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Camporee Template by ajizai


									Colonial District – NCAC

Camporee Template
The following is a generic format for camporee packages. A package has two parts; informational and forms
(attachments). The template is based on the one used by Colonial District of the National Capital Area Council (NCAC).
References to Colonial District are for example purposes only; references do not imply the template is solely for the use of
Colonial District. However, the content and prices reflect Colonial District “best practices” which may not be in effect at
other districts.
Eventually, the Camporee Committee hopes to generate packages as a database report, thus standardizing the content to
the evolved best practices.
Using the Template
      Naming convention
To use the template, save a copy using the naming convention of: Colonial District Camporee Pkg-<yyyymmdd>-<status>
   “Status” reflects Draft (and version) or Final
   Date (yyyymmdd) reflects the first day of the event.
   For example, the 09 March 2011 draft of the Spring 2011 camporee that began on 29 Apr would be labeled Colonial
    District Camporee Pkg-20110429-Draft-20110309. The final would be labeled Colonial District Camporee Pkg-
   Naming conventions are being reviewed; working toward a “best practice”

    General Comments
In general, throughout the template,
   Italicized text represents recommended wording to be used as is.
   Bracketed (i.e., <>) and highlighted text must be deleted or replaced with content relevant to the camporee
   Tables discuss the content of the referred section. The first column describes the content, and the second column is an
    example (from the Fall 2010 Spy Games camporee).
   Tables used for managing layout (as in the forms) should not be removed, but used as is.

The District Camporee committee is responsible for providing sufficient copies for each attending unit. Each attending is
responsible for duplicating the attachments in sufficient quantity for their units’ individual attendees. Units are
encouraged to add unit-specific information to the attachments prior to copying to reduce duplication of effort and ensure
accuracy and completeness.
Package Layout
   Borders are 0.5-0.7”.
   Two column except for Appendices (beginning Agenda); attachments typically are forms.

        Heading (4 lines, centered)
Field         Example                                                                          Font
District      Colonial District – NCAC                                                         TMN 12 pt
Season        Fall 2010                                                                        TMN 16 pt
Theme/title   Spy Games Camporee                                                               TMN 24 pt
Venue         Fort Washington National Park, Prince George’s County, MD, October 15-17, 2010   TMN 12 pt
Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                 Page 1
Field                    Example                                        Font
District & Theme/title   Colonial District-NCAC Fall 2010 Camporee      TMN 12 pt, italic, centered first column
Field          Example                        Font
Status         Current as of : 2010-03-09     TMN 12 pt, italic, centered first column
Page number    Page n                         TMN 12 pt, italic, centered second column

