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VENTURA                                      MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIRMAN
CHAMBER                                                                    “Success is Not Accidental”
Michael Silacci, Chairman of the Board                                          Our Chamber and its members can be proud
Jim Duran, Chair Elect                                                      of the positive impact we have made on the
Steven Brown, Vice Chair -Treasurer                                         economic growth and success of the commu-
Barbara Quaid, Secretary                                                    nity. Any task that is worthwhile requires focus
Mel Sheeler, Vice Chair -
                Business Development                                        and dedication which the Chamber has shown,
Mary Jarvis, Vice Chair - Communications                                    working on behalf of the business community
Pat Seminario, Vice Chair - Membership                                      as an advocate for a strong local economy, a re-
Matthew Graczyk - Vice Chair                                                sponsive government and clearing roadblocks
                    Governmental Affairs
Marni Brook - Immediate Past Chair           for new businesses. Since the beginning the Chamber has been the voice of
                                             business. The Economic Summits in 2009 and 2010 co-sponsored with the
2012 DIRECTORS                               City, the Chamber helped to identify critical resources and resolve potential
Saurabh Bajaj, FASTSIGNS of Ventura          obstacles for a strong local business environment.
Phil Carlson, Pacific View Mall
Kevin Clerici, Downtown Ventura Partners              A good partner in creating a more prosperous community, the City
Scott Corby, AERA Energy                     has worked with the Chamber and streamlined the permitting process, mak-
Nan Drake, EJ Harrison & Sons, Inc.          ing it easier for new businesses to operate in Ventura. Since the beginning of
Sharon Dwyer, Ventura County Community       the year, 38 permits for new projects and renovation projects have gone over
                         College District
Jeff Hata, My Anchor Printing                the counter, creating jobs and revenue for the city.
John Hecht, SESPE Consulting, Inc.                    The Chamber, in conjunction with the City, has a goal to call on the
Jim Word, Casitas Municipal Water District   Top 100 private sector employers in the City to listen and learn more about the
                                             needs of business in Ventura. This will provide important and much needed
Gary Wilde, Community Memorial               input for both the private and public sectors in the development of the City’s
                 Health Systems              and the Chamber’s long range economic strategy.
Randy Hinton, RH Wealth Advisors                      At the Economic Outlook Breakfast we learned about key current and
Steve Doll, NAI Capital                      long range plans that will bring over $1.5 billion in capital to our city and
Stephanie Becerra, Montecito Bank & Trust
Ted Cook, Ventura Rental Center
                                             result in new jobs and economic activity. This will require continued energy
                                             and diligence to ensure that the interests of businesses are represented in mov-
CHAMBER STAFF                                ing forward and creating effective polices for the future. The Chamber will
Ed Summers                                   continue to represent and serve business interests in Ventura with continued
President & CEO                              focus and dedication because after all, success is not accidental.
Nancy Maxwell
Membership Director

Charleen Morla
Marketing & Events Director
                                             Mike Silacci
Leslie Knapp                                 Chairman of the Board
Office Manager

Bob Macaulay
Office Administrator

Magali Rodriguez / Guillaume Racine


THE MIX! @ Ventura County Credit Union | June 27, 2012
  Features                                                                  Upcoming
  2     Message from Our Chairman                                             Events
  4     Economic Outlook Breakfast:                                         ARTS IN THE PARK
        Our Bright Future                                                   & Chalk Art for Charity
                                                                            Sat/Sun Aug. 18-19, 2012
  6     CHAMBER CONTINUES LEGISLATIVE ACTION TO                             10:00am - 6:00pm
        Support a Strong Business Environment                               Ventura Harbor Village

  9     Featured Event: 4th Annual Arts in the Park                         YPG WORK IT
                                                                            Fashion Show
  10    New Members - April -June 2012                                      FALL 2012
        Welcome Aboard!                                                     5:30pm - 9:30pm
  12    Chamber Album
        Capturing Chamber Events April - June 2012                          BUSINESS EXPO
                                                                            Haunting at the Harbor
  16    Renewing Members                                                    October 25, 2012
                                                                            4:30pm - 7:00pm
        Featuring Kaiser Permanente & Southern California Automobile Club   LocationTBD

                                                                            TASTE OF THE CHAMBER
                                                                            November 1, 2012
                                                                            5:30pm - 9:30pm
                                                                            The Pierpont Inn

                                                                            POINSETTIA AWARDS
                      “We’re taking care of business.”                      DECEMBER 13, 2012
                      505 Poli Street, 2nd Floor
                                                                            11:30am - 2:00pm
                      Ventura, CA 93001                                     Marriott Ventura Beach
                      (805) 643-7222 | FAX (805) 653-8015

                                                                     bor, a center of commercial and recreational activity. Ventura
                                                                     is one of the top 10 commercial fishing ports in the Country
          outlook breakfast
          A BRIGHT
                                                                     which will be complemented by commercial and retail develop-
                                                                     ment in the Harbor. One of these plans includes building on
                                                                     the new Sondermann Ring project, bringing 300 apartments to

                                                                     the Harbor to increase the economic activity and community
                                                                     interest in the Harbor.
                                                                               Tyson Cline updated the attendees on the aspiration of
                    By: Ed Summers, President & CEO                  one day capping the 101 to re-connect our vibrant downtown
          The Ventura Chamber of Commerce held its annual            to the beach, restoring Ventura as a true beach community. The
Economic Outlook breakfast on June 21st. An audience of over         plan creates much greater access to our beach as well as im-
200 business and community leaders learned of several exciting       proved access to transportation and Downtown Ventura.
projects and visions for Ventura. Guests included State officials,             Focusing on Downtown, Dave Armstrong, DVO
Supervisor Steve Bennett, and five of our current Ventura City       Chair, spoke about Downtown’s renewed energy and prosper-
Council members. Of course, the speakers did not represent           ity over the the last few years. Increased revenues from parking
all of the new economic activity we will enjoy over the next 10      and retail activity have provided programs for creating a safe
years as all of these projects will serve as great catalysts for a   and clean environment in our unique Downtown. Armstrong
prosperous community.                                                spoke about the important economic links and partnership be-
          The theme of our Economic Outlook Breakfast, “Put-         tween all of the participants and projects. The long term in-
ting the Puzzle Pieces Together”, highlights the combined im-        vestment in the Downtown is providing significant economic
pact our ideas and innovations will have moving forward within       activity and rewards for the City.
our community. Some of the projects are currently under de-                    Gary Wilde, CEO of Community Memorial Health
velopment; others are dreams for the future. Yet if we maintain      Systems provided an update on the significant and exciting
focus and work towards a mutual vision, it will be a very bright     building project at our hospital, creating a new medical cen-
future.                                                              ter and related offices and services in mid-town. This will be
          Nick Deitch, Chair of the Harbor Commission pre-           followed with a similar capital investment and project at our
sented information about the Master Plan for our Ventura Har-        county medical facility. The plan includes improvements along
                                                                     Main Street which will substantially increase the economic ac-

