Decorative Items from Waste Material by aashikumar12


Suggestions and tips to create decorative items from waste material at your home.

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									                             Decorative Items from Waste Material

With changing times and increasing pile up of waste material on this planet Earth, people
have started thinking innovative to tackle the waste problem. One of the areas where the
generated waste material is well adjusted is in turning these into exclusive decorative items.
But the biggest challenge here is to transform this waste that is undesirable into attractive
objects that are highly functional and high on aesthetics too.

The waste material re-usage is a perfect alternative towards cutting down on waste that saves
the environment through using options that may otherwise are just waste and are either burnt
or are buried in the landfill. Here, a bit of creativity in seeing objects from that artist point of
view is all that is required to craft beautiful and aesthetically pleasing showcase products from
recycled materials, the beauty of which are beyond expectations.

                                                Among the waste generated, the most preferred
                                                items that are used for creating highly functional
                                                range of this decorative art work include
                                                discarded glass bottles. Available in all shapes,
                                                colors and sizes, these are sorted, cut, etched
                                                and then it is decided the future shapes that
                                                would be given to these.
Apart from bottles, other options that are used for coming out with creative tasteful decorative
include wood, glass, paper including old magazine and calendar papers. Here, the expertise
of designers and artists help in turning entire collection to intricate designed and detailed work
in form of end products like bottle diyas, serving trays, table tops bottle planters, tissue box
covers, planters and others. Further, the wood material is also used for creating collages
using glossy waste paper with desired details provided using fused/cut glass.

With dedicated efforts put in to provide in each piece exclusive hand-crafted finish and unique
design standards, the encouragement offered to pursue this art form also helps in contributing
as a helping hand to creatively curb the menace of environmental pollution through making
useful display art from widely present non-degradable waste materials. Some of the other
innovative finished products waste material can be turned into include flowerpots by using
shells of coconut, creative art work from matchboxes and others.

Some suggestions that will help enthusiasts to pursue this creative art form include keeping
an eye on trash that goes out for interesting pieces like broken tiles, unused metal pieces,
broken wooden pieces and glass, picture frames and anything that can be creatively utilized
to serve the needs of brilliant creative ideas. Further, if one sketches the ideas first before
pursuing them, this would also help them to work through a more planned way to add life to
this world of crafting art.

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