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					                                                                      Curriculum Map for Teen Issues

Unit Name /          Benchmark                     Key Learnings (written          Activities used                 Resources used                     Assessment of
Topic (specific                                    as statement)                                                                                      learning
timeframe, if any)
Intro                Identify and understand       Teens face unique             Discussion of course topics.      Human Knot Activity                Reflection/discussion
                     issues facing teens.          challenges in their every day Select/share related reading      Chicken Soup books                 Scheduled Readings
                                                   life.                         from Chicken Soup books           Teacher Guidance                   Observation
                                                                                 Ice-breaker activity

Family               Define the meaning of the     Families have evolved over    Group definition/poster.          Newsprint, markers                 Completed poster
                     family and identify how the   the last 100 years out of     Brainstorm/Discussion             Whiteboard/markers                 Crossword puzzle
                     family has changed over       necessity and as a reflection Video: "That's a Family" &        Pretest/note sheet.                Test l
                     last 100 years.               of societal changes.          crossword puzzle.                 VCR
                                                                                 Pretest about today's families.   Video: "That's a Family" &
                                                                                 Overhead/Notes                    crossword puzzle
                                                                                 Group building activities         Overhead
                     Compare/contrast family       Family relationships can vary Culturegram; research & share     Teacher guidnce                    Completed culturegram
                     traditions and dynamics.      depending of various factors, in group setting a selected       Culturegrams                       wkst/reflection.
                                                   such as economic and          country's family' dynamics.       Computer/projector
                                                   cultural influences.          "Poverty USA Tour" DVD
                                                                                 Discussion; small group &

                     Examine today's family        Families provide many           Survey/discussion of results    Survey sheets                      Observation/discussion
                     and analyze the               functions; parent/child         Family Focus wkst/discussion.   Family Focus wkst                  Completion of parent
                     relationship between          relationsnhips often change     Read/discuss article            Article "You Drive Me Crazy"       interview.
                     parents and children.         throughout development.         Role-play                       Role-play scenerios                Test l
                                                                                   Parent/child interview          Interivew sheets
                                                                                   assignment.                     VCR/Video: "Dear Distant
                                                                                   Video/wkst                      Dad" & wkst
                                                                                   Activity: Family Sculpture

                     Examine the challenges of Teen' parents face unique     Discussion                            VCR/video:"Teen Moms               Completion of
                     teen parenthood.          challenges in their every day Video                                 Talking"                           interview/reflection on
                                               life.                         Speakers: Teen Moms                   Speakers from New                  teen parents.
                                                                             Select/read & share article in        Beginnings Program                 Observation/discussion
                                                                             small groups.                         "Life In the Fast Lane" articles

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                                                                      Curriculum Map for Teen Issues

Unit Name /          Benchmark                     Key Learnings (written          Activities used                  Resources used                  Assessment of
Topic (specific                                    as statement)                                                                                    learning
timeframe, if any)
Friends              Analyze characterisitics of   Certain qualities, such as      Brainstorm/discussion            Teacher guidance                Presentation of ad
                     a quality friendship and      trustworthiness, honesty, and   Create "friendship"              Whiteboard                      Observation
                     examine what friends          supportiveness, provide the     ad/commercial                    Newsprint/markers
                     bring to a relationship and   foundation of our friendships   Video                            VCR/video "Better
                     what the student brings to                                                                     Friendships"
                     Examine how friendships       The role and functions of       Read essay on friendship.        Essay; "Stages of Friendship" Written reflection.
                     develop and change            friendships change from         Overhead/notes/discussion;       Overheads/notesheets          Test l
                     through childhood.            early childhood through         Stages of Friendship.            Assigment sheet               Completion of interview
                                                   adolescence.                    Friendship interview
                     Evaluate the formation of Peer pressure can covertly          Discussion/notes                 Overhead                        Observation
                     cliques and the effects of and overtly affect the             Activity: "I'll Bet You Can't"   Hallway or large space for      Written reflection
                     peer pressure.              decisions and choices we          Video                            activity                        Test l
                                                 make.                             Activity: "Left Out"             VCR/video: "Refusal Skill"
Dating               Understand the function of Dating serves an important         Brainstorm/discussion            Whiteboard/markers              Observation
                     dating and examine the      role for future servious          Video newsclip                   VCR/KARE 11 video clip          Written reaction
                     qualities of an ideal date. relationships.                    Read news article: "State of     Article; State of Dating"       Completion of
                                                                                   Dating" and write reaction.      VCR/video; "No Brain Dating"    assignment
                                                                                   Video                            Assignment article: "Crushes,
                                                                                   Take-home assignment article     Your First Lessons in Love"

