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					      ATH-M50: Quality Audio Technica
        Headphone for Music Lovers

Audio-Technica, a world leader in quality headphones, specializes in developing
and marketing headphones, public address systems and microphones. Most of
their flagship products used to be microphones, until they started concentrating
on headphones. Since then, they are manufacturing varied headphone units like
the popular ATH-M50. Some qualities of the headphones, produced by Audio-
Technica are listed below:

    Some of the recent offerings from Audio-Technica in the headphone niche
     are plainly manufactured using ebony. According to the manufacturer, the
     construction employing ebony wood enhances the overall audio
     experience. The framework, likewise, is manufactured using alloy metals
     (primarily magnesium) to render a firm, rigid, yet lightweight product.
    According to the manufacturer, the cables that are employed (for wired
     headphones) are made from high quality materials. This will induce a
     marked improvement in the audio quality of the headphone. Certain
    headphones from Audio-Technica, which fall in the high-end category, are
    known to come with optical fiber cabling. This ensures that there is no loss
    of audio, when it is propagated through the cabling.
   The materials that are employed for the construction of Audio-Technica
    headphones are primarily superior in nature. In fact, some of the very best
    materials are used and hence, the audio output of the headphone is plainly
    immaculate. You are never going to spend the entire life, adorning the
    headphones - you will place them at a safe place. Certain high-end models
    of Audio-Technica headphones include a wooden carry-case. This ensures
    that the product does not suffer from any kind of damages, upon storage!
   Almost all the Audio-Technica headphones come with ear-pads that are the
    best in the industry. A major share of the cost of the product is merely
    because these high quality materials (suitable examples include lambskin,
    Italian leather) are employed for manufacturing the ear-pads. Is there any
    form of advantages by opting for the headphones, which are manufactured
    employing these? Yes - the comfort levels will be augmented and this paves
    the way for increased utilization of the product.
   Certain complicated technologies are employed by Audio-Technica,
    likewise! Notable among these are the DADS (double air dampening
    system). We will not be pondering over the technicalities - but a linear
    audio output can be obtained, thanks to these innovative technologies.
   Certain headphone models of Audio-Technica include rotating earphone
    mechanisms. This is beneficial to DJs and others who are into public
    broadcasting of the audio. The technology is relatively simpler - instead of
    possessing preset left and right audio channels (for stereo output), the
    audio output can be rotated irrespective of the left or right ear.
   Open-air designs are, likewise, incorporated in certain models of Audio-
    Technica headphones. Open-air design does not necessarily mean that the
    outside noise will be filtered into the ear. The driver that is included with
    most of the models is a minimum of 53mm. This ensures that the audio
    output is enhanced naturally.
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Description: Audio-Technica, a world leader in quality headphones, specializes in developing and marketing headphones. They are manufacturing varied headphone units like the popular ATH-M50.