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					A newsletter for friends of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Aberdeen, S.D.           Winter 2011 Volume 19 No. 3

                                                                                                         Avera Health System Members
                                                                                                     Sisters Kathleen Crowley, OSB, Mary
                                                                                                      Jaeger, PBVM, Mary Kay Panowicz,
    Interim President Virginia Tobin                                                                OSB, Kathryn Easley, OSB, Joan Reichelt,
Presentation College Celebrates 60-Years                                                               PBVM and Lucille Welbig, PBVM

                                                             Sr. Gabriella Crowley
                                                              Caminando Juntos
                                                           Sioux Falls, South Dakota

               Sr. Liz Remily                                                                                    Sr. Deb Nelson
           San Marcos, Guatemala                                                                             Kalomo, Zambia, Africa

                                                                Sr. Madonna Pierret
                                                                  Prayer Ministry
                                                               Aberdeen, South Dakota

                                           Sr. Virginia McCall                 Srs. Kay and Michelle
                                          Kaoma, Zambia, Africa                     Social Justice
 President’s Pen: Celebrating 125 Years
                                                                                                                          How do you
                                                                                                                                             TEACH or HEAL?
                                              Thank God for 125 Things
                                            Thank you God                         Thank you God
                                            for hospitality and convent tours     for the radio stations
                                            for maps and signs                    and newspapers
                                                                                                                                                           Sister Alacoque heard God’s call prior to entering Presentation Convent in
                                            for families and joyful tears         for Brown County Fair Grounds and                                        Aberdeen over 70 years ago. Her career highlights began with her role in the
                                            for safe travels                      Presentation College                                                     treatment of polio patients during the epidemic that lasted from 1946-1953.
                                                                                                                                                           Sister Alacoque was the first registered physical therapist in South Dakota.
                                            Thank you God                         Thank you God                                                            After being a therapist for only a year, she became director of the Avera St.
                                            for sisters and cojourners            for children’s laughter
                                            for employees, volunteers and
                                                                                                                                                           Luke’s (formerly St. Luke’s) therapy department in Aberdeen, South Dakota.
                                                                                  for smiles and giggles
                                            former members                        for inflatables, crafts, games and
                                                                                                                                                           She continued to work with many patients who suffered from polio, cerebral
                                            for our donors                        stories                                                                  palsy and joint replacements for 40 years. “God did it all,” Sister Alacoque
                                                                                                                                                           remembers, since no cure was available for polio. “Our treatment was only
                                            Thank you God                         Thank you God                                                            palliative, so we prayed for those polio patients. For those who did walk
 Thank you God                              for Sister Verna’s books,              for sprinklers and flowers
                                                                                                                          Sister Alacoque
                                            for Tom Roberts’ narrative and
                                                                                                                                                           again, the Lord did it.” The patient’s hospitalization lasted for long periods,
 for horses and wagons                                                            for the Mary Garden
                                            Tammy Roberts’ singing                                                                                         so friendships evolved with staff members that continued through the years.
 for sisters in traditional habits                                                for trees, leaves and a light breezes
 for summer heat at 100 degrees                                                   for summertime and sunshine
                                                                                                                                                           Sister Alacoque said the biggest change in physical therapy over time was the
                                            Thank you God                                                                                                  growth and sophistication of available equipment.
 Thank you God                              for Susan VanDover and Mark Remily    Thank you God
 for tents, stages, food lines              for Nancy Bauer and Point of Grace    for golf carts                                                           In 1986, Sister Alacoque retired from physical therapy, but continued to lead a
                                                                                                                                   Hometown:               rewarding life. She shared, “I didn’t leave physical therapy because I didn’t like
 and caterers                               Thank you God                         for sunglasses and sunscreen                Reliance, South Dakota
 for freezies and popcorn                   for the planning committee,           for umbrellas, benches and                                               it. I wanted to devote more time to religious and Bible study, and ultimately,
 for soda and bottled water                 the set-up and take-down committee    comfortable shoes                          Entered Presentation          to communicating in these areas. My big aim was to go back to sharing faith
                                            and the communications committee                                                      Convent:                 and religion.” She then attended the Credo Program, which brought priests
 Thank you God                                                                    Thank you God                                  December 8, 1939          and vowed religious women from across the world for sabbatical studies,
 for readings and singing                   Thank you God                         for music, memories, pictures and
 for concerts and lawn chairs               for Bishop Paul J. Swain              cameras for friends, neighbors and                Education:             at Gonzaga University, Spokane, Wash. She went on to serve as convent
 for green grass and blue skies             for the priests and sisters           visiting                                • Notre Dame Jr. College,        administrator and was the sacristan at Avera St. Luke’s Hospital.