Field               Example              Font                          Field              Example
District &          Colonial District    Arial 14 pt, bold,            Intro              Various Scouting skills will be employed
camporee            NCAC                 centered                                         during the various events.
                    Spring 2011                                        Skills             To the extent Scouts wish to prepare for their
Theme/title         New Birth of         Arial 18 pt, italic,                             participation, they should review the
                    Freedom              bold, centered                                   following Scout skills: (1) lashings, (2)
Logo                                     Centered,3” x 3.5”                               orienteering (day and night), (3) first aid and
Date                October 14-16,       Arial 14 pt, bold,                               patient transport, (4) measuring the height and
                    2011                 centered                                         distance of an object, (5) flag signaling, (6)
                                                                                          Morse Code, and (7) measuring a distance by
Camporee Package Contents                                                                 pacing.
   TOC to 2nd level (only)                                            Scope              Various patrol teamwork games will also be
   Page break to content.                                                                incorporated into the program. It is not
                                                                                          anticipated that the patrols will require any
1      Camporee Program                                                                   patrol equipment to be brought to the program
                                                                                          areas, with the exception of flashlights during
                                                                                          the evening program.
1.1 Overview                                                           Objectives/        The Scouts will hopefully complete the
Concise but thorough description. Recommend the                        Suggestions        majority of the requirements for the
                                                                                          Centennial Signaling merit badge (troop
troop(s) hosting the program write this section.
                                                                                          leaders should review those requirements with
Field                 Example                                                             the Scouts prior to the camporee).
Theme,                The theme of the Camporee is “Spy
composition of        Games”. The Scouts will take part in a           1.3 Sponsorship
units, scoring,       number of scenarios and games during
program duration.     the day and night having a “spy” theme           Who has lead (has defined the theme, venue, and scope)
                      and which incorporate team building, use         and who must be included in major program changes
                      of Scout skills, and problem solving.            (due to related authority or responsibility).
Unit organization     Scouts will be grouped as patrols during
(team, patrol,        the day and evening programs,                    Field                Example
troop)                preferably having 6-8 Scouts per patrol.         Troop                This Camporee program is provided by the
Operation             Each patrol will cycle through                                        Scouts and Scouters of Troop 888
                      approximately 10 events during the               Facilities owner     and in cooperation with Fort Washington
                      afternoon program, and 6-8 events                (when                National Park Service staff
                      during the evening program.                      applicable)          (
Scoring (metrics,     To the extent possible, the patrols will be
measuring             graded during their participation in the         1.4 Webelos Scouts
achievement)          various events.
Duration              The program will run during Saturday             When applicable (i.e., Fall Camporee) add the following.
                      afternoon from 1:30-4:30 pm and                  Go to Section 6 for Webelos-Ree.
                      Saturday evening from 8:00-11:00 pm.
                                                                       For Spring camporees:
1.2 Troop Prep-work                                                    Webelos-Ree is not available at Spring Camporees.
Preparation recommended in order for troops to
maximize value of attending. Recommend the troop(s)                    1.5 New, Tenderfoot & 2nd Class Scout
hosting the program write this section.                                    Program
                                                                       No advancement programs will be offered at this
Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                         Page 2
1.6 1st Class, Star, and Life Scouts                              1.12 Order of the Arrow Brotherhood
No advancement programs will be offered at this                        Ceremony
Camporee.                                                         There will NOT be a Brotherhood Walk or Ceremony
                                                                  Saturday night..
1.7 Older Scout Skills Activity/ Instruction
This section describes program opportunities for Venture          1.13 When and Where
patrols, Varsity Teams, Venturing Crews/Ships.                    The <Fall> Camporee will be held at the <Fort
Alternatively, this section should cover the expectations         Washington National Historic Park in Prince George’s
of the Camporee organizers and attendees for older                County, Maryland>. Directions to the camp and a map
youth (e.g., are older youth attendees or are they staff).
                                                                  are included in this package.
No advancement programs will be offered at this
                                                                  There will be a leader’s meeting Friday night at 9:30
                                                                  PM at the HQ area, please bring your SPL. Units should
                                                                  plan on arriving between 5:00 PM and 8:30 PM, Friday,
1.8 Junior Leader Training Workshop
                                                                  <October 15th> and departing after the closing program
JLTW will not be offered at this Camporee.                        on Sunday (about noon); please do not arrive earlier
                                                                  than 4:00 PM Friday evening, because all campsites
1.9 Camporee-Wide Service Project
                                                                  may not be marked. See section 2.2 for further
As available at the site, and as appropriate for the age          information on parking.
and skill levels of the attendees. The Service Project
Coordinator should write this paragraph.                          1.14 Pre-Registration
Field           Example                                           We would like all units to pre-register before <two days
Selection (if   A list of service project is planned as part of   prior to start; October 13th>. Pre-registration will allow
necessary)      the program. Each unit will pick their service
