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					Hotel name                               Contact Number
Lakkhotaa Lodge                          91364-2590523
Ri-Kynjai                                91-9862420300
Ashutosh Inn                             0364-2221276
Pinewood Hotel                           0364-2223116
Hotel Centre Point                       0364-2225210
Hotel Polo Towers                        0364-2222341
Broadway Hotel                           0364-2220815
The Boulevard Hotel
Hotel Pegasus Crown                              9436304984
Magnum Hotel
Hotel Alpine Continental                 0364-2220991
Hotel Assembly                           0364-2224495
Mi Casa Hotel                                    9774063461
The Zara Residency
Royal Heritage-Tripura Castle            0364-2501111
Highwinds Guest House                            9862055501
Aerodene Cottage                                 9774065366
Payal Hotel
The Eee Cee Hotel                                9206043888
Blueberry Inn
White Orchid Guesthouse                          9206315791
Landmark Hills
The Shillong Club                        0364-2225497
Hotel Silk Route                                 9774001941
Orchid Lake resort                       0364-2570258
Hotel Yalana
Eldorado Guest House
La-Chaumiere House                               9435146234
Ken and Twill Guest House
Swastik Hotel
Hotel Lake View Inn
WelcomHeritage Rosaville                 0364-2231248
Hotel Rainbow                                    9436731482
Hotel Grace
Pine Brook Guest House
The Majestic Hotel                       0364-2506598
Hotel Embassy and Restaurant The Taste   0364-2223164
Hotel Orchid                             0364-2222664
Losila Cottage                                   9436118047
Apsara Guest House                               9856721384
Hotel JK International                   0364-2501588
Hotel Knight Inn
Rajhans Hotel
email address
Mawpun, Near Golf Club, Polo Hills, Shillong- 793001
U.C.C. Road Ri Bhoi, Uminiuh Khawn, Shillong-793103
G.S. Road, Police Bazar- 793001
Rita Road, European Ward, Shillong-793001
Police Bazar, Khyndailad, Shillong 793001
Polo Grounds, Shillong-793001
G.S. Road, Shillong-793001
Thana Road, Police Bazar, Shillong-793001
Wards Lake Road, Shillong 793001
Police Bazar, Shillong 793001
Police Bazar, Shillong 793001
Khyndailad (Police Bazar), Shillong-793001
Keating Road, Shillong- 793001
G.S. Road Police Bazar, Shillong 793001
Keating Road, Shillong- 793001
Tripura castle Road, Shillong 793003
Pine Mount Ridge, Barik, Near Pine Mount School, Shillong- 793001
Lower Cleve Colony, Stoneylands, Shillong- 793003
Police Bazaar, Shillong 793001
Khyndailad (Police Bazar), Shillong-793001
Rita Road, Shillong-793001
Upper Lachaumiere, Shillong-793001
Nongrim Hills, Laitumukhrah, Shillong 793003
Kachari Road, Shillong-793001
Police Bazar, Shillong 793001

Main Road, Laitumkhrah, Shillong-793003
Jowai Road, Dhankheti, Shillong-793001
Opposite Kommrath Limestone Ltd, Shillong 793001
Lumbatngen, Law-u-sib, Shillong 79302
Jail Road, Shillong-793001
MG Road, Opposite Meghalaya Co-Operative Apex Bank, Shillong 793001
Lawjynriew, Shillong-793014
G.S. Road, Shillong-793001
Jail Road,Police Bazar, Shillong-793001
Howell Road, Laban, Shillong
Me-ba-ai Plaza, Shillong-793001
A.C. Lane, G.S. Road, Police Bazar, Shillong-793001
Polo Road, Shillong 793001
Centre Hill Cottage, Laitmukhrah, Shillong 793003
Cleave Colony, Fruit Garden, Shillong 793003
Opp Vishal Mega Mart, Shillong 793001
K.L. Complex, Near SBI, Opp NEEPCO, Shillong-793011
G.S. Road, Shillong-793001
Website                                                     Range                              5000-15000                                    6500-15000                        5000-15000                        2200-7000                             4595-5924                                   550-2550                                2856-3888                  2879-4595                               1200-2600
                                                            1550-2270                               3500-7000                           1500-3000                                  1800-3000
                                                            2500-4500                      900-1350                                  2500-6000
                                                            325-1645                            2500-3500

                                                            1439-2104                                    2250-3750                             1000-1600                         3432-3986
                                                            660-1200                  1000-2200
                                                            300-700                       1200-1400                    753-3138

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