                                            of both dioceses                      for blue shirts, yellow plastic cups,      Mitchell, South Dakota
 Thank you God                                                                                                                                             Sister Alacoque (Miriam Cecilia) Geppert was born to Loretta Teresa (White)
                                                                                  name tags and walkie talkies            • Northern State
 for Heritage Hall, Nano’s Cove             Thank you God                                                                                                  and George Geppert of Reliance, South Dakota. Over the years, she received
                                                                                                                             Teachers College
 and archives for air conditioning in       for choirs and readers                Thank you God                                                            many awards/honors including, First Lady of Aberdeen in 1967 and induction
                                                                                                                             Aberdeen, South Dakota
 Lantern Hall, dining room, community       for communion givers and sacristans   for pickup trucks, flat beds and                                         into the Hall of Fame for the South Dakota chapter of the American Physical
 room and Chapel                                                                                                          • St. Louis University
                                            for liturgy committees and            people movers                                                            Therapy Association in 1992. She was a charter member of the South Dakota
                                                                                                                             School of Nursing
                                            environment creators                  for parades, floats and banners            St. Louis, Missouri           American Physical Therapy Association and editor of their first newsletter.
 Thank you God
 for the Ministry Fair and the              Thank you God                         Thank you God                                                            Sister Alacoque now resides at Presentation Heights and serves in full time
 the sharing of our missions                for the maintenance department        for the beauty of Fall                  • Educator in South Dakota       prayer ministry.
 for our Foundress Nano Nagle               and dietary                           for Presentation Day and Thanksgiv-        Schools (3-years)
 for Mother John Hughes, Sister Aloysius    for housekeeping and                  ing for Advent and Christmas            • Physical therapist
 Chriswell and Sister Joseph Butler         convent administrators                                                           (Avera) St. Luke’s Hospital
                                                                                  Thank you Sister Carol Quinn for the       Aberdeen, South Dakota
 Thank you God                              Thank you God                         gift of this idea                          (40 years)
 for employee picnics, Diocesan Day and      for first aid stations                                                       • Local Director
 our public events                          and the health care courtesy cart     Thank you God for the last                 (Convent Administrator)
 for new stage curtains and presenters      for Aberdeen police officers          125 years and for 125 more!                Presentation Convent
 for videos and the legacy book             and Aberdeen Ambulance Service                                                • Sacristan and Eucharistic
                                                                                  God’s Peace,                               Minister (Avera) St. Luke’s
                                                                                                                             Hospital (11-years)
          For a child is born to us, a son is given us; upon his shoulder
         dominion rests. They name him Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero,                                                        Current Ministry:
                   Father-Forever, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:5                    Sister Pam Donelan, President           • Full time prayer ministry

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  Partners in Ministry                                                                                                     Sponsored Ministry
                     Serving The Sisters’ Mission                                                                                     Avera McKennan Award & Scholarship
                             Mary Ihli, cojourner for the Presentation Sisters,                            recently
                                    received the North Central Region Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing
                                        (WOCN) 2011 Clinical Excellence Award. This award is presented to WOCN
                                           nurses who demonstrate clinical/professional expertise in the field of
                                             Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing; possess personal/professional
                                              qualities which are respected by colleagues and patients; participate
                                               in community and professional organizations as well as contribute to
                                                the advancement of WOCN nursing through education, publishing
                                                 and/or mentoring WOCN students and/or new nurses.
                                                   Mary worked as an RN for the Wound Ostomy Clinic at Avera
                                                   McKennan Hospital in Sioux Falls for over 17 years and retired on      The Presentation Sisters of Aberdeen are the recipients of the 2011 Avera McKennan Spirit Award. This
                                                   November 30, 2011. Her co-workers and colleagues recognized her        award recognizes an individual or individuals who have demonstrated long-term dedication to the mission of Avera
                                                  for this award because of her commitment to enhancing the care          McKennan. Their exceptional commitment continues to further the mission to make a positive impact in the lives
                                                 patients receive and for her compassion. Co-workers commented on         and health of persons and communities by providing quality services guided by Christian values. To celebrate the
                                                how Mary often worked overtime and off the clock to solve problems,       spirit of giving at Avera McKennan, a custom-crafted award was commissioned by the Avera McKennan Foundation
                                              and she continued to worry about patients after being discharged.           to serve as a symbol of appreciation. The bronze cast award titled “The Guardian” is a replica of a sculpture currently
                                            Mary proudly displayed her faith through her work as a WOCN. She loves        located on the Avera McKennan campus.
