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									         64         th

          MACU Rally

                                         Thursday and Friday
                                         March 15 & 16, 2012

                                         Sponsored by the
                                         Alumni Association of
                                         Mid-Atlantic Christian University

Albert Blanton III Campus Life Center and Campus
Mid-Atlantic Christian University ~ North Poindexter Street ~ Elizabeth City, North Carolina
                              Contents                                                 Announcements
  Announcements....................................................... 2, 3          All pArticipAnts of each session
  Speakers and Worship Leader ................................ 4, 5                  (excluding musicians, who will have
                                                                                     sound checks) should meet on the
  Alumni Honorees ......................................................... 6        left-hand side of the stage (the left
  Alumni Recognitions .................................................... 7         wing as you are facing the stage) 10
  Program ................................................................... 8, 9   minutes before the start of your session
                                                                                     for instructions from Ronnie Woolard
  Children's Programming ............................................ 10             on Friday morning and Bob Smith on
  Campus Map ..............................................................11        Friday evening.
  Rally Service Project ........................................... 12, 13
                                                            Alumni meeting. Within 15 minutes
  Alma Mater ................................................................ 14
                                                            of the close of the Friday morning
                                                            session (11:15-11:30), the annual
  Local Restaurants...................................................... 15
                                                            alumni meeting will be held in the
                                                            Davenport Chapel. This meeting will
not last more than 30 minutes. When the meeting is over, there will be food available for purchase
on East Campus.

interpreting for the DeAf. Located in the front left section of the auditorium.

poDcAsts of rally sessions will be placed on the MACU website so that you may listen/download
them free of charge. If you would like to purchase a CD of these sessions, stop by the MACU display
to make arrangements to purchase them ($5.00).

sounD checKs. Sound checks will be conducted before each session. Please help the techni-
cians and singers by allowing them to practice, hear, and adjust. Visiting in the gym may resume
at normal volume at 9:00 a.m. and 6:50 p.m. preceding the respective sessions.

ministers. The Enrollment Services Department would like a copy of your church’s directory. In ad-
dition, providing the current grade level for each middle and high school student would be very helpful.
We want to challenge your young people to prepare to work in the Lord's harvest fields. See Dan Smith
today or email him at

enrollment DisplAy. If you know of a high school student, a current college student, an adult, or
a married couple who would benefit from the education offered at MACU, please stop by the display
and pick up an application and other information. Take it home and encourage him or her to apply.
Also, pick up registration and/or information for up-coming events like College Preview Weekend,
$10 Conference (formally FREE), Sunday Night Live, Bible Bowl Tournament, and Tuesday Tours.

pArents. We need your child's name, age, and year in school on file so that he or she can receive
mailings from MACU. Stop by the Enrollment display to fill out a card.

mAcu geAr. Stop by the display in the gym before or after sessions to buy your MACU-logoed gear.

                                                                  page 2
sounD. If you discover that the sound is too loud or too soft, please feel free to change seats. The
sound is not distributed evenly throughout the gym; the clearest hearing is in the front center.

cell phones, etc. Please keep them turned off or on vibrate. If you must respond to an emer-
gency, kindly leave the room to answer your electronic device.

clAsses of 1950-1962 reunion. Bill and Trish Griffin will host a special reception for those
in the classes of 1950-1962 at their home, 715 First Street, on Friday at 3:30 p.m.

clAss of 1972: reunion at 3:30 p.m. Friday in the Welcome Center (former BonDurant home).

your opinion mAtters! Did you know that graduates of MACU (legacy RBC and ECC) can
submit students for an $8,000 Alumni scholarship? Additionally, the MACU Christian Character and
Leadership Scholarship ($10-15,000) is available to two graduating seniors who exhibit outstanding
Christian character and leadership in each high school. If you know someone who ought to attend
MACU, please contact the Enrollment office. Help us find the next generation of servant leaders.

Alumni AnD frienDs cruise, june 15-22. Cruise from Seattle to Alaska with Presidents
Perkins and Griffin. Details are online at and in North Chapel entranceway.

