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Retirement income can be increased by following some simple techniques. We don't want just any
increase income. We want it to be safe, secure, predictable, and for a lifetime. Hopefully it can
increase as well.

First, let's clarify. We will not be looking at higher risk ideas. We want lower risk if possible. Today
I was reading an article in the Feb 7, 2011 issue of Fortune Magazine called "Even Losers Can
Win, Thanks To The Government's Bailout Binge" by Allan Sloan. The article is about the complex
way that GMAC went about their bailout money and how instead of investors losing all their money
they still ended up with about half, kind of. Some ended up with money left and some did not. My
point is that we, as individuals, do not get bailouts and no one is going to help us but us. GMAC
might still be solvent but we have to take care of ourselves and create more retirement income on
our own.

The first step is to secure your current retirement income against loss. If you have investments in
the market and you are taking income from them, you probably need to change how that works.
An annuity can provide safe and secure retirement income. With market investments, if the market
goes down then so does your income. With an annuity your income would stay the same. The first
step is to secure your current retirement income and make it safe from market risk.

The next step is to start thinking about how to make more income. If you are using CD's for
income then I would recommend looking annuities as well. Annuities have guarantees that can far
surpass the benefits of CD's. Depending on your age you might guarantee a 4% or 5% income
stream and not lose access to your principal. That will beat CD's for a long time to come.

The next step is to look at your taxes. Changing the way you are taxed on your investments can
make a huge difference in how much retirement income you get to keep. Are you taxed on your
social security? Did you know there are ways to reduce that tax if it is caused by retirement
income from your investments? It doesn't work for everyone but it is worth looking into.

You can also start a home based business. The tax write offs are great and the income potential
can be great as well. A word of caution, do not invest a lot of money into starting your business. A
business is started to make money not just for tax write offs. Look at network marketing business
or if you have a passion and some skill look at how to get started marketing and selling your ideas.

I have a close relative that likes to go to garage sales and by cheap items she believes she can
sell on eBay for a higher price. This simple activity adds retirement income and is a home based
business. If you are internet savvy there are many opportunities to work from home and make
money on the internet as well.
There are many ways to increase your retirement income with careful thought and action. The first
steps with the investments will be the most immediate help to increase your retirement income.
The next steps of starting a business or a work from home type of money making idea can be very
helpful as well. I have a few clients that make more money retired than they ever did while they
were working! You can too!

Keith Dennis works exclusively with small business owners to help them create tax-free income
streams for retirement. Business owners are often stuck in the tax-deferred investment trap. They
get a small break now and then end up paying much higher taxes later because they lose their
business deductions. Then on top of that, their income is usually 100% taxable!

With tax-free investing you can literally have twice the income in retirement saving the same
amount of money, retire sooner, or even save about half as much versus tax-deferred

Get it touch with Keith today to learn how it works through the Small Business Retirement Group's
Fan Page.

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For more information on Retirement Income check this out;

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