tivity in the medical sector, making Ventura a regional medical      5% compared to last year.
center.                                                                        -Pat Seminario, General Manager of the Marriott Ven-
          There was an update on potential housing opportuni-        tura Beach was also positive about the increased activity in the
ties from Lynn Jacobs, former Director of the State’s Department     hotel and hospitality industry from conferences and specialty
of Housing and Community Development. A long time Ven-               groups such as the Ventura County Fusion.
tura resident, Jacobs was appointed to the position by Governor                -Finally, Summers and Lambert reported that the City
Schwarzenegger. Work force housing continues to be a priority,       and the Chamber will be working closely over the next 5 to 10
especially to support the economic growth created by all of these    years on a new Economic Development Strategy to focus on
and many other projects. The message stressed the importance         the assets and specific economic needs of our community. We
of housing and the economic benefits of creating future homes        need to determine the right mix of planning and incentives to
                          to meet the community’s needs, as well     keep our city growing and thriving. The business community
                          as the importance of exploring every       must be an active partner in the plan, identifying specific re-
                          potential housing opportunity.             sources that are needed for
                           Quality of life continues to be a pri-    continued success.
                          ority within the Chamber’s mission of                When you look
                          “Improving the Quality of Life through     at all of the plans and po-
                          Economic Vitality”. Future plans need      tential projects that were
                          to include recreational and open spac-     presented, we have the
                          es while enhancing transportation,         potential of $1.5 billion in
                          support current retail activity and cre-   long-term capital invest-
                          ate jobs. Jacobs emphasized economic       ments into our community.
                          data provided by the State Department      Based on data supplied by
                          of Housing and Community Develop-          the California Economic
ment that indicates that each new house built in a community         Strategy Panel (a bi-par-
also creates 2.5 permanent jobs. This is directly related to the     tisan Board appointed by
Chamber’s and City Council’s goal of job creation.                   the Governor) the capital
          Jeff Lambert, Community Development Director for           investment results in $3.54
the City of Ventura and Ed Summers, President and CEO of the         billion increased economic
Chamber concluded the morning sharing other good news re-            output. If built, housing
ports from various segments of the community:                        developments identified in the City’s General Plan will create
          -Stacy Petersen, Regionals President, First California     approximately 15,000 new jobs.
Bank noted an increase in activity in the financial services in-               The morning presented a very positive perspective
dustry and a growth in successful businesses supporting the lo-      about Ventura’s potential for economic growth and prosperity.
cal economy.                                                         Last year the breakfast asked the Question: “Are we there yet?”
          -Both Barbara Meister, owner, Barber Automotive            This year certainly provided the answer: Not all the way, but
Group and Phil Carlson, General Manager of the Pacific View          we are off to a great start and headed in the best direction for
Mall reported that automotive and retail sales were each up over     our community!