                Project at the October Round Tables.              the Program Units to purchase the appropriate amount
Timing          The service projects will take place on           of materials and will allow the District team to firm up
                Saturday morning at 9:00 and will end at          logistic support requirements. Your pre-registration
                11:30. The service projects will take             information should be emailed to:
                approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours,
Scope           and will involve mulching, repainting BBQ         Registration   Chairman:   <Judith McCuistion>
                pits, and painting at the barracks building in    Subject Line: <event; Fall 2010> Camporee
                the Fort.
1.10 Religious Service                                            Please be sure to include all of the information on the
                                                                  registration form.
A Scouts’ Own service will take place Sunday morning
at 9:30 AM. We anticipate that most Scouts will be home           No fees are expected with your pre-registration.
in time to attend regular church services.                        Field       Example
                                                                  Parking     The available space at Fort Washington picnic
1.11 Order of the Arrow Activities                                specifics   areas will be divided into 3 sub-camps and the
                                                                              Webelos area. Each unit will have a pre assigned
On Friday night, after the leaders’ meeting there will be                     area that will be marked off based on the pre-
an OA Chapter meeting at the Admin area. All OA                               registration numbers.
members are welcome to attend. Cracker barrel will be
served — this great opportunity to meet the Chapter
                                                                  1.15 Registration & Fees
officers and share in some evening fellowship. On                 Fees include the ground fee, Scout insurance, a Colonial
Saturday night, at approximately 6:45 PM, all units will          District <event; 2010 Fall> Camporee patch, as well as
proceed to the central campfire location.                         Camporee supplies and materials.
                                                                  Field              Example
                                                                  Program-specific   Boy Scout program cost is $11.00 per
                                                                  fees               attendee.
                                                                                     Webelos program cost is $7.00 per
                                                                                     attendee. See Section 6.

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                               Page 3
All payments should be made BY CHECK payable to              leadership is required. Coed overnight activities require
NCAC-BSA on arrival at check-in. FINAL                       male and female adult leaders." National BSA policy
REGISTRATION details are included in Section 3,              also states that "When staying in tents, no youth will stay
below.                                                       in the tent of an adult other than his or her parent or
                                                             guardian." It is the unit leader's responsibility to see that
1.16 CAMPOREE MANAGEMENT                                     these policies are enforced within his/her unit. Questions
Principal camporee staff members are listed below.           or concerns should be directed to the Camporee
Camporee Director                   <Mike Crane>             Director or to the District Executive.
DeputyCamporee Director             <Dominick Caridi>
Boy Scout Program Director          <Jim Hellwege>           2.4 How to Get There
Deputy Director – Administration    <Judi McCuistion>        Field         Example
Webelos Program Director            <Joe Pallone>            From          From I-95/495 take exit 3, Indian Head
Quartermaster                       <Norm Johnson>           Aldersgate    Highway South/MD 210. Travel about 4 miles
Deputy Director - Health & Safety   <Bill Stewart>           UMC area      to Fort Washington Road, turn right. The Park
Order of the Arrow Advisor          <Ray Garant>                           is located at the end of the road.
                                                             Venue         Driving directions and Park information:
2    GENERAL CAMPOREE                                        details
                                                             2.5 Camping
2.1 CHANGES and CANCELLATIONS                                The available space at <location; Fort Washington
The Camporee Director is the only individual authorized      picnic area> will be divided into <five> sub-camps.
to change or cancel a scheduled activity or event. Any       Remember, we want to practice Leave No Trace – the
necessary changes will be made at the earliest possible      lighter your unit, the better. Late registering units may
time and posted in writing at Camporee Headquarters.         be camping in overflow areas. See section 4 for
                                                             additional details on camping.
2.2 Traffic Control and Parking
This Camporee is being held <venue: in a National            2.6 Camporee Food Service
Park>; all participants will be expected to follow the       Units are responsible for bringing their own food and
traffic rules in effect <venue; in the park> at all times.   the necessary means of preparing it. You will need food
Traffic patterns will be clearly marked as will be           for Friday (or eat before you arrive), three meals
parking areas; there will be PARKING near the                Saturday and Sunday breakfast. Please observe BSA
campsites. Trailers will be parked at designated parking     Leave No Trace guidelines. We strongly urge a quick
spaces with the back side to the camping areas, but          “get-away” breakfast for Sunday morning.
vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds. Those cars
just coming to drop off Scouts and personal gear are         2.7 Emergency Contact
encouraged to unload at the staging areas, from this         It is recommended that, if possible, units should have
point Scouts can walk to their site.                         access to a cellular phone that could be used as a
Scouters that arrive early must move their cars to the       primary contact for members of their unit. The
designated parking area as soon as possible in order to      emergency numbers for the camporee are 703/625- 4196
avoid later arrivals having to wait. Remember, a Scout       (Dominick Caridi). This is a cellular phone. They are
is Courteous.                                                only to be used in case of an emergency. Anyone calling
                                                             must know the individual's Troop number and, if
2.3 Two Deep Leadership and Youth                            possible, the unit leader's name.
                                                             2.8 First Aid
National BSA policy requires that "Two registered adult
leaders, or one adult and a parent of a participating        The First Aid Station will be located <location: adjacent
Scout, one of whom must be at least 21 years of age or       to the Camporee Headquarters Area> and will be
older, are required for all trips or outings. There are a    marked with a prominent sign. All significant injuries
few instances, such as patrol activities, when no adult      must be brought to the First Aid station personnel for

