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					Lugarno Public School
     Open Day

         1/2N Litter Patrol
 This is the Litter we throw on the
  ground. (Jack)
Is this Rubbish? (Hayleigh)
 Some people throw rubbish off the
  street. (Declan)
 This is the litter, that we deliver.
 Rubbish is not to be thrown on the
  ground, it should be placed in the bin.
  (Adam and Maddie)
 We know rubbish is disgusting, why
  don’t we put it in the bin? (Adam)
 If we put rubbish on the ground it will
  blow everywhere. (Elias)
This is a Garbage Tip.
 This is our school. (Peter C and Zac)
 There is a lot of rubbish here.
 People can pick up
  other peoples
  rubbish that has
  been left on the
  ground. (Caitlin M)
 People should throw their rubbish in
  the bin and not on the ground. (Staci)
 People have to be responsible for their
  own rubbish. (Caitlin F)
 Look at the ground Lugarno, there is
  rubbish everywhere. (Emma)
 This ground is dirty. (Leslie)
 The bin is right here, why don’t we
  throw litter in the bin. (Staci)
Can’t you see that we are picking up
rubbish. (Elena)
There is rubbish on the ground
everywhere, so we should all pick it
up. (Emma)
We all have to pick up rubbish.
This is people picking up rubbish in
the out of bounds area. (Leslie)
This is 1/2N picking up rubbish that
has blown out of bounds. (Adam)
We are picking up rubbish from the
Old Garbage Tip. (Jack)
Be careful!! You might get bitten.
Be careful with our animals. Lets
put the Lizard back. (Caitlin M)
This is the rubbish that we picked
up. (Elias and Jonah)
Look at the
amount of rubbish
we picked up.
(Jessica and
We picked lots of rubbish up here,
now it is clean. (Ida)
The out of bounds area is clean.
(Peter K)
Our rubbish tip is clean now. (Ethan)
Have a look at the big difference.
We cleaned up this area, it looks
much better. (Caitlin F and
We are proud of ourselves now!!!
The End

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