April shoWers! This is a critical year for participation in our annual April Showers campaign.
Our gift income is running behind for the year; we need all alumni and friends to participate in this
simple campaign. Packets can be picked up at the Development Office display table.

miD-AtlAntic society gAlA, Friday, April 20, 7 p.m. Recently retired 4-Star General Roger A.
Brady is speaking. See Keith Wood for details. You can join the Society for just $3.00 a day!

join the miD-AtlAntic legAcy group. Do you have an estate plan? Have you remembered
your church and favorite charities/ministries, like MACU, in your plans? Would you like FREE help
in designing your estate plan? See Emmett Murphy for details or email him at emmett.murphy@

chicK-fil-A leADercAst. On May 4 MACU’s School of Professional Studies is hosting the
2012 Chick-fil-A Leadercast featuring Soledad O’Brian, Tim Tebow, Patrick Lencioni, Urban Meyer,
Andy Stanley, and others. Bring your church’s leadership team or a group of associates from work to
campus for this live broadcast from Atlanta. Our on-campus lunch-time keynote speaker will be Gen.
Roger Brady, USAF (Ret.). Tickets are $59.00 (lunch included); group rate available. For tickets and
more information, visit Event sponsored locally by Eastern Pet Company.

yeArBooKs. We have come across boxes of duplicate yearbooks, 1953-79. If you would like one,
you may take one from the MACU table at no charge, but please sign your name if you do so.

churches AnD Businesses. The university has posters available for display in lobbies or other
public areas. We would like for you to take one if you would like to promote Mid-Atlantic. Please stop
by the display to view the poster (plain, on foam board, or framed) and speak with Vice President
for Development Keith Wood to receive a copy for your church or business.

                                                page 3
       Introducing . . .
Mark Moore. Since 1990, Mark has been a professor of New Tes-
tament at Ozark Christian College. In September of 2008 he was
awarded a PhD from the University of Wales for his work on the
politics of Jesus. Mark has authored a number of books, mostly on the
Life of Christ (also Acts and Revelation). He is a speaker noted for his
passion for the lost and his participation in completing the great com-
mission of Christ. His life goal is to make Jesus famous. Mark and his
wife Barbara live in Joplin, Missouri.

Brandon Craig is a 1997 graduate of Mid-Atlantic Christian University.
For the last fifteen years, he has served as Youth Minister at the Bel-
mont Christian Church in Christiansburg, Virginia. His stated goal in
ministry is simply to help people look more like Jesus. Brandon has
been married to Nicole (Smith) '97 since 1997, and they have two
sons, Dillon and Max.

Mike Schrage is a graduate of Southern Illinois University (1977).
After three years of managing a large farming operation, Mike at-
tended Ozark Christian College and in 1981 married Karolyn Nutt.
Three years later, they began serving as missionaries in Western
Kenya, working among the Pokot people. By 1994, 7,000 people had
been baptized, 130 congregations started, and other projects begun,
including an orphanage, two small vocational training schools, numer-
ous nursery schools, and a medical clinic. Mike has been involved in
preaching, Christian education, and leadership training for 25 years.
He has partnered with others to establish a Christian media center
in Nairobi, Kenya (GNPI-Africa), where he was Regional Director ten
years. In June 2003, the family relocated to Joplin, Missouri, where
Mike became Director for sub-Sahara Africa with GNPI. He is also
Director of Development with Good News Productions, International.

                   page 4
                                     Drew Grounds is known as an authentic individual with a gift for inviting
                                     the Presence of God through music. He has a love for the local church
                                     and a heart for helping young and old connect with God. His ability
                                     to help people see God through music is inspiring and contagious.
                                     Known for being more than just a musician or recording artist, Drew
                                     teaches people practically how to make space for God in their lives.
                                     Born in Southern Illinois, Drew has been leading worship for over 25
                                     years. He has ministered in Florida, Illinois, Texas and Kentucky. He
                                     is also known internationally through his musical direction with the
                                     International Worship Institute as a clinician and worship artist. Today
                                     Drew serves with First Christian Church Ministries in Kernersville,
                                     North Carolina. He is married to Sue Ellen and is the proud father of
                                     Tyler and Garrett.