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                           Page 4
possible treatment and recording. Any situation                sub-camps Units that do not pre-register must pay all
requiring contact with public emergency medical                fees at the Camporee BEFORE a site is assigned,
resource must be coordinated though the First Aid              assuming space is still available. Units should plan on
station personnel. More specific information will be           arriving between 5:00 PM and 8:30 PM.
provided at the Friday night leaders' meeting.
                                                               3.2 Campsite Assignment
2.9 Parental Authorization                                     For units that pre-register, their campsite assignment, a
In case of serious injury or illness requiring emergency       Camporee map, and any other relevant Camporee
medical services or hospital treatment, a Colonial             information will available at the Boy Scout Program
District health history record and permission of a parent      Headquarters when you check in. All other units will be
or guardian are required. This form must be accessible         assigned a site, on a space available basis. You will need
to the adult leader/leaders at all times.                      to get your site assignment and a map before you enter
                                                               the camping area.
2.10 Fire & Ambulance Service                                  Webelos: See Section 6.
The local fire and police have been notified of our
presence. In the unlikely event that fire or ambulance         3.3 Locating Your Site
services are needed, send a runner to the Camporee             The fields will be divided into 3 sub-camps, one subcamp
Headquarters, so that an emergency call can be placed          for each of the service areas of the Colonial District -
and the Camporee Director can be notified immediately.         North, East and West service areas. Within each
If the emergency call is placed from a cellular phone          subcamp, each unit’s site will be individually marked.
within your area, you still must send a runner to the          Follow the traffic control signs to the staging area. After
Camporee Headquarters to notify the Deputy Director,           you unload the gear, please move your car to the main
Health and Safety of the emergency and to arrange for          parking lot.
the emergency equipment to be directed to the correct
                                                               Field          Example
location.                                                      Location       Remember that this is a National Park and no
                                                               specifics      vehicles are allowed onto the fields.
2.11 Paperwork
Units should prepare the following paperwork:                  3.4 Checking In and Paying Fees
1. Colonial District Camporee registration form.               After the unit has set up camp, one person (e.g., SPL,
                                                               Assistant Scoutmaster, etc.) must go to the Camporee
2. Unit Permission Form, this is provided by the unit;
                                                               Headquarters to complete registration by turning in a
each youth in attendance must have this form completed
                                                               completed registration form and paying all required
by their parent or guardian. A sample of typical form is
                                                               fees. The final registration form will be included in the
                                                               mailing you will receive 3 to 5 days before the
Field       Example                                            camporee. To assist the staff, please pay with checks or
Location    3. Volunteer In the Parks Program (VIPP) form;
specifics   completed by their parent or guardian. A copy of   money orders. These should be made payable to "NCAC-
            this form (NPS Form No, 10-89) has been            BSA." A single check is the preferred method of
            provided for your duplication.                     payment.
3    REGISTRATION AND CHECK-                                   3.5 Late Arrival & Early Departure
                                                               If a unit is not going to arrive Friday night, please
3.1 Registration and Check-In                                  indicate this on your preregistration form. If your unit is
                                                               going to leave Saturday night, make sure you indicate
All units planning on attending should register by
                                                               this on the final registration form. If your unit must leave
<October 13th> (see section 1.16). These registration
                                                               on Saturday evening, and you have notified the
forms will be used by the staff in establishing remote
                                                               Chairman for Administration, you may obtain your
parking needs, campsite locations and to determine how
                                                               patches at Camporee Headquarters once you have
many boys will be participating in the various events.
                                                               totally vacated your campsite and had the campsite
Units will also be assigned to campsites in one of Three
Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                             Page 5
commissioner sign the check out form. Units checking          4.2 Ground Conditions
out Sunday see section 3.6.                                   Field       Example
                                                              Location    The campground is fairly flat and campsites will
3.6 Check-Out Procedures                                      specifics   be an open field. Protect your tents by bringing
                                                                          sturdy ground cloths and protect your body by
Each unit will receive a checkout and program                             bringing foam pads or air mattresses for a good
evaluation form with the final mailing or at registration.                night's rest. Dinning flys are permitted. There will
Additional copies will be available from the Campsite                     be no picnic tables available to individual
                                                                          campsites (the picnic tables can not be moved to
Commissioners. After you have cleared your campsite of
                                                                          individual campsites) Remember, the park is a
all unit and personal gear, policed the area, send                        sacred resource.
someone to notify your Commissioner. When the                 The ground cover is especially fragile in wet, rainy
Commissioner arrives, he/she will inspect your camp,          conditions and can take years to overcome the effects of
sign off on the check-out/evaluation form.                    harsh treatment. Please make every effort to minimize
                                                              the impact of your unit’s campsite and the common
3.7 Camporee Patches & Ribbons
The Camporee patches and ribbons will NOT be
available until after the closing ceremony. The               4.3 Natural Habitat
Camporee Patches will be available to be picked up            No trees, shrubs, or bushes will be cut within the
from the Camporee Headquarters once your Campsite             campground or neighboring areas. Wood that has fallen
has been inspected by a Commissioner. Your SPL must           from trees will be left in place. Do not molest or
come to the Camporee Headquarters to ask for an               interfere with the area's plant life or wildlife and do not
inspection. Once a satisfactory campsite inspection has       play in the streams within the campground.
been completed by a commissioner will the items be
released to the SPL. Patch orders are placed based on         4.4 Tent Ditching
pre-registration numbers. If your unit registers late, they
                                                              There will be no tent ditching or other changes made to
may not get the patches until later, if we have to reorder
                                                              the ground contours to improve campsites. Remember
                                                              that proper pitching of tents does not require ditching.
                                                              4.5 Cooking and Ground Fires
4.1 The Campground                                            Units must bring their own stoves, charcoal grills, and
As members of the Boy Scouts of America, it is our            fuel for cooking. Charcoal and propane are
obligation and responsibility to see that every-one           recommended. Liquid charcoal lighter fluid is not
respect and observe the rules and regulations in this         allowed. GROUND FIRES ARE NOT PERMITTED.
package and follows guidance provided by the camporee         Field       Example
directors and site commissioners. Playing in the streams      Location    There are fire rings throughout the camping area.
that run through the campground is prohibited.                specifics   Units are allowed to use fire rings for cooking
                                                                          provided all relevant safety measures are
Remember the BSA Leave No Trace guidelines, all units                     followed (able to control fire, able to extinguish
are reminded to keep the impact of camping on the                         all fires, fires are actively attended (or will be put
environment to a minimum. Be sure to leave <venue;                        out by Camporee staff), fires are thoroughly
                                                                          extinguished when no longer being used).
Fort Washington Park> in better shape than when you
arrived!                                                      4.6 Use of Liquid Fuel
                                                              The safety of our Scouts and Scouters must be a prime
                                                              consideration in the use of liquid fuels. The use of liquid
                                                              fuels in lanterns and stoves is acceptable at this
                                                              Camporee only if: 1) A knowledgeable adult provides
                                                              supervision over the storage, transportation, and usage
                                                              of the fuel; and 2) Scouts have been taught the safe and

