practice presenting and resolving problems multiple times.
                           1.1F Collaborate to propose solutions to problems that often occur when participating in               (1.1B, 1.1F, 1.1C)
                           outdoor activities.
                               Scenario 1: You and a friend are camping at Torres del Paine National Park. You return
                                 to your campsite after geocaching and find that a wild animal has invaded your camp.
                                 Your flashlight is broken, food eaten and water spilled. Your ride home is not due to pick
                                 you up for a couple of days and there is no way to get a hold of them. You find a nearby
                                 ranger station. One student plays the role of the ranger and one is the camper. Have a
                                 conversation about what happened and how you will survive the next two days.

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  Utah Dual Immersion                                                                                                                              Spanish 3 Honors
  Secondary Curriculum                                                                                                              Chapter 1A: Los días inolvidables
   Objective                              Assessment Evidence – Performance Task                                                  3 Honors
                                                                                                                                         Sample Enabling Activity
                               Scenario 2: You and a friend are camping at Torres del Paine National Park. While
                                geocaching you slip into a ravine and injure yourself. You can’t get out. Luckily a park
                                ranger is passing by and you flag him down. Switch roles of camper and ranger. Have a
                                conversation about what happened, how extensive the injuries are and how you will get
INTERPRETIVE COMMUNICATION (Listening and Reading for Understanding)
                           1.2A Determine the main idea and some details from highly contextualized and varied texts                 Read ¡Una aventura desastrosa! and discuss comprehension
Students will determine    about the outdoors and/or outdoor activities.                                                              questions pp.24-25(1.2A,1.2C, 1.1F)
meaning from a variety          Read the excerpt about rafting. Use a web organizer to identify the main idea and                   Advanced Learner activity p. 24 of text. One student describes a
of authentic texts about           supporting details of the excerpt.                                                                 picture of the story while another points to which picture is being
outdoor excursions              Watch or listen to an excerpt/story/song/interview, etc. about an outdoor adventure. Use             described. Take turns. (1.2C, 1.3A, 1.3B, 1.3E)
citing evidence to                 a web organizer to identify the main idea and supporting details.                                 Read Parques nacionales de América del Sur and answer questions.
support their              1.2B Make inferences using written and listening texts about the outdoors and/or outdoor                   (1.2A)
conclusions. This          activities (such as national parks, rafting) and support them with textual evidence.                      Use the photo analysis strategy of the picture on page 35 in activity
includes summarizing,                                                                                                                 25. Looking at different quadrants of the picture predict what the
                                Use the video on camping in Mexico found at
identifying main                                                                                                                      main message of the passage accompanying the picture would be.
                                 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZFUaRlwlm0. Make an inference about the popularity
ideas/details and using                                                                                                               (1.2 A, 1.2B, 1.2D).
vocabulary                       of camping in Mexico. Cite evidence from the video to support your conclusion.
                                Use a variety of written text that describes tourist opportunities in a Spanish speaking            Using a photocopy of the Los Ecocamps de Torres del Paine on p.
                                 country. Make an inference about what some of the most popular outdoor activities are                35. Underline cognates and circle unknown words. (1.2C)
                                 in that country.                                                                                    Read Los Ecocamps de Torres del Paine at least twice to
                           1.2C Determine meaning of words and phrases from authentic written and listening texts about               comprehend the main idea and details. During the second reading
                           the outdoors and/or outdoor activities by using vocabulary knowledge, background knowledge                 underline the main ideas and supporting details Respond to the
                           and contextual clues.(rafting)                                                                             questions in one or more complete sentences.(1.2A, 1.2B, 1.2C)
                                                                                                                                     Watch and listen to the Boy Scout song. Infer how the Boy Scout
                                 With a partner use the “Rafting el Rio Maipo” reading to determine meaning of unfamiliar
                                                                                                                                      feels about camping and what he plans to do while camping.
                                  words and phrases. Circle 3-5 unfamiliar words as you read the passage. Use contextual
                                  clues and your background knowledge to determine the meaning of the unfamiliar words.
                                                                                                                                      (1.2A, 1.2B, 1.2C, 1.2D)
                           1.2D Interpret a message about the outdoors and/or outdoor activities from a more complex
                                                                                                                                     Using the opinions posted on Trip Advisor about Torre del Paine
                           listening text by using background knowledge and contextual clues.
                                                                                                                                      read two postings and decide if the individuals enjoyed their
                               Use the video on camping in Mexico found at                                                           experienced and why. Cite evidence from the posting to support you
                                 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aZFUaRlwlm0 Stopping between each segment, with a                     conclusion. http://www.tripadvisor.es/ShowUserReviews-g670171-
                                 partner, discuss the different types of activities available for tourists to do in each location     r87096520-Torres_del_Paine_Patagonia.html#REVIEWS (1.2A, 1.2E)
                                 and tell whether this would be a place you would like to visit and why.                             You are making a crossword puzzle from vocabulary from this
                           1.2E Summarize and compare two or more sources of information to prepare for an outdoor                    chapter to give to the class. Use the phrases to determine the
                           excursion (such as campsites, camping equipment, tourist attractions, activities). (Torre del              matching vocabulary words. See p. 16, Assessment Program para
                           Paine) (tent)                                                                                              hispanohablantes”, Realidades Estás haciendo un crucigrama con el
                                  Read, “Lluvia en el desierto” on page 34 and “Los Ecocamps de Torres del Paine”