                                         nursing and finds many ways to share the gift of life with her patients and
                                    their families, including offering to pray with patients whom she knows have a
                               spiritual background.

After 16 years of being a cojourner for the Presentation Sisters, Mary says,
“Community and sharing of talents and relationships for Christ is what being a cojourner means to me. I feel proud
to be a part of the Presentation Sisters as a cojourner. This group has not only given me a common bond with
those who trust in the Lord, but also a family of believers whose faith is an inspiration to me. Currently, when it
is difficult to find matriarchal figures to exemplify, I
found a whole community. Perhaps the Lord knows I
need a whole community; nevertheless, I am grateful
for this experience.”
         Since her retirement, Mary is looking for ways                                                                   A new college scholarship is named honoring Sister Sheila Schnell. The scholarship program, targeting at-risk
to continue her ministry, sharing the gifts God gave                                                                      students, was developed at University Center by Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center. The
her. Mary’s strongest desire is helping the new Be                                                                        Avera McKennan Sister Sheila Schnell Scholarship Endowment was developed specifically to provide
Free Ministry program in Sioux Falls. Mary proudly                                                                        opportunities for area students who graduate from high school after completing the USucceed program. “Helping
said, “Their work attempting to help enslaved women                                                                       at-risk students pursue a college education is an outreach that helps fulfill our mission at Avera McKennan, and the
is honorable. The ministry recently established a                                                                         mission of the sisters. Supporting higher education also helps us develop a strong workforce for the future. This
residential restoration center for women at risk.                                                                         scholarship program addresses both goals,” said Dr. David Kapaska, regional president and CEO for Avera McKennan.
Although they applied for grants, funds were allocated                                                                    “Sister Sheila highly values education and at the same time is dedicated to helping people who are underprivileged.
to larger cities and programs, so donations are needed                                                                    Naming this scholarship after her honors her commitment and example.” Sister Sheila responded, “I was thrilled
today. To help the ministry, you may donate at                                                                            and so very touched upon hearing of the Avera McKennan scholarship, given in my name. I am deeply honored or by mail Be Free-ABCD, 225                                                                             and grateful to Avera McKennan for initiating this scholarship; it is also the work and legacy of our foundress, Nano
E 11th Street Suite 103, Sioux Falls, S.D. 57104. All                                                                     Nagle, who spent her life and fortune educating the poor. Avera McKennan’s collaboration with so many Sioux Falls
donations are tax deductible and used to further a                                                                        agencies on making this scholarship a reality speaks to their commitment to the mission of the Presentation Sisters
great ministry. Thank you for supporting a worthy                                                                         and the Gospel mandate to serve the poor. I couldn’t be prouder of Avera McKennan as it celebrates its 100 year
cause.”                                                       Cojourners, Bill Winter, Mary Ihli and Sister Donna Brown
                                                                                                                          anniversary, knowing that this scholarship will live on to benefit the poor for many years to come. Thank you Avera
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  Formation                                                                                                                      International Connection
                                                           Philippines Conference                                                                                                    U.S. and Zambian Sisters
Sister Ruth Geraets has been coordinating the formation program and mentoring novices since she completed                                                                                                           Sister Ruth continues in her position
                                                   her preparation in St. Louis (1998-99) at the Institute of Religious                                                                                             of congregational treasurer, which she
                                                   Formation. This summer, Sister Joan Marie Brandner transitioned into that                                                                                        began in 2009. “One of my passions
                                                   position and, along with Sisters JoAnn Sturzl, Francene Evans and Janice                                                                                         is in the area of Socially Responsible
                                                   Klein, accompanies new members until the person professes perpetual                                                                                              Investing. Our sisters choose to be
                                                   vows. Sister Ruth stated, “I feel so privileged to have accompanied four                                                                                         pro-active in the area of investing
                                                   women as each continued the process of discerning whether she was                                                                                                with companies that are just to
                                                   being called to the life-form of a religious. The time following reception                                                                                       employees and develop sustainable
                                                   into the novitiate allows the person to experience whether Presentation                                                                                          and environmentally friendly practices.
