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        A Start off Disclaimer!
I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY for any 'issues' that 'may'
arise with you working and promoting through your 'Sisters', 'Mothers' or
'Girlfriends' Female only allowed Cost Per Action (CPA) account that is
registered in their name. You should ask their permission before using
their details to apply for anything in their name. If you do not, then it is
your responsibility undertake this method well to ensure smooth sailing.

It is also your responsibility to 'Stay under the radar' as with any
'CPA Network' by providing and being able to provide any requested
identification if they decide to request it. You, like me can just get by
without the need of showing identification if you do not raise any
concerns with their support team or raise any 'red flags' with your
'methods of promotion' via whitehat, greyhat or blackhat methods.

Do your up most to 'ensure' that your 'traffic' is 'genuine' otherwise you
are putting your own account at risk of which you will already be fully
aware of anyway as this applies to all CPA Networks. As with all CPA
Networks, low quality advertiser conversions will always be a risk to
getting the ban hammer. If you are reading this, the chances are that
you are already very and fully aware of all of the risks that are
associated with messing around through any Cost Per Action (CPA)
account. If you are good and staying under the radar then you should
have no problems.

If you do it well like me then you could make this work and take FULL
ADVANTAGE of this Unknown & Unsaturated Method.

Remember bad traffic almost always leads to a ban hammer on your
account with any CPA Network so as always do try and keep your traffic
sources legit where possible or hide extremely well as none of us like
the ban hammer feeling!

  This book comes with a single user licence. No duplication for resale of this material is
                                  granted in any form.

                          Not For Resale © Copyright 2012
                    The Introduction!
My Story So Far!

My Opening Statement.
Before anyone rants over me messing up a working 'blackhat' technique by telling others about it, I
am more than sure that it won’t lead to any over saturation of this method as it may already be fully
known anyway without me realising it. Also this method is actually all down to your own cover up
efforts, this is where most people fail on anyway by being lazy or even clumsy. So Firstly Wake Up!

Now Lets Get Started!
First of all, Myself like most CPA Marketers started off by having a few different Affiliate Network
accounts with a number of different Cost Per Action Networks with some large networks and some
smaller networks. Now the majority of these all had the same sort of payout amount for each
similar type of offer while others seemed to pay even less as they where just sneaky amateur
affiliate network platforms that where just re-brokering other affiliate company offers and keeping a
small split of the revenue!

Okay, I hear you all think well this is all the norm and I admit that your right too, but I just didn't
think that it was a good enough amount of money for my time as I wanted to really maximise my
possible profits. I then thought to myself in order to make the money that I am after I really need to
get in the frame of mind to start thinking outside-of-the-box for once!

I then sat down and just wrote down and used my basic equation of:

The first two factors HAD to equal/result in the 'Highest Possible Revenue' otherwise my idea just
wasn't going to work. So with this in mind every plan that I now came up with just had to fit into this
simple singular rule.

This equation was just to keep me on track as clearly why should I spend say 5 hours promoting
an offer for $1.50 per lead when someone else wanted to pay $6.00 for the same offer and action
elsewhere? Now this is where your efforts come in. It is basically your own fault if you are not
shopping around for the best paying offers on a daily or weekly basis. I know it is hard and too time
consuming to do so, but here is how I update everything at the click of a mouse button.

I always use squeeze pages, regardless. I then simply make list of each of my used squeeze page
URLs on a piece of paper along with making a simple note of what the offer is at that URL that I
have 'promoted'. Now the moment that I notice or find that same or similar offer at a higher payout
per 'Cost Per Action' then I simply just edit my html for the applicable squeeze page and re-upload
it to my server. This then ensures that all of my past link building/other promotional methods aren't
going to any waste and that I continue to send any ongoing traffic to the highest paying offer I have
found and that I am aware of. This is pretty simple logic really. I know you are probably already all
aware of this and there are a few programs that you can get of which will automatically scan all
entered CPA Network databases and automatically replace your html squeeze page code with the
highest found relative offer from across numerous searched networks. If you don’t have this script
then I may post it at some point but no doubt most have it already or you can just manually search
new offers, edit your squeeze page html and just re-upload your squeeze pages!