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  Utah Dual Immersion                                                                                                                               Spanish 3 Honors
  Secondary Curriculum                                                                                                               Chapter 1A: Los días inolvidables
   Objective                              Assessment Evidence – Performance Task                                                  3 Honors
                                                                                                                                         Sample Enabling Activity
                                        on page 35. With a partner, first summarize each reading. Then, compare how you               vocabulario de este capítulo para darlo a la clase como práctica de
                                        would need to prepare differently to go camping in each place.                                vocabulario. Escribe las palabras que se buscan”. Create your own
                                                                                                                                      clues to get your partner to guess the vocabulary words. (1.2C)
Students will use a         1.3A Present a story about a personal experience highlighting an outdoor activity.                    Teacher Edition of text p. 24 Block schedule activity
variety of transition            In your writing journal, write about a recent trip you took outdoors such as a camping trip,       Create an ending to a comic strip, short children’s story or picture
words, phrases, and                fishing, hiking, or walk in the park. Who did you go with? How did you prepare? What               sequencing. (1.1C) Or use activity 14 on p. 30 of text to create an
clauses to create                  did you do, see, and hear? How did you enjoy the experience? Would you go again and                ending.
sentences in written               recommend it to a friend and why? Read your entry to your partner(s) and then listen to           With a partner create an alternate ending to ¡Una aventura
and/or oral form in order          their story. Ask each other 1-3 questions about each other’s trip that was not included.           desastrosa! Share your ending with a different classmate. (1.1C)
to present stories,                (1.3.E)                                                                                           “Usa tu imaginación para crear un cuento de una aventura
reports, or summaries            Advanced Learners activity in TRB p 26.                                                             desastrosa. Trata de incorporar el vocabulario y gramática que
from a variety of texts.    1.3B Present a summary of plot and characters from a story from the target language culture.              aprendiste.” (1.3A, 1.3E)
This includes                        Read “Lectura” on page 54-56. Before beginning to read, review the “Al leer”                   Un cuento en grupo, Activity 44, page 47 (1.3A, 1.3 E)
presenting                                section on page 54. After reading the story complete the “Interaccion con la lectura”      Using the website http://es.wikihow.com/encender-una-fogata-sin-
informative/explanatory                   activities on page 57.                                                                      f%C3%B3sforos read how to build a fire without matches. Explain
writings, arguments to               As a class read “Fondo cultural” on page 57 and answer the question that follows.               the process to your partner without referring to the text. Exchange
support claims, and                       Then with a partner create a legend that explains a natural phenomenon that                 roles. (1.3.C)
ideas.                                    occurs. Share your legend with the class. (1.3E)                                              Read “Reglas de camping” at http://campings-
                            1.3C Present information to describe a task associated with an outdoor adventure (such as how                   autocaravanas.es/consejos-camping-campings/reglas-basicas-
                            to reserve a campsite, how to check the weather, how to build a fire, how to set up a tent or                   de-camping/gmx-niv368-con991.htm
                            other student choice).                                                                                          and/or “Consejos par air de camping” at
                                 With a partner select a task related to an outdoor experience such as how to build a fire.                http://www.vuelaviajes.com/consejos-para-ir-de-camping/
                                   Prepare a presentation showing another partnership how to complete the task. (1.3E)                      Identify which of the rules you think are the five most important
                            1.3D Present an argument for the importance of camping responsibly.                                             and why. Exchange your ideas with a partner. Write down
                                 Give a speech to an elementary school discussing aspects of camping responsibly (such                     which rules you both agreed were the most important and tell
                                   as putting out fires, cleaning up campsite, respecting animals and nature). (1.3E)                       why. (1.3D)
                            1.3E Present ideas using a variety of transitions words, phrases and clauses to convey
                            sequence and shifts of time.
                                 Be careful to use a variety of transition words, phrases and clauses as you prepare each
                                   of the presentations listed above.
CULTURES AND COMPARISONS – Cultural Perspectives and Practices
                            2.1A Identify the popular outdoor activities in Utah according to climate. Describe how               2.1A “Videodocumentario” Capítulo 1- Los deportes en el mundo
                            climate, seasons and geography affect recreation. Compare Utah’s recreation with that in              hispano
                            other countries, and lifestyles and relationships of people from various target language
                            communities and make inferences regarding beliefs, values and priorities of those                     2.1B NEED resources for Inti Raymi !!!
                            communities.                                                                                            - front load info about Incan culture and history including conquest;