   of the Nations                            Estate Planning Seminar
The flags flying over the stage rep-             Wouldn't you like a simple
resent MACU graduates serving on             and quick way to pass on your
foreign fields (does not include those       estate rather than having it tied
serving internships).                        up in probate for one to two
                                             years? The Revocable Living
Asian Islands          Linda Joyner '70      Trust, complemented by a will,
         Johnny '07 & Helen '07 Scott        gives you simplicity and much
Caucasus       Bryan '06 & Meg Smith         less cost, requires no attorney,
Czech Republic              Marek '95 &
                                             and is a fast way for your estate
                      Elaine '95 Mudrik
                                             to be settled. Mid-Atlantic offers
France           Karen Richardson '87
                                             to friends and supporters of the
Ghana        Jeff '83 & Sherrie Broyles
                        ex'84 Hostetter
                                             college free professional help
India         Ajai '83 & Indu ex'85 Lall     in preparing a Revocable Living
Italy       John '88 & Ann Blackburn         Trust. Learn more by attending
Japan                   Jason Craft '92      the seminar Friday at 3:30 in
           Delaina Bailey Miyazaki '01       the Wilkinson Hall Board Room,
                       Zach Poyner '02       presented by Emmett Murphy,
Mexico           Sheri Fritts Nunez '83      MACU's Assistant Vice President
                        Josh Nunez '11       for Development.
Myanmar         Jon '92 & Rachel Craft
North Africa       Angie Richmond '04
Papua New Guinea             Brian '06 &
                          Hannah Paris
Thailand Ezekiel '90 & Ah-cha Fish
   Dewayne '89 & Jackie ex'91 Liebrandt
Ukraine          John '92 & Ira Murphy