  Support a Strong Business Environment
         THE VENTURA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE                                           The Chamber Alliance provides the Ventura Chamber
continues to represent business and monitor government and               with a voice in Sacramento. The Legislature having passed
legislative activity at the local, state and federal level to ensure     a budget on time this year, lawmakers are enjoying a summer
the Ventura business communities voice is heard on critical is-          recess before they reconvene on August 6 to close out the end
sues that could impact our ability to build a strong local econ-         of the legislative session.
omy. The effort involves both the Chamber’s Board and also                         Some pro-business bills are moving forward for a
works with partners including the Chamber Alliance, an orga-             change, and the Chamber Alliance has added our two cents on
nization of Chambers of Commerce from Simi Valley to Goleta              them, including:
to increase the voice and impact.
          At the local level, the Chamber continues to monitor • SB 1225 (Padilla), which authorizes Caltrans to contract with
the Westside Community Plan. After involving the stakehold- Amtrak for a transfer of services agreement with the Los An-
ers representing many of the key business on the Westside, the geles-San Diego (LOSSAN) Corridor Agency for the provision
Chamber provided a five page                                                                                 of intercity passenger rail service
“whitepaper” summary of the               “As the General Manager of the Marriott                            in the corridor (Pacific Surfliner)
business community’s concerns             Ventura Beach Hotel, it is very important to                       between San Luis Obispo and San
and questions. Many of the is-            me - personally and professionally - to be                         Diego. This bill comes as a new
sues have been addressed and              engaged in governmental and legislative                            commuter depot has been ap-
the City has moved forward                activities that help shape the business envi-                      proved for Goleta.
with an Environmental Impact              ronment in the City of Ventura. The Cham-
Report (EIR) for the Plan. The            ber and the Chamber PAC provide me                                 • SB 1128 (Padilla), which ex-
Chamber will continue to be in-           access to our city leaders and up-to-date                          empts advanced manufacturers
volved and monitor the changes            information regarding local policies. Col-                         from paying state sales and use
as the City completes the EIR             lectively the Chamber represents business                          tax on the purchase of equipment
and public hearing process.               interests to our local government where indi-                      used to design, produce, manu-
          Locally, the Chamber            vidually we may not be nearly as effective.”                       facture or assemble their prod-
also provided comments and                ~ Pat Seminario, General Manager | Marriott Ventura beach          ucts, benefiting industries such
support to the Board of Supervi-                                                                             as aerospace, biotechnology and
sors recently regarding the Text                                                                             food production.
Amendment to the Agromin Bio-genetic Park. This change will
enable our community to meet the requirements recently estab- • SB 1186 (Dutton/Steinberg), which provides a 90-day win-
lished under AB 341 for the reduction of waste being taken to dow for businesses to fix possible Americans With Disabilities
landfills. At the request of the Ventura Harbor, the Chamber Act violations before lawsuits could be filed.
supported AB484, a bill introduced by Assemblymember Das
Williams that would allow the Ventura Harbor to use Federal • AB 2026 (Fuentes), which protects jobs in the film industry
contractors to dredge the Harbor and save hundreds of thou- by extending the film tax credit for five years, until July 1, 2020.
sands of dollars in expenses.
          The Chamber joined many chambers and business or- • SB 1099 (Wright), which provides certainty for business
ganizations in providing strong support to the House Trans- by creating a predictable and easy- to-track implementation
portation Bill recently passed by the Senate. The bill renewed schedule for new regulations with only four quarterly dates
the current funding and budget to retain billions of dollars in where they could take effect.
funding to maintain roads, transportation and infrastructure.
A solid transportation system is very important to local and                           The Chamber Alliance with the Ventura Chamber
national business activities.                                              continues to track and advocate for and against dozens of bills
          The Political Action Committee (PAC) is another way that have a direct impact on our region’s business climate.
the Chamber stays involved in providing the business perspec-                          With a diverse set of tools, the Ventura Chamber is the
tive to evaluate and endorses candidates in City and County business watch dog for policy and legislation.
                      B    usiness lead-
                       ers often tell me
                                           care of the chamber first.”                   you can have valuable input that will
                                                                                         help make changes for the betterment
                                                    Unfortunately, business people
                       “I am involved      sometimes see the chamber as just an-         of business. Or, if you can’t attend the
                       with the com-       other good cause. All of these other          committee meetings, you will be the re-
                       munity – I am       groups can do just about everything a         cipient of the changes the committees
                       the president of    chamber can do – fundraising, network-        bring about.
                       (a service club,    ing, and events. The Chamber offers                    While the chamber is not a net-
                       board of a non-     what other groups can’t – PRO-ACTIVE          working group, the name of this column
profit, etc.)” There are many good         ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND PO-                  is “Networking With Nancy”, so I’d be
causes, groups and organizations that      LITICAL ACTION. This is the chamber’s         remiss if I didn’t tell you that we have
need help. They ask “should we be part     niche. The chamber is not just another        outstanding opportunities to promote
of the chamber or should we assist with    charity or good cause. I hope that all        your business through referrals and
community activities or non-profits or     businesses will think about this and re-      networking. Connection Breakfast lets
service organizations or an arts group?”   alize they just “have to be a member”.        you interact with up to 120 people each
         Business people need to know      It is even more critical during this eco-     month. The evening MIX attracts an av-
that, while the causes and non-profits     nomic climate that businesses join the        erage of 50 people. The three Biz Con-
are important, their best “cause” is to    chamber.                                      nections groups are wonderful referral
develop a strong business community.                You say you don’t have time          groups to help grow your business. The
Business is the heartbeat of a prosper-    to attend meetings. Standing commit-          upcoming October Business Expo will
ous city. The other causes will not be     tees – Economic Development and the           showcase your goods or services.
possible without the strong tax base       Legislative Committee, - meet once                     Call (805) 643-7222 or e-mail
that a healthy economy brings. “Just       a month and deal with issues facing           nancy@ventura-chamber.org for more
like an airplane, you put your oxygen      business within the city of Ventura and       information on how you, too, can bene-
mask on first, then take care of others    state laws that will affect the cost of do-   fit from being a member of the Ventura
in need. Business people need to take      ing business. For just an hour a month        Chamber of Commerce.

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                        By: Diane Demaille
          Plan on attending the next GTF
meeting (third Thursday at 3:30), if you

                                               ASSEMBLY BILL 341
haven’t been to one yet. Eye-opening
presentations on subjects like: the Ventu-
ra River Parkway project, ocean-friendly
gardens, and green construction have at-       REQUIRES COMMERCIAL RECYCLING
tracted standing room only attendance.
Other topics include the City’s Green Busi-             On July 1, California Assembly Bill 341 went into effect stating that all com-
ness Certification Program and upcoming        mercial businesses that generate four or more cubic yards of trash per week and
“Best Green Practices” workshops.
                                               all multi-family residential properties with five or more units must have recycling.
          We are particularly proud of the
                                               Not only should recycling containers be present on the property, employees and
May 19th Green Jobs Summit, a co-presen-
tation of Assemblymember Das Williams,         multi-family residents should be informed about what to put into the recycling bins.
the Ventura Chamber of Commerce, the                    Although many businesses and multi-family property managers say they
City of Ventura, and the Ventura County        all know about recycling, when bins are checked, there are often non-recyclable
Community College District (VCCCD)             items in the recycling containers and recycling found in the trash containers. Har-
with sponsorships from Cool Planet             rison Industries and the City of Ventura’s Environmental Sustainability Division are
Energy Systems, VCCCD, Houewling’s To-         working together to provide literature, posters, presentations and other materials
matoes and AT&T.                               to support businesses and multi-family properties in their waste reduction and re-
          The GTF was presented with
                                               cycling efforts. For assistance or more information on these programs, call Daniel
a Certificate of Recognition at the City
Council meeting on June 4th, from As-          Harrison at 647-1414, ext. 4321, or email him at dan@ejharrison.com. Commer-
semblymember Das Williams for “partici-        cial businesses also can call Courtney Lindberg at 667-6502 (email: clindberg@
pation in the 2012 Green Jobs Summit”.         cityofventura.net) and owners of multi-family properties can call Christine Wied at
The GTF also received Special Recogni-         652-4584 (email: cwied@ci.ventura.ca.us).
tion from the Ventura County Board of
Supervisors on April 24th.
          The Best Green Practices work-
shops have covered restaurants (held
                                                 Green Business Certification
at RedBrick Pizza) and lighting upgrades                         The City of Ventura now has a Green Business Certification
(held at the YMCA) and have proven to be                         Program for local businesses to be recognized and celebrated
popular and informative.                                         for their environmental practices. The certification process
          And for fun, the GTF is organizing                     focuses on waste, energy and water usage, pollution preven-
Green Drinks, a networking event for the                         tion, and general staff awareness. Watch for this sticker in lo-
environmentally-minded crowd. Come                               cal office/retail and restaurant locations to indicate a certified
sip organic tequila with us on Wednes-                           green business. Sign up to become a green business at www.
day, August 1st at 5:00 at the EcoLogic        greenbusinessca.org. Contact Courtney Lindberg for more information 667-6502
LifeStyles Design showroom, 56 S. Oak          (clindberg@cityofventura.net).
          Diane de Mailly, Courtney Lind-
berg, and James Davis, Co-Chairs

