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Carmen María Jiménez Tárraga   1º Bachillerato de Investigación
Robert L. Stevenson

   1.- Stevenson's childhood and his

   2.-How started his interesting

   3.- His start in writing.

   4.- His love life.

    5.- Treasure Island.

   6.- . The Strange Case of Dr.
   Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

   7.- Mary Poppins

   8.- Other books.
Robert L. Stevenson

                             His parents
                       - Stevenson was born in Edinburgh,
                      (Scotland), a 13 th november a 1850 .

                       - He was son of Thomas Stevenson
                       and Margaret Balfour. He hadn't

                       Thomas Stevenson: He was a great
                         engineer prominent in the 80's.

                        Margaret Balfour: She was great
                      singer and soloist in London. She sang
                      Beethoven's Symphony and Passion in
                      November 1929. She was sick. She had
                               breathing problems.

                        Stevenson's childhood was very
                          difficult. He had a disease, that
                      disease was the same as had his mother.
                                He died in 1894.
Robert L. Stevenson

   How started his interest in write?
           In his childhood, he couldn't go to school.
          Every day, we wrote stories sitting on his bed.
           - Stevenson was influenced in childhood by
                    Alison Cunningham.

           - Another influence was the great number of
                       trips with his father.

         - His father forced him to study engineering, but
                        Stevenson didn't like.

           - Years later, Stevenson decided to study
         literature. His father didn't agree,because
           all his cousins ​were engineers and Stevenson
                  would break the family tradition.

              Note: He is the best adventure
              writer of his time.
Robert L. Stevenson

             When he began to write stories...
      Stevenson began to make many trips.
      During this period, he began to be

        Stevenson adventurous life
        defined his literary works.

     His first published book was "Full
     story" (1876), a work that speaks of his
     canoe trips with Walter Simpson from
     Antwerp to Pontoise.

      He published this book when I was
                only 16 years.

      This book tells many stories of adventure
                 and science fiction.
Robert L. Stevenson

                      His wife

                          - He met his wife in 1876. They met on
                                 a trip from Stevenson.
                             - His wife was Fanny Osbourne,
                             who he married on 19 th May 1880.
                            - Fanny was separated and she
                           was living in France with her small
                        - Fanny and Robert were married
                                 in San Francisco.
                          - They made many trips while on
                           - In 1980 he moved to the United

                           States because the weather was better
                                      for Stevenson.
Robert L. Stevenson
                      TREASURE ISLAND

                           Stevenson was 30 years old when he
                            began writing Treasure Island, his
                             first success as a novelist. It was
                                     published in 1883.
                           - His books are written, using a fast and
                             effective narrative. He also used

                             - The book is about a sailor with a
                             scar on his face that came to the island
                             of Benwob. When he died, he left a
                             map. Jon (one children) knew of the
                             existence the map. He began the
                             voyage to the accompaniment of real
                              - Stevenson writes for an audience
                             friendly, intelligent, diplomatic...etc.

                                 -Stevenson creates a unique
Robert L. Stevenson
                      The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

                                             - In early 1886 he published “The
                                                Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll
                                               and Mr. Hyde”. Novella that
                                              was about to disappear, when his
                                                 first original was destroyed.
                                                - The book is a double
                                               personality that can have
                                                It was an immediate success
                                                and one of the best sellers of
                                             The book is a lawyer, Gabriel
                                                 John Utterson, who
                                             investigates the strange link
                                              between his old friend, Dr.
                                               Henry Jekyll, and the crazy
                                                     Edward Hyde.
      This book is about a family. Parents
      have many problems with their
        They decided to hire a nanny. She
         will change their life for the whole
      Mary Poppins was nominated for
      13 Oscars and she won 5 Oscars of
       the American Academy. So, Mary
       Poppins has become the Disney movie
          with more Oscar nominations.
Robert L.Stevenson
                 Books of Robert L. Stevenson.

              His most important works, great classic adventure novel is:
              - “ The diamond crack” (1882).
              - " Kidnnaped” (1886).

              - “ The Master of Ballantrae” (1889).
Robert L. Stevenson

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