                                                         page 5
                             Alumni Honorees
The names of the graduates being honored are printed below. They will be presented on stage
Friday morning and introduced.
                                Sandra Dowdy Stephenson         Stanley W. Martin
Class of 1952                   Stephen Thornton                John M. Murphy
Joseph A. Brickhouse            Joy Walton Tison                Christine Simmons Poyner
 Deceased Jan. 30, 1969         Michel R. Turner                Jonathan M. Poyner
Grace Sullivan Kendall          Billie J. Carter Veasey         Deborah Gervais Priddy
Charles G. Presley              John D. Winn                    John Pritchett
Mark A. Woolard, Sr.             Deceased Aug. 29, 1992         Michael Scott
 Deceased Mar. 4, 2002          Ronnie J. Woolard               Claudette Alford Smith
                                Susan Farmer Wuethrich          Kimberly M. Waterfield
Class of 1962                                                   Dena Dudgeon Woodward
                                                                Jeromie B. Woolard
A. Onward Ange                  Class of 1982
 Deceased Apr. 6, 2008          T. Ray Alexander
S. Elizabeth BonDurant          E. Jay Banks                    Class of 2002
Oliver Junior Cartwright        Anne Horne Buck                 C. Brandon Beauchamp
William A. Griffin              Kim Jordan Clark                Joe B. Bertone
Lavonna Ann Hare                Linda Walker Collins            Dawn M. Brookins
 Deceased Apr. 5, 2004          Rebecca Clark Cyphers           Michael E. Brooks
Grace Scruggs Lewis             Albert L. Downing               Brandon W. Cordon
Robert D. McPhail               G. Cleve Edwards                Charlea A. Cormode
Thomas D. Perry                 Paul A. Estes                   Karen Butler Coup
                                Wendy Strickland Guthrie        Gregory S. Coverdale
Class of 1972                   Cynthia Hubbard Headen          Amy Collins Crabtree
Michael L. Baker                John P. Herndon                 M. Daniel Davenport
Elliott A. Bigelow              Timothy L. Hostetter            Larry V. Evans
Paul J. Bowles                  Crawford Ingram                 Richard A. Hamilton
Kit C. Elmore                   Rita Reynolds Joyner            Sarah Judd Hamilton
Roger D. Evans                  Douglas T. Karley               Rachel Dyer Herbst
Deceased Dec. 7, 2011           Iris Holadia O'Neal             Edward L. Jones
Donita Allen Hamilton           Frederick W. Pollard            Zachry S. Lister
J. Stephen Hedrick              Laurie White Saylor             Chara G. Lyndon
Deborah Bender Hertzog          Paul W. Schreyer                John C. McLeod
Shirley Taylor Jenkins          Gregory A. Sexton               Sharie Miller Norman
Denis William Kadian            Scott A. Taylor                 Graham L. Phillips
Deborah Goslee Kirkland         Valeria Herndon Taylor          Jonathan M. Phillips
Janice Bree Livingston          Norman G. Tippens               Zachary G. Poyner
Katherine Clark Lobacz          Jeffrey W. Wright               Alan C. Presley
Janie Miller Lutrell                                            Angela Thornton Rodkey
S. Randall Masters              Class of 1992                   Vincent C. Rodkey
Cathy Hertzog Rose              Lisa Peacock Beacham            Sara J. Ross
Eunice Maggard Salyers          Geanine Huffman Bulloch         Jenny Ross Rowland
Kenneth R. Salyers              B. Scott Canady                 Brent E. Smith
Jennifer Ross Sawyer            Jason E. Craft                  Jonathan A. Snoots
Walter A. Schwitzerlett         Jonathan E. Craft               Lynn Hand White
Eric Smith                      Teresa Lovett Furlough          Cathy W. Williford
Mylo Smith                      T. Craig Hagan                  Daryl N. Woolard
O'Lain Woolard Smith            Caprice Jones Hairston
Paul R. Snow                    Lisa Walls Harford
Dirck Spencer                   Jill Kennedy LeClair
                                              page 6
                                Alumni Recognitions
Mid-Atlantic has always encouraged people to consider at least one year of Bible college educa-
tion, maybe as a foundation for studies in another field, as a factor in determining life's goals, or as
a source of Bible education to enable them to be more effective workers in the church, home, and
workplace. We are happy to recognize these who entered with the classes of '52, '62, '72, '82, '92,
or '02 (fall or spring) but did not receive a degree from MACU. (They may have earned degrees
from other institutions prior to or after attending MACU.) We have included those who attended
classes for credit (not audit) on campus and finished at least one semester. We have used the
married names that we know.
                                      Cynthia Bussels Burton              Margie Gardner Eckert
Began in 1948/49                      Brett S. Carter                     Teresa Kaufman Harrison
Allie B. Bell (dec.)                  Rita B. Estes                       Tony Houlditch
Sidney Brickhouse (dec.)              S. Lynette Farrow                   Michelle J. Martin
Ella Mohorn Hassell                   Mavin W. Fitch                      Leea M. Mattox
Loma Hassell (dec.)                   George U. Forsen (dec.)             Bonnie Watson McCants
Evelyn Flynn Hendricks (dec.)         Ricky L. Gilbert                    Paula K. McDaniel
Herbert Humphress (dec.)              Diana White Hall                    Kevin W. Moss
Mary Barlow Humphress                 Jean H. Harkey (dec.)               Amy B. Norman
Nettie Harris Liverman                Robert E. Harkey                    Timothy F. Norman
Virginia Perry (dec.)                 Sue Fritz Hecht                     Willie R. Purdee
Pauline Winslow (dec.)                David R. Hensley                    Tammy A. Quinn
                                      Tracey L. Hostetter                 R. David Ragan
Began in 1958/59                      Rose Harrell Jacot                  N. Allyson Rea
G. DeMott Attix                       Arlyss Mitchell Jones               Tammy Morgan Unger
Doris Cartwright                      Perry A. Keidel                     Michele [Bush] Williams
Norman Ewell (dec.)                   Pamela J. Lahman                    Pamela L. Yonke
Rachel Hooper Ewell                   Nancy R. Lewis (dec.)               Robin Griffin Zinsmeister
Linwood E. McLawhorn                  Myron C. Martin (dec.)
Kenneth E. Williams                   Sherri Carter McCarty
                                      Sharon McClenney Miller             Began in 1998/99
                                                                          Lisa A. Andrews
Began in 1968/69                      Pamela A. Mills
                                      Theresa A. Mills                    Richard D. Arnesen
Larry T. Avant                                                            Bridget K. Barnes
                                      Joy Fulford Mobley
Sandra K. Bucher                                                          J. Justin Bazzle
                                      Stevie V. Osborne
Rebecca Anderson Clay                                                     T. Greg Biggs
                                      H. Morgan Palmer
C. Faye Davis                                                             Emily Rhodes Blanchard
                                      Michael A. Paulley
Sue Duesing Davis                                                         Kenneth S. Clark
                                      Deborah S. Phelps
Gladys Hopkins                                                            T. Earl Copeland
                                      Michael J. Phillips
Larry M. Hylton                                                           Terrell R. Dunnavant
                                      Denise Hufham Russos
Gary A. Jones                                                             Bryan R. Eure
                                      Melissa K. Scott
Luana Messick Lane                                                        Nicole [Zimmers] Faulkner
                                      Barbara G. Sheep
Wanda Gibbs Mann                                                          Joshua A. Flinn
                                      A. Denby Smith
Virgil W. Nichols                                                         Sharon Price Hoogerland
                                      Laurie Ross Smith
Nancy E. Schwitzerlett                                                    Donnell A. Jones
                                      Richard A. Smith
Randall Shouse                                                            David J. Klein
                                      M. Doug Styons
Raymond L. Snider (dec.)                                                  Erin Pate Lewis
                                      Curtis L. Tillman
David J. Styons                                                           Parker J. McCoy
                                      Linda Ward (dec.)
Billy M. Woolard                                                          Marsha L. Mehling
                                      Gary L. Welker
                                      Mary Catherine Wilck                Kimberly D. Moulden
                                                                          Kathleen E. Murphy
Began in 1978/79                      Rosita G. Wilkerson
                                      Vicki S. Woodham                    Phillip S. Rigg, Jr.
Martha Lipscome Anderson                                                  Erick M. Sharpe
Deborah Bailey                        W. Gregory Zimmerman
                                                                          Keith L. Smith
Arthur L. Ball                                                            Jeffery W. Snow
Kenneth L. Barrow
Jill Banks Bass
                                      Began in 1988/89                    Aimee D. Stephenson
                                      Susan Newsome Anderson              Sherian N. Swindell
Robin Brookins Beltz                  Shelly Dixon Banks                  Albert F. Tryan III
Mark D. Bennett                       Robert E. Bond                      Linwood Turner
William F. Bigelow                    Paula R. Brickhouse                 Crystal Holloway Woodard
Edward S. Bowen                       Todd D. Dixon
Kathy Faver Bowen                     Cheryl Brown Eavenson
Ivy Hayes Brothers

