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									Psychological Consultation Summary
                                                                                  Alexandra Feldt
                                                                            Clinical Psychologist
                                                         Michigan License Number: 2312061350

Identifying Information
Patient:                       Marilyn Monroe
Date of Birth:                June 1, 1926- August 4, 1962
Dates of Consultation:        June 12, 1962
                              June 24, 1962
                              July 1, 1962
Age:                          36
Employer:                     RKO Studios
Grade Level:                  Highest Level Achieved in High School: 10th grade
                              Attended classes at UCLA in Art Appreciation and Literature
Parents:                      Gladys Pearl Baker and Edward Mortenson

Primary Care Physician:         Hollywood Blvd, M.D.

        Marilyn Monroe is referred for a psychological consultation by physician Hollywood
Boulevard, regarding presence of moody behavior whether as a reaction to excessive drug and
substance use or depression. Marilyn is seen as an abuser of drugs and she thinks she does this
because of so much to deal with while being in the media; she uses the drugs to “get away.”She
tells me that she may have schizophrenic or other mental illnesses. Marilyn tells me that she
fears blemishes, so she washes her face 15 times a day. She states she is hard to work with and at
times does not show up for her job, she expresses concern that she may have amnesia. Dr.
Boulevard wants Marilyn to be analyzed for her drug issue and her different behaviors.
        Depression: Marilyn shows sluggish behavior at work, no longer cares when she shows
up late for work and often forgets her lines for her movies. Marilyn only continues her way to
self-destruction by taking drugs to get “high” so she does not have to deal with her problems.
Marilyn does seem to be lacking in self-esteem.

        Marilyn was born into a confusing life, her mother not knowing who the real father was,
but named Mortenson as her father to avoid problems. Marilyn was given up by her mother
because of mental illnesses to foster parents when she was young. Marilyn was behavior was
normal at first, but was told she would be a movie star at a young age and since then she began to
fall down the wrong path of fame, fortune, thinking the idea that she was going to be a movie
star. Grace McKee being her one foster parent was the best for her for the longest time, but her
husband tried molesting her so she was moved to Grace’s mothers. Although she was moved
there to avoid sexual assault, she was actually assaulted while living there.
        Growing up through her younger years she has no major issues, but as she grew older she
began taking drugs. Her medical records indicate a history of sucidality, alcohol and substance
abuse, and sexual promiscuity; Marilyn had three different husbands and several miscarriages,
claimed she was raped by a family member, and engaged in physical disputes with others
resulting in hospitalization.

       Marilyn reported that her mother, Gladys suffered from a mental breakdown when she
was younger. This resulted in Marilyn’s placement in a foster home. Her mother experienced
episodes in which Marilyn remembers her screaming and laughing at the same time. Her mother
was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. After, Gladys was placed in a state hospital, Grace
McKee took Marilyn under her wing, and Grace later sent her to a foster home when she was
nine years old then moved in back with her. Marilyn’s mother refused to sign adoption papers as
many had wanted her to. Nothing is quite known for sure about her father since there is not a
known fact who her father is.

         Marilyn was born in Los Angeles, California at Los Angeles General Hospital in the
charity ward. She was raised in a English language household then to an orphanage. While at the
orphanage, she had to work hard in the kitchen and if she did not do what she was suppose they
she was whipped by a leather strap. Her mother was a film cutter at RKO studio where Marilyn
later took a job. Marilyn took what her foster mother had said at heart and now is a successful
movie star with drug addictions. She began her career as an airplane model when her husband
left for war and she became very successful after dying her hair bleach blonde. After dying her
hair, Marilyn began to model swimsuits. Her modeling pictures were found first by director
Howard Hughes of RKO and she was put on the big screen. Marilyn admitted to having a
shopping addiction also at Bloomingdales (her favorite places to shop). Employers of Marilyn
have said she was great, but said she had been dropped from numerous movies because of her
drug problem.

       Marilyn attended Van Nuys High School in California for one year and then went to
University High School in Los Angeles, California, where she only completed 10th grade. After
high school she went on to studying lives of famous actresses such Jean Harlow and Lana
Turner, at UCLA taking evening courses in Art Appreciation and Literature. had already been
popular modeling so she began taking drama classes to continue on her adventure to stardom.

         Marilyn Monroe is a female with fake, blonde hair about 5 ft, 5in. Marilyn came in with a
bright red dress on with pearls. Her hair perfectly curled and her makeup perfectly done, you
wouldn’t think she had any problems. Marilyn seemed to be in a good mood, but showed terrible
anxiety as she could not stop tapping her foot. She was quite talkative as well as offering
consultants on fashion, advice and even an autograph. Marilyn always had something new to talk
about, normally a man in her life or something that bothered her, which she did explain in detail.
Although certain topics Marilyn loved to talk about, she would not talk about everything. As I
tried to question her about her past, her upbeat talkativeness went away; she went quiet and
would not talk. Marilyn would also not elaborate too much about her work life, saying one word
answers to something that needed a lot more detail. The tests that she took are believed to be
valid and reliable and are of high concern.

MMPI-Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
Depression score of 115.
        Marilyn answered a lot of true questions that eluted to the fact that she misses her mother
and is lonely, one that stuck out was that she answered true to that she cries and laughs at times
she cannot control.
Psychasthenia score of 100
        Marilyn answered questions that elude that she has obsessions with certain things, her fortunes of
course, her movie career, her personality brings out fears of becoming her mother.

Hypomania score of 90
        Marilyn answered questions in a way that did not surprise me, she answered things that
fit her way of life, as she is easily distracted because of her high emotions she has, and she feels
high and low for numerous reasons or for no reason at all.
Drug Screening Test- Marilyn completed a drug screening test to assess for a substance abuse
        Tested positive for Nembutal and Chloral Hydrate (Ether)

       During my consultations with Marilyn, she has many problems. My consultations have
found that she suffers from drug addiction and a major depressive disorder. As she admitted to
me that she tried to commit suicide, she isn’t in the right mental state. I think that Marilyn needs
help and I would like to continue seeing her if possible. I think that if we do have our meetings,
she will be able to move away from her drug habits and her depression. Marilyn is depressed for
months on end and needs to be helped. I am not going to give Marilyn drugs, as she may just
become addictive to these. Marilyn needs to continue to be drug tested until there are negative
results of drugs in her system. She has potential to get off her dependency of drugs and live a
healthier life. If Marilyn wants to get better, she will continue to be successful in her movie

Diagnosis: DSM-IV-TR
Axis 1: Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety
Axis 2: Polysubstance dependence
Axis 3: no information available
Axis 4: Drug abuse, social image maintenance, inappropriate parenting, lack of social support
Axis 5: 65

                 Medical Consultation: Marilyn needs immediate help; she is following in her
                 mother’s footsteps and has attempted suicide. Dr. Hollywood Blvd, MD will be
                 able to rule out any other issues, such as brain abnormalities.
                 Close Supervision: Marilyn needs her medications to be taken away so that she
                 cannot overdose. If Marilyn continues to show positive for drug use in our next
                 two meetings, I will put her in a state hospital.

                Suicidal prevention program- Marilyn should get involved in going to a local
                 program to receive crisis intervention; I suggest that she goes twice a week.
                                                Referred by

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