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  Utah Dual Immersion                                                                                                                          Spanish 3 Honors
  Secondary Curriculum                                                                                                          Chapter 1A: Los días inolvidables
   Objective                           Assessment Evidence – Performance Task                                                 3 Honors
                                                                                                                                     Sample Enabling Activity
                         2.1B Read or watch video on the celebration of Inti Raymi in Cuzco, Perú. Identify and infer          map of Incan Empire
                         the cultural values present in the celebration and the culture’s relationship with nature.             - video of present day celebration
                                                                                                                                - graphic organizer to help students process ideas as they identify
                         2.1C Identify human  environment interactions in Costa Rica, Venezuela, or Argentina                 the cultural values they notice and infer
                         around the industry and values of ecotourism. Explain the impact of ecotourism on the
                         economy and values (how physical environment affects people and people affect physical               2.1C “Fondo Cultural” p.20, 27
                         environment). *
                                                                                                                              2.1D “Communication Workbook” p.166-“Mitos sobre Cristóbal Colón y sus
                         2.1D Recognize and compare cultural generalizations and stereoptypes regarding the life and          viajes?
                         voyages of Christoher Colombus. Compare how your previous knowledge on Colombus differs              NEED: pre, during and post Reading guidance/activities
                         from the reality of his life.
                                                                                                                              2.1E p.54-57 Lectura “El Iztaccíhuatl y el Popocatépetl”
                  2.1E Compare and contrast the individual, cultural and universal beliefs regarding parental                 NEED: pre, during and post Reading guidance/activites –see:
                  control over relationships, discrimination against outsiders, and the connection between people             Communication Workbook p.164 for “Analyzing the effectiveness of
                  and nature.                                                                                                 complex elements of plot”…needs to be in Spanish.
CULTURES AND COMPARISONS – Perspectives and Products
                  2.2A Explore the culinary traditions of mate and describe the ways in which it links to cultural            2.2A NEED resources on mate, including pictures and produce a
                  perspectives of friendship.                                                                                 “culture capsule” experience where students are presented with a
                                                                                                                              cultural situation and students have to describe their culturally
                         2.2B Investigate and explain cultural perspectives portrayed in various artistic forms and genres.   appropriate response.

