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					Welcome GW MBA Association F. David Fowler Career Center
Justin Bakewell – President Nicole Cochran – Vice President of 1st Year Integration


F. David Fowler Agreement Attire

MBA Association

To successfully manage and promote the GW MBA brand, thus actively increasing the value of the investment made by alumni and current students.


What is Professionalism to you?

Beyond the Agreement
Representing yourself as a professional – Attire

 Grooming
 Business Formal

 Business Attire
 Business Casual  Casual ‚Friday‛

 Men: • Clean shaven or well trimmed facial hair • Neat hair and finger nails  Women: • Natural Make-up • Hair neat and out of your face • Finger nails well trimmed  Everyone be conscious of perfumes/colognes, many are allergic

Attire – Business

 The Suit defined • A jacket and pants or a skirt that are not only the same color, but the same brand and material • Both pieces should be pressed and creased

Attire – Business Formal
 Men
• A dark suit and white or light colored shirt • Conservative tie • Polished lace up or loafer shoes

 Women
• • • • A dark suit and collared shirt Closed toe and polished heels, not too high Minimal jewelry, nothing large We’ve won the battle on nylons but conservative offices will still expect them

Attire – Business
 Men • A suit and dress shirt • Tie • Polished lace up or loafer shoes

 Women • A suit and any shirt (camisole, collared, etc.) • Closed toe heels, not too high • Minimal jewelry, nothing large

What is business casual?

Attire – Business Casual
 There is no one definition of business casual, this is where most people can find themselves in trouble  Business Casual Rule – Always Business, Never Casual
• • • • Meaning you should always be dressed professionally Wear clean and pressed clothing Never wear athletic shoes, shorts or denim (even a skirt) Avoid being ‚trendy‛

 WSJ Slideshow:

Attire – Business Casual Men
 Pressed collared shirt • Golf and Polo shirts are often acceptable but don’t send a very professional message  Suit or Sport Coat optional

 Sweaters over shirts are good
 Pressed slacks or khakis  Clean, not scuffed, shoes. Shined leather are best.

Attire – Business Casual Women
 Shirt, sweater or blouse • Be careful of low necklines • Sleeveless is often acceptable but avoid thin straps  NEVER allow a bra strap to show!  Jackets or sweaters are a great option  Pressed slacks or skirts • Skirts should NEVER be more than 2 inches above the knee • Capri or cropped pants are often ok in summer but NOT shorts  Clean, not scuffed, shoes. Shined leather are best.  Sandals are fine but no ‘flip-flops’ and toenails must be polished

Attire –Casual
 Everyone • No shorts or flip flops • Nothing torn or faded • ALWAYS wrinkle free • Jeans and T-shirts are ok • Athletic or other casual shoes are ok if they are neat and in good repair

Attire – Summary

 Always Business, Never Casual! • Please review the articles you received • A list of good stores to find clothes is included • Questions?