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                             Page 6
proper handling and usage of the fuel, stoves, and                4. Leave What You Find
lanterns.                                                         5. Minimize Campfire Use
                                                                  6. Respect Wildlife
4.7 Availability of Water
                                                                  7. Respect Others
Water will be available at a central location within the
camping area — you will need water carriers. Carrying             Field          Example
                                                                  Location       Since we are in a National Park, the National
of water will be required. Canteens should be carried             specifics      Park rules also apply for this event.
during the program on Saturday, as drinking water will
                                                                  Any individual who does not behave as he should may be
not be readily available in the program areas. Proper
                                                                  putting his unit's future camporee privileges in jeopardy
hydration is key to keeping our Scouts healthy. To avoid
                                                                  and jeopardizing future camporee privileges of our new
the serious consequences of dehydration, ensure
                                                                  districts. Units that do not comply with these rules will
everyone regularly consumes water, especially as they
                                                                  be asked to leave immediately.
travel to and from program areas and while in the areas.
Washing of dishes at the central water location is                5.2 HEALTH and SAFETY
prohibited. Likewise, water shall not be wasted; running
                                                                  The rules in the preceding paragraphs are for your
water to wash hands or rinse body parts is not allowed.
                                                                  health and safety. Please follow them and be careful.
4.8 Latrines                                                      The Health and Safety Committee will be alert to safety
                                                                  hazards and unsafe activities throughout the Camporee.
Toilets will be available at convenient areas throughout
                                                                  Please assist in the elimination of hazards or reckless
the Camporee area. Please respect them and keep them
                                                                  acts as they are observed or brought to your attention.
clean. DO NOT place trash, soft drink cans, or KP gray
water in toilets.                                                 5.2.1 Pick-Up Trucks
Field          Example                                            The Boy Scouts of America regulations state that Scouts
Location       With the exception of the Webelos program,         may not ride in the back of pickup trucks. This rule will
specifics      the park’s toilet facilities should not be used.   be strictly enforced at the camporee. It is the unit
                                                                  leaders' responsibility to assure that all Scouts are
4.9 Trash                                                         transported in safe vehicles with adequate seat belts.
Every unit should bring a supply of plastic trash bags to
                                                                  5.2.2 Flames in Tents
securely bag their own trash. Dumpsters will be
available for general camporee usage; do not use the              Cooking or lighting with OPEN FLAMES of any KIND
park’s trash receptacles.                                         is not allowed in any tent. Electric battery lanterns and
                                                                  flashlights are recommended.
4.10 Campsite Inspections                                         5.2.3 Knives
The Campsite Commissioners will perform a health and              Knives are tools. Any Scout or Scouter observed using a
safety inspection on Saturday. Units will be graded on            knife in an unsafe manner will have their knife
good food handling practices, establishing a healthy              confiscated and held for the remainder of the Camporee
campsite and providing a safe environment. Outstanding            by a member of the Camporee staff.
units will be recognized during the campfire.
                                                                  5.2.4 Illegal Drugs and Alcoholic Beverages
5    CAMPOREE RULES                                               Absolutely no illegal drugs or alcoholic beverages of
                                                                  any kind are allowed.
5.1 Law of the Camporee
                                                                  5.2.5 Firearms
As in all Scouting activities, the Scout Oath and Law will
                                                                  Absolutely no firearms, pellet guns, BB guns, bow and
be the groundrules of the Camporee. As with all outdoor
                                                                  arrows, or slingshots of any kind are allowed.
events the BSA Leave No Trace guidelines also apply:
1. Plan Ahead And Prepare                                         5.2.6 Fireworks
                                                                  Absolutely no fireworks are permitted.
2. Travel And Camp On Durable Surfaces
3. Pack It In, Pack It Out
Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                Page 7
5.3 Proper Uniform                                               6.2 Registration and Fees
BSA Field Uniforms (Scout shirt and Scout pants or               6.2.1 Preregistration.
Scout shorts with proper socks) shall be worn for the            Packs should preregister by <two weeks prior to start;
Saturday night campfire and for the Religious Services.          October 8> (form below) with <contact; Llarna Burnett,
Points will be awarded during the Skills Competitions            703 624-0158,>.
for Patrols with all members in troop or patrol activity
                                                                 The preregistration numbers are not binding, and no
(i.e., Class B) uniforms. No military garb or fatigues,
                                                                 fees will be calculated based on preregistration
including camouflage, shall be worn.
                                                                 numbers, but it is important to preregister in order to
5.4 Discipline                                                   ensure there will be enough tent space, materials, and
                                                                 patches. Please advise at pre-registration if there are
Leaders will be responsible for the behavior of their
                                                                 any Webelos with special needs so the program can be
Scouts and Scouters at all times. Adult leaders who are
not helping in the events, should circulate through the
events in which their Scouts are participating. Also, in         6.2.2 Registration.
past Camporees, pick-up ball games (both supervised              Units should register upon arrival at the Webelos-Ree,
and unsupervised) have become a source of injuries.              as a unit. New registrations (i.e., different numbers than
Leaders are asked to discourage such games and urge              preregistration) will be accepted.
boys to focus on Camporee activities. Sports equipment           6.2.3 Fees.
should not be brought to the Camporee. Radios,
                                                                 The Webelos-Ree fee is <$7.00> per person for both
televisions and tape players shall be left at home.
                                                                 Webelos and adults. The fee is due whether a person is
                                                                 there for part of the day, or just one day, or overnight.
5.5 Quiet Hours
                                                                 All Webelos and adults are expected to pay the fee,
All activities will be subject to quiet hours and lights out     notwithstanding the amount of time spent at the
from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. Leaders in each troop are           Webelos-Ree or level of program participation. The fee
responsible for enforcing quiet hours and lights out.            covers insurance, patch, and camporee expenses such as
Quiet hour behavior will be expected during religious            water and toilets that have been prorated based on the
services for all camporee attendees. Remember, a Scout           number of attendees. The Webelos- Ree fee is strictly for
is Courteous.                                                    direct costs and not a “money maker,” and no funds are
6    WEBELOS-REE                                                 retained by the district. Each unit should take care of the
                                                                 fees with one check, at Registration. Please, no cash.
<Omit this section for Spring Camporees.>
                                                                 6.3 Arrival.
6.1 Overview
                                                                 Please note it is important to drive slowly and safely in
A concurrent Webelos-Ree will be held at a separate
                                                                 <the Park> and Camporee area during arrival and at
area within the Camporee location Saturday to Sunday,
                                                                 all other times, since Scouts will be everywhere.
<Oct. 16-17>, for all Webelos I and II Scouts, leaders,
and adult family members/ parents/ guardians only. As            6.3.1 Friday, <October 15>.
an option, Webelos can camp overnight on Friday,                 Webelos may camp as dens or patrols on Friday night at
<October 15> (see 6.3.1).                                        no additional cost to units. Since this will not be a
Field       Example                                              formal Webelos-Ree activity but is an option for units
Theme       The theme is “Trail the Eagle”                       that want to camp, leaders could plan Friday night as an
Objective   and the intent is to focus on the Webelos-to-Scout   opportunity to meet Outdoorsman Requirement 3. No
                                                                 formal registration station will be open on Friday, so
                                                                 units should follow the Webelos-Ree signs (see 6.3.2),
                                                                 park, and check in with the Webelos-Ree staff to obtain a
                                                                 campsite. Webelos may arrive on Friday after 5:00 PM,
                                                                 or earlier if coordinated. Please inform <contact;