Now Here is My Private Method that I've used for about 4 Months Now..!

Like mentioned previously I simply browsed around a lot of different affiliate networks and found
that the similar CPA offers do pay around the same amount and this for some reason seems to
keep the 'cost per action' payout offers fully levelled across the board. Now maybe this is due to
poor traffic or whatever, I just don’t know that part of the story but I did find a network that paid far
more on average than even the other major CPA Networks where offering.

Now okay this sounds a little too good to be true, well it is as there is a catch! This affiliate network
is just for female members only and hence I’m guessing no ‘nerds’ where pulling the overall CPA
payout costs down on the provided network offers as females are either Far more trust-worthier at
how they promote via Mom-Blogs etc and don't 'spam' at all therefore their traffic quality is
extremely high and worth more per lead or if they do 'spam' it is not at the higher levels that most
experienced CPA marketers are able to do it at, that’s just my 2 cents (me trying to make some sort
of sense of a mystery!)

Now as a real example I noted the following average CPA offered payouts from across the board:
(Data Correct as of - July 2012)

iPhone4 - Address Submit - $2.60
iPad - Address Submit - $3.00
iPhone4 - Email submit - $1.50
iPad - Email Submit - $1.80
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Email Submit - $1.50

IMAGINE and/or REMEMBER just exactly how much effort it ACTUALLY TAKES in order to gain
Cost Per Action leads for each and for every one of these offers in order to make a good few
$XXXX per month.. Damn it is quite a lot isn’t it! Now at these payout offer levels, earning a good
few $XXXX every month is far easier said than done and it is far easier to some of the more
experienced, cleverer and advanced affiliate CPA Marketers out there. Now to a large majority of
us 'lower down the food chain affiliates' who would not be classed as even 'mid-super affiliates'
then this level of revenue target is just a serious struggle to reach to say the least and
unfortunately I know that most will agree with me.

Remember you only have so much time in the day and there is only so many traffic sources that
you can manage to target before you actually run out people to use as leads. This will drastically
hinder and cap your possible earnings and it takes either 1) A nice juicy helpful list of new
'untapped traffic sources' that no-one is already over saturating or.. 2) Higher Payouts Per Lead!

In my case even any new traffic sources came to a full stop at one point and the only way I found
for me to overcome this and actually maximise my earnings is to continually hunt around and keep
finding the highest paying CPA network for a particular offer/number of offers that I was promoting.
As already mentioned you will find that one network pays higher for one particular offer and lower
for another particular offer. It is your job to 'Mix & Match' your CPA offer sources on a cross-
network basis in order to tweak your full earnings potential.
I decided to sign up to practically every Cost Per Action Affiliate Network in existence and then
weeded out the poor paying networks and kept an eye on the better paying networks. You will also
stumble across the obvious ‘Fake CPA Networks’ which are just re-brokering CPA offers from other
larger networks but just leave these to one side as you don’t want to lose a cut to a 'clever nerd'
who is running the obvious HasOffers type re-brokered network. The way to usually spot these
lame networks is that they all have the same form of login control panel on their CPA Network
log in section. Always cross check their log in panels and if they are the same design/layout as
another CPA Network just be wary and leave these networks to one side as they wont pay you the
actual full amount for the leads than what you could be getting somewhere else.

Below is an example of what a 'HasOffers' based affiliate network platform login
control panel box looks like. This will tip you off in spotting a Re-Brokered CPA
Offers 'HasOffers' Platform. 99% of the time these will be taking a cut of the actual
Real CPA Payout Amount that you would otherwise be paid from a larger network.

