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					          D a nv i l le I I Wa r d N e w s le t t e r                                    N ove m b e r 2 0 1 0


                                  M I R AC L E O F F A M I L I E S
  David Bromley        831-0334   Our ward mission is to increase our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We will strive
                                  to recognize and remember the daily miracles that result in our lives as we live
  1st Counselor
                                  the teachings and commandments of the Gospel.
  Robi Aplanalp

  2nd Counselor
  Benjamin Smith       215-0676

  Exec. Sec.
  Greg Call            984-8815


  High Priest Grp
  Myron Hagen          831-1532

  Elders Quorum
  Maury Ballif         314-3032

  Relief Society
  Mary Christensen 838-5999
                                    In "The Family: A Proclamation to the World," an official declara-
  Young Men                         tion released in 1995, Church leaders proclaimed that "marriage
  David Garff          362-0780     between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the
  Young Women                       family is central to the Creator's plan for the eternal destiny of His
  Taressa Earl         362-4557     children." God's plan enables families who live the gospel and re-
                                    ceive the necessary ordinances to be together forever with Him.
  Carrie Lowe          984-2137
                                    Please read:
  Sunday School                     • "Set in Order thy House" Russell M. Nelson, Ensign, Nov.
  Michael Webb         831-3027        2001, 69–71
  Activities                        • "The Family: A Proclamation to the World", True to the Faith
  Kelly Hales          552-8149        (2004), 59–61

   Send news of upcoming
        activities to               • Ward Council on the 2nd WEDNESDAY of the month, 7:30PM.
      Shelley Kukuk at              • Welfare/PEC on the 4th WEDNESDAY of the month, 7:30 PM.             • YM/YW on TUESDAY night.

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                                                     Page 1
Page 2                                                                                            November 2010

                                              Old Oak Tree Lighting at 400 Hartz Avenue, Danville
                                                  Friday, November 26th from 5:15 to 8:30 PM
                                         This annual tradition starts with choral groups singing holiday music.
                                         The oak tree is lit and people stroll along Diablo, Hartz and Railroad
                                         Avenues to shop, eat treats or drink hot cocoa provided by busi-
                                         nesses, and to be entertained by vocal and instrumental performers...
                                         including our full-time missionaries. The missionaries' exact downtown
                                         location will be announced shortly

                                         Days of Christmas Celebration at Oakland Temple Hill
                                          Friday & Saturday, December 17th and 18th at 7PM
                                      Two full-length productions of The Nutcracker at the Interstake Center
                                                      Performances are FREE to the public.

                                   Dancers and choreography provided by Rachel's Ballet in Fremont and the
                                   performances will feature live orchestra music provided by the Temple Hill
                                   Symphony Orchestra. Local teens, Jodi Reed and Sabrina McGinnis, are
                                   among the dancers . Michelle Liu (formerly in Danville 2nd ward, now in
                                   Fremont Stake) is cast in several roles.
                                   More information:
                          Contact Jodi Reed or Linnea Weller if you
                                   have questions.

                                LDS Night at the Warriors!
                                      Warriors vs. Kings
                                   Friday, January 21, 2011
                              Combined event with Sacramento Public

   •     National Anthem sung by missionaries
   •     Framed family tree presented on court to a Warriors VIP
   •     LDS youth to play basketball scrimmage
                                                                              BYU Folk Dancers
   Ticket information and pricing to be announced soon. If inter-               Friday, March 4, 2011
   ested in being notified by email when details are available,
   contact Linnea Weller, Regional Event Specialist, Oak-                 The BYU Folk Dancers will per-
   land/SF Public Affairs Council at              form at the Oakland Inter-Stake
                                                                          Center. Details to be announced.

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                                                Page 2
Page 3                                                                                  November 2010

                    Everyone is invited to Sing!
Practice is 9AM in the YW Room on Sundays. We are starting
Christmas music soon, so it’s a great time to start coming.

Stake Youth Choir : All youth ages 12-18 are invited to be part
of the stake youth choir. We are preparing for Standards Night.
Rehearsals are before the stake youth dances at the Danville
stake center. Saturday, November 13 and December 11th
from 7-8PM

                                 Questions? - call Jodi Reed 208-1021


                                                                  Upcoming Activities
                                                                  • Scripture Study, Monday
                                                                    November 8 at 9:45

                                                                  •   “Fleece Navidad” on
                                                                      Thursday, December 2nd
                                                                      at 6:30. Light supper, fel-
                                                                      lowship, and Christmas
                                                                      Service Project.

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                                     Page 3
Page 4                                                                                       November 2010

                              What’s Around the Corner?

“What's      around the corner" for the month of November...lots!