    50 Artist, Live Chalk Art, 2 Days at the Harbor
                                                     By: Barbara Hinton
         The fourth Annual “Arts in the                    Once again “Chalk Art for Char-          than sixteen years, participating in fes-
Park” hosted by the Ventura Chamber of          ity” will be part of the festivities. This street   tivals, fundraisers, and corporate events
Commerce will be held on August 18th            chalk art event will raise funds for, Kids’         both nationally and internationally. Ash-
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and August 19th          Art, a local non-profit organization which          ley has received numerous awards for her
from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Ventura Har-          offers creative arts programs for children          work, including People’s Choice and Best
bor. The outdoor event will feature fine        every Saturday morning at no charge.                of Show awards. Her work can be pre-
arts and crafts, street chalk art, and music    A limited number of chalk art squares are           viewed on her website, www.chalkgirl.
throughout both days.                           available for sponsorship by companies              net.
         Newbury Park artist, Ora Tamir,        or individuals and will feature the spon-                     Admission to the event is free.
has been selected as the Feature Artist         sor’s name. Sponsorships can be pur-                For questions or sponsorship informa-
of “Arts in the Park” this year. Tamir has      chased through the Ventura Chamber for              tion, please call the Ventura Chamber of
been painting since childhood and regu-         $125 for Chamber members or $150 for                Commerce at (805) 643-7222.
larly exhibits her work at festivals in Cali-   non-members.
fornia, Arizona and Nevada. Her paint-                     Several experienced street chalk          COFFEE &
ings captivate viewers with their surreal
images and futuristic qualities. She says
                                                artists from throughout Southern Cali-
                                                fornia will be participating in the event
                                                                                                     BENEFITS with Nancy
she listens to her inner voice while she        including Lysa Ashley, an artist and                  SEPTEMBER 5th & 19th
paints, and that each painting is an ad-        teacher from the Inland Empire, who re-                   8:00am - 9:00am
                                                                                                         Come learn about the benefits of
venture. “People tell me that they find         turns this year after participating in the
                                                                                                       belonging to the Ventura Chamber of
their own stories in my paintings,” Tamir       “Chalk Art for Charity” debut last year.                  Commerce! Reserve your seat
notes.                                          She has been a street painter for more                    now by calling (805) 643-7222


Servicemaster Recovery                  Tina Reed Johnson                          (805) 646-6505
     by C2C Restoration                 3875-A TelegraphRd. #228                   http://www.humanesocietyvc.org
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                                        Ojai, CA 93024                             http://www.bellavistaorchards.com
                                           I joined the Chamber some 12 years ago in my former incarnation as Mr. Suds. Being new to
                                           Ventura (and to the USA) I found that I quickly made new friends through the Chamber. I think
                                           I knew less than 10 people when I took over at Mr. Suds. Now I number my friends amongst
                                           the hundreds and many of these have been through Chamber contacts. I do business with
                                           some and they do business with me, but there are many that are not in this category. They
                                           are just friends. I quickly became an Ambassador and decided that to get the most out of the
                                           Chamber, I had to put something in. So I attend as many functions as I can. To paraphrase one
                                           of your past Presidents “ask not what the Chamber can do for you, but ask what you can do
                                           for the Chamber!”

                                           After I sold Mr. Suds, I carried on with my membership in my new travel business and am still
     Stephen Joyce                         actively involved (when my travel committments allow!) with the Ambassadors (3 times Am-
                                           bassador of the year) the Marketing Committee and Arts in the Park, as well as the Economic
     World Ventures/Rovia Travel           Development Committee. To me the Chamber is an essential part of my business toolbox and I
                                           cannot think of a time in the future when I would not be a member of the Chamber and taking
                                           part in the many activities.

       What is the                                                          MARKETING
 Ventura Chamber
     of Commerce                                                                  COMMITTEE
     Political                                                       The Marketing Committee of the Ventura Chamber has
      Action                                                         been hard at work since the beginning of the year devel-
   Committee                                                         oping a new and improved Marketing Plan. This is an ex-
                                                                     citing step forward, but only the beginning of the process.
          The Ventura Chamber Political Action is a commit-          A document is only as good as the people putting forth
tee of the Chamber. It also has a separate Board of Trustees,        the effort to support its goals.
required by State of California Political Campaign laws so not
to cause all Chamber activities and finances reportable to           In order to achieve these goals five different work groups
the State, County and City agencies.                                 have been established to support the plan. These work
          By law, the PAC has separate bylaws and reports all        groups include Media, Publications, Membership Devel-
activities and finances to governmental agencies. The Board          opment, E-Marketing and Events. Each work group is ex-
of trustees consists of 11 members, four of which are Cham-          pected to touch base either in person or via conference
ber Board members at the time of their PAC appointment.              call on a monthly basis to work on its area of focus. Events
          The PAC is designed to support candidates who sup-         members will be working to help organize and support
port the free enterprise system, demonstrate a fiscally re-          Chamber activities, Membership Development will sup-
sponsible government and whose views represent the inter-            port member growth and retention, E-Marketing will sup-
ests of both the private and public sector for a strong local        port web and social media efforts, Publications will work
economy.                                                             to help create and update Chamber printed materials and
          The PAC will keep local politicians honest and fo-         Media will focus on assisting Chamber staff with press and
cused on business. That is something most business owners            broadcast opportunities.
do not have the time or desire to do. The PAC will identify
the issues most relevant to the business community. The              We know there is a wealth of talent within our Chamber
PAC interviews the elected officials and candidates and pro-         so we are asking for volunteers to join this exciting effort.
vides information through our reports, newsletters and fo-           Please contact Charleen Morla at the Ventura Chamber
rums.                                                                to share your area of interest and the Chair of the work
          Join the PAC and support local businesses. For more        group will follow up with you to notify you of meeting
information or to get involved call (805) 643-7222!                  times and dates.

 CONNECTION BREAKFAST                                                                     CLOCKWISE: April Connection Breakfast
                                                                                          Sponsor Rabobank; May Connection
                                                                                          Breakfast Sponsor - Daylean Atkin,
                                                                                          Scentsy Independent Consultant; June
                                                                                          Connectiong Breakfast Sponsor - Farm-
                                                                                          ers Insurance, ML Peterson; Angel Jones
                                                                                          of Wenches & Warriors dressed in
                                                                                          costume for her 20 second commercial;
                                                                                          Linda Wall & Ridgeway Pope engage
                                                                                          their table in their 20 second commercial


CLOCKWISE: Loving Arms Staff celebrate a ribbon cutting and grand opening reception;
Ambassadors join the staff at Bail Bonds for a mid-day ribbon cutting; Amigo’s Cantina
in Downtown Ventura for their ribbon cutting; Mayor Mike Tracy joins staff and Ambassa-
dor’s for Rabobank’s ribbon cutting at their new Victoria location!

