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A Discussion of Issues in the Manufacturing OrderStream

Physical Inventory – ERP Best Practices
                                               Accurate Physical Counts Are
GAAP and Inventory                             Necessary for Effective
GAAP does require at annual physical
count. Often cycle counting is accepted        Most computer systems produce very
by outside auditors but an annual              impressive buying reports. These
physical count is still the most common        reports show you how much of each
scenario.                                      item the computer thinks is in each
                                               warehouse, how much will be demanded
While GAAP is not overly prescriptive on       by customers in the near future, and
the methods of conducting a physical           how much should be ordered from a
inventory this paper will outline general      vendor or central warehouse. What
procedures which have been accepted            happens if the quantities in the
by many outside auditors. You can              computer are wrong? Disaster! No
modify the procedure to suit your              matter how sophisticated the software,
particular requirements                        the wrong quantities, of the wrong
                                               products, will be ordered.

Why Is a Physical Inventory                    The Key to a Good Physical
Necessary?                                     Inventory Is Planning

If the people counting don’t realize the       A physical inventory is a very expensive
importance of accurate stock balances          process. It usually involves a
to them, your chances for obtaining            considerable labor expense and lost
errorless counts are slim. So it is critical   production time. If the resulting count
to explain to everyone who will                isn’t accurate, the money spent on the
participate, why a physical inventory is       physical is wasted.
                                               What can you do to ensure that your
Accurate Physical Counts = Better              physical inventory is successful? Set the
Customer Service                               count date. Do this as early as possible
                                               so that everyone has plenty of notice.
Everyone in your organization must             Avoid dates when people are
realize that the primary purpose of a          preoccupied and may not be focused on
physical inventory is not to please your       the task at hand.
accountant or the tax authorities. It is
to verify that the on-hand quantity of         Planning
each item in your computer reflects
what is actually on the shelf. Customer        The key to a successful inventory is the
service personnel need to be able to           quality of the planning effort. Your
trust the accuracy of the stock                planning should include when and who
quantities in your computer.                   will conduct the inventory and how the
                                               counts will be taken. The complete
                                               process should be documented for
                                               future inventories. Provide instructions

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to the count team in advance of the            3) Pre-Counting
inventory. Some activities to do prior to
the count include:                             Consider counting surplus areas and
                                               slow-moving products before the
1) Clean up your warehouse. Clean,             scheduled physical inventory – Most
straighten and organize all areas.             companies try to count all of their
Physically arrange items to be counted         products in just one day. That’s a lot of
to facilitate counting. If all the items are   work. If some items can be counted in
in proper bin locations, you will be able      advance, the pressure is reduced. The
to conduct a faster, more accurate             possibility is small that significant
physical inventory. The cleanup should         amounts of your dead stock, slow
be completed no less than two weeks            moving inventory, and surplus material
prior to the count.                            will move during the week preceding
                                               your physical. So why not count the
2) If it isn’t in your warehouse, you          bins containing these items before the
don’t have to count it. It is in everyone’s    day of the actual physical?
interest to reduce the inventory to the
lowest possible level prior to the                     Be sure to mark bins and shelves
physical inventory. This is the perfect        that are pre-counted. And, keep in mind
time to clean out the cobwebs and              that you must have some mechanism
tackle the work that everyone has put          for adjusting these quantities if some
aside. Some things to consider:                amount of a product is sold or received
                                               after the bin has been counted
   -Ship everything you can before the
   physical begins                             4) In Seradex ERP
   -Order items to arrive after the
   count                                          •   Approve and post all receiving,
   -Dispose of obsolete and damaged                   shipping, adjustments, and
   items prior to the count or at least:              transfers
   -Isolate obsolete and slow moving              •   Process all completed work
   stock in a separate location                       orders
   -Return slow moving product to the             •   Run inventory by location reports
   vendor                                             for all inventory held off
   -Clean out the return goods area                   premises – provide to vendors to
   -Rework items where possible and                   approve or inspect yourself
   use them in production                         •   Adjust all items with negative
   -Sell off overstocks at a discount                 quantities to 0. Negatives can
   -Label all consignment items                       occur for several reasons
   -Label all non inventory items that                including:
   do not need to be counted e.g. -               •   Un-posted receipts
   office and plant supplies, furniture           •   Items listed on a bill of material
   and equipment                                      that is not actually used on the
   -Consolidate rack locations. Make                  bill.
   sure the same item is not stored in            •   Items that have been scrapped
   multiple racks within one location -               and replaced without recording it
   this can lead to incorrect                         in Seradex

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5) Order the necessary supplies.
Supplies may include count cards,
clipboards, and computer paper

6) Create a zoned map of your
warehouse. Include every cabinet;
shelving unit, rack, and any place where
material is stored. Be sure to include
the receiving dock, rework and vendor
return areas. Remember that all
material in your warehouse at the time
of the physical inventory must be

7) Assign teams to each zone identified
on the map. This will avoid overlapping
or failure to cover an area. When
establishing count zones, remember
that a counter should normally be able
to count between 50 and 120 items in
an hour. Hard-to-count products, such
as those that need to be weighed or
closely examined, take more time. On
the other hand, boxed items with just a
few pieces on hand can be counted in a
few seconds.

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