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Thulasi the Sacred PLant Of ALL
Some of these sayings/myths have always been around us from our childhood.Some are
obviously false and some are beyond the truth.
They are myths.They are connected with everything diet,lifestyle,health and life.
I wil be discussing about one such myth today,one which is very familiar to me.

Krishna Thulasi And Cobras(Sarpam)
According to Hindu Mythology this is the plant whose single leaf was taken by
Rukmini ,wife of lord Krishna to weigh her Lord Husband.Her love and devotion for
her husband made that single leaf outweigh all the other wordly goods and weighed
equal to Krishna.
The Myth I'm speaking of, is however is different. Do Krishna Thulasi Plants Kepp
Away Snakes,Particularly Cobras?
The Plant do emit a particulary refreshing fragrance that may be disturbing to the
snakes but the myth originates from the saying that the plants are synonymous to the
well being of a household both spiritually and economically.They protect the bearers
of the households from any disasters
In ancient times one of the common cause of early death was snake bite for which
then no antidote was as effective as the modern Sanke antivenom.
For whatever it's worth I believe that the belief is still deeply rooted in many of
the traditional households including mine.Just letting one of my childhood beliefs
form into words
.Thanks For Listening everyone

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