    12 APRIL/MAY/JUNE 2012

                                               CLOCKWISE: Foothill Technology School’s Art Class take a break
                                               to take a quick picture with Principal for a Day - Mary Jarvis;
                                               Su-Lin Rubalcava taking the seat as Pricipal for a Day at
                                               Poinsettia Elementary School; Participants of the program end
                                               the day at the Ventura Unified School District office for lunch
                                               and a wrap up session


                      CLOCKWISE: Members of the Green Task Force along with Peter Brown, City Manager
                      - Rick Cole, Kevin Clerici (DVO) & Joey Briglio (City of Ventura) take a break between
                      sessions; Green Jobs Summit attendees fill the City Chambers during speaker sessions;
                      Assemblymember Das Williams; Diane Demaille & James Davis (GTF Co-Chair) with
                      James Panagotti (Red Brick Pizza); Ventura Water participated as an exhibitor


                             TOP ROW: Chamber Ambassadors
                             & Friends at THE MIX! @ Rabobank;
                             Ventura County Credit Union staff
                             Patti Braga and Natalie Bradley
                             pose with President & CEO, Joe
                             Schroeder MIDDLE ROW: Kama
                             Sutra Closet - Owner, Roylin Downs
                             showing the crowd her hula hooping
                             skills; Janet Fukumoto (Time Warner)
                             & VCCU’s Stacey Oates network-
                             ing away; BOTTOM ROW: Mixer at
                             WE OLIVE to commemorate the late
                             Steve Tobey; Rabobank Manager
                             Roland Barrios welcomes the crowd
                             at their MIX!


                          BIZ CONNECTION leads referral groups cast net at their Bi-Annual Biz
                          Connect, Connect which took place at the Marriott Ventura Beach!


            TOP ROW: Cypress Place Staff - Robert Goldberg (Executive Director), Yvonne Knepper and Mike
            Macke (Marketing) stop and take a photo with Tom Spence (KVTA - Goldcoast Broadcasting) who won
            the grand prize raffle (55” Flat Screen TV) which they donated!; Colleen Caster (Ventura Party Rentals)
            is seated at her beautifully decorated booth perfect for the summer!; MIDDLE ROW: Chamber Ambas-
            sadors Rosandra Esquivel & Carol Gerke enjoying their time at the expo; City of Ventura Environmental
            Sustainability - Courtney Lindberg and Dana Bogdanich (Intern) set up shop and talked TRASH; Ventura
            Chamber’s YPG - Diana Trinh and Angel Jones going for the gold; Anchor Printing Crew - Dan Gutierrez,
            Michelle Mercado (Axxess Ventura) & Jeff Hata pose with the bronze, silver & gold; LEFT: Robert & Sue
            Gary of Promotional Products USA and their fabulous display perfect for Expos!

                               47 YEAR MEMBER
                              “The Automobile Club of Southern California
                              Ventura County Branch has been a loyal                                                   46 YEAR MEMBER
                              Ventura Chamber member for 47 years.                    At Kaiser Permanente we promote the idea that it is important to Thrive.
                              Through these many years, the AAA Ventura               And in order for a community to Thrive, it needs an active, vibrant and
                              County Branch has benefited through this                engaged Chamber of Commerce. That is why Kaiser Permanente sup-
     alliance because the Chamber is such a strong supporter of the local             ports and participates in the Ventura Chamber of Commerce. We are
     business community. The Ventura Chamber has been a great place                   proud to be associated with a local Chamber that always keeps the
     to develop relationships and to network with a diverse group of                  needs of its membership, the business community and community at large
     businesses in Ventura. We look forward to working with the Cham-                 as the focus of its efforts. Our membership in the Ventura Chamber is a
     ber for many years to come.” Rikki Pleis – AAA Ventura Branch                    proud tradition and one that we know helps to keep Ventura thriving!