In my hunt over a number of months I stumbled upon a Female only Affiliate Network called
MomCPA.com. Of course I’m male and this affiliate network only accepts 'females' as affiliates so I
needed a way around this in order to get my foot in the door and see how much they where
offering per 'Cost Per Action' Offer, So here came in the help of my girlfriend!

I’m guessing the best way to sign up to their network is to have say your girlfriend, mother or sister
etc. let you use their details to do so.. Just use your imagination that’s all I’m saying!

Now you may be wondering.. How the hell will I get my payment of which is meant to be in a
females name? This part is just too easy, they pay via Paypal, simple! Just set up a free email
account in the same name of your MomCPA.com application and then add this new email address
to your current Paypal account and take your payments in that way. They start off your account on
Net 30 on your first payment that is due but then when that is completed successfully you are
automatically placed on a weekly payment basis. That part was my dream come true! Don't forget
and do remember that you have to be 'female' so always pose this way to minimise getting
banned. Also try to stay under the radar by using 'clean untraceable valid traffic' and if possible try
to fully ensure that you can use your 'girlfriends' ID or whoever you have applied under in case
they ever request a copy of it for verification purposes. Like I said this only usually happens if a red
flag has been raised for some reason, so just be careful and provide it quickly if it is requested.
They usually don’t request any identification at all as I have set up 4 accounts as tests with them
for a number of my close friends for them to use my method to cash in too and each account got
accepted and they are all still going fine. I have to point out that I would not open or apply for more
than one account as it is possible that it will raise red flags, you have been warned!

After Getting Approved!
Now the BEST THING about this CPA Network is that they pay FAR HIGHER than the usual 'Cost
Per Action' Networks and I am guessing that this is because they have a stronger and far more
trust-worthier base of female affiliates, not the usually nerdy members hammering the CPA offers
inside and out and therefore they reward them far greater for the quality leads provided.

Once I was approved I went straight to view the payment offer amounts for the following related
CPA offers as stated earlier and I found that the 'Cost Per Action' payouts where just fantastic!

(Data Correct as of - July 2012)

iPhone4 - Address Submit - $7.20
iPad - Address Submit - $8.80
iPhone4 - Email submit - $6.20
iPad - Email Submit - $6.80
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Email Submit - $5.90

Now this was the break that I had been hunting everywhere for! These provided FAR HIGHER
paying offers of which I could dedicate the exact same amount of effort & time too when working
on promoting these types of CPA offers of which I was already doing constantly. This meant now I
could be paid far more in return for my efforts than what other networks where currently willing to
pay me for. It is really that simple. I had finally found that hidden gem that I had been searching for.
These payout levels fitted perfectly into my operational equation and now I was going to get top
buck for all of my efforts.

I then went on and took each of these 5 high paying offers and I followed all of the usual known
marketing techniques that you will find listed everywhere online but my main ones are all briefly
stated below and I admit they aren't very 'blackhat' at all. Any experienced marketers who have
ways of content locking and so on etc.. or who have any other private 'workable promotional
methods' even unknown to the wider internet marketing community, could in my eyes make far
more than even I did.. It is worth a try and you could make double to what you are already making.

     This book comes with a single user licence. No duplication for resale of this
                          material is granted in any form.

                              Not For Resale © Copyright 2012
Promotional Methods Used.
> Google Alerts.
I set up Google Alerts for about 5 related keywords for each of the different offer items. In this case
there are 3 different offer items 1) iPad, 2) iPhone & 3) Samsung Galaxy S3. These Alerts then
delivered a nice amount of new blog and new report updates straight to my email in-box. I then
when on to write 3 short articles in Notepad and then pasted these relative articles into the
comment sections on the Alerted pages that allowed to me comment on them quickly and easily. I
also ensured to include a relativequeeze page url within these articles too.

> Email Marketing Lists.
I fired out updates for these offers to all of my email lists via Aweber and other mailing programs.

