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					                                   JOB DESCRIPTION

POST TITLE:                  Housing Development Manager

POST NUMBER:                 2.52

SERVICE UNIT:                Housing Advice Services

GRADE:                       D/E

RESPONSIBLE TO:              Head of Housing Advice Services


                Work Areas                                           Staff
   Housing Strategy                               Senior Housing Development Officer
   Affordable housing policy development          Housing Development Officer
   Affordable housing development                 Low Cost Home Ownership Officer
   Government affordable housing initiatives
   Low cost home ownership
   Partnership working
Overall Purpose:

Responsible for the implementing affordable housing development across the borough in
accordance with Council’s Housing Strategy, Investment Programme, Regional Housing
Strategy and Local Plan Policies. Promotion and delivery of government initiatives to increase
affordable housing to meet the wide ranging housing needs of the Borough
The allocation, marketing and sales of the Council’s LCHO portfolio and nominations to RSL
shared ownership homes.

Main duties:
1. Meet strategic priorities and deliver action plans to provide affordable housing and promote
   low cost home ownership initiatives across the Borough by effectively managing,
   strengthening and developing relationships with stakeholders.
2. Be an effective manager. Lead, motivate and effectively work with staff, other stakeholders
   and partners to ensure we deliver appropriate housing options for all client groups in the
   borough through an annual affordable housing programme.
3. Contribute to the production of budget estimates, monitoring and implementation of the
   Council’s Housing investment Programme, with particular responsibility for direction and use
   of social housing grant.
4. Lead and be part of a team undertaking cross service reviews or implementation of specific
   projects. To deputise for the Head of Housing at Corporate Asset Group and Housing
   Working Party.
5. Liaise and negotiate with the Homes and Communities Agency (formerly the Housing
   Corporation) to secure funding allocations through NAHP and market engagement process.
   To monitor and advise on Homes and Communities Agency policies, circulars and initiatives.
6. Identify relevant legislation, national guidance, best practice and specific initiatives in respect
   to provision and development of affordable housing, including accessing any new sources of
   funding/borrowing (eg the private finance Initiative). Ensure this informs how we deliver
   services in conjunction with others to meet the needs of the community.
7. Ensure there is effective understanding and up to date information on local housing needs
   and the housing market, through research and commissioning of surveys and develop a
   comprehensive database.
8. To identify sites and redevelopment opportunities within the Council’s Housing stock and
   other corporate assets.
9. Undertake options appraisals, feasibility assessments on potential opportunities with a view
   to influencing the allocation of resources, both internal and external to affordable housing.
10. To promote, both externally and corporately, the value of strategic housing in meeting the
   local authority’s “place shaping “ role, and its links with wider economic, environmental and
   social objectives.
11. Contribute to the development of Local Development Framework policies on infrastructure,
   environment and housing and the implementation of existing policies, such as Town Centre
   Area Action Plan.
12. To work jointly and closely with Registered Social Landlords, Parish Councils, developers,
   house builders, land owners, planning professionals and other agencies to identify, develop
   and deliver high quality sustainable schemes which make best use of limited resources.
13. With planning and legal services case officers negotiate and secure the nature, form and
   quality of the affordable homes required under Local Plan /Local Development Framework
14. Ensure shared ownership allocations and nominations of affordable housing units are made
   in accordance with Council policy, and that choice based letting is offered through Guildford
   Homechoice and the sub regional Homeselecta scheme.
15. Ensure that procedures are in place to maintain effective void control achieving timely sales