64 YEARS Southern California Edison Co.                           Ventura Del Sol                            3 YEARS Fileyourtaxes.com
47 YEARS Automobile Club of Southern California                   Porta - Stor                                         Prudential California Realty
48 YEARS Kaiser Permanente                             14 YEARS Ventura Urgent Care Center                             KP Enterprises
41 YEARS Hammer-Hewson Assoc.                          13 YEARS Halter-Encinas Enterprises, Inc                        Diani Building Corp.
           Eulau Accountancy Corp.                                VC Reporter & Ventana Monthly Magazine               SESPE Consulting, Inc.
39 YEARS Plum Lift-A-Door Co.                          12 YEARS KHAM INC                                               Coastal Occupational Medical Group
33 YEARS T.E. Hoctor & Company                                    Museum of Ventura County                   2 YEARS Kingdom Center, The
           Paradise Chevrolet                                     Players Club, The                                    Ralston Courtyards
33 YEARS Nordman Cormany Hair & Compton LLP                       Hammerhead Industries Inc.                           Cypress Meadows LP - The Towbes Group
30 YEARS Victoria Village Shopping Center                         CSU Channel Islands                                  Vintage Production California LLC
           Hubbard & Gruber, CPAs                      11 YEARS Anti Aging - NuSkin Enterprises                        Keller Williams Realty
28 YEARS Country Inn & Suites By Carlson                          Ventura Education Partnership              1 YEARS Rabobank Main St Branch
           Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Assoc.              Roadrunner Shuttle                                   Rabobank N.A. Mills Branch
27 YEARS Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast                United Way of Ventura County                         Buena Animal Hospital
           Rasmussen & Associates                                 Patrick Allan Telephone                              REC Solar
26 YEARS Oaktree Property Management                    9 YEARS Community Access Partners (CAPS)                       Essex Realty Management, Inc.
25 YEARS Earth Systems Southern California                        Ventura West Marina                                  Mission Church
           Swiss Productions, Inc.                                Ventura Gateway                                      Western States Petroleum Association
           Boys & Girls Club of Ventura                           Seaside Highland Games                               Ventura County Fusion
24 YEARS Woodland Apartments                                      Bonaventure, The                                     AdvoCare
           Ashwood Gardens Apartments                   8 YEARS Freeway Mini Storage                                   Instrumental Music Corp
22 YEARS Alert Communications                                     Ferguson Case Orr Paterson LLP                       Long Term Care of Ventura County (Ombudsman)
           Kiwanis Club of Downtown Ventura                       Four Seasons Cleaners                                Massage Envy Spa of Ventura
21 YEARS Office Depot                                   7 YEARS Commercial Process Serving, Inc.                       Janet Fukumoto, Time Warner Cable Media
20 YEARS Pacific Aire, Inc.                             6 YEARS Kruger Bensen Ziemer Architects, Inc.                  SAS Comfort Shoes
19 YEARS American Cancer Society, Central &                       Pacific Breeze Chem-Dry                              First 5 Ventura County
           Greater Ventura                              4 YEARS Camarillo Premium Outlets
           Roger Case Realty                                      Humana, Inc
18 YEARS Ventura Downtown Lions Club                              Midtown Kitchens Inc.
17 YEARS Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau                     Old Creek Ranch Winery Inc
16 YEARS Ventura Baptist Church                                   Hillview Dental Care
15 YEARS Armada Apartments                                        Hooman Zarrinkelk, DDS
                                                                  Command Performance Catering
     16 APRIL/MAY/JUNE 2012
     Ventura THRIVES School Supply Drive:
     Together Helping Replenish Inventory for
     Ventura Educators and Students
                              Ventura City Corps is cur-               their classrooms donated by the community. Everyone wins
                        rently seeking businesses to host boxes        with THRIVES – the teachers, parents and especially the kids.”
                        for their employees and patrons to stuff                 THRIVES was made possible through donations
                        with school supplies throughout July.          from Pacific Oaks Federal Credit Union and Ventura County
                        Boxes will be delivered at the end of June     Credit Union.
                        and a list of participating businesses and               Ventura City Corps youth volunteers are managing
                        the master supply list will be available at    the THRIVES Drive. The Ventura City Corps mission is to
  www.venturacitycorps.com.                                            inspire and develop youth to become capable, productive, en-
            Ventura THRIVES has launched for the second year.          gaged civic leaders and to elevate the status of youth in their
  Ventura THRIVES School Supply Drive functions similar to a           communities, through experiential service learning projects
  toy drive with area businesses placing donation boxes in their       and youth mentoring.
  lobbies or offices and community members generously donat-                     Ventura City Corps is seeking youth volunteer lead-
  ing items from the THRIVES Master Supply list, compiled di-          ers, ages 21-30, to lead projects. All youth 12-18 interested in
  rectly from input from Ventura Unified School Districts Prin-        making this an outstanding summer are encouraged to volun-
  cipals and Teachers. Ken Cozzens, retired Sheriff ’s Captain         teer. Find applications and more information about getting
  and Ventura City Corps Site Director comments “Feedback              involved with Ventura City Corps or making a tax deductible
  was overwhelmingly positive from last year’s drive. We had           donation @ www.venturacitycorps.com or by stopping by 77
  nearly 60 teachers show up and leave with free supplies for          N. California Street.

    EDC-VC Leads
                                                                       lending means, and thus would never get off the ground.”
                                                                                Through its website, Kiva lets people lend as little as $25

    Launch of Kiva
                                                                       to help fund entrepreneurial ventures across the globe. With a
                                                                       98.97 percent repayment rate since its 2005 founding, Kiva has

    Pilot Program
                                                                       generated $328 million in loans through 784,817 lenders. The
                                                                       organization works with 154 field partners and 450 volunteers in
                                                                       62 countries.
    Peer lending program provides micro-
                                                                                To qualify for a Kiva Zip loan, an area business must
    financing option for area’s smallest businesses                    have a solid business plan and social and economic need. The
                                                                       company must be unable to access a loan through formal finan-
          CAMARILLO, Calif. – The Economic Development Col-            cial channels, and have less than $3,000 in past-due debt. Other
laborative-Ventura County is leading the launch in Ventura and         requirements include having a debt-to-income ratio of less than
Santa Barbara counties of Kiva Zip, a Kiva.org pilot program that      35 percent, a monthly repayment-to-net-income ratio of less
enables small businesses to access peer-funded micro-loans of up       than 75 percent for the loan and not be in bankruptcy or fore-
to $5,000. The program is built on Kiva’s mission of connecting        closure proceedings.
people globally through lending to support business entrepreneur-      EDC-VC is a private, nonprofit organization that serves as a
ship.                                                                  business-to-government liaison to assist businesses in Ventura
          As a Kiva Zip field partner, EDC-VC will identify small      County by offering programs that enhance the economic vital-
businesses within the region that are a good fit for the program.      ity of the region. For more info about the Small Business De-
          “This is an excellent resource for small-businesses in the   velopment Center, loan programs, manufacturing outreach and
earliest stages of growth,” said Bruce Stenslie, CEO and president     international trade programs or other services available to small
of EDC-VC. “These microloans will provide startup funding to           businesses through EDC-VC, contact Stenslie at 805-384-1800
businesses that would not receive financing through traditional        ext. 21 or bruce.stenslie@edc-vc.com. Or visit www.edc-vc.com.