                                                   congregation is a healthy ‘fit’ for her and whether we, the members,                                                                                             I see dialoguing with companies
                                                   see the woman as a viable part of our community. Accompanying a                                                                                                  regarding disparity of pay, health
                                                   new member, on her spiritual journey, has been such a gift to me as it                                                                                           care benefits, etc. as one way to be
    Sr. Catherine Burke-USA Province (Watts, LA .) deepens my awareness of the mystery of God within and surrounding                                                                                                faithful to our Charism, which invites
    and Sr. Ruth Geraets - CPS (Aberdeen, S.D.)    each of us. A highlight for me was being able to represent the Conference                                                                                        us to ‘…share in the Lord’s mission by
of Presentation Sisters at the Formator Meeting, sponsored by the Union of Presentation Sisters in the Philippines.                                                                                                 alleviating oppression and promoting
When I arrived at the meeting site in Bacolod City, I recognized only two sisters. The first, Sister Inonge Mooto is a                                                                                              human dignity in God’s people…’” She
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    continued to say, “My life has been filled
member of the Union Presentation Sisters in Zambia, who spent a month with us in Aberdeen during the Charism
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    with so many adventures, challenges
Retreat. In 2003, I met Sister Catherine Burke, a U.S. Province member of the Union, in the Watts area of Los Angeles;                      Zambian Sisters Inonge Mooto, Nyasha Nyandoro, (Ruth), Angela Dolan,    and joys including ministering with
this is where she lives and ministers. PBVM women in formation were participating in an immersion experience at                                            (Catherine Burke) and Aletha Matiswayiri                 people in the poorest counties of West
Presentation Learning Center helping with English, computer and citizenship classes. We also spent time in Tijuana,
                                                                                                                                Virginia and South Dakota. The one important thing in religious life, or married life, is to fall deeper in love with your God
Mexico atop a garbage dump where families live and salvage for survival and vividly remember the wooden crosses                 or partner each day…to live in the NOW with gratitude.”
lining the border fence, each naming someone who died while crossing the border or desert.”                                             Presentation Sisters Ruth (Aberdeen, South Dakota), and Inonge Mooto( Zambia, Africa) shared three
   The meeting in the Philippines was the Union’s third gathering of formators: the first being in 2001 in Papua                global connections within the last year. Their first contact, August 2010, was during the Presentation Charism and
New Guinea and the second in Zambia in 2005. This was Sister Ruth’s first international meeting and she felt it was an          Spirituality Retreat in Aberdeen. The event hosted 66 Presentation Sisters from United States, Newfoundland, the
awesome experience to be with Presentation Sisters from 11 countries, who mentor new members around the world.                  West Indies, Ireland, England, India, Ecuador and Africa. In December 2010, both sisters attended the International
Sister Ruth shared her thoughts by saying, “The indescribable feeling of deep joy was being with these dedicated,               Formators Gathering in Bacolod City, Philippines, which had representives from 11 countries. Sister Inonge now attends
beautiful women from Pakistan, India, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ireland, Australia, New                    Presentation College, sponsored by the Aberdeen Presentation Sisters, as a student seeking a psychology degree. Sisters
Zealand, USA and of course the Philippines, who were all Nano’s daughters. To come to know the depth of their                   Ruth and Inonge witness the mission of the International Presentation Association (IPA), “Flowing from our identity as
spirituality, their commitment to being in community to those less fortunate and their respect for the whole of life            Presentation women the mission of IPA is to channel our resources so that we can speak and act in partnership with
made me so proud to be a Presentation Sister!”                                                                                  others for global justice.”

      Sisters Silvia Francis, Lissy Thomas, Christy            Presentation Formators from around the world gathered
 Savarimuthu, Valsa Sebastian, and Ninfa D’Cruz from                      in the Philippines with presentors.                       Sisters Janet (PBVM Aberdeen) and Inonge   PBVM Sisters Ruth (Aberdeen) and Inonge    Sister Inonge attending Presentation
 India created a sand prayer circle in the Philippines.                                                                             at the 2010 Charism Retreat in Aberdeen.    (Zambia) reunite at the December 2010       College Aberdeen in 2011-2012.