   of Council’s shared ownership accommodation and nominations to Registered Social
16. Monitor contracts with external suppliers/providers to ensure that they deliver services in
   accordance with the specification and or relevant agreements, taking appropriate action in
   the event of non compliance.
17. Determine and monitor standards of performance throughout your teams operations. Ensure
   the services areas you are responsible for are responsive to changing circumstances and
18. Identify the resources needed to deliver the required services. Ensure services are delivered
   within the approved budget and to the required standard as agreed with residents and other
   stakeholders. Realise the full potential of staff and service suppliers.
Other Duties
19. As a member of the senior management team, adopt a collaborative and supportive
   approach, maintaining up to date professional knowledge and providing advice and
   assistance to colleagues as required.
20. In conjunction with the Housing Needs Manager and Head of Housing Advice Services
   develop relevant plans and key strategies and ensure kept under review.
21. Effectively represent the interests of your team in discussions with partners and promote
   genuine partnership working both internally and externally.
22. In all aspects of the Service Units work promote effective communications, excellence in
   customer service, and a focus on continuous improvement.
23. Ensure individual rights to privacy and confidentiality are safeguarded and that personal
   information about individuals and staff are handled sensitively whilst balancing the need to
   protect the interests of the wider community – for example sharing information with agencies
   in accordance with the agreed protocols and the Data Protection Act 1998
24. Ensure that the service complies with the Council’s statutory duty to safeguard and promote
   the welfare of children and young people and vulnerable adults.
25. Provide cover as required for other Service Unit management team members, including the
   Housing Needs Manager to maintain service delivery to customers.
26. As a member of the senior management team be part of the emergency out-of-hours call-out
27. Attend training courses, meetings and participate in working or project groups as required
   within or outside normal office hours, give presentations to other agencies as required.
28. Maintain all necessary records and provide information as requested in an appropriate
29. Any duties of a similar nature as may be reasonably requested by Head of Housing Advice

Management Duties
1. You are responsible for ensuring that all staff who report to you are given equality of access
   to training and development opportunities in accordance with the Council’s Training and
   Development Policy.
2. Specifically, you will need to agree Training and Development Plans with all employees and
   evaluate with the employee all training and development activity undertaken.
3. You are required to contribute to the safe working environment of employees, public and
   contractors by ensuring that health and safety is effectively planned, organised, controlled
   and monitored within the scope of your responsibilities and to seek appropriate specialist
   advice from the Safety Officer. The Council’s responsibilities are set out in the Manager’s
   Handbook and other Guidelines issued by the Council.
4. You are responsible for ensuring that the spirit and specific obligations placed on all staff by
   the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy are met by staff for whom you are responsible.
   Where you are aware of potential breaches to this Policy then you must either, take action
   directly or seek advice from the Head of Human Resources.
5. In addition to informal review of staff performance, which takes place as part of the day-to-
   day management, you are required to carry out two formal Appraisal and Development
   meetings with every member of staff. These should be carried out in accordance with the
   Council’s agreed Schemes.
6. The Council is committed to communicating effectively with all employees and you are
   responsible for ensuring that a broad range of communication methods are used and that no
   staff are omitted from this process. The Council has a briefing system called Team Talk.
   This is a system of regular meetings for all staff to hear about and comment on the work of
   the Council. The system aims to promote good two way communication. It is important that
   as a line manager you adhere to this system.
7. As a Manager/Supervisor you are responsible, in the first instance, for the welfare of your
   staff whilst at work. Changes in an employee’s performance, attitude, attendance etc should
   be raised confidentially with the employee and action, as necessary, agreed.
8. You should be aware of the sickness records of all staff for whom you are responsible and
   be involved in the Council’s sickness reporting procedures when staff are absent.
9. All employees will have a part to play in Service Review and you are responsible for
   ensuring that they are fully involved in the process for your Section. You will be required,
   both informally and formally, through the Staff Appraisal and Development Scheme, to
   communicate key information.
10. You are also responsible for ensuring that your staff are fully aware of Performance
   Indicators that are pertinent to your Section.
11. As a Manager/Supervisor you are responsible for ensuring that the requirements of
   Investors in People, whether part of training and development or appraisal and development,
   are carried out for all the staff who report to you.

All staff are assessed against the Council’s core competencies, or Key Skills. These Key
Skills are skills which are common to all jobs at GBC and which are important in
enabling the Council to achieve its strategic objectives.

      Communication
      Customer Service
      Planning and Organising
      Working with Others

Each Key Skill is split into 4 different levels according to the grade of your post. At each
level standards or behavioural indicators have been identified in order to measure the
extent to which each level has been reached. The levels are cumulative, i.e. an
employee at level 4 should demonstrate the behaviours in levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. The
level for your grade is the minimum expected standard – in most cases employees will
be demonstrating skills at a higher level than the bare minimum.

Level 1               Grades 1 - 4
Level 2               Grades 5 - B
Level 3               Grades C - F
Level 4               Management grades and above

Hours of work:
The basic hours of work applicable to the position are 37 per week, normally worked as follows:
8.30 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Thursday
8.30 am to 4.30 pm Friday
The Council operates a Flexible Working Hours Scheme, details of which are contained in the
Flexible Working Hours Guide. It should be noted that Housing Advice Services operates
differently from the main scheme to take account of the customer service focus of work.

