A List by ert554898


									Which one is a list?

      1. milk
      2. bread
      3. jam
      4. eggs
      5. apples
  We write things
we want to remember.
We write things we want to take with us.
We write things we need to do.
A list can be short or long.
We use numbers, letters or symbols.
We write words or short sentences.
We write each word\sentence on a different line.
    A Shopping List-
We write things we want to buy.
   What do you need?
I need a greeting card.

I need balloons.

We need two presents.
What do we need to buy for the party?
                    A Shopping List
1. cake                     10. water
2. greeting cards           11. drinks
3. plastic cups             12. balloons
4. plastic plates           13. cookies
5. snacks                   14. candies
6. flowers                  15. chocolate
7. pop corn                 16. food
8. tablecloth               17. presents
9. ice-cream                18. invitations

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