                                             Breakfast Club
As usual, we start each month with our breakfast club on the first Monday of each
month held at the Marriott Hotel in San Ramon. Take note for December's breakfast club
as there will be something added. It will be on December 6 at 9:30 but we will be bringing our
"jar money" that we've been saving all year. If you have been participating in this pro-
ject, please bring the total amount counted and wrapped. Be thinking of ideas about who
should receive this generous donation. It will be fun to gather all our monies together and see
what the grand total comes to. Some lucky person/family or organization will benefit from it.
What a nice way to start the Christmas season.

                                               Book Club
Book club this month will be at Tammy Dahlstrom's home on Thursday, Nov. 4 at 7:00 PM. This
month we will be discussing "The House at Riverton" by Kate Morton. Be sure to read
"Christmas Jars" by Jason F. Wright for our December book club that will be held at Jackie
Miller's on December 2 at 7:00 PM. There will be some fun little twists that evening so read
the book and join in the discussion while we start the month off with some holiday cheer!

                                             Sewing Group
Our quilting/sewing group is still going on with many, many projects completed, or in the works.
We do our own or help each other, plus talk and laugh...oh yes, we ALWAYS eat, too! Our next
session will be at Jackie's house on November 22 at 10:00 AM. Hope to see you there!

That's "what's around the corner" for the month of November and a little insight for Decem-
ber. We would love to have you join us for any of the above if you like to read, sew, or just
eat...there's something for everyone.

(P.S. These are not Relief Society activities, but are groups created by women in the ward
simply to share common interests and stay connected throughout the week. If you’d like to
organize and publish information about a group you’re starting (or want to start), please
send an e-mail to

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                                          Page 4
Page 5                                                                         November 2010

                                                                           P R I M A RY
  November Theme and Scripture: When we serve others,
  we serve God. Mosiah 2:17: “When you are in the service of
  your fellow beings, ye are in the service of your God.”

  Advancements: Sabrina Wright will be advancing on No-
  vember 14th and Megan Spencer and Marissa Web will be
  advancing on November 21st.

   In October we had a wonderful activity on mod-
   esty. Sister Jenny Garff was our guest speaker and
   we discussed the importance of modesty and en-
   couraged one another to always dress modestly.
   The evening ended with a modest/immodest fash-
   ion show. The girls were split into two groups.
   Each group created one modest and one immodest
   dress out of wrapping paper. Can you tell the differ-   YW Calendar for November
   ence?                                                 We wish Sister Rosdahl a happy
                                                          birthday in November! We are wel-
                                                          coming 3 new Beehives in Novem-
                                                          ber: Sabrina Wright, Marissa Webb
                                                          and Megan Spencer! Yahoo!

                                                          7th: Liahona meeting 5:00pm

                                                          9th: YW in Excellence "I'm the
                                                          One who Writes my own story"
                                                          Parents invited 7:00pm.

                                                          13th: Multi-Stake Dance 8:00-
                                                          10:30 Danville Stake center

                                                          23rd: No mutual due to Thanksgiv-
                                                          ing break.

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                             Page 5
Page 6                                                                      November 2010

                         With the release of the Young Women's Presidency
                               and the calling of a New Presidency…
      A huge thank you to Sister Shelley Peterson along with Kirsten Call and
  Lori Webb from all the Young Women and their parents for the many years
         of service, the hours of planning, the numerous meetings, the years at
    Young Women's camp, the many testimonies that have been strengthened,
     and all the planning and behind-the-scene acts that are required to make
          our Young Women's program in the Danville 2nd Ward so strong!
    Sister Peterson has left a sweet legacy that she will always be remembered
                                   We love you Sister Peterson!

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                         Page 6
“ F a i t h P r e c e d e s M i r a c l e s”                                                       Page 7

                                                            Please save these dates!

                                                  •   June 21-June 25, 2011- Stake Youth
                                                      TREK ( for youth 14 and up or entering
                                                      high school in 2011, including graduating

                                                  •   July 18-23, 2011- Stake Young Women
                                                      Camp (YW 12 and up)

                                                  These will be life changing, testimony building
                                                  experiences for our youth! There will only be
                                                  one Trek in our stake for this age group. They
                                                  do not want to miss this for anything! Please
                                                  plan ahead now to make sure your youth can

                                               M E M B E R S P OT L I G H T !
                   We re-Welcome the Finlinsons

Melissa, Luke, Savannah (3 yrs) and Rockwell (7
months) Finlinson moved back into our ward last
month. We’re so happy to have them back. Melissa
answered a few of our questions…

What brought you here? We couldn’t stay away!
D2 has always felt like home and we feel so blessed
to be back.