                         2.2C Examine various locally-produced clothing which is used to keep people warm in high             2.2B NEED resources for: music of pan pipes; music/lyrics “El
                         altitude and mountainous culture (hats, ponchos, bolar hats, chompo (alpaca sweater), blankets.      Condor…” ; Chile’s national dance, “La Cueca” (through culturegrams in
                         Identify links between raw materials (alpaca) used in clothing with the climate.                     Pioneer Library)

                         2.2D Examine the blend of Incan and colonial religion through the religion and rituals of Inti       2.2C Clothing to keep you warm in the mountains—NEED resources
                         Raymi. Explain the tie between the religion, rituals, and geography.
                                                                                                                              2.2D NEED resources for Inti Raymi
                  2.2E Compare/contrast the cultural perspectives of drinking «mate» to the students' cultures of
                  welcoming friends.                                                                                          2.2E NEED
                  3.1A Use information from an authentic text, such as information from a website about the                     After reading the information about the different options for
 Students will    excursions available to visitors to Argentina’s Iguazú National Park.                                          excursions available in the Iguazú National Park, work with a partner
 obtain               Your family is planning a trip to Argentina and you want your family to include at least                  to decide which excursion seems like the most fun.
 information and        one outdoor adventure. Of the four excursions available at Iguazú National Park,                        Fondo Cultural, p. 27 (3.1A)
 ideas from both        describe your two favorites. Give enough detail to convince your family to sign up                      Websites, Iguazú Falls:
 fiction and non-       online tonight! (Printed copies of readings from website are provided)                                    http://rainforest.iguazuargentina.com/safari_de_la_cascada.html
 fiction texts

                                                                                                                                          Last updated 5/29/2012 11:00 am                                4A
  Utah Dual Immersion                                                                                                                      Spanish 3 Honors
  Secondary Curriculum                                                                                                      Chapter 1A: Los días inolvidables
   Objective                           Assessment Evidence – Performance Task                                             3 Honors
                                                                                                                                 Sample Enabling Activity
 related to              3.1A Use information from “La Cruz Roja Internacional” about natural disasters that                      (3.1A)
 outdoor                 occurred around the world.                                                                            http://rainforest.iguazuargentina.com/camino_de_los_pioneros.ht
 experiences and              Imagine you are working as a volunteer in a Red Cross office. Tell a distraught                    ml (3.1A)
 occurrences.                  relative from a Spanish-speaking country what occurred in a particular emergency                http://rainforest.iguazuargentina.com/safari_en_la_selva.html(3.1
                               situation and what the Red Cross advised for people in the area.                                   A)
 Students will                                                                                                                 http://rainforest.iguazuargentina.com/imagenes.html
 compare and             3.1B identify grammatical structures of the language studied and compare those structures             http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgPeQGT0NZQ
 contrast                with English structures.                                                                              http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onuwji7BXI4&feature=related
 structures used              In English, what’s past is past, but now you know that in Spanish what’s past may be               (YouTube video, Tragedia en Las Cataratas)
 in Spanish and                either preterit or imperfect. Write a text message telling what time it was when certain     Activity – After reading about several emergency notices from
 English to                    things happened last weekend. Mention as many things as you can.                               La Cruz Internacional, write a short announcement providing
 express actions                                                                                                              only the important facts about what happened in a disaster area
 and descriptions        3.1B Students identify and compare how to use expressions such as fishing, shopping,                 and tell what measures were taken to help the area’s
 in the past. *          taking a walk etc. as a noun in both English and Spanish.                                            population. (Printed readings provided from Español: Quinto
                                                                                                                              Grado, Secretaria de Educación Básica y Normal)
* Refer to Realidades    3.1C Apply the reading strategy of looking for cause and effect to understand why particular       Actividades 8, 9 and 10 on p. 28
Level 2, Chapter 5 for   events occurred during a ski trip.                                                                 Advanced Learners activity, p. 28.
presentation of              You listen to your friend tell you about a ski trip he took with his friends. As he talks,    Actividades 14, 15, 16 on pgs. 30-31.
Imperfect Tense.               fill in the chart to identify the cause and effect of particular things that happened.       Actividades 17-20, pgs. 32-33
                               (Script provided to teacher)
                                                                                                                            Actividades 21-23, p. 34
                                                                                                                            Create a “status update” in Spanish for your Facebook page about
                         3.1C Apply the listening strategy of selective listening to assist in comprehension for key
                                                                                                                              what you did last night for your Spanish-speaking friends.
                         details to comprehend information about camping.
                                                                                                                            Design 3-5 questions to ask your partner about what they did on a
                         3.1D Recognize and compare idiomatic expressions such “raining cats and dogs vs.”llueve a            trip last summer.
                         cántaros” or “I’m burning up” vs. “Me estoy cocinando” when describing the weather.                Compare sayings about the weather in Spanish to verify if there is
                                                                                                                              an equivalent saying in English, such as the following:
                                                                                                                               A mal tiempo, Buena cara
                                                                                                                               Faltará la madre al hijo, pero no la helada al granizo.
                                                                                                                               Cuando el sapo ves andar, agua primaveral
                                                                                                                               Llueve a cántaros.
                                                                                                                               Me estoy cocinando
                                                                                                                           (See website: http://www.brighthubeducation.com/learning-
                                                                                                                            Ampliación del lenguaje, p. 28.
                                                                                                                            Pre-Reading activity, p. 24 in “Core Instruction” box.
                                                                                                                            Advanced Learners Activity, p. 24
                                                                                                                            Listen as campers talk about their camping gear.

