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                                                       Energy Conservation
                                                          Increase the efficiency of your gas furnace,
                                                       boiler or air–conditioner and receive a rebate.

Conserve and Save
Would you like to make your home        To qualify for the rebate, the new                    Conservation
more comfortable, energy–efficient
and receive a cash incentive for
                                        system must meet minimum size
                                        and efficiency requirements such
doing so? When you replace              as a minimum AFUE (Annual Fuel
your old gas furnace, gas boiler or     Utilization Efficiencies) and HSPF        Change a Light Month
air–conditioner with a more efficient   (Heating Season Performance
system you may qualify for a cash       Factor) performance levels for            When we change one light in our
incentive ranging from $60 to $625      gas furnaces / boilers and heat           home from a regular incandescent
— depending upon the size and           pumps or SEER (Seasonal Energy            bulb to a compact fluorescent lamp
                                                                                  (CFL), we can “Change the World!”
efficiency of the unit you choose.      Efficiency Ratio) and EER (Energy
                                        Efficiency Ratio) ratings for air         According to the Environmental
The increased use of energy during      conditioning units.                       Protection Agency, if every household
cold winters and hot summers                                                      in Nevada replaced just one bulb with
results in an increase in your          Qualifying customers must also have       a CFL, we’d reduce statewide energy
monthly energy bill. You may lower      their system installed by a contractor    consumption by approximately 45
your energy bill as much as 10 – 30%    participating in Sierra Pacific Power’s   million kWh a year. That’s enough
just by making the switch to a high     quality installation certification        energy to light over 24,000 homes for
efficiency gas furnace, gas boiler or   program. Certain restrictions may         a year. We’d also save $4.9 million in
air–conditioner.                        apply, please call 1 (877) 411–8378,      annual energy costs, while diminishing
                                        email       carbon dioxide emissions by over 69
                                        or for more details, go to                million pounds.
                                          With a wide variety of bulb wattages
                                                                                  and styles available, CFLs can be used
                                        Rebates are available on a first come,    almost anywhere you normally use
                                        first served basis until funding is       incandescent bulbs. They use up to
                                        depleted or until December 31, 2007,      75 percent less energy and last an
                                        whichever comes first. Remember, the      average of 7 to 10 years.
                                        more energy–efficient your gas
                                        furnace, gas boiler or air conditioner    Sierra Pacific Power is now offering
                                        is, the more energy you’ll save, which    discounts on CFLs at participating
                                        means there is more money left for        retailers, while supplies last.
                                        you to do other things.                   Find retailer information at
                                          Free Water Heater Blanket
                                          If	your	natural	gas	or	propane	service	    However, be sure to check the water
                                          provider is Sierra Pacific Power, while    heater manufacturer’s label on some
                                          supplies last you may receive a free       do not recommend the use of a water
                                          water heater blanket. This energy          heater blanket.
                                          conservation program is not income
                                          restricted and is on a first come, first   To schedule your Sierra Pacific Power
                                          served basis.                              Water Heater Blanket delivery, please
                                                                                     call the Community Services Agency
                                          If	your	gas	water	heater	is	located	       at (775) 786–6023.
                                          in your garage or another unheated
                                          space, the installation of a water
                                          heater blanket can save you about          Safety
                                          21 therms of gas usage per year.
                                                                                     At many points on its
                                                                                     way to us, electricity
Energy Efficiency Grants Awarded to                                                  can be potentially
Nonprofit Groups                                                                     dangerous.	Overhead	
                                                                                     power lines, which
Sierra Pacific Power awarded 18           	 •	 Junior	Achievement                    are located high off
energy efficiency grants totaling         	 •	 Mishmash	&	Muddle	                    the ground for safety,
approximately $92,967 to nonprofit              Thrift Store                         have no insulation
organizations in Battle Mountain,         	 •	 Nevada	Health	Centers	                and can carry more
Elko, Gerlach, Hawthorne, Reno,                 (in Gerlach)                         than 500,000 volts.
Sparks and Yerington.                     	 •	 Ridge	House                           Substations and transformers contain
                                          	 •	 Ruby	Mountain	                        “live” parts that are dangerous to
“This is a valuable program because             Resource Center                      contact. Underground power lines
it provides energy savings to nonprofit   	 •	 SPCA	of	Northern	Nevada               are well–insulated, but a shovel can
organizations that operate on very        	 •	 The	Battle	Mountain	Family		          damage them and create a shock
tight budgets while serving their               Resource Center                      hazard. Additionally, there are many
communities,” said Mary Simmons,          	 •	 The	Igloo	                            electrical or gas safety hazards in your
vice president of external affairs        	 •		 The	Western	Folklife	Center          home or in your workplace. Learn
for Sierra Pacific Power.                 	 •		 Washoe	Arc                           how you can stay safe and help
                                          	 •		 Washoe	Legal	Services                avoid hazardous situations by
Sierra Pacific Power is proud to                                                     visiting or
support the community and protect                                                    call Art Miller at (775) 834–7703.
our natural resources by providing
energy efficiency grants to the              Energy
following nonprofits:                        Fact                                         For more information, visit
	 •	 Boys	&	Girls	Club	of	                                                                or call (775) 834–4444 or
     Mason Valley
                                           Did you know that household                    toll free (800) 962–0399
	 •	 Catholic	Community	Services		         lighting accounts for about
     of Northern Nevada                    10 percent of your monthly
	 •	 Crisis	Call	Center                    electric bill? So you can
	 •	 FISH	of	Elko	County                   save money and help reduce
	 •	 Gerlach	General	
                                           the growing demand for
	 	 Improvement	District
	 •	 HAWC	Community	                       electricity when you make the              
     Health Center                         change to compact fluorescent                         (775) 834–4444.
	 •	 Hawthorne	Ordnance	Museum             lamps. They look funny and
                                                                                                           spp–nv/LVC 325m 10/07
                                           save money.

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