Any family favorites? We love to take little family get-aways to Carmel and eat at all of the fun, little

Do you have a family motto? Luke says our family motto is, ‘Trust no one.” But he’s kidding.

How did you meet? We met through a car window at good old Gold’s Gym. The rest is history.

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                                        Page 7
Page 8                                                                                             November 2010

                                  November 2010 Class Schedule
                                See our website at for class schedule
             Please Register in advance 531-531-3905 or
                              All regular classes are free with an occasional fee for handouts
                                               Classes are 1 to 1½ hours long

   Using Vital Records
   7th of the Beginning Research Series
   Marge Bell, Associate Director
   Tuesday, November 2, 7:00 p.m.

   Where Do You Go From Here?
   8th of the Beginning Research Series
   Jane Lindsay, CGS
   Tuesday, November 9, 7:00 p.m.

   Swedish Genealogy in a Digital
   World Using Genline AB
   Kathy Meade from Genline AB
   Thursday, November 11, 1:00 p.m.

   Google Your Family Tree
   Rich McCartney, Staff
   Saturday, November 13, 1:30 p.m.

    Have a room to rent? Need a roommate? The Tri-Valley singles ward routinely sends out housing re-
    quests for kids moving into the area. If you have a room to rent or want a roommate, send a note to and ask to be put on the distribution list.

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                                                Page 8
“ F a i t h P r e c e d e s M i r a c l e s”                                                              Page 9

                                                         Y O U N G S I N G L E A D U LT S
The Tri-Valley Young Single Adult ward hosts an endless array of activities in
                                                                                   YSA Services
addition to holding Sunday Services at the Dublin chapel. You can find out
more on their Facebook Page: Tri-Valley Ward (YSA).                                Dublin Building
                                                                                   8203 Village Pkwy
Weekly Activities Include:                                                         925-803-8051
• Monday: FHE at 7PM
• Wednesday: Institute with Brother Chatterton at 7PM                              1:00 - Sacrament
• Thursday: 2nd and 4th Thursday is Ward Temple Night at 7PM                       2:20 - Sunday School
• Sunday: 3rd Sunday is a Fireside at Interstake Center South Chapel               3:10 - RS/Priesthood

Other singles wards in the area include:                 San Francisco 1st (YSA)
                                                         1601 22ND AVE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94122
                                                         415-759-5537 (Office)
Walnut Creek III
                                                         First meeting start time - 12:30 p.m.
Activities: Alex Leal                                    Sacrament start time - 2:20 p.m.!/gro   Relief Society/Elder's Quorum meets from 12:30pm to
up.php?gid=67662684765&ref=ts                            1:20 pm
2930 Treat Blvd, CONCORD, CA 94518                       Sunday School meets from 1:30 to 2:10pm
(925) 827-3975 (Office)
(925) 827-3975 (bishop/clerk office)                     Serra Park/Monta Vista YSA (Stanford Ward & Los
First meeting start time - 10:00 a.m.                    Altos/Saratoga Stakes)
Sacrament start time - 10:00 a.m.                        925 CERA DRIVE, SAN JOSE, CA 95129
Sunday School - 11:20 a.m.                               408-777-9300 (Office)
Priesthood/Relief Society - 12:10 p.m.                   408-257-8883 (Foyer)
                                                         Standford 1st Student Ward
Antioch 5th                                              First meeting start time - 1:00 p.m.
Activities -925.754.8344 Elvin Hill                      Sacrament start time - 1:00 p.m.!/gro
up.php?gid=23153542383&ref=ts                            Stanford 2nd Student Ward (ages 26-35 YSA)
2350 Jeffery Way, BRENTWOOD, CA 94513                    The Stanford 2nd Ward is for young single adults be-
925-634-7533 (Office)                                    tween the ages of 26-35 living within the ward bounda-
First meeting start time - 1:00 p.m.                     ries which are San Carlos to the north, Palo Alto to the
Sacrament start time - 1:00 p.m.                         south, the San Francisco Bay to the east, and Skyline
                                                         Blvd. to the west. For housing opportunities within the
                                                         ward, contact Rix Nelson ats2hous-
Oakland/Berkeley Student Single Ward
                                                for mens housing and Lisa Farr!/ber   at for female housing.
keleyward?ref=ts                                         To update your address or phone, email Daniel Smith.
2368 Le Conte Ave, BERKELEY, CA 94709                    865 Stanford Ave
510-848-0945 (Office)                                    PALO ALTO, CA 94306
510-848-7571 (Foyer)
                                                         (650) 856-1415 (Office)
Sacrament start time - 9:30 a.m.
                                                         First meeting start time - 9:00 a.m.
Berkeley Institute                                       Sacrament start time - 9:00 a.m.

Danville II Ward Newsletter                                                                               Page 9

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