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                                     Thursday, March 15
8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. - Golf Tournament at The Pines
2:00 p.m. - Alumni Executive Committee Meeting - Wilkinson Board Room
3:00 - 5:00 p.m. - Workshop by Mark Moore, Davenport Chapel:
               "Was Jesus Political?"
6:30 p.m. - Alumni Ladies Volleyball Match, P.A.L. Gym (old Elizabeth City
               Middle School)
8:15 p.m. - Alumni/Mustangs Basketball Game, P.A.L. Gym

                                      Friday, March 16
8:30-9:15 a.m. - Coffee Connection
 Complimentary continental breakfast in the riverfront lobby of Pearl A. Presley Hall. Open to all.
               No reservation needed. Childcare available starting at 8:45 a.m.

9:30 a.m. Main Session - Chesson Gymnasium
                congregational singing--Drew Grounds, First Christian Church Ministries,
                        Kernersville, NC
                invocation--C. Brandon Beauchamp ’02, Portsmouth, VA
                Welcome--Chris Hux '06, Alumni President, Bath, NC
                message--Mike Schrage, Good News Productions, Joplin, MO
                presentation of foreign missionary Alumni--Dr. Robert Reese
                offering prayer--Shaun Cooper ’07, Greenville, NC
                congregational song
                message--Brandon Craig '97, Christiansburg, VA
                special music--Thom '62 and Dana Perry, Tupelo,MS
                honoring the classes of '52, '62, '72, '82, '92, and '02 (remain in place for Alma Mater)
                recognizing those who began with them in the fall of '58, '68, '78, '88, and
                   '98 or the spring of '59, '69, '79, '89, and '99
                Alma mater--Directed by Melissa Lewis '71, Elizabeth City, NC (song on Page 10)
                Benediction--Jonathan A. Snoots ’02, Elizabeth City, NC

                                                page 8
11:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. - Alumni Meeting, Davenport Chapel

12:00 - 3:15 p.m. - Food, Family, Carnival, Music, Fellowship - East Campus
                Vendors will provide food for you to purchase for noon meal
                        Inflatables and carnival games for children
     12:30-1:15 p.m. - cheerful hearts (outside stage), Bob moulden & friends (chapel)
             1:30-2:15 p.m. - noble theme (outside stage), chris gibbs (chapel)
                  2:30-3:15 p.m. - AtioB (outside stage), son's up (chapel)

3:30 p.m. Activities
                          Estate Planning Seminar, Wilkinson Board Room
           50 Years & Counting (reception for Classes of 1950-62), Home of Bill & Trish Griffin
                              Other class reunions at various places