> Article Writing.
I then wrote 4 x 500 word articles on each of the 3 offer items. These articles when then reworded
‘slightly’ for each time that I posted it into a free article and/or blogging website. It ended up a little
like 'Chinese Whispers' at one point so be careful and do ensure that it still makes sense after each

I posted these articles on all of the following sites:
Blogger.com / Blogspot.com

I then Ping’d every new URL that I had created from each of these newly created article pages.
This alerted all of the search engines of this new content all by using any of the free Ping services
that can be found on a simple Google Search, only ping each url once.

Within each new article post that I made on the above sites, at the bottom of the article I simply
back-linked using the usual keyword anchors to 5 random previously created related articles that I
had posted elsewhere.

> YouTube.
I then recorded 2 product review video clips for each of my CPA offers. These where each 3
minutes long and I watermarked these videos with the related squeeze page URL to direct traffic
any generated too. I also put a start and ending promo poster with my squeeze page URL on and a
small advert statement saying something like “Get Your FREE Samsung Galaxy S3 from URL’
> PPC & CPM Adverts.
I won’t go into too much detail about this part as the title is self-explanatory but I just created a few
ad campaigns on a number of 2nd tier ad networks. These networks included:

TrafficHolder – Not PPC ads but still useful to lower any unusually High CTR.

I ensured to keep my CPC extremely low. Even if others outbid me for the immediate traffic I just
left my campaigns on the lowest possible bid and just waited out until I fill in the ad inventory when
it becomes available at any random point. The trick is not to rush into getting fast traffic! Time is
money I know, but this applies in slow and fast ways. Why pay an inflated CPC of $0.50 when you
can wait it out and get it for just $0.05 or sometimes $0.025 per CPC. Remember, Work & Buy
Smart! In total throughout the 4 months during of this plan I spent approximately a total of $300.00
on $0.05 PPC ads. This helped the whole earnings process but I don't think that it out did any of
the other stated promotional methods. Buying PPC ads can be used to just reduce your manual
promotional work at that time, but if your already manually promoting then PPC is not required.

Promotional Methods Summary.
I did all of the above and rinsed and repeated this process on a weekly and fortnightly basis as and
when new CPA offers came in. I know full well the internet is more than over-saturated with iPhone
& iPad offers but I didn’t just use these. Once I had completed all of the above with the iPhone and
iPad CPA offers I then left them all alone and just moved over to say the next 5 CPA offers. Even
now the traffic trickles in from my past promotional work efforts. This is something that PPC ad
buying would not continue to do the moment that you stop a paid for campaign!

Each and every internet marketer has their own private and personal secrets in methods that they
undertake in order to generate traffic. If you have any additional methods then do also ensure to
undertake them and you could possibly make far more than even I did.

1) Firstly one of my main tips is if you have the means to do so, build a squeeze page on your own
domain/URL and do not initiate any of the above promotional methods directly to any CPA offer
URL! This way if the offer expires at the CPA Network you can then immediately find the same
similar CPA offer elsewhere and just update your 'forwarded URL string' in your squeeze page
redirect. This ensures that you never lose any traffic even if you have to forward your traffic to a
much lower paid relative CPA offer. It is far better than wasting your traffic by sending it to a dead
link or to no offer at all if the higher paying original offer expires after a month or two etc..

2) Secondly I DO NOT RECOMMEND ever trying to cheat the system by playing around with trying
to fire your own pixels etc.. it just doesn't work. I have tried firing a few and they just don't get
credited at all and I am guessing that getting too many uncredited pixel fires will definitely raise
those dreaded red flags. It is just not worth it, take advantage of the higher payouts and be smart!
3) Finally, do try to ensure that you nicely spread out your conversions/leads across a number of
different CPA offers as you do not want to get scrubbed if you are hammering just one single offer!


TOTAL EARNINGS - $19,088.90.

  This book comes with a single user licence. No duplication for resale of this material is
                                  granted in any form.

                          Not For Resale © Copyright 2012

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