Training and Development:
The Council acknowledges that staff are its most valuable resource and that effective training
and development is vital for Guildford to be a good employer and remain a high performing
Local Authority.
The Council’s commitment is shown not only in financial provision but also by the availability of
specialist advice, bespoke training solutions and policies and procedures designed to support
the Council’s training and development aspirations.

The Council is committed to maintaining privacy of all its staff and customers. It expects all staff
to handle all individuals’ personal information in a sensitive and professional manner.

Standards of conduct:
The Council expects the highest standard of conduct at all times from their staff in relation to
their employment. Guidance Notes are issued to define these standards and to ensure that they
are understood by all.

Health and Safety:
The Council is committed to a healthy and safe working environment and expects all employees
to implement and promote its policy in all aspects of their work. A copy of the Council’s written
statement of policy with regard to the health and safety at work of its employees will be issued to
all staff on commencement.

Equal Opportunities:
The Council is completely committed to the principles of equalities and diversity and strives to
ensure that related polices and legislation are complied with. Part of this commitment
requires all members of the Council, as part of their role, to promote equalities and diversity.
Employees will be supported through training and updates in this area to ensure that all
customers and fellow employees are treated fairly irrespective of their sex or sexual orientation,
marital status, race, age or disability in all aspects of employment and training and will be made
aware of the Council’s commitment in this area.

Data Protection Act:
During the course of your employment, you are required to observe and follow the specific
requirements placed on all staff by the Council’s Data Protection Policy and Procedures.

Provision or Collation of Data
If your role involves the provision or collation of data, particularly for performance indicators or
for government or external bodies, you must take all reasonable measures to ensure that it is
timely and accurate.

This job description in an accurate reflection of the job at the date shown below. In consultation
with you, it may be subject to variation by your line manager to reflect or anticipate changes in or
to the job.

  Updated April 2008

POST TITLE:     Housing Development Manager
POST NUMBER:    2.52
SERVICE UNIT:   Housing Advice Services

                                                                                 Essential or
Criteria                                                      Assessment
                                                               (A, I, T or P)*

GCSE grade A* - C (or equivilant) including English and              A           E
Mathematics, or equivilant.
                                                                     A           E
Educated to degree standard
Professional membership of Chartered Institute of Housing/           A           D
Royal Town Planning Instiute/Royal Institute of Chartered

Knowledge and Experience
Minimum 5 years previous experience working in the social            A           E
housing sector, planning / regeneration or private sector
house building industry .

At least 3 yrs experience at a managerial level responsible          A/I         E
for staff dealing with complex issues involving relations
between organisations and individuals.

Previous experience of multi-agency working with other               A           E
public sector agencies.

Experienced in policy development and implementation.                A/I         E

Previous experience in budget setting and expenditure                A/I         D

Project Management experience at a senior level.                     A/I         D

Excellent written, including report writing, and verbal              T           E
communication skills.

Excellent Project management Skills                                   I          E

Excellent negotiating skills                                          I          E

Able to demonstrate sound judgement in a wide range of               I/T         E

Numerate                                                             T           E

Assertive.                                                            I          E

Able to analyse complex problems and propose workable                I/T         E

                                                                              Essential or
Criteria                                                   Assessment
                                                            (A, I, T or P)*
and cost effective solutions and/responses.

Experience using a range of computer programmes                    I          E
including Microsoft Office or similar product.

Able to demonstrate meets the relevant Core Skills and             I          E
Manager Competencies as attached but subject to ongoing
reasonable revision

Experience of public speaking/presentational skills.               I          D

Training in PRINCE or similar project management tools.            I          D

Ability to comprehensively evaluate detailed development           I          D

Ability to influence allocation of resources                       I          D

Personal Qualities
Able to work as part of a team in an open plan office.             I          E

Willing to implement Council Policy.                               I          E

Polite and courteous.                                              I          E

Adaptable and willingness to embrace change                        I          E

Able to deal firmly but sympathetically with customers.            I          E

Good sense of humour                                               I          E

Special Requirements
Full driving licence                                              A           E

Willing to work occasional evenings.                               I          E

Use of a vehicle during working hours                              I          D

A = Application Form

I = Interview

T = Skills based test
P = Presentation

Please note that the criteria specified on this form will be used as guidance when
shortlisting all applications and again at interview. Please ensure you provide evidence
within your application giving examples, where appropriate, as to how you meet the
specified requirement for the job.


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