                                                                                                                                                                                    conference in the Philippines.
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   Remembering the Mission                                                                                                                          Presentation Day
                                                Parishes Ministered By Sisters                                                                                                                                    Celebrating Worldwide
                                                                                                                                                                   FEAST OF THE PRESENTATION OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY
                                                    Our 125th Celebration was extended to the parishes where the Presentation                               November 21 is the day that Presentation Sisters across the world celebrate a special feast day of Mary.
                                           Sisters ministered. During this summer, a few sisters visited each parish where we                       According to an apocryphal text (an ancient non-canonical writing), Mary’s parents, Anna and
                                           had schools. It was an opportunity for us to renew our friendship and to thank the                       Joachim, had long prayed for a child, promising God to have the child reared in the temple
                                           people for their support of the sisters and the school. For most of us, it had been                      should one be born to them. When Mary was three years old, according to the legend, her
                                           as many as 50 years since we served in some of the parishes. The sisters found                           parents presented her to the priest at the temple; the priest “set her down upon the third step
                                           it a great experience as the people and pastors gave us a warm welcome. The                              of the altar, and the Lord God sent grace upon her; and she danced with her feet, and all the
                                           sisters were able to talk at the Sunday Masses, and the parishioners showed their                        house of Israel loved her.” And Mary “danced with joy” at being in the House of the Lord.
                                           appreciation by clapping for each of us as we spoke. The parishes provided coffee                                November 21 has been designated the feast of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin
                                           and rolls after Mass.                                                                                    Mary. On that day, Presentation Sisters celebrate this feast and thank God for the many blessings
                                                                                                                                                    they have received since their Order was established in 1775 by Nano Nagle in Cork, Ireland.
 Sisters Patrick Leonard, Abbie, Marie     In some instances,
Celeste and SaBina packed the car and                                                                                                               From the small beginning of three or four sisters, the Presentation Sisters have spread over
                                           they had a brunch
traveled to Miles City, Montana to visit                                                                                                            much of the world and now number about 3,000 sisters. The Aberdeen Presentation Sisters
          Sacred Heart Church.             or potluck lunch so
                                                                                                                                                    carry on Mary’s joy for life with their pledge to go forth in joyful service wherever they are
                                           we could visit with

                                           the people. It was
                                           especially fun seeing                                                                                                                                               On November 4, 2011, Northern State University collaborated
                                           former          students.                                                                                                                                  with the Aberdeen community and surrounding region to sponsor the first
                                           In some cases, we                                                                                                                                          annual Culturefest at the NSU Barnett Center. Avera St. Luke’s Hospital,
                                           extended our visits by                                                                                                                                     Molded Fiber Glass and Sanford Health sponsored the event spearheaded
                                           going to the nursing                                                                                                                                       by NSU’s office of international programs and multicultural affairs.
                                           homes and hospital to              Father Bob Vinslauski with Sisters Teresita, Kathleen, Ruth                                                                      Fifty booths, representing twenty-five cultures, offered attendees
                                           visit friends. For those          and Jean at St. Thomas Church in Madison, South Dakota.                                                                  the opportunity to experience both well-known and exotic cultures
                                           of us who went to the parishes, we felt a real sense of joy and mission. The people                                                                        through music, dance, games and food. Roughly a thousand students and
                                           were thrilled to see us after many years. Some of the schools we had closed years ago,                                                                     members of the community had the opportunity to speak with individuals
                                           and the others are staffed by lay people. The parishes we visited were: Bridgewater,                                                                       who lived and traveled all around the world. The Presentation Sisters were
                                                                                                                                                                                                      represented at a booth by Sisters Darlene, Francene, Myra and Inonge.
