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                Kästle Freeski Mountaineering Line set to Launch Fall 2009

                10.12.2009 – October 12, 2009 (Wels, Austria) - Austrian ski brand, Kästle Ltd., 
                announces the release of its FX line for the 2009-10 ski season. Two models, FX74          Twitter Pitc
                and FX84 kick off Kästle’s new Freeski Mountaineering collection.                          Austrian ski br
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                                                                                                           the 2009-10 s
                Freeski mountaineering combines the physical challenge of backcountry skiing with
                the technical ability required for high alpine accents. This evolving sport requires       Resource Li
                tremendous experience and skill as well as lightweight, high performance gear for
                efficient climbing and fast ski descents.                                                  Tags
                                                                                                           kastle, skis,

                “Skiing has changed dramatically in the past few years: boundaries have been
                pushed and the modern skier demands more their equipment,” states Kästle Ltd. 
                president, Siegfried Rumpfhuber. “We’re excited to introduce our new breed of skis
                that combine the performance of a freeride ski with an alpine touring weight range.
                We anticipate that weight-to-performance ratios will be a main focus in ski
                engineering in the next couple of years and we hope that our FX skis are setting the
                bar high.” 

                Both the FX74 and FX84 models feature Kästle’s proprietary dual Hollowtech
                technology, a lightweight sandwich sidewall construction consisting of two fine
                titanal laminates and an ash / silver-fir / poplar wood core. Dual Hollowtech
                technology reduces the mass of both the tip and tail of the ski dampening vibration,
                allowing faster edge transition and providing better tracking.

                With a 112 mm tip, a 74 mm waist and a 100 mm tail, the FX74 prefers short to
                medium radius turns ideal for tight couloirs to open tree skiing. The lightweight
                construction (6.7Ibs / pair) makes for effortless hikes without sacrificing the
                performance of the ski whether in difficult off and on-piste conditions. The MSRP is

                The FX84 (122-84-110) is a smooth and stable ski boasting the response and
                control to handle any speed, terrain or snow-condition. The FX84 (7.7Ibs / pair) is the
                ultimate ski for off-piste excursions yet has the versatility to carve on groomers. The
                MSRP is $1,080.

                "The FX 84 has been a godsend for me because I finally have an ultra light
                mountaineering ski that doesn''t compromise on performance,” Chris Davenport,
                Kästle Team Athlete. “The FX 84 allows me to ski fast and with confidence in all
                sorts of conditions. It truly performs like an alpine ski but allows me to climb without
                being bogged down with added weight. I think the FX will define a whole new
                category in skiing"

                The FX skis and custom skins will be available in North America and Europe at
                selected retailers this fall. Skis will be sold flat to allow for individual set-up with
various AT binding makes.

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In 2007, a small group of passionate Austrian skiers, designers and entrepreneurs
re-launched the storied Kästle ski brand after almost ten years of dormancy. With
support from strategic partners and investors Cross Industries Inc., owners of KTM
motorcycles, Kästle will manufacture a limited line of high performance skis for
2008. Kästle is headquartered in Wels, Austria in the heart of the Alps. The line of
four Kästle skis is now available at selected North American and European
retailers. For more information, visit www.kastle-ski.com.

Contacting KÄSTLE
Edisonstraße 2
4600 Wels
Website: http://www.kastle-ski.com

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