7:20 p.m. Main Session - Chesson Gymnasium
                congregational singing--Drew Grounds
                invocation--Stephen Thornton ’72, Richmond, VA
                special music--Son's Up
                congregational singing
                A challenge to preach--Jonathan Langley '87, Belhaven, NC
                offering prayer--Steve R. Hayes ’77, Patrick Springs, VA
                special music--The Least of These, Mid-Atlantic students
                message--Mark Moore, Ozark Christian College, Joplin, MO
                Announcements and final Word--President D. Clay Perkins
                Benediction--E. L. Jones ’02, Hampton, VA

                                                 page 9
                        Children's Programming
     We welcome your children at the rally! Signs and maps will direct parents to appropriate rooms
(map, Page 12; use river entrances for classes Turner Hall). For us to serve you well, please ob-
serve the schedule that follows. Parents are to register their children and then leave because the
children adjust to the class better without parents in the room.
        • Children's areas will be open 15 minutes before each session begins.
        • Pick up children within 15 minutes following each session.
        • Parents are not to remain in the rooms with their children, with the exception of babies
          to 24 months. Parents will need to care for their babies and toddlers in the library.
                                      Rooms and Locations
             Babies to 24 months                      Blanton Center, Watson-Griffith Library
             Twos - Fives (pre-K)                     Turner Hall, First Floor Lobby
             Grades K-5                               Heritage Hall, Second Floor, Room 213
             Grades 6-12                              Attend evening sessions

      65th Annual MACU Rally                                   Upcoming Events
                                                               Apr. 17                      Tuesday Tour
           and Homecoming                                      Apr. 20          Mid-Atlantic Society Gala
                                                                         USAF Gen. Roger Brady (Ret.)
                                                               Apr. 22        Mobile SNL, 6:30-8:30 pm
         March 14 and 15, 2013                                            Severn (MD) Christian Church
                Vince Antonucci                                May 5                ECC Alumni Reunion
                                                                  Creswell Christian Church, Bel Air, MD
                Reggie Hundley                                 May 7                           River Day
                                                               May 10         Foundation Board Meeting
                Jerry Timbrook                                 May 11                   Trustees Meeting
  .                                                            May 12        Commencement, 10:00 am
                                                                                  Mark Magee, speaking
inspiring Action: seX trAfficKing
                                                                      Lewes Church of Christ, Milton, DE
AWAreness. The Student Life department is                      May 14-16            The $10 Conference
shining light into a dark corner through aware-                May 20                Mobile SNL, 5-7 pm
ness and support to end foreign and domestic                             Christ's Church, Winterville, NC
sex trafficking. On Saturday, April 14, 7:00 – 9:00            June 5                 Seniors by the Sea
p.m., MACU will host a viewing of the documen-                                    David Beamer, speaker
tary "Sex + Money: A National Search for Human                 June 15-22           MACU Alaska Cruise
Worth" and a presentation by Hannah Burkle of                  Sept. 8                         Bike Rally
the Rapha House organization. There is no cost,                Oct. 18       MACU Foundation Banquet
but please register so that we can estimate atten-
dance. Register online (http://www.macuniversity.
edu/inspiring-action) or call 252.334.2043.
                                                page 10
                                                      Campus Map
                                                               Pasquotank River

    ist floor loBBy                                                                                                          ist floor loBBy
   Coffee Connection                                                                                                        2 - 5 years (Pre-K)

                                   entrance                          Watson-Griffith
                                                                     Babies to                                                    stairs
                                    entrance                                                               entrance
                                                                     24 Months
            stairs                              north
                                     library entrance   W                                       m    south
                                                                                                     library entrance
                                                                chesson gymnasium
                                                                   All Main sessions

                                                        W                                        m
                                                          W                                     m
                                                      north                                     south
                                            chapel entrance                                     chapel entrance

                                                               Albert Blanton III
                                                              Campus Life Center

Pearl A. Presley Hall                                                                                              Harold C. Turner Hall

                                                                  poindexter street


               room 217                                                             Admissions                        old
                                                              hall                      &
                                           entrance                                                               presley
                                                          Board room                 Welcome
               room 213                                                                center
2nD floor                                                  planning

                                                                                                           m = men's restroom
                                                                                                           W = Women's restroom

                                                                          page 11
                            Rally Service Project
Let's help! This year we have added a service project to the rally activities. The H.E.R. Shelter (Help
and Emergency Response, Inc.) is a domestic violence resource for the Hampton Roads area that
serves over 800 clients annually. During the rally we are collecting items for clients at the shelter
(see list). Perhaps you received an email about this project.