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                              Page 8
Llarna> before Friday,< October 15>, so we will know               Field           Example
you are coming.                                                    Fall            Jamboree on the Air will operate on Saturday.
                                                                   camporee        With advance preparation, Webelos can
6.3.2 Saturday, <October 16>.                                      specifics       complete requirements for the Communicator
Plan to arrive as a unit early on Saturday morning.                                Activity Badge and Communicating belt loop.
                                                                                   Note: this station will be closed at 12:00 and
Upon entering the <event area entrance; Ft. Washington                             reopen at 1:30.
front gate>, <route; take an immediate left> and follow            Venue or        National Park Service Rangers Bambi Sears
the Webelos-Ree (not Camporee) signs. All Webelos and              program         and Stephanie Marrone will run an activity
all adults should check in at Registration, as a unit,             specifics       station as part of National Fossil Day. They
                                                                                   will cover the NPS Junior Paleontologist
before entering the area, and receive a mandatory safety                           badge and exhibit numerous fossils, to include
briefing. Campsites will be assigned, fees collected, and                          some found at Ft. Washington. See
each Webelos will be issued his individual activities                    
                                                                                   silday/i ndex.cfm. Note that October 13 is
                                                                                   National Fossil Day, with a program on the
                                                                                   Mall and in the Museum of Natural History.
6.4 Camping                                                        Venue /         Units may elect to participate on their own in a
Webelos are welcome to participate just for the day but            non-            selfguided tour of Ft. Washington and the
                                                                   program         Junior Ranger program.
are encouraged to camp overnight at least on Saturday.             specifics
See 6.3.1 for optional overnight camping on Friday.
                                                                   Webelos are encouraged to visit, but may not participate
Webelos are responsible for their own meals and patrol
                                                                   in, the Camporee. Webelos should visit the Camporee
cooking is recommended. Water will be available but
                                                                   only as a group and under adult leader supervision at all
water containers are needed to carry water to the
campsite. Dishes must be washed at the campsite, not at
                                                                   Field            Example
any water point. No ground fires are permitted. Dens
                                                                   Venue            The Webelos service project will be to mulch
can bring charcoal grills but all coals must be disposed           specifics-       areas in the Park. National Park Service will
of in special trash cans, not on the ground. Propane or            Service          provide the mulch; leaders are asked to bring
liquid fuel stoves are permitted as long as all safety             project          garden rakes to spread the mulch.
concerns are met. Webelos are required to camp only at             All Webelos should attend the flag ceremony, as a unit,
the Webelos-Ree site. Leave No Trace principles apply              on Saturday at 5:00 PM.
and Webelos-Ree is an opportunity to address Leave No              Leaders are encouraged to arrange for their Webelos to
Trace award requirements.                                          visit a troop for Saturday dinner and the campfire, as a
Please note, ticks and poison ivy are in the Camporee              den and under adult leader supervision. Units not
area. Repellent is recommended.                                    attending the campfire with a troop should fall in line as
                                                                   troops proceed to the campfire, and not move to the
6.5 Program                                                        campfire area on their own but only as part of the
Field           Example                                            Camporee group.
Brief           The core of the Webelos-Ree program is
                                                                   Field        Example
overview of     designed to enable Webelos to meet Arrow of
                                                                   Post-        An astronomy program for Webelos will
objective       Light, activity badge, and Leave No Trace
                                                                   campfire     immediately follow the campfire. Requirements
                                                                   specifics    for Astronomy Belt Loop and Pin will be
Brief           Stations for learning these skills will operate
                                                                                covered. Leaders should prepare their Webelos by
description     on Saturday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
                                                                                reviewing requirements in advance, and may
of operation
                                                                                download the worksheet available at sites like
Consideratio    It is important to note at pre-registration, and
                                                                       Units that want to
ns of special   tell the instructor at each station, whether a
                                                                                participate should remain in place at the campfire
needs           Webelos with special needs will be
                                                                                area and not return to their campsites after the
                participating in order for instruction to be
Program         Athlete Activity Badge requirements 4-7 will
specifics       be offered, but unit leaders (not Webelos-Ree      6.6 Administrative
                staff) must ensure that each Webelos is            Units must have in their possession a completed
                medically approved for these activities.           PERMISSION SLIP and a PARENTAL APPROVAL