Employers and individuals alike reap the benefits of Leadership
                                                                       Since January, Ventura Leadership 2012 has been split up into 3
Ventura; a leadership development course led by Relly Nadler. A        working groups with specific project focusses for the betterment of
licensed psychologist and Master Executive Coach, Dr. Nadler           the community. Here is an insite of what each group has been doing:
has been working for more than 30 years with top executives and
their teams to become star performers. Participants learn prin-        Team 1 - Partners with DVO to Enhance
ciples such as Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Levels, Change       Downtown Mini Park
Management, Feedback/Delegation, Coaching for Performance              Team 1’s project is working in a partnership with the Downtown
and Decision Making. Each participant receives a Myers-Briggs          Ventura Organization to enhance the downtown mini park lo-
Type Indicator and personal analysis. The return on investment         cated on Main Street, between Oak and Palm. Enhancements
for any company with an employee participating is phenomenal.          will include landscape upgrades, lighting upgrades and increased
Emotional Intelligence Leadership improves leaders’ ability to ex-     usability by the public. Specific landscape design plans have not
cel in today’s increasingly difficult and complex leadership roles.    been finalized yet, but in-kind donations for equipment usage and
                                                                       electrical installation labor have been graciously donated through
Through the first year, the class hears from key community leaders     Leadership Ventura. The group is also working with the City of
as they share the latest plans, developments, and decision-making      Ventura for potential additional funding, and the Rotary Club of
processes affecting the community. Lectures, panel discussions         Ventura in partnership with the Boys and Girls Club to have an
and site visits provide a forum for discussion and a greater un-       environmental education component, working with the kids to
derstanding of local issues. Class attendees participate in hands      further enhance the park.
on learning including a grass roots community betterment project.
                                                                       Amazing Team 2 -Tender Life Maternity Home
Leadership Ventura meets once a month for the first 11 months.         Our project emerged from a vision to help the homeless preg-
Each day begins at approximately 7:30 AM and lasts until 4:30 PM.      nant women residing at the Tender Life Maternity Home in Ven-
Continental breakfasts and lunches are provided. The second year,      tura experience a welcoming and safe environment for them and
participants lead the activities and planning for the subsequent       their expected newborns. From the generosity of the community
class, offering the opportunity to test the skills learned year one.   Tender Life receives many donated baby items which were over-
whelmingly stored in their garage. Our team worked together to          the residence shelters located in River Haven. You can help raise
sort through baby and maternity clothes, strollers, car seats, cribs,   the funds for the River Haven paint project through a unique fun-
blankets and many miscellaneous items and organized them into           draising effort developed by team three called “arts for the home-
storage bins and shelves to make them more accessible to residents      less.” Local arts organizations, artists and artisans donate tickets and
and staff. In addition we planted a sustainable vegetable garden to     products to “arts for the homeless.” When you purchase those tick-
help subsidize their food budget. Currently we have a few more          ets or products online, 100% of your donation automatically goes
small projects to complete at Tender Life and as a team we have all     to the River Haven paint project. You may purchase tickets, prod-
learned that our hard work today helps to build a brighter tomor-       ucts or make a direct donation through “arts for the homeless” at:
row for mothers and babies at Tender Life who would otherwise           www.Artsforthehomeless.com. For more information contact any
have been living on the streets.                                        of the following team three members through the Chamber: Staci
                                                                        Brown, Katherine Kasmir, Robert Krimmer or Carlos Landeros.
Team 3 - Announces Fundraising Effort
River Haven is a two-year transitional program offering Ventura’s       For more information on Leadership
homeless an opportunity to move from the river bottom towards           Ventura, please contact Daylean Atkin
self-sufficiency. As a community project, Leadership Ventura’s team     (805) 207-8569 or Lola Hererra (805)
three is raising the funds and the “people-power” needed to paint       612-5868 or visit www.venturachamber.com

Chamber Appoints ML Peterson New Foundation President
                         I am pleased and honored to serve as           process and create a closer relationship to our schools. The
                     the President of the Ventura Chamber’s             Foundation is working to recruit additional leaders over the
                     Commerce and Education Foundation.                 months ahead. Through these committees, the Foundation
                         I accepted the nomination because              will manage existing and emerging projects in each designat-
                     of my deep respect for the Chamber and             ed focus, providing leadership, advocacy and fund sourcing.
                     President Ed Summers’ integrity, expertise,             The filter through which the Foundation will work will be
                     and deep commitment to strengthening               to focus on making a more significant impact on supporting
                     and expanding partnerships between busi-           to build a thriving business and cultural climate in which com-
ness and the Ventura Unified School District, the Community             munication, partnership-building, and life-long education for
Colleges, workforce training and professional skills develop-           personal and professional development can be sustained con-
ment.                                                                   sistently now and into the future, benefitting Ventura’s busi-
         I see my primary responsibility as supporting and              ness and residential community by investing in the economic,
serving the Foundation’s Board                                                                            educational, cultural, and envi-
of Directors. Comprised of
Chamber members, each are              “Foundation will take great                                        ronmental interests of our city.
                                                                                                               To do so, the Foundation
chairing committees focused on
strengthening existing programs        care to identify and develop                                       will take great care to identify
                                                                                                          and develop multiple funding
and developing new ones that
are responsive to the needs             multiple funding streams.”                                        streams. Fortunately, the Foun-
                                                                                                          dation begins with a healthy
of our business and education                                                                             starting point and financial foot-
partners.                                                                                                 ing: We currently receive gen-
         We have a strong group of Directors, Lola Herrera              erous tax-deductible contributions from local business and
remains as the Chair of Leadership Ventura and a Foundation             community leaders. We will have to build on this and will have
Director. Leadership provides an excellent opportunity for              to do more.
local executives and future leaders to gain valuable insight                 All this will take time, wise planning, and the good work of
into personal leadership styles and skills as well as the many          our business and community leaders.
unique characteristics of our community. Patti Braga will                    I look forward in taking these first steps in this exciting
again oversee the Teacher of the Month Awards and Principal             journey with the Chamber’s Commerce and Education Foun-
for a Day Program. Sam Benner has agreed to undertake a                 dation’s Board of Directors and the Ventura of Chamber’s staff.
new initiative for the Foundation, developing a professional
                                                                             Mary Louise (ML) Peterson is the owner of ML Peterson Farmers Insurance
skill development workshop series. Other Directors ready
                                                                        Agency in Ventura, California. Previously, she served as President of the Ventura
and willing to serve are Sherry Lyons, Treasurer and Chris-             County Board of Education, eight years as Trustee on the Ventura County Board
tine Wied, Su-Lin Rubalcava, and Stephanie Becerra who will             of Education, and four years on the Board of Directors of the California County
oversee our efforts to integrate business not the educational           Boards of Education, representing Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.

