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									                      SendThisFile enables users to brand email

SendThisFile®today is announcing that users are able to create custom email templates to match their

SendThisFile lets users send large files by sharing download links. Through each step of the file sending
process, file notifications alert the user and the user's file recipients to different events. SendThisFile lets
customers create unique email templates and full HTML and text customization for each type of file
notification, allowing for full control over the experience.

"With custom email templates, our customers can create a seamless experience that matches their
brand," said Scott Sexton, SendThisFile's VP of Business Development. "Thanks to custom email
templates, customers can essentially rebrand our file transfer service as if it was their own."

Custom email templates allow customers to choose between HTML and plain text email, insert images,
and modify the copy for nine unique email events. Customers can even choose to modify the header and
footer, choosing to remove SendThisFile branding completely. Now when a customer chooses to send
large files, the user gets the experience that best fits their needs.

"Many companies, particularly businesses, appreciate the flexibility of our service's approach to
branding," said John Sexton, SendThisFile's VP of Operations. "With custom email templates, our
customers are able to capitalize on what makes their business unique."

Custom email templates are available today to SendThisFile Business, Enterprise, and Dedicated Server
plan customers.


Since 2003 SendThisFile, Inc. has been an industry leader in providing managed file transfers to its
clients. Its service provides an uncomplicated and secure way for computer users to send large files that
are too big for typical email servers. With over 1.5 million users served and more than 63 million files
transferred and customers in over 160 countries, SendThisFile is a proven and reliable partner for
Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and individual users.

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