Self-esteem          Understand and                We all have our own special     Self-esteem survey/discussion    Survey                          Completion of book.
                     appreciate one's own          qualities that we need to       Activity/Discussion              Activity; "Group Treasure Hunt' Reflective discussion
                     special uniqueness            acknowledge, embrace and        Create "I Am Special Book"       "I Am Special Book" templates
                                                   appreciate.                     Activity/discussion              Activity;"Fingerprints"

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Self-esteem                                                           Curriculum Map for Teen Issues

Unit Name /          Benchmark                    Key Learnings (written             Activities used          Resources used                  Assessment of
Topic (specific                                   as statement)                                                                               learning
timeframe, if any)
                     Recognize and                Our view of ourselves,             Speaker; Psychcologist   Speaker                         Observation
                     understand that our view relationships with family,             Discussion               Whiteboeard/markers             Written Reflection
                     of ourselves, along with     friends, boyfriends/girlfriends,   Overhead/Notes           Overheads                       Test ll
                     various facets of our lives, and participating in activities    Activity/Discussion      "Spiderman" activity
                     can greatly impact our self- that support our
                     esteem.                      talents/interests improves the
                                                  health of our self-eateem.

Depression/Suicide   Recognize and             Depression can lead to                Pre-test                 Myths & Facts wkst             Written reflection.
                     understand the signs and suicide; it is important to            Speaker; Psychcologist   Speaker: Teens Alone           Test lI
                     symptoms of depression recognize and understand                 Discussion/reflection    Overheads/notesheets
                     and how depression can some of the symptoms.                    Overhead/Notes           VCR/Video: "Don't Kill
                     lead to suicide.                                                Video                    Yourself"
                                                                                     Read/reflect article     Article: "Losing Two Children"

Anger                Identify and examine     Anger is a natural feeling and Activity: "Stick It"             Newsprint, 2X2 in paper         Reflective discussion
                     anger-related responses. secondary emotion.             Speaker                          squares                         Written reflection
                                                                             Video                            Speaker: Cornerstone
                                                                                                              VCR/Video: Anger

                     Understand and recognize Effective communication can Overhead/Notes/Discussion           Teacher guidance                Observation
                     the importance of        help clarify misunderstanding I-messages                        Overhead/Notesheets             Written reflection
                     effective communication. and lead to healthier         Role-play                                                         Completed I-messages
                                              relationships.                                                                                  wkst.
                                                                                                                                              Test lll

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                                                                      Curriculum Map for Teen Issues

Unit Name /          Benchmark                   Key Learnings (written            Activities used                 Resources used                Assessment of
Topic (specific                                  as statement)                                                                                   learning
timeframe, if any)
Conflict Styles      Identify and understand     People handle conflict            Activity: "Marshmellow Tower"   Marshmellows and toothpicks   Completed questionsires
                     different conflict styles   differently and often fall into   Conflict packet wkst            Conflict packet wkst: Ten     Completed interview
                                                 one of four styles when           Tally information student has   Situations, Conflict Styles   Tally sheet
                                                 dealing with conflict             gathered about their conflict   Questionaire, Passive,        Conflict style summary
                                                                                   styles.                         Aggressive, or Assertive??,   and relfection.
                                                                                   Overhead/Notes/Discussion       Personal Conflict Style       Test lll
                                                                                   Video                           Interview, Tally Sheets,
                                                                                   Roleplay                        Conflict Style Summary
                                                                                                                   VCR/Video: Peer Conflict
                                                                                                                   Roleplay character pieces

Stress Management    Examine the effects of      Stress reducing strategies        Activity: Circle Jungle         Tennis balls                  Take-home test
                     stress and demonstrate      can improve how we feel and       Access your own stress          Access Your Stress" Wkst      Written Reflection
                     stress-reducing strategies. improve the quality of our        Notes/Discussion                Overhead
                                                 relationships.                    Speaker: Yoga                   Speaker: yoga
                                                                                   Video                           VCR/Video: "Teens and
                                                                                   Read/summarize article          Stress"
                                                                                                                   Article:"Handling Stress"
Decision-making      Understand and              Wise decisions often are the Maze activity                        Maze tarp                     Reflective discussion
                     demonstrate the steps of    consequence of a thoughful Discussion                             Overhead                      Decision assignment
                     decision-making.            process.                     Overhead of steps                    Whiteboard/markers            Group test
                                                                              Work through scenerio as a           Assignment sheet
                                                                              class                                VCR/Video: "Rock-a-Bye
                                                                              Assign decision-making               Baby"
                                                                              assignment                           Small group test

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