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					Lethal Cancer Conquered with Natural Cure–– The Lactoferrin Miracle
Ralph Snyder had the worse case of leukemia the Mayo Clinic had seen in 20 years. His entire immune system had shut down. His left leg turned black! He was desperate for a cure…and did whatever his doctors told him to do, including undergoing chemotherapy. Nothing worked. Ralph’s blood counts remained critical. Ralph Snyder needed a miracle––and he found one. His blood counts improved. He gained back every pound his sickness had cost him. His recovery was so unexpected that his oncologist, working out of the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, dubbed him the “Miracle Man.” That was five years ago. And Ralph is still cancer free.

And the Secret Is…
The natural food that saved Ralph Snyder’s life is lactoferrin. It’s a compound found in the breast milk that mothers feed newborn babies, and it provides powerful immune chemicals. Here’s the catch: You can only get it from Mother Nature. Makers of synthetic formula have tried—and failed—for years to copy the disease-fighting properties of breast milk. Lactoferrin was one of the first natural cancer therapies ever reported by Health Sciences Institute (HSI), years ahead of other alternative health experts. And now we’re on the verge of a major medical breakthrough with this miraculous compound. In fact, because of this unique extract, much of what we now consider state-of-the-art medicine—such as radiation, antibiotics, and chemotherapy—may eventually seem as primitive as bloodletting.

How Lactoferrin Works
From the moment you were born, lactoferrin—an iron-binding protein found in breast milk—was your first shield against infection and disease and your primary source of immune-system chemicals. Studies have shown that the mother’s first milk is the only source from which an infant can get these significant immune substances. Synthetic formulas can’t offer the same nutritional, immunological, or physiological value, despite efforts to produce formulas that mimic breast milk as closely as possible. That’s because lactoferrin has two specific unique immune- boosting functions: ¢ It binds to iron in your blood, keeping it away from cancer cells, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that need iron to grow. ¢ It activates very specific strands of DNA that turn on the genes that launch your immune response, a rare and surprising action that places lactoferrin in a class by itself. State-of-the-art techniques in cellular and molecular biology have recently allowed us to isolate lactoferrin from the “first food of life.” The commercially available preparation is in a form in which the food hasn’t been chemically altered.

Proven Effectiveness
Numerous studies on rats and patient case histories have documented the benefits of lactoferrin
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in helping to combat many types of malignancies. Leukemia patient Ralph Snyder (remember him––the worst case the Mayo Clinic had seen in 20 years!) had his condition reversed on lactoferrin. His white blood cell count rose, and his problems disappeared. This seemingly “hopeless” case was transformed into a remarkable recovery. Other case histories indicate that the negative effects of conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are drastically reduced or eliminated with supplemental lactoferrin. (The amounts of lactoferrin used in these reported cases range from 500 to 1500 mg a day.) And keep in mind that lactoferrin appears to be perfectly safe, even in high doses.

What Else Can You Use It For?
Other clinical and case studies have shown that lactoferrin… ¢ contains an anti-inflammatory molecule— which means it can help if you suffer from the pain and debilitation of joint inflammation ¢ plays a role in lessening ocular disturbance, which means it may help with vision problems ¢ acts as a potent antimicrobial agent against Candida albicans ¢ shows potent antiviral activity useful in reducing your susceptibility to viruses, including herpes and HIV Lactoferrin can also be taken as a daily preventive. With all of the everyday threats that wear down the immune system—such as environmental toxins, emotional and physical stressors, and genetic problems ––most people can use an immune boost. Taking 100 mg of lactoferrin each day at bedtime can help upgrade your immune system, letting you take full advantage of your natural defenses in a world full of potential health threats. For use in cancer recovery, up to 1500 mg a day can be taken without fear of side effects. And unlike penicillin or other synthetic drugs, your body will not become immune to the effects of lactoferrin, because it’s something your body is familiar with and knows how to handle. And if you’re wondering how safe lactoferrin is, remember that it is nontoxic and is well tolerated by nursing infants.

Where You Can Get Lactoferrin
Since lactoferrin is a natural substance, large pharmaceutical companies aren’t able to patent it and make millions of dollars, so they aren’t willing to produce it. But it is available from a limited number of suppliers in the United States, and it shouldn’t be overlooked as a powerful tool in the fight against serious diseases. Lactoferrin can be purchased under the product name of Immunoguard, manufactured by GoldShield Healthcare Direct. You can find more information at their website, www.goldshieldusa.com.
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