                                     TEACHER OF THE MONTH

          Ventura, Calif. – On May 16, the Ventura Commerce and          Commerce members Ventura Trophy, Red Brick Pizza, the Rubi-
Education Foundation (VCEF) named Sebastien DeClerck May’s               con Theatre, Island Packers and Pacific Oaks Federal Credit Union.
Teacher of the Month. Mr. DeClerck was presented with certifi-                    Principals and parent-teacher organizations from schools
cates of appreciation from Ventura County Board of Supervisor            within the Ventura Unified School District are all eligible to nomi-
Steve Bennett, and a representative from the office of Assembly          nate any teacher(s). Nominees must be a credentialed teacher, and
member Das Williams. Ventura High School Principal, Val Wyatt,           should display certain qualities, including the demonstration of an
and VUSD Superintendent, Trudy Tuttle-Arriaga, spoke of Sebas-           outstanding dedication to students, service on school or district
tien’s dedication to the student body and the support he gives his       committees, and projects on their own time and/or participation
fellow staff members.                                                    in youth-focused activities in the community.
          Mr. DeClerck has been teaching French and Italian                       The VCEF, under the auspices of the Ventura Chamber
for more than 13 years, advises three separate clubs on campus,          of Commerce, works to provide a business link to the economic,
welcomes the exchange students on campus and is currently the            educational, cultural and environmental interests of the Ventura
Foreign Language Department Chair. Gifts of appreciation were            regional community.
presented to Sebastien by Ventura Commerce and Education                          For more information about the Teacher of the
Foundation member Pattie Braga from Ventura County Credit                Month program, please contact Pattie Braga, Chair, at PBraga@
Union. Donated items came from generous Ventura Chamber of               VCCUonline.net or (805) 477-4052.
                                                                     THRIVES 11X17 Poster:Layout 1 6/27/12 1:36 PM Page 1

                                                                                  Drop off new, lead-free, non-toxic school supplies to
                                                                                  benefit Ventura Unified Schools!


                                                                                  Scan for a full shopping list
                                                                                  and drop off locations.

                                                                                                                            Made possible by:

                          “As a board member of the Ventura Chamber, people often ask me why they should join. Accordingly, I list
                          for them the myriad ways the Chamber can help them create new opportunities, advocate for their inter-
                          ests on important legislative issues and save them money. Though these are certainly important valuable
                          aspects of Chamber membership, joining the Chamber also makes a powerful statement to the business
                          community that you, a fellow business owner, understand the value of the greater collective whole. Your
                          Chamber membership makes you part of something larger than your own individual business. You are part
                          of an enterprise that is solely focused on creating, sustaining and growing a vibrant community for all of us.

                          Montecito Bank strives to be committed, contributing members of our community. One of the ways we
                          demonstrate this commitment is by joining the local Chambers of Commerce because we know that a
                          vibrant community is absolutely dependent on a thriving, connected business climate. As the Community

Marni Brook               President for this region, one of my primary responsibilities is to make and cultivate connections with the
                          business owners of our community. The Ventura Chamber continues to provide a variety of opportunities
 Montecito Bank & Trust   to do this. The Connection Breakfast, Business Tabletop Expos and other events keep us connected not only
                          to other businesses but as well to key issues that are impacting our community.”

  are FREE
  with Fair Admission

                                                                   Technology Committee
                                                                  The Technology Committee of the Chamber is a group of
                                                                  local member companies in the Information Technology
                                                                  fields. We meet monthly and have four goals: education,
                                                                  conservation, advocacy and philanthropy. We seek to edu-
                                                                  cate not only our own community, but the public at large in
                                                                  advanced and basic technology issues. We promote green
                                                                  technologies and ways to conserve finances. We aim to in-
                                                                  fluence public policy issues affecting the industry, and in-
                                                                  form the public on its consequences. We also give back to
                                                                  the community in various ways as well, including technol-
                                                                  ogy donations, and donated time. We’re looking for inter-
                                                                  ested Chamber Members who have a strong background in
                                                                  Information Technology! For more info, contact Charleen
                                                                  Morla at the Chamber office.
                        Magali Rodriguez                                                           Guillaume Racine
                          Magali Rodriguez was born and                                   Guillaume is currently completing
                        raised in Panama, where she gradu-                                his second year of college. He is a
                        ated from high school and complet-                                business major at Novancia Busi-
                        ed two semesters of marketing at                                  ness School which is adminstered
                        University of Panama.                                             by the Paris Chambre de Com-
                          On December, 2000 she moved                                     merce et d’Industrie. His long
                        with her family to Oxnard, California                             term goal is to work abroad and
                        where she has been residing since                                 more particularily for a company
then. As the oldest of three sisters, she wanted to be an        with an international dimension.
example for her sibling and follow her dreams as well.
Therefore, she started to pursue a higher education once         As a second year, business student, his major is in Market-
again.                                                           ing and Economics. Last year, as part of his school’s inter-
        She graduated from Oxnard College on 2008,               national focus Guillaume spent three months studying at
obtaining an AS in Business and AA in Liberal Arts. After a      the University Salamanca in Spain. Back at home in Paris,
one year break, Magali transferred to CSU Channel Island         Guillaume works part time at an events planning company.
where she is currently finishing her BS in business with mar-    In the future, he hopes to work for an international firm.
keting option and economic minor.

 WORK IT 2                                                                         A Fashion Show for
                                                                                  Business Professionals

          COMING SOON!                                 BE A PART OF THE HYPE!
                                                       For more info, please “LIKE”
    SEPTEMBER 2012                                     www.facebook.com/VenturaYPG
    SPONSORSHIPS AVAILABLE!                   PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP                             SIGN UP NOW!
    - Title $3,000                            - Full Page 8” x 10” $100                       Call Charleen @ the Chamber Office
    - Platinum $1,500                         - Half Page 8” x 5.5” $75                       (805) 643-7222 or email:
    - Diamond $1,000                          - Business Card 3.5” x 2” $30                   charleen@ventura-chamber.org
    - Gold $750
    - Ruby $500                                            Your Ventura Chamber Young Professionals Group (YPG) membership will
                                                           bring you great professional and personal benefits. We thank you for taking the
                                                           first step towards creating a fulfilling impact in your life and your community.

                                                              Ventura Chamber of Commerce presents...

                                                                             Join us for two days
                                                                             of fun, Fine Arts,
                                                                             Fine Crafts,
                                                                             Live Entertainment
                                                                             & More!

                                                                             Over 40 Art Exhibitors
                                                                             will display a wide
                                                                             array of Sculpture,
                                                                             Jewelry and Painting
                                                                             the 2nd Annual
                                                                             Chalk Art
                                                                              for Charity
                                                                             Over 20 Chalk Artists
                                                                             Watch the sidewalk
                                                                             come to life!
                                                                             Proceeds to benefit
                                                                             West Side Cultural Center
Featured Artist: Ora Tamir, Magic, Oil on Canvas, 18” x 14”
                                                                                    Kids Arts
   SATURDAY, August 18 from 10am - 6pm
    SUNDAY, August 19 from 10am - 5pm
           Ventura Harbor Village - Main Lawn
For more info (805) 643-7222 | www.VENTURACHAMBER.com
                                                                                        VP   Video Production

                                                  Gold              Bronze               Media

                                                              Sponsorships still available! Call Now!

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