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                  Page 9
FORM (below) for each Webelos. This is a unit leader
responsibility and unit leaders will retain the forms.
Field                      Example
Reference to program       Note again the advisory in 6.5
when reminder is prudent   concerning Athlete Activity
Vehicles will be parked near, but cannot be driven to,
the campsites, even to offload gear. Den equipment
(stove, food, dining fly, etc.) must be carried (not driven)
to the campsite and the use of wagons, like at Day
Camp, is recommended. Although Webelos do not have
to backpack in, that would be a good idea (Outdoorsman
requirement 1).
Separate rest room facilities for adult males and females
only are available at the Webelos-Ree site; portable
toilets are for Webelos.
Water will be available near the site. Trash must be
carried to a dumpster near the site.
Cars will not be able to move from the Webelos parking
area once the campfire begins. All adult supervision and
other requirements for Webelos activities apply. This is
a District event and a BALOO-certified adult is not
required for each unit. All Camporee rules and
guidelines          apply          to          Webelos.

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                       Page 10
   Three sections; Friday (night), Saturday, Sunday (morning)
   Two columns in each section (activity/event; time/duration)

Camporee setup                                                    9:00AM to 4:00 PM
   Site Prep of the following areas:
   Camporee HQ
   Registration
   First Aid
   Water / Dumpster placement
   Porta John placements
   Council Fire
   Unit sites laid out and marked
   Parking and traffic Flow marked
   Flag Pole / Parade Field
Staff Dinner                                                      4:00 PM to 5:00 PM
Troop arrivals                                                    5:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Webelos arrivals (optional)                                       5:00 PM to 8:30 PM
Leaders’ and SPL Meeting                                          9:30 PM to 10:00 PM
OA Meeting                                                        10:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Lights out                                                        11:00
Breakfast                                                         6:00 – 8:30 AM
Webelos units arrive, set up                                      6:00-
Camporee Opening                                                  8:30 AM
Service Projects                                                  9:00 AM – 11:30 PM
Webelos-Ree Program Stations                                      10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Jamboree on the Air                                               10:00 AM – Noon
Lunch / Self-Guided Tour of the Fort                              12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Jamboree on the Air                                               1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Boys Scout Program Spy Games                                      1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Dinner / Troop reflection                                         4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Flags (Webelos)                                                   5:00 PM
Campfire                                                          7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Night games (Boy Scouts)                                          8:00 – 11:00 PM
Astronomy Program (Webelos)                                       8:00 PM
Lights out                                                        11:30 PM
Breakfast                                                         7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Flags (no assembly)                                               8:00 AM
Assembly (Boy Scouts and Webelos)                                 9:00 AM
Scouts’ Own Service (Boy Scouts and Webelos)                      9:00 AM – 9:20 AM
Closing (Boy Scouts and Webelos)                                  9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Breakdown Campsites                                               10:40 AM – Noon

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                        Page 11
   JPEG (graphic)
   Appropriate to venue

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template   Page 12
   Heading (same as package)
   Unit identification (number / type)
   Number of Scout attendees (youth / adult), number of patrols (new, mid, older) and price per attendee [add Scout icon
    to section to help distinguish from Webelos]
   Number of Webelos attendees (youth / adult), number of dens, and price per attendee [add Webelos icon to section to
    help distinguish from Scout]
   Number of physically challenged attendees (youth / adult) [number included above; request explanation, attached
   Expected arrival/departure date/time
   Unit leader contact information (name, H/W phone, cell phone, H/W e-mail)
   Camporee POC contact information (name, H/W phone, cell phone, H/W e-mail)
   Handling instructions

Field                     Example                                                        Details
Camporee staff member     Email this form or hand deliver this form to Judi McCuistion   Centered,
Electronic vs hard copy                                     Centered, bold
Deadline                  No later than the Roundtable before the event.                 Centered

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                    Page 13

                            COLONIAL DISTRICT, NCAC, BSA
                             CAMPOREE PERMISSION SLIP

My son [ward] _______________________________ of Troop/Team/Venturing Crew/Pack Number ________ has my
permission to attend The <Fall 2010 Colonial District Spy games> Camporee at <Fort Washington National Park,
Prince George’s County, Maryland> from <15 October 2010 to 17 October 2010>.

I have read the list of recommended personal gear in the Boy Scout Handbook and have satisfied myself that my
Scout is properly clothed and equipped for this activity.

I understand that that any kind of the following are absolutely not permitted at the Camporee: illegal drugs or alcoholic
beverages; firearms, pellet guns, BB guns, bow and arrows, or slingshots; fireworks.
                                                              Parent’s Initials: ____________ Scout’s Initials: ____________

If, in the event of an medical emergency and I cannot be reached at the emergency telephone number provided below, I understand
that my son’s unit leader at the Camporee, and/or the Deputy Director, Health and Safety are the persons authorized to act in situations
requiring medical assistance. Unless I have noted otherwise in sections one through five, BELOW, my son does not have any medical
history [conditions, diseases, allergic reactions, etc.] about which a physician would need to know.









Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                       Page 14
                      FALL 2010 CAMPOREE
                  COLONIAL DISTRICT, NCAC, BSA
                     DISTRICT STAFF FORM
                      If you are under 18 years old this section must be completed by your parent/guardian.
My son [ward] _______________________________ of Troop/Venturing Crew Number ________ has my permission to attend the
attend The <Fall 2010 Colonial District Spy Games Camporee at Fort Washington National Park, Prince George’s County, Maryland>
from <15 October 2010> to <17 October 2010>.; and I have completed necessary medical and insurance coverage information below.
If, in the event of a medical emergency, please contact individual provided below. I understand that the Camporee Deputy Director for
Health and Safety is the person authorized to act in situations requiring immediate medical assistance. Unless I have noted otherwise
in sections one through five, BELOW, my ward does not have any medical history [physical challenges, conditions, diseases, allergic
reactions, etc.] about which a physician would need to know.
Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________________________________________ Date: _____________

Name: _____________________________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Landline Phone: ____________________________                             Cell Phone: _________________________________
Email: ________________________________________________
Please Check One: District Committee: ___ Commissioner: ___ Order of the Arrow: ____ N/A: ___
Please Circle One:
Fee, including meals (Friday dinner; Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner; Sunday breakfast):         <$25.00>
Fee not including meals:                                                                              <$5.00>
                   Pre-Registration is required for those choosing to eat with the District Staff. Please pay in cash.
                      Refunds will be made for the difference between estimated food cost and actual food cost.
                                              Submit to: <>
                                                     No later than: <10/14/2008>



3.) ALLERGIES (drug, food, insect, animal, plant)


Emergency Contact: ___________________________________________________________
Emergency Tel. Nos.: __________________________________________________________
Insurance Company: ______________________________________________
Policy Number: __________________________________________________
Member ID: _____________________________________________________
Staffer’s Signature: ________________________________________________________ Date: __________________

