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If you are concerned about your retirement income and are looking for ideas to increase your
retirement income there are options available to you. In today's economy it is important to
remember that even though your retirement savings may be taking a hit now you still must plan for
the future.

First understand that the best retirement savings plan should involve multiple streams of income.
Most people realize that social security will probably not be around when they retire. At best we
should only expect a small monthly token payment. Additionally, retirees can receive a larger
amount if they delay the age that they start to receive benefits. Buy having additional sources of
supplemental retirement income and waiting a few years to begin receiving payments from social
security can mean a few extra hundred dollars a month.

The employer sponsored savings plan is the best option even in the current extreme market
conditions. Most people now understand the importance of contributing to their 401k but
unfortunately are having a hard enough time paying the bills with what they bring home. The
thought of putting additional income into a retirement savings account seems impossible.

Let's assume the average workers income is $40,000. The maximum amount that is allowed to be
contributed to a retirement savings plan is $15,500. This would leave the average worker $24,500
to support his family make mortgage payments etc. Obviously this is not feasible and if this person
does contribute anything in all likelihood it is a very small amount. Or worse yet they think they will
wait a few years and then start their retirement savings.

If this same person started looking for a source of supplemental retirement income now he would
be much better off in the future. In the past this would mean getting a second working strange
hours and never having a day off. Working from home is one option that has become a popular
choice for people looking to increase there retirement income. In fact there are so many options
that finding the right one is the hardest part.

There are people who make money just taking surveys on their computer. This method works best
if you go into realizing what it is. A chance to make a few hundred dollars a month and you won't
get rich doing it (no matter what the advertisement says). However, making $200 to $500 dollars
extra a month will allow you to contribute that much more towards your retirement savings account
at work. Once you do retire you can continue to do this earning income in retirement and delaying
drawing social security.

Another option is affiliate marketing. This method works best for those who are in it for the long
haul. Some really good money can be made but it usually takes awhile for the fruits of your labor
to be seen. This allows you to increase your retirement income in two ways. You can slowly
increase your retirement savings deductions at work until you reach the maximum amount allowed
and if you choose the correct affiliate program you will continue to earn money in retirement. As
you can see there are several options available to increase your retirement savings. The key is
start planning now.

John McRae works from home researching affiliate programs and ways to increase his retirement
income. You can view his site Your Work From Home Help Center for ideas to increase your
income and ways to increase traffic to your web site.

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For more information on Retirement Income check this out;

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