                                           Huron, Milbank, Madison, Jefferson, Woonsocket, Miles City, Montana, Willmar,
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Sister Myra Remily lived and worked in Bolivia for eight years and Mexico
                                           Minnesota and Mound, Minnesota. In Mitchell, the sisters went to a school Mass
                                                                                                                                                                                                      for seven years. Sister Inonge Mooto was born and raised in Zambia, Africa
                                           and visited the students in each classroom. We are especially grateful for all those
                                                                                                                                                                                                      and is currently a student at Presentation College. The sisters spoke with
                                           who made preparations in the parishes for our visit. Our visits brought a sense of
                                                                                                                                                    Sisters Inonge and Francene at Culturefest booth. visitors about weavings, types of clothes worn, the Vaquero cowboy hat, a
                                           closure not only for us, but also for the people in the parish. In the spring, the sisters               machete (large farming knife) and displayed photos from Mexico and Bolivia. Sister Inonge had the thrill of visiting with
Sisters Darlene, Loraine, Jean and Abbie   will visit the Aberdeen and Dell Rapids Schools. ~ written by Sister Jean Huntimer                       a woman from Zimbabwe. Together, they discovered their families grew up only two hours from each other. The sisters
       visited St. Wilfrid Church in                      To view more photos, visit
      Woonsocket, South Dakota.                                                                                                                     felt the Culturefest brought great value to the community. Sister Inonge added, “It is amazing that this event allowed
                                                                                                                                                    two people from the same area of the world the opportunity to meet in Aberdeen. It was nice to talk about familiar
                                                                                                                                                    things so far away from home.” The hope is to make Culturefest an annual event. The tentative date for next year on
                                                                                                                                                    November 2, 2012.

Sisters Carol, Mary Lou, Virginia and Joan            Sister Paulette, Sister Brigid, Sister Lois Ann, Rosa, Father Terry Anderson, Sister Elaine
Marie visited Bridgewater, South Dakota.                          and Sister Josita at Holy Trinity Church in Huron, South Dakota.
                                                                                                                                                    Sr. Inonge (right) visits with women from Zimbabwe at Culturefest.            Sr. Myra driving a jeep in Mexico.
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 Ministries                                                                                                                           Developing Partners
                                     Public Awareness & Social Justice                                                                                                                          Supporting the Mission
 Human Trafficking: Pornography-Prostitution-Predators-Perpetrators                                                                   Leaving a Legacy
         Aberdeen Pax Christi sponsored a presentation on human trafficking in October. Susan Omanson, founder and
 director of Be Free Ministries in Sioux Falls, spoke at the Presentation                                                                 As you think about the legacy you will leave your family and friends, what
 Convent. Human trafficking comprises the fastest growing criminal                                                                    first comes to mind? Each of us desires to impact other lives; to leave a legacy
 industry in the world, based on the recruitment, harboring and                                                                       through the values we live. As you identify the values, beliefs and missions that
 transportation of people solely for the purpose of exploitation. Victims                                                             are important to you, you may also reflect on how to forward these into the future
 of human trafficking are people forced or coerced into labor and/or                                                                  so your actions and beliefs continue making a difference in the lives of others.
 sexual exploitation. Sex trafficking is one of the most lucrative sectors                                                                As 2011 draws to a close, we invite you to consider leaving the Presentation Sisters
 of the illegal trade in people, and involves many forms of sexual                                                                    in your will and estate planning. Your values can live on through the ministries and
 exploitation including prostitution, pornography, bride trafficking, and                                                             service of the Sisters. What an enduring legacy this would be for you and your family.
 the commercial sexual abuse of children. Traffickers bring victims into                                                                 There are many reasons people choose to give to a particular charity. Our partners tell
 the U.S. and exploit them in areas including agriculture, restaurant work,                                                           us they support our ministries because they believe in and often have benefited from
 housekeeping, prostitution and pornography. Domestic individuals                                                                     the services of the Presentation Sisters. By including the Sisters’ ministries in their will, they are saying thank you
 can also be trafficked in local cities and abroad. Traffickers use several                                                           for what was done for them. They are passing on their legacy to others. Contact Sister Janice Klein at
 methods to force, deceive and/or persuade victims to work against                                                                    605-322-7821       or to discuss avenues and options of leaving the
                                                                            Susan Omanson, Sisters Pat Prunty and Darlene Gutenkauf
 their will including false job promises, debt bondage, abuse and threats                                                             Presentation Sisters in your will.
