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                                    Don’t Let The Wind… Blow Your Game Away
                                                   By Jeff O`Brien

   Sure it’s nice to head out to the golf course on a beautifully tranquil day where it’s easy figure your
yardages and be confident in your club selection. Unfortunately, however, Mother Nature isn’t always
so accommodating and you’ll find yourself having to deal with a bit of wind.

When you’re up against a windy day on the golf course, if you let it affect your attitude, you’re going to
be in for a long day. Many players do and are. You, however, should not let this happen. First of all it
does your golf game no good, and secondly, if your playing partners bowing to the wind, then all the
better for you to collect on the nassau.

The basic golf shot that enters the conversation when talking about playing in the wind is the
knockdown shot.

There are a couple of basic keys to the knockdown shot.

The first is that the hands have to remain ahead of the clubhead through the swing. So at your
address, move the ball slightly further back in your stance. The knockdown golf shot is not a ‘full swing’
type of shot. It is a control shot. In fact, with knockdown shots you’ll want your finish position to be
lower and not fully completed.

The second key is based upon the first.

Since the knockdown shot is not a full swing you’ll want to take and extra club or two in order to (a)
take the loft off of what would be your normal shot and (b) get the distance you want with a lower ball
flight and easier non-full swing.

The tailwind – Playing a hole with a good tailwind is a favorite scenario for many. Keep in mind
however, when it comes to playing in the wind… control is the key word.

A tailwind certainly adds distance and carry to your golf shots, and will help keep your shots straighter,
but remember it also adds roll. And if we’re talking about an approach shot into the green, the tailwind
is going to take the backspin off of your shot and subsequently your ball won’t check nearly as tidy
when it hits the green. So, factor in not only the distance, but roll as well.

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The headwind – now you’ve made 180 and you’re heading back into the same wind that was just at
your back. Now is when the knockdown becomes your friend and ally. Remember, play the ball back in
your stance (keeping your hands ahead of the clubhead), take more club, and swing easy and under

The crosswind - the crosswind or the quartering wind is the most difficult to deal with. This type of wind
will magnify the spin and shape of your shot. If your flight is shaping the same direction, think distance
and roll but, if you're going to shape your shot back into the crosswind add extra yardage to your

Given these two mirroring results, you can see that a crosswind can produce greatly varying distance.
Because of this great variance, you’ll want a strategy that takes advantage of the wind.

If your distance is open ended you’ll probably want to shape your golf shot to work with the wind and
get the most distance you can. If, however, you’re hitting your approach to the green, you’ll want to
shape your shot back into the crosswind so your ball will land softer on the putting surface.

In summary, the key to wind play is control.

Remember, a solidly struck golf ball will be less affected by any wind as opposed to one that takes
flight with a side spin.

Be confident when playing in the wind, ratchet your swing back a couple of notches and think about a
nice smooth rhythm with solid contact.

Jeff O`Brien offers instruction and golf tips to get your game on track. Be sure to visit for
online golf lessons, golf gear, and other articles at

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                                                         Golfing In The Wind
                                                         By Greg K. Hansward

 Wind and other weather conditions can play a large role in the quality of your game. Even though you
may have the perfect stance, the right club in hand, and the right green conditions, if the wind is
blowing too hard in one direction or there is a cross breeze, your ball will not land where you intended.
For the beginning golfer, this can be very frustrating. Even in the best golf weather, new golfers will
have difficulty controlling the ball, so you can imagine their frustration when the wind begins to blow.

But in order to become a better golfer, you will have to learn how to golf in different weather conditions.
Depending on where you live, the course may be drier or wet during different times during the year.
The same occurs with wind. If decide to travel to another course in a different country, you will face
other wind and weather challenges. Learning how to golf despite these challenges is important if you
want to enjoy golf for most of the year.

If the wind is extreme, you can forget about golf that day because most courses will be closed, but
even if the wind is whipping around, you may still be able to play. Compensating for the wind by
playing into it is the best way to get your ball where you need it to go. Work against the wind and your
ball will end up anywhere but where you need it to be. Some golfers change their stance, while others
use different clubs depending on the strength of the wind and its direction. Feeling where the wind is
coming from is your first step. The second step is to choose the right clubs, and the third step is to
choose how hard to hit the ball.

The ideal golf weather is a light breeze that keeps you cool, but does not affect the game. While some
courses have beautiful weather almost all year, other places only have this weather for two or three
months. This is why learning how to play regardless of the weather is important. During your lessons,
you should learn tips and tricks for predicting the weather conditions, which way the wind is blowing,
and which clubs to use in order to maintain as much control of the ball as possible.

For many golfers, wind is their worst enemy. But in order to become a great golfer, you must learn to
respect what is going on around you and learn how to find ways to stay in the game without letting the
weather affect your score.

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