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    Utah Dual Immersion                                                                                                         Spanish 3 Honors
    Secondary Curriculum                                                                                         Chapter 1A: Los días inolvidables
   Objective                         Assessment Evidence – Performance Task                                 3 Honors
                                                                                                                     Sample Enabling Activity
                                                                                                                Listening Activity Track 3, Teacher Resource Book, p. 28.
                                                                                                                Listening Activity Tracks 6,7,8,9 in Teacher resource Book, p. 29-
                                                                                                                   30, Activities #1, 2, in Audio Workbook, p. 8.

http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/                                                    Native Americans - Cool, visual website -
http://www.actfl.org/files/21stCenturySkillsMap/p21_worldlanguagesmap.pdf                   http://www.portalmibax.com/RUTAS/MONOGRAFICOS/INDIOS%20AMERICANOS/Indios-
Peace Corps "Culture Matters" materials in Spanish and English:                             americanos-inicio.htm
http://www.peacecorps.gov/index.cfm?shell=library.culture                                   http://www.agama.net/usa01c.htm - Native American Reservations in the USA
The national parks of Utah - Spanish Version - http://www.fiveutahparks.com/es/index.html   System of higher education - http://universidadhispanautah.com/docs/Bachelor_degree.pdf
Zion National Park - Spanish Version - http://www.utah.com/international/spanish/zion.htm   El Observador - Utah's Spanish language newspaper - http://okespanol.com/home/
Capitol Reef - Spanish Version -                                                            Art: http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/Art
http://www.utah.com/international/spanish/capitol_reef.htm                                  Daily Routine: http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/Daily+Routine
Bryce Canyon - Spanish Version - http://www.utah.com/international/spanish/arches.htm       Food: http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/Food
St. George, Utah - Spanish Version -                                                        Friendship & Love: http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/Friendship+%26+Love
http://www.utah.com/international/spanish/st_george.htm                                     Health & Hygiene: http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/Health+%26+Hygiene
Lake Powell - Spanish Version -                                                             Professions: http://cultureconnection.wikispaces.com/Professions
Salt Lake City - Spanish Version - http://www.utah.com/international/spanish/slc.htm
Dinosaur National Monument - Spanish Version -
Family Health History - Spanish Version Utah Government -
Native Americans - Spanish language Video -
Tons of tourist info about Utah, including Park City and more -
The American West - http://www.agama.net/usa25c.htm
Native American Folklore - http://okespanol.com/article/700119560/Folklore-Indio-
Immigration in the United States http://okespanol.com/article/700119560/Folklore-Indio-

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