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									  Paul Iulo NYPD – A
  Security Supervisor
Experienced In Running
  Security Operations
Paul Iulo NYPD is presently working as the
Fire Safety Director/Security Supervisor for
Andrews International at Steiner Studios in the
Brooklyn Navy Yard. He manages the full
scope of security operations. He supervises
and directs employees as well as various
security   operators.    He    inspects     fire
extinguishers, sprinkler systems, standpipes,
exit ways and construction areas on a regular
basis. He conducts fire and evacuation drills
and tests and maintains fire alarm systems
and logs.
A seasoned security professional, Paul Iulo
NYPD has special expertise in the field of
account management, law enforcement,
investigations and customer service. He is a
detail-oriented professional with the capability
of completing a variety of projects with
accuracy and efficiency in a fast-paced
environment.     He     is   experienced      in
management of various security operations
ensuring safe and organized events.
He has worked closely with his clients to plan
several events with attention on effective
security procedures. He has also managed
security for events like trade shows, business
conferences, corporate functions and private
parties with guests up to 5,000. Paul Iulo
NYPD has worked with the New York Police
Department for 17 years and he retired as a
homicide detective. He planned, organized
and conducted investigations in a wide range
of accusations and leads including grand
larceny and homicide.
He interfaced with county, state and federal
law enforcement agencies to protect high-
level foreign and domestic dignitaries
including presidents and members of royalty.
He has served as a Police Officer from 1991
to 1997. He coordinated and executed
community policing efforts; developed and
maintained a strong rapport with residents
and merchants and he also investigated and
resolved public concerns.
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