The H.E.R. Shelter began in 1985 as an emergency shelter for 7-10 women and children. Today, the
shelter provides 24-hour crisis counseling and emergency shelter to 42 men, women and children
every night. H.E.R. is nationally and statewide accredited and locally serves Portsmouth, Chesa-
peake, and North Suffolk. H.E.R. Resources also include case management, trauma therapy, child
advocacy, court advocacy, employment resources, housing advocacy, and one year of aftercare
service post shelter. H.E.R. serves over 800 clients annually and received the Governor's Promis-
ing Practice Award in 2011. The H.E.R. philosophy is to: Empower each client to break the cycle of
violence and to become healthy, productive, caring individuals whose strong sense of self worth is
directly transmitted to their children.

Please place the items you wish to donate to the shelter in the receptacle at the booth. Thanks for
sharing God's love in this tangible way during our time of fellowship and worship this year.

                      Meet H.E.R. Shelter's Executive Director
Beth Herbst Cross is a 2005 graduate of Mid-Atlantic Christian University with a Bachelor in Theol-
ogy and Minor in Non-profit Management and Administration. From Cumberland, Maryland and the
Winifred Road Church of Christ, Beth relocated to Portsmouth, Virignia, with her husband Aaron

Beth is also a graduate of the Duke University Nonprofit Management Certificate program. She is
acting Board President of the Effingham YMCA, and sits on the Regional Task Force to End Home-
lessness, Portsmouth Homeless Action Consortium, and Chesapeake Continuum of Care, as well
as the statewide Building Healthy Futures Board. Beth supports her husband as minister at Christ's
Fellowship Church in Portsmouth and is the proud mother of Isaac and Josiah Cross. She says,
"MACU provided me a jump start on life leadership. Growing in truth has provided me the stable
foundation to take on any challenge with the confidence of Christ behind me." Her life verse is
Jeremiah 17:7, 8.

                                                page 12
                     Wish List of Items for H.E.R. Shelter
children’s needs              first Aid                    food (not expired)
Diapers, all sizes            Neosporin                    Canned fruits, vegetables
Wipes                         Band Aids (for adults,       Frozen fruits, vegetables
Infant formula                girls, boys)                 Non-perishable items
Baby socks                    Ointments                    such as
Onesies                       Insect repellant                Noodles
Washcloths                    Tylenol                         Rice
No-tears shampoo              Advil                           Mac’n’cheese
Baby lotion and wash          Benadryl                        Fruit snacks
                              Anti-itch cream                 Peanut butter
cleaning Aids                 Children-friendly medicine      Jelly
Pinesol                       toiletries (full sizes)      household items
Lysol Disinfectant            Deodorant                    Pots
Sprays                        Tampons                      Pans
Clorox Wipes                  Pads                         Dishes
Sponges                       Mouthwash                    Glasses
Brooms                        Shampoo                      Silverware
Dryer sheets                  Conditioner                  Coffee makers
Laundry detergent             Ethnic hair products         Towels
Dish detergent                Hair ties                    Sheets (twin, full)
Trash bags                    Bar soaps                    Comforters
Dish towels                   Lotion and moisturizers      Toasters
                              Body wash                    Cooking utensils
paper products                Combs, brushes
Paper plates                  Miscellaneous
Napkins                       Batteries, all sizes
Paper towels                  Gift cards, various stores
Plastic forks                 Gas cards
Plastic spoons
Ziploc bags
Saran Wrap

                                        page 13
Alma Mater

    page 14
Local Restaurants


                       ead E
                  Halst Bypass)
                  (to 17
             29                         35

                     page 15
              Our Mission
   Mid-Atlantic Christian University is an
undergraduate institution of Christian higher
 education whose mission is to impact the
 world by transforming ordinary people into
      extraordinary Christian leaders.

               Our Vision
  To be a growing community of superior
         biblical higher education

               Our Motto
     Set for the defense of the Gospel
               (Philippians 1:16)

     Mid-Atlantic Christian University
        715 N. Poindexter Street
       Elizabeth City, NC 27909

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