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                        Page 15
12 EVALUATION FORM — Adult: <Event/Venue>
1. Was the registration procedure satisfactory? YES ________ NO _________
How can we improve the process? _____________________________________________________________________
Rate the following areas, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest ratings:
Physical Arrangements
2. <venue; Fort Washington> is a good venue.                           (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
3. There were a sufficient number of watering points.                  (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
4. There were a sufficient number of latrines.                         (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
5. My unit had enough room to establish a campsite.                    (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
6. Participating units practiced the Scout Law.                        (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
Camporee Package
7. I understood my responsibilities as an adult leader.                      (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
8. I understood the responsibilities of my Scouts.                           (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
9. I understood the responsibilities of the District Staff.                  (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
Program Content
10. Overall, the LNT message was well delivered.                             (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
11. The completion was fun and useful.                                       (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
12. The youth instructors were well prepared.                                (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
13. The program competition was fun and useful.                              (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
14. The leaders’ meeting was useful.                                         (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
15. The OA events were well-run.                                             (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
16. The Campfire was well done.                                              (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
17. The closing ceremony was worthwhile.                                     (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
18. The Scout’s Own service was appropriate.                                 (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
19. I felt my unit was treated as an important customer.                     (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
20. My unit can apply what we’ve learned immediately.                        (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
21. My unit will camp differently as a result of this event.                 (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
22. Pace (circle one)     Too Fast          Just Right         Too Slow
23. What kind of Camporee programs would you like to see in the future?
24. What is more important for Camporee venue? (circle one)          Close-in location        New and different
25. What other venues should be used for future Camporees?
26. Comments and suggestions for improvement
Adult Leaders’ Signature: __________________________________________ Unit: ____________

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                  Page 16
13 EVALUATION FORM — Youth <Event/Venue>
1. Was the registration procedure satisfactory? YES ________ NO _________
How can we improve the process? _____________________________________________________________________
Rate the following areas, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest ratings:
Physical Arrangements
2. <venue; Fort Washington> is a good venue.                           (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
3. There were a sufficient number of watering points.                  (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
4. There were a sufficient number of latrines.                         (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
5. My unit had enough room to establish a campsite.                    (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
6. Participating units practiced the Scout Law.                        (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
Camporee Package
7. I understood my responsibilities as an adult leader.                      (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
8. I understood the responsibilities of my Scouts.                           (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
9. I understood the responsibilities of the District Staff.                  (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
Program Content
10. Overall, the LNT message was well delivered.                             (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
11. The completion was fun and useful.                                       (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
12. The youth instructors were well prepared.                                (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
13. The program competition was fun and useful.                              (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
14. The leaders’ meeting was useful.                                         (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
15. The OA events were well-run.                                             (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
16. The Campfire was well done.                                              (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
17. The closing ceremony was worthwhile.                                     (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
18. The Scout’s Own service was appropriate.                                 (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
19. I felt my unit was treated as an important customer.                     (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
20. My unit can apply what we’ve learned immediately.                        (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
21. My unit will camp differently as a result of this event.                 (low) 1 2 3 4 5 (high)
22. Pace (circle one)     Too Fast          Just Right         Too Slow
23. What kind of Camporee programs would you like to see in the future?
24. What is more important for Camporee venue? (circle one)          Close-in location        New and different
25. What other venues should be used for future Camporees?
26. Comments and suggestions for improvement
Youth Leaders’ Signature: __________________________________________ Unit: ____________

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                  Page 17
                                                 COLONIAL DISTRICT
                                                <FALL 2010> CAMPOREE
                              Unit #: ________ Inspector: _________________Date/Time: ______
 Area and Topic of Inspection                                                                                Possible           Earned
                                                                                                             Points             Points
 1. Campsite and General Organization                                                                        (15 points)
     American and Unit Flag and/ or unit number visible                                                                   3

     Campsite entrance marked                                                                                             3

     Campsite boundary is identified                                                                                      3

     Activity Schedule and Duty Roster posted                                                                             3

     Leadership area offset from Scouts area                                                                              3
 2. Patrol Method                                                                                            (15 points)
     Scouts are tented by patrol with patrol identifier visible (flag or marker)                                          5

     Tents are organized and properly pitched                                                                             5

     Tents have ground cloths, clothes properly placed under the tent.                                                    5
 3. Safety                                                                                                   (30 points)
     First id kit is present. Location is known by Scouts and kit is visible                                              10

     Guy lines and tent lines marked                                                                                      5

     Chemical fuels are properly stored                                                                                   10

     Fire suppression equipment is present and easily available                                                           5
 4. Food, Health and Hygiene                                                                                 (40 points)
     Cooking area is covered                                                                                              5

     Dishes and utensils are properly cleaned and stored                                                                  5

     Water supply is present and convenient                                                                               5

     Cooking areas (tables, stoves, coolers, etc.) are organized and clean                                                5

     Hand-washing facility is present and used                                                                            5

     Dishwashing area is clean. Supplies for sanitizing dishes available. The 3-pot method is used (soap,                 5
      rinse, sanitize)
     Garbage, grease and waste water disposal facilities are available, maintained and used                               5

     Food properly stored in containers. Perishables stored in cold containers/coolers                                    5

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                               Page 18
15 Specific Permission Forms
Field      Example
parks      7.htm)
               Agreement for Individual Voluntary Services (NPS Form 10-85;
               or Agreement for Sponsored Voluntary Services (NPS Form 10-86);
               Parental Approval Form (NPS Form 10-89) (if <18 years of age) [Attach this one]
           Volunteers in Parks (VIP) info, forms?:

Colonial District-NCAC Camporee Template                                                          Page 19

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