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					One of the most versatile Gen3 scopes on the market today
Originally conceived as a commercial alternative to the popular PVS-14 night scope, the M-14 series of
scopes actually exceeds the performance and functionality of the scope it was modeled after in a
number of important ways.Smaller than the PVS-14, the new M-14 scope provides a much lower profile
when weapon mounted. And because it's 33% lighter the M-14 proves to be a much more comfortable
mono-goggle system to wear over extended periods of time.

The M-14 scores yet another advantage when it comes to its ability to be submersed in water. The unit
is fully waterproofed even to deep dives of 66-feet. Adding to the M-14's functionality is the breadth of
accessories that are included with every scope. These include a mil-spec headset, a quick release
weapon mount, sacrificial window, demist shield, lens cleaning kit and soft carry case.

When it comes to the high-end world of Gen3 tactical night vision rifle scopes, the D-740 and D-760
have earned their place at the top of the list.Built with the latest US-made Gen3 technology these
formidable weapon sights are guaranteed to retain zero on weapons up to 50 caliber. The features list?
Long and impressive:

51 lp/mm typical Gen3 tube resolution

Adjustable red on green Mil Dot reticle

Top mounted objective focus

Exposed micro-click windage & elevation target turrets

Totally waterproof

Nitrogen purged to eliminate fogging

Long 75mm eye relief

Automatic overlight protection

Integrated 75mW infrared illuminator

Built in weaver style mount

Two year warranty
The choice between the 4-power midrange D-740 or the 6-power long-shot D-760 scope depends on
your application - military, law enforcement or professional varmint hunter.

No matter your choice though, if you're on the prowl for the best tactical night vision equipment on the
market, you've probably just found the big dog you were looking for.

Digital Ranger - The next generation of night vision

The Yukon Digital Ranger System represents the the next step in the rapidly evolving digital night vision
category.Packed with features, the Ranger is equipped with a high power multi-coated lens that delivers
the sharpest image on the market with no loss of edge-to-edge clarity or resolution.

About Company: stock one of the widest assortments of night vision goggles, scopes and
binoculars in America. With 12 years of hands-on experience using every piece of night vision equipment
on the market we've gained an appreciation for what works, and what doesn't. Each product listed in
our online catalog represents what we consider to be the "best of the best".

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