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									          What Does "Website Maintenance" Really Mean?
 Confused about website maintenance what includes, and what it
   does not include? Here are 5 important points to consider.
You see it advertised all over the Internet, but what does "website maintenance" really mean? Are
these services really worth the money?

Absolutely! But only if you hire the right company.

When you go looking for the right website maintenance services, you'll discover what their experts can,
and cannot do:

    -   Design your website

    Sorry. Web design is a whole different field from website maintenance. While most web
    maintenance firms can do web design, it will be at a higher cost than just average maintenance
    services. Website design does not fall under "website maintenance".

    -   Update your blog

    For many webmasters, creating and updating a blog is more of a pain than anything else. Luckily,
    though, this type of work is what website maintenance services were originally created for! If you're
    dealing with a professional company, adding your blog updates is easy. That way, you'll have an
    easy way to keep your visitors up-to-date on all of the latest developments in your industry. Plus,
    the search engines love fresh content! Most website maintenance firms will add your content to
    your blog. Some firms will write the blog posts for you, for an extra charge.

    -   Evaluate your website

    If your website has been up for ages -- and has gone through a number of technical changes and
    webmaster changes -- it could be a real mess. For all you know, you may have a bunch of broken
    links or other issues that are chasing visitors, and search engines, away! Since you don't have the
time (or the expertise) to go through everything yourself, leave the job to a website maintenance
team. A good company will be able to come in and assess what needs to be fixed and what doesn't.

-   Clean up the damage

Have you fallen victim to a hacker? Until you get everything taken care of, your online business is on
hold! Luckily, the right website maintenance services can get you back to normal quickly.

You don't even need something as serious as a hacker to create a ton of damage that needs to be
cleaned up. Even a less-than-savvy webmaster can open your website up to a slew of problems that
need to be addressed and corrected.

-   Offer advice

True website maintenance professionals will understand the way the Internet works -- and not just
from a technical perspective. They'll also have enough online expertise to give you SEO and other
marketing advice.

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