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Active Meeting-September 2


									Active Meeting
September 2, 2008

    Snap Cup has been decorated and is ready for your comments
    Wear APO shirts for the next two weeks to help with recruitment
    Professional dress is required for Pin-In
    Open the floor for Treasurer since Missy will not be returning
    Brett Hammond was nominated and accepted

1st Vice President of Service:
     We will be doing Adopt a Soldier this semester
     Kerby will be collecting travel sized items to send on September 20
     Saint Francis NCU will be giving tours of the facility; we will be collecting full sized
        personal hygiene products and socks to send; Burger King and Popeye’s Chicken sent
        coupons that will be donated for meals
     Parking for the SEMO district fair starts Saturday, September 7 and will continue until
        the next Saturday; five people are needed each night from 5:30 until 9
     Horse therapy will start soon and help is needed this Saturday to hand out awards to
     Safe Harbor will start September 15; Evan will try to go every Monday around 3:00

2nd Vice President of Membership:
     Up All Night will be Saturday the 27; a bon fire will be held at the Taylor farm starting
        around eight or nine and people are welcome to bring friends

       *Not present at the meeting

Pledge Trainer:
    14 perspectives were present at the first pledge informational
    Pin In will be September 16 at 9:00PM
    Questioning will be November 16 in the Party Room
    Activation will be December 6 in the Wine Cellar
    Pledge parent applications are available; for the pledges first meeting please bring a
       poster or a little gift to give
    Snow ball fight will be Thursday at 4 at the Parker fields
    Game night will be next Tuesday at 7:00 PM

Fellowship Chair:
     The chapter has expressed interest in intramurals; volleyball, dodgeball, water polo, and
       softball are being considered
      Fundraising is in effect for Boston; possibilities include candy, pizza, or cookie dough
       fundraisers, car washes, and selling boy scout popcorn

    Constitutional Convention will be September 28 from 1-3 in the Missouriana Room

Sergeant at Arms:
    Please call Tony if you cannot make a chapter meeting or service event

        *Nothing noted at meeting

Alumni Chair:
    Sarah is still working on writing the first Alumni Newsletter
    Current graduates’ addresses are needed

Co-Pledge Trainer:
    Alpha Phi Omega car decals will be purchased through the Southeast Bookstore if
       anyone is interested

Scouting Chair:
    MBU will be held February 21
    Merit Badge counselor sign ups will be next meeting

Public Relations Chair:
    Please respond to Alyson’s email so she can get an APOstle out soon
    The theme for the Murder Mystery Dinner will be Passion, Pasta and Pistols which takes
        place in an upscale New York restaurant; it will be held October 11; tickets will be $20 in
        advance and $25 at the door; the dinner will consist of mostacholi, fried chicken,
        potatoes, salad, green beans, and bread

Boston Trip:
    Flights will be about $350
    There will be a funding board meeting tomorrow night to petition for money from
       student government
    $600 is the estimate including hotel, banquet, registration, round trip air fare, and bus in

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