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   Name is Bill

"...the purest form of theatre I can honestly
say I've ever seen, true story telling at its
                                                                         Actor Johnny Harris

One alcoholic…one shattered career…and one gin and tonic within reach.

The lives of millions depend on what he does next.

Filled with black, dry humour and incredible stakes, My Name is Bill is a new one-man
show about the Wall Street millionaire on the day he hit rock bottom and created
Alcoholics Anonymous. A moving story of materialism, isolation, love and redemption,
written and performed by Bryan Bounds.

About the Play
My Name is Bill is a one-hour, one-man show, filled with black, dry humour and
incredible stakes. In a hotel lobby, this hopeless alcoholic, alone and devastated after the
collapse of a crucial business deal, is torn between taking a drink - a move that will
certainly kill him - or making a phone call for help.

In the throes of his anguish and desperate to buy time, he bares his soul and takes the
audience on a rollercoaster ride through his brilliant and tormented mind. Audiences have
been transfixed and profoundly moved by the play's humour and honesty, and the timely
themes of materialism, isolation, love, accountability and humility.

Praise for My Name is Bill
“...Darkly humorous...”

“…It blended useful information about a growing problem with great entertainment.”
                                                                                  Jools E Symons
                                                           Patient & Public Involvement Manager
                                                             Leeds Institute of Medical Education

“A magnificent play that metaphorically brought the troubled founder of AA into that
room and enabled me to meet this man and gain a far clearer insight into this very fallible
but uniquely remarkable man.”
“It does a great man justice, illustrating the mental torment which every human at some
time in their life goes through.”

Previous tours
  July 25th, 2009
  Hilton Metropole

  Kardamili, Greece:
  August 27th,2009
  Anna's Cafe

  September 26th, 2009
  Kingsley Hall

  October 24th, 2009
  The Council House

  Jan 26th-28th, 2010
  The Carriageworks

About Bryan Bounds
(Member of Equity) Texan by birth, Bryan’s acting career took him to New York with
roles on Sex and the City, Shakespeare in Central Park and other off-Broadway projects.
But the Yorkshire climate and customer service – and a beautiful scouser – beckoned, so
Bryan moved to Leeds ten years ago. Since then, his credits include Emmerdale, WIFE
SWAP, and a number of Radio 4 dramas.

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Why I wrote this play
“Why write a play that tells the story of a man who couldn’t finish a project, couldn’t stay
off the drink for many years, and even though he was selected to be a protégé of Thomas
Edison, was so absent-minded that he used to eat his soup with a fork. How did this man
become one of the 100 most important Americans of the 20th century, and a person hailed
as the greatest social architect of the last one hundred years?
“If what happened in this play hadn’t happened – and his work that followed – then about
two million people around the world who are alive today, probably wouldn’t be. Including

“When I read ‘Bill’s Story’ sixteen years ago in Houston, Texas, I had no idea that a man
whom I'd never met – just by telling his story – was about to reach out across time and
save my life, as he and the other founders of the twelve step movement have done for

“I was given ‘Bill’s Story’ to read by a friend who knew I was having trouble with my
drinking. I identified immediately with Bill’s behavior and I reached out for help, and
then was freely given a program of recovery. I’m a lucky guy, when I consider that
generations of my family, including my brother, didn't have that gift.

“Then, a few years ago it occurred to me: Bill’s story is a profoundly moving tale of
humility, sacrifice and responsibility. So I wrote this play as a payback to Bill, as a
memorial to my brother, and as a message of support to people who may have a loved
one who's affected by this illness and want to learn more. The journey has taken me back
to Bill’s boyhood home in Vermont, the Brooklyn brownstone where he hit bottom (and
which I found to be surprisingly homely), and to the lobby of the Mayflower. It’s been
one of the most humbling journeys of my life.”

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