 to the victims or family members. South Dakota is not immune to this worldwide problem. Hunting season and the
 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally are two events that provide a huge market for sex tourism. Susan stated that those interacting                                                                                              In Loving Memory
 with a potential victim should ask, “Are you free to leave this job and find a different one; can you come and go as you
 please; or are you paying off a debt to your employer?” Parents, grandparents, mentors, teachers and youth leaders are
                                                                                                                                       Sister Adrienne Dorn                                           Sister Adrienne (Loretta Margaret) Dorn was born and
                                                                                                                                                                                                      educated in Adrian, Minn. She entered Presentation
 challenged to be on the front lines of protecting women and children through awareness and advocacy.                                         May 29, 1913 - September 26, 2011                       Convent on September 1, 1939. Sister Adrienne
 Presentation Sisters Witness for Peace at                                                                                                                                                            ministered for fifty-four years in dietary departments
                                                                                                                                                                                                      serving multiple hospitals, including twenty years
 Fort Benning, Georgia                                                                                                                                                                                at St. Joseph’s Hospital (Avera Queen of Peace
          On November 18-20, 2011, Presentation Sisters JoAnn Sturzl and Myra Remily                                                                                                                  Hospital), Mitchell, S.D.; fourteen years at (Avera)
 traveled on a bus from Minneapolis sponsored by the Veterans for Peace, to join Pax                                                                                                                  St. Luke’s Hospital, Aberdeen, S.D. and seventeen
 Christi, other organizations and thousands of social justice activists from across the                                                                                                               years at Presentation Heights in Aberdeen, S.D. She
 Americas to occupy the main gates of Fort Benning in Columbus, GA. The protest called                                                                                                                also volunteered as Sacristan at St. Luke’s Hospital
 for the closure of the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly                                                                                                               until her retirement in 1993. She lived at the Heights
 known as School of the Americas (SOA), where, since 1946, tens of thousands of Latin                                                                                                                 and served in prayer and part-time ministry until she
 American soldiers were trained. Graduates have been implicated in human rights
                                                                                                                                                                                                      moved to Avera Mother Joseph Manor in 2010. Sister
 violations, tortures and killings in their native countries, including the November 16,
 1989 deaths of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador. This                                                                                                           Adrienne enjoyed crocheting, making Rosaries and
 massacre served as the catalyst for the protest. Actor Martin Sheen, a Catholic who was                                                                                                              many other crafts. Sister Adrienne spoke the words,
 a regular at the SOA gatherings in the late 1990’s, was one of many who spoke to the                                                                                                                 “I’ve really appreciated all the graces that have come
 crowd. Sister Myra expressed, “When I think and reflect back on this trip, I once again                                                                                                              through my vocation.”
 am convinced that non-violent action is the way to get our voices heard. I was extremely
 impressed by how many youth were there. Fr. Roy said, ‘The baton is now passed on to Each cross has a name of a person killed        VOICES & VENTURES
 them.’ Let us pray for a non-violent world.”                                                in Latin America by these trained men    Winter 2011 Volume 19 No. 3
          On Sunday, November 20, the non-violent action consisted of a memorial in which hundreds of names and ages of               Printed on Recycled Paper
 the victims of SOA violence and U.S. intervention were chanted as each of the protesters raised white crosses, processed             Voices and Ventures is published by the Presentation Sisters Public Awareness Office to communicate the ministries and
 to the chain link fence in front of the school and placed their crosses on the fence. Sister JoAnn Sturzl shared, “The silent,       mission of the Presentation Sisters. We invite your comments as well as your prayers.
 prayerful and reverent atmosphere touched me deeply and remains with me. Before we began the procession, we all recited              You may send any correspondence to: Public Awareness Office 1500 North Second Street, Aberdeen, S.D. 57401-1238
 a commitment to non-violence, honoring our sisters and brothers who were tortured and/or murdered. As we raised our                                  Dawn Maas, Director of Public Awareness             Laura Haar, Public Awareness Assistant
 crosses and chanted, ‘Presente,’ I experienced the presence of these women, men and children as well as the words of                                          Phone: 605.229.8317                                 Phone: 605.229.8528
 Archbishop Romero, murdered in El Salvador in 1980, ‘If they kill me, I will be resurrected in the Salvadoran people.’”                               Email:                Email:
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                                                                                       Non Profit
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               The Presentation Sisters’ website will offer weekly prayers effective
  January 1, 2012. This is in addition to the prayerline. The prayers are written or submitted
   by sisters, cojourners, partners, employees and friends of the Presentation Sisters. If you
       would like to submit a prayer, please email it to
                 For more information on prayers or events, please contact:
      Vocation Outreach Office ~ 605-229-8414 * Development Office ~ 605-229-8337
                